33 Ethiopian opposition parties boycott local elections (press release)


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3 Responses

  1. mossad says:

    There is a sign that the opposition is maturing and they are showing signs of resolve. WE WILL SEE WHERE THEY GO IN THE COMING DAYS AND WEEKS.

    They should test the resolve of some of the individuals who are dragging the coalition and have made it a perpetual slave of the fascist woyane junta.

  2. Selamawit Solomon says:

    33 opposition parties having 33*100 unresolved political differences, impersonate coalitions for Election.

    Their conflict of interest, hate monger politics, thousands of unresolved differences, etc, remain some where during election time only. However, their political difference make them divided as many parts, groups as possible & today exist more than 33…………

    For hate, conflict, boycott, destruction of Ethiopia cry aloud with loud mouth, nowadays they blame the people Ethiopia for not participating on the struggle to free themselves from TPLF tyranny & get them power to rule the people as they like.

    You can make checkup on the practices of the so-called opposition parties in ethiopia before, now & in the future.

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