My little incident at Frankfurt international Airport (Beljig Ali)


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2 Responses

  1. Selamawit Solomon says:

    Beljig Ali didn’t mention why he is traveling Europe?

    He might say he is doing his work by following Ethiopians & spying all damn (language, luggage, eye, hair, phone calls make, clothing, peoples destination, predict what they are going to do after arrival,……………….)

    Doing this trash spying on Ethiopians, time to time crying in front of various embassies, sullying his birth country & its people together with his Idiot friends places him & his fellows the true, heroic, freedom & democracy lovers, human right activists, professional journalists, scholars, media analyst,…………………….

    That is how he is fighting for the people of ethiopia by traveling the world.

  2. enateyee says:

    @ Selamawit…. First of all,he should not mention or ask a permission why he travelled to Germany or to Europe. Since he does not concerned or it didnot bother him why all this people traveled from place to place there is no reason to explain to everyone who opened this site and read it. The good thing is he just put what he saw and what he feel. He just practice his right!!! Right of thinking, Right of writing and right of using his mentality. We should not have get those golden rights from weyane or wherever! Anyways, I really loved what he saw and wrote about those things. Thank you so much Beljig Ali!!! I think we got exhausted or tired with sticking some boaring articles.

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