Ethiopian Airlines Grounds 787 Dreamliner


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  1. ali belew says:

    ENTC already announced on its press release that Ethiopian Airlines not only ground its Boeing 787 due to US Federal Aviation Administration(FAA) inspection requirement but also Ethiopian Airlines will ground all other remaining air planes due to its 21 years low performance, poor safty record, corruption, leadership appointment crisis, not following orders from ENTC friendly democratic groups like G7, EPPF, ONLF, OLF & others (strict & bias inspection towards opposing forces belongings, for not using air space & land in Eritrea with all of its passengers, crew members & tyrant TPLF officials, zero cooperation with the famous Eritrean Flag Carrier Airlines, bla bla bla)

    Based on close cooperation of ENTC friendly forces, world wide air line regulatory & governing bodies procedure grounding of other remaining Ethiopian Airlines Aircrafts will continue, all incoming various countries commercial carriers will stop, airports inside the country also will close, and finally the no-fly-zone will be installed.

    ENTC reiterated on its press statement that TPLF rule already ended & it is time to form its final chapter inside Ethiopia & install its new all inclusive democratic government ENTC.

    About me:

    I am Ethiopian who want to fool the world based on my idiocy & entertain you my fellow Ethiopians with big & big timely illusions.

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