Ethiopia fined for fan trouble at African Cup


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2 Responses

  1. Hussen says:

    TPLF frustrated by the full spirited Ethiopians & don’t want the world see the miracle happen again.

    TPLF knows hot to bribe CAF officials by using friendly dictator leaders & AU. TPLF take responsibility only for few TPLF supporters & agreed to pay half of the fined $ 5000, for the remaining fan trouble fine TPLF is not responsible.

    CAF suspended $ 5000 after knowing that trouble maker fans belong to Opposition groups living abroad & seeking change, democracy, justice, freedom for the people of Ethiopia.

    Terrorist TPLF can’t stop our spirited struggle by labeling & misleading CAF, AU and the rest of the world.

    Viva Ethiopia !

  2. temtme says:

    Hager sichet silewth yemiyachebechib ye agasases tiwld yemiyawkew kuas ena bira bihca new. Yeteregeme tiwld. Sireate bis, egzerin ayferu, be teseb ayferu, balege mede yehone asedabi tiwld new. Aybarek

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