Eritrea: Asmara calm after ‘information ministry raid’


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3 Responses

  1. Kemal Gelchu says:

    Nothing happened inside Eritrea. The fake coup attempt news cooked & propagated belongs to tyrant TPLF regime sponsored by its western alleys.

    I talked Colonel Tewolde Habte Negash & Colonel Taeme Abraham Goitom about the rumor via satellite phone & they told me that everything is in control.

    We understand this is the work of dead TPLF & will get ride of soon.

    General Kemal Gelchu
    Oromo Liberation Front
    From Eritrea – Ethiopia boarder Near Tekeze Hydroelectric Dam

  2. Sami says:

    Dear Glechu General,

    It is indeed surprising to read your very first comment with this issue.
    It really showed how you are dumb-headed, and your no-far-sighted look. Are you trying to show your support to your ‘saviour’ Shabiya-Esayas from your hide on Eritrean desert ??? No body will save your a$$. After all, you have no moral to underestimate the coup’s Attempt or whatever it was in Asmara. Atleast you should think of Eritrea’s youths and families agony from the Iron-fest dictator in Eretera.

    Your doomsday!) is now counting and nearing including of your master? Esayas.
    You have to know for sure ememies of Ethiopia are dying so slowly but surely.

    Peace loving first!!!

  3. Emiru Isak says:

    Fesam, don’t lie. You never ever come closer to Tekeze dam. As to what happend in Asmara the whole world is talking about that. May you want to say you are alive as dead. Poor soul!!

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