Ethiopia: The Wrong Concept of Developmental State (Kinfu Assefa)


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2 Responses

  1. Habtamu Shiferaw says:

    HAhahahaah….I “like” your joke on a thief and a prison guards. You know Joking is not a kind of assistance to your people. It is very simple to joke but its gives may be a smile, and no one can show a real responsibility for his people by joking. You know why you have started your “opinion’’ by joking? To cover your poor idea, period. You say ” The Diasporas are a very core to a growth of a country….’’ May be you lend a hand to somehow. But now my people are begging you not to help us but to remove your hindrance of our growth. YAKETAL ENJI KUME NEGER MESRAT BETAM KELALE NEW SEWENS MAMAT. Thank you

  2. Dorch says:

    Is tplf declaration of Oil reserve under the highlands of Mekelle a silly justification to hover a rail line from Djibouti to Mekelle????

    Can any professional explain as to how sedimentary materials which are the centre of oil chemicals can exist under such a mountainous landscape as opposed to Low land areas?

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