The EOTC Synod in Exile: Issues and Challenges (Teklu Abate, PhD)


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3 Responses

  1. Dane says:

    Teklu Abate (PhD) wanted to show readers he is educated & all what he said will be right, free & fair,………….

    This man is always supporting & crying for EOTC synod in Exile, the return of Abune Merkorios (Abba Ze- Libanos Fanta).

    He is technical speaker, writer, all things done with EOTC synod in Exile is holy & accepted as Teklu Abate (PhD) entertained.

    He have no words to criticize exiled synod or abune.

    First put yourself as a responsible man, address all weakness & strengths of all sides equally without bias before you post & deceive people whom you considered that know nothing about their religion, synod, leaders.

    Please use your knowledge to help your people. It is better to stop mixing things regarding EOTC unless you throw your bias work.

  2. Sol says:

    I think your opinion goes far as to critic the EOTC in Ethiopia , but not the exile one, what a shame . I for one will not blame The ethopian synod, but the exiled by choose synod for all this based on what you mention yourself, a true pop does not run away from his people, a true pop stays with his people and make peace not creat or wish bad on others specially on his own people. I live on the west and I see how how they act, like a greedy merchant and politicians not God people. If the pop need to learn he needs to ask the Eritrean pop who was let go by the government, but didn’t abaunden his people, that is what he supposed he should have done, so blaming the wrong is not gone take anywhere .

  1. January 28, 2013

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