Beyond Ideology: The Betrayed Task of Ethiopian Intellectuals (Messay Kebede)


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9 Responses

  1. chala says:

    There is a say *Fools have only one song*

    21 Years with the same song.. trying one thing again and again and expecting different result is being a donkey.

    Look melas he was a communist first then completely changed his style with the time…

    I used to hear 20 years a go Tigray is sinking with the goods stolen from Addis is become heavy….

    As that was the song 20 years a go Now those G7 members trying to make money with the same song…

    grown up guys you become a grandpa and still thinking as 7 year old.

    Ethiopia will be better those farmers addicted with Aid food and those diaspora politicians like tamagne Addicted with Aid money start working…

    If some one is comfortable leaving in some one else hard work money what can you say..

  2. Selamawit Solomon says:

    Prof Messay (a look-alike)

    A look-alike is a person who
    closely resembles another
    person (resemblance to a celebrity, politician, intellectual)

    A look-alike intellectual earn a living by making guest appearances at public events, interviewing/performing on radio, television, giving analysis for various media outlets & posting articles on the web,……………

    Prof Messay (the only intellectual look-alike), is known for his writings, political analysis, interviews, critics,………………..

    How many of us witnessed what he said, wrote, talked regarding Ethiopia ? (On VOA, bla bla bla)

    All trash scientifically founded prediction; ethnic conflict, military power division & fighting, junta formation, destruction of the country, more likely war with neighboring contries, peoples uprising, betrayal of various parts including military…………….. Ou Ou Ouuuuuuuuuuuu

    We have seen things going wrong direction rather than Professors scientifically enhanced prediction, analysis, interview, nonsense, his educational proud,……..

    which resulted for his disappearance as a dead professor. Of course now appear again by blaming other Intellectuals for betrayal of their country & people.

    Prof Messay = Prof Look-Alike !

  3. ABISHEE says:

    Dear Prof. Messay,
    A betrayed task of Ethiopian intellectuals is the result of its own myth by the inrespossible intellectuals including you who want to restore the ahamara vision in the Horn if possible by requenquering Eritrean too to reverse the Identity nationalism VS Ethiopian nationalism to secure the Ahmara supremacy over others is the main cause for the failure Of Ahmara intellectuals as if they have a monopoly of intellectual package over Oromos, Tigreans and others is a playing with fire at 21st century is a danger task for the true sense of democracy for our country and why Ahmara’s evil is rising again: take ESAT and Moresh Ahmara as an alarming alert for non- ahmara nations and nationalities where our good prof. like Messay failed to condemned the evils.
    As I was your student back years ago, I closely followed your one sided interest only to punish Non- Ahmaras as narrow- minded while you are doing the worst what we call the intellectual failure.
    Such poison exists not least because the chauvinists are, again , being manipulated in a way that is against the democratic will of Many of the Ethiopian people thanks the so- called failed intellectuals including you who never bringing in democracy and peace in a one sided approach. Time to take a note OR ***t up!

  4. hailu says:

    i wish i read this text in amharic to understand it fully

  5. Adinene says:

    So true, there is a reason many of the privilieged went to Westen funded schools in Ethiopia to disconnect them from nationalism rather to more to individualism, Western way of thinking. Then these students went to West to get educated. Thus they thrive for themselves unable to determine what their role is in Ethiopian society especially they are numbed out when it comes to Ethiopia. On the other hand the sentiment of Eritreans towards Eritrea has been rising. Ethiopians are timid, silent and afraid. We are at a critical moment where Islam is also taking over Ethiopia this is the work of the regime and West and Arabs again working hard to undo Ethiopia. Ethiopians are even unable to form good community in their respective host country.

  6. Workamaw says:

    Concise, to the point and beautiful as usual. Lovely! The confusion we find ourselves in cannot be described better. It is time to rethink and for soul searching. Hatred and defiance can only push us to the abyss.

  7. Yederg Lij says:

    Prof.Messay, we read your writtings,your book…,listened to your interview…,but I personally didn’t find anything that relates to the Ethiopian peoples situation! an educated person is expected to produce an unbiased research that can helps the Ethiopian society! Everything that you guys write,call it Messay kebede,Almariam…,is all based on a nonsense & hate for Tigrians! all of you act as if you are exclusively elected by God to serve Ethiopia,the rest are watchers from the fence like a dog! we didn’t see any sense of democracy & freedom either!

    Ethiopian have been waiting for so long! The people had waited until there is no gov’t who cares about them! Ethiopian had waited for so long & died in millions in famine ,war…. ,because there was no gov’t who cares about them! Ethiopian had been humiliated because they naturally happened to be Oromos,Tigrians,Somalis…! the reason Ethiopian waited thus far was because Ethiopia is the only country they have!

    When Prof. Messay Kebede says Ethiopian tradition…, I don’t understand what he is talking about though!

    Anyways, it’s been 21 years since, but the Ethiopian intellectuals in the Ethiopian extremist side never produced anything that can bring Ethiopian diaspora together,no matter ones political affiliation! the only empty motto they have is “Ethiopian unity” which they don’t have any unity among themselves! nevertheless, they were busy listening to their own echoes ,scumming money from the innocent diaspora & all kind of Ethiopia’s enemies!

    Now, Ethiopia belongs to Ethiopian,but not to the elites,their families, friends in laws…!

    Please be better & don’t let us be ashamed of you! Ethiopia’s enemies are laughing at you!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Excellent analysis by one of Ethiopian’s profound intellectuals. Prof Al Mariam is another one. We have recently witnessed the beauty of Ethiopian unity in the soccer fields of South Africa. Adane Girma has probabaly united Ethiopians by scoring that goal against Zambia than all the 20 + years of propaganda by the ruling class. Who cared whether any one of them is Tigre, Oromo, Amara , Gurage etc when they were searching for a goal against Nigeria ? Because deep inside we are all nationalists. If Ethiopia belongs to all, then there has to be a role for diaspora intellectuals as much as there is a role for a farmer or solder or teacher or who ever it may be. I respect you guys. I may or may not agree with you but I respect your opinion. It’s easy to get sucked in to the American life and forget about home land. At least somebody appreciates you.

  9. Yederg Lij says:

    some of you here are just hiding behind Ethiopia ,but inside,you have nothing for Ethiopia at all! I personally care about Oromo,Amhara,Tigraway,somali…,because ,all these Nations,Nationalities & Peoples are the ones who made up Ethiopia!

    Bzu teshefafnew yalefu negeroch slebezu new chigirachin yebezaw! But now everyone has its own kilil,therefore,you can’t cover anything!

    what we are talking about is: the kind of Messay Kebede, Almariam…can write because they know how to…but have no democratic principles in themselves! they can’t solve anything! they can only enjoy their lives in a ready made country ,like in the west, nevertheless not in a country like Ethiopia!

    so far the best Ethiopia has is,the EPRDF!

    whatever intellectuals you are talking about are just braggers!

    I wish these so called intellectuals have the power to bring the Ethiopian diaspora into unity!

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