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BEIRUT (Jan. 30, 2013) — Eritrean dictator Isaias Afewerki’s Information Minister Ali Abdu Ahmed has fled the country and is living today in a secret location.

He confirm his defection himself today in an exclusive interview with Expressen’s reporter Kassem Hamade.

Ali Abdu says he is surprised that the Swedish authorities did not seek him for information about what happened to the imprisoned journalist Dawit Isaak. But he dare not give any hope to Isaak’s family in Sweden.

Former Eritrean Information Minister, Ali Abdu Ahmed

Eritrea’s information minister, Ali Abdu, 47, disappeared without a trace during a business trip to Germany in November.

Since then, not a sign of life heard from the Minister, who has been one of dictator Isaias Afewerki’s closest men for many years.

He dares not speak on the phone with journalists, so he responds to Expressen questions via his brother Saleh Younis, who lives in the U.S..

Ali Abdu says that he very well knows who Dawit Isaak is.

“No one from the Swedish government or authorities have been trying to contact me about Dawit Isaak, Ali Abdu told Expressen.”

For Dawit Isaak’s family in Sweden and among the thousands who are working for his release, Ali Abdu defection brought hope that they will finally get an answer if Dawit Isaak still alive.

But Ali Abdu says he and the other ministers do not know anything about what happened Dawit and other imprisoned journalists and politicians.

“Neither I nor any other minister dared to ask what happened to Dawit Isaak. It is taboo to ask about things that are not related to one’s job. There is an old guerrilla culture in the country. You carry out orders without asking why,” he says.

Ali Abdu says it is routine for suspected dissidents to be arrested without court papers, without any documentation.

“It is done by oral orders. Sometimes, it is over the phone and in coded language. They are afraid of being intercepted by Western intelligence services, he says.

Ali Abdu says he is sorry about what happened to Dawit Isaak and other journalists.

“But it is only the president himself and his closest security that has information about Isaak. Not even the police chief knows anything about it,” he says.

Ali Abdu lives under great pressure. Immediately after his defection in November, his father, his 15 year old daughter and his brother were arrested by the Security Service. He says he does not know where they are kept today.

He does not want to answer questions about what prompted him to defect or how he lives today.

“My brother is in shock right now. He is sad and feeling disappointed at how an entire generation in Eritrea has been lost,” says the former minister’s brother Saleh Younis.

Source: The expressen, Swedish Newspaper

16 Responses to “Eritrean Information Minister Ali Abdu confirms his defection”

  1. I don’t think all this is Ali’ version, but if he said so” K’TIEMECA B’EDCA K’WIECA B’MANCA” ybehal

    • Shabia is a sinking boat that every one is trying to get out to save there life.

      All friends are starting to leave him one by one from inside and outside

      first Gaddafi then Mubarek then Qatar now Ali Abdo and ten thousands of eritrian soliders….

      Guess who is trying to get in the losers at G7.

      WIth the bag of collected money here they are on there knee on issayas chair and begging him to take them to 4 kilo palace.

      What a fools Shabia himself begging to get the small badma the last 12 years let alone to get them to Addis.

  2. What a sad story (not for Ali, but for his family)

    “…. Immediately after his defection in November, his father, his 15 year old daughter and his brother were arrested by the Security Service. …..he does not know where they are kept today.”

    Ali has done what he believed is right. But the suffering of his family (I’m sure they were not in the leadership position) due to his defection is unbearably painful.

    Unfortunately, this is third world, and such things are the hallmarks of our governments.

    • You worried about your family (father and your daughter), have you ever worried about the thousands of Eritrean youths who lost their life cos of your government??? you bitch.

  3. Yederg Lij January 31, 2013

    This is as a result of the stick of Weyane ! Once you messed around Weyane then the next stage is to see your own demise! I’m sorry about what’s happening to the Eritrean people though! Nobody had ever lived after messing around Weyane ! I hope Dawit Isaak is alive!

    • soon eritreans will be great people in this world God is love we believe in jesus christ our lord and everything………….

  4. haki ante koynu: meskinay yedengitseka ember EREY dea dey 10 jeganu eya wlida tihadr

  5. My hate to Ali Abud can not be expressed by words .He helped staunchly the issias’s regime to obliterate two generations that is crime against humanity.I was surprised when Ali talked to mass medias he tried to imitate Issias’s words and action shame on you Ali,in my side don’t expect any apology

  6. Bereket Simon (real name Mebrhatu G/Hiwot ze Behere Hamassen) might be doing the same in order to escape the wrath of Aboy Sebhat the grand daddy banda of the Woyane gang.

  7. he should be jailed and present in international court. he was one of the persons to be asked for the lives eritrean youngs lost in war and likes.

  8. he has to know how families are suffered for losing loved one. Go hell about his fathee, brother and daughter.


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