Young protesters in Italy occupy Eritrean embassy in Rome (video)


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9 Responses

  1. chala says:

    Shabia is a sinking boat that every one is trying to get out to save there life.
    All friends are starting to leave him one by one from inside and outside
    first Gaddafi then Mubarek then Qatar now Ali Abdo and ten thousands of eritrian soliders….
    Guess who is trying to get in the losers at G7.
    WIth the bag of collected money here they are on there knee on issayas chair and begging him to take them to 4 kilo palace.
    What a fools Shabia himself begging to get the small badma the last 12 years let alone to get them to Addis.

  2. Senay says:

    Well done! Is Isayas awaiting an end similar to Ghadaffi’s? Time will tell!

  3. Hagose says:


    … you are talking about shabia and G7 but your weyane is crumblling too; you will see no more weyane in one year time.

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