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Awramba Times (Addis Ababa) – Ethiopian Broadcasting Authority (EBA) declined to renew the annual license of Addis Times, a bi-monthly socio-political magazine based in Addis Ababa. Click here to read in Amharic

12 Responses to “Ethiopian Authorities ban Addis Times Magazine”

  1. It is so sad to hear this news. Only ETV kere malet new? Thank you Wosenseged

  2. Oh my God. 1 media metages akatachew?

  3. Woyane is out of control. If only they know that they are digging their own graves by pushing every one to the corner.

  4. @Chekol, woyane is making history. Ethiopia at this time doen’t need the printing version of ESAT called “addis times”

  5. @adane, for sure woyane is making history by becoming ‘Derg the second’. This stubbornness will only lead us only to destruction, no other way.ዉሻህን ስትቀጣው በርህን አት ዝጋው መሸሻ ካጣ ውጤቱ ምንም ይሁን ምን መከላከል ይጀምራል

  6. Pro-Adane February 3, 2013

    @Adane, don’t try to compare a daylight with darkness. Dergue had been talking day and night about “hulum neger wede tor gimbar”. However this government is tirelessly changing the nation with an amazing economic development. You guys knew how EPRDF has reformed the nation from a scratch. We have given you a western-model democracy and press freedom but you are unable to entertain it instead you have tried to dismantle the constitution that guaranteed you all those rights.
    Shame on you!!!

    • @Pro-adane,
      Are you crazy? This government is not an official representative of Ethiopians. So don’t talk about the so-called economic development. As our prophet Abebe said “what we need is only freedom”. Am telling you, at the end of the day you guys will pay the price.

  7. chekol
    Woyane is making history for killing Ethiopia and the Ethiopian people and creating a very few Woyane and Woyane supporter billioners accumulating the money which they will never be able to use.

  8. Endegena Sahale Seged February 4, 2013

    to Adane and the Like,
    your zerengna Gangsters & Genocidal maniacs in addis do not care about the economy, they care about the money/gold in thier pocket. they are about distruction, division, mass execution…the only difference from Dergue/satan mengistu, his was disorganized; while TPLF’s is organized murder and distruction of a Nation. Adane like the rest of tplf hodam oxymorons suporters are in thier own created parallel world not in this planet not in real one.


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