Obang Metho: Doing Business with a Dictatorship is a Risky Venture: Can an Outsider Ever Be Assured of Winning?”


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  1. Tedla Gebeyehu says:

    Dear Obang Metho

    I would like to say thank you for representing me, all Ethiopians and all Africans with your out standing presentation to the National Press Club of India,in New Delhi, Feb 5th,2013. I dont have any words to express my deep feelings other than saying “THANK YOU” to you ! Your voice is the voice of the oppressed people of Ethiopia and all Africans. I am very glad to meet you one day and shake hands. what you did and what you are doing for humanity will never be forgotten! The people of Ethiopia and all Africans will remember you for the years to come, Please dont give up and continue your struggle all the way !

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