Ethiopia’s new leadership is practising hero-worship


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16 Responses

  1. belay says:

    actually the current weyane/tplf racist, narrow minded and criminal members are dying to give a false picture for devil meles zenawi once in order to cover his naked crimes plus they are unable to continue as one racist dedicator group as they used to during the reign of devil meles zenawi.
    Ragardless, the truth is that devil meles zenawi wasnt a hero, instead he was a criminal murderer who had committed many crimes against humanity. In fact the current tplf racist narrow minded members have so much blood on thier hands where ethiopians have to get more united once and for all to hunt down the rest of the racist tplf criminal members and thier stone head racist blind supporters of tplf like NAZI criminals and hung them in public for evil crimes that they committed against humanity. and yet this is only a matter of time and it will happen soon…..

  2. Yigermal says:

    This article is garbage and is written by woyane thug named Dawit Kebede. Dawit you better dedicate yourself to sale chinkurt and dinch. Journalism is not for you bro.

    • bendo says:


      for you any one who say anything good about Ethiopia is woyanne kkkkk

      to be true Ethiopian as you call them is dreaming and wishing bad about ehtiopia the same as esat journalist.

      you and your freinds in diaspora prayed all bad to happen in ethiopia the last 21 years with out rest for one day.

      any body can be a journalist in esat the only criteria is how much is your skill about talking lie and creating bad news about Ethiopia.

      Dave is just posted the news from the economist and you blamed him for that as a woyanne.

      if you want only to read bad about ethiopia go to esat or ethio-media or ethiopian review. then you will read as much as you want and then you can sleep dreaming your day dream.

      • yigermal says:

        I don’t give a damn credit for the mother fucker Meles Zenawi. In the eyes of 90 million Ethiopians Meles was a traitor Banda who sold Ethiopia and made landlocked. Now they want to preach us how Meles was intelligent, popular, and loved by its people. This kind of trash story can give sense only to senseless people like Bendo and co.

  3. teshome says:

    You are less informed writer. Please next time before you put your hands on a computer, make sure you are writing based on facts on the ground.
    I distinctly remember many of a writer, I a mean a politician like you were going heaven earth to tell us Ethiopia will be dis-stabilized following PM Meles death and Ethiopia won’t continue as a nation with this power vacuum. But all this stories were simply fantasies, now you changed your gear and appear from an unusual corner to degrade our new vibrant PM Hailmariam Desalegne.
    We do well understand where this writings springing from.
    Some times you call yourself as CPJ, another time Human rights watch and Amnesty international, but the most important thing is we really don’t care about you.
    Ethiopia has a good and strong leaders and now Ethiopian is marching on growth and development, not in too distant future we will repeat the Chinese miracle of growth

  4. Myopinion says:

    MZ continues to rule Ethiopia from his grave. HMD does not want to be accused that he is ambitious and much more, he does not have the necessary support. The poor chap is in a hornet’s nest and should walk a very narrow lane not to disappoint the old TPLF guard that brought him to power. On the other side, TPLF clique does not want to be accused that power is still in its hands, although it is.This situation seems to keep the status quo in balance, and we see an uneasy peace in the country anchored on MZ’s legacy. It serves both parties and it works for the time being.
    The million-dollar question is for how long. HMD should one day break his chains and be free to rule the country, and TPLF should learn that it could not continue to be the lone maker and shaker of things in Ethiopia forever. It is difficult to imagine where that dividing line lies, that would satisfy both parties.
    It is a fact that TPLF cannot remain hooked on to power indefinitely, and it is also equally true that Ethiopia’s PM cannot continue to be a marionette in TPLF’s hands as the aged president is, and a free and level political ground should exist one day in Ethiopian political life. HMD should come out of MZ’s shadows and show his personal merits which should be characterized by democracy on top of economic development.

    • Gezaee Hailemichael says:

      Why do not you go and form a political opposition and compete and take power than chewing about woyane or TPLF?

  5. Tazabe says:

    With all due respect this contains a lot of hearsay. Everytime a foreigner, especially a white man writes an article about Ethiopia their seems to be a Halleluja moment. Is Awaramba following that path? Show respect for your own self.

  6. Name (required) says:

    yehenen trash article hidna lenatih nigerat

  7. Free HMD says:

    The forcefully jailed Eskinder Nega is much more free than the willfully imprisoned PM HMD.
    Free PM Hailemeles D.
    TPLF stands for: Terrorizes, Polarizers, and Looters Facade.
    Unlike how the Economist and Dawit K try to depict Meles, as the head of TPLF , he is the top criminal who deserve to be procecuted posthumously even if to the delight of many Ethiopians he is so dead.

  8. Teka says:

    America moves with a blueprint that was left over 200 years ago. It is called the constitution. Regardless of what the blueprint is called, it is still a document that directs political and social conduct. If the current government follows a policy (blueprint) that works, why is it deemed as hero worship? And please understand that Meles by himself didn’t come up with the “blueprint”. It was the EPRDF party that was in charge, and all the internal and external pressure it had to accommodate. I, like so many of you, have policies I agree with and disagree with, but lets not throw the age old governing structure that we have (a pyramid structure that doesn’t give much space to chaos because of any single individual’s absence) ,that has become intrinsic to the Ethiopian people, and attribute it to hero worship

    stay strong and united my people

  9. General Dr. Chapter Eshetu says:

    For illusion entertainment get your favorites ESAT, Ethio Media, Ethiopian Review,…you can enjoy miracles, watch your gallant armed forces posted in picture & video who are killing, capturing, destroying TPLF & approaching to take over power due to the attack by your illusional picture & video posted armed forces.

    General Dr. Chapter Eshetu, the commander-in-chief of the armed forces, the armed forces categorised based on ‘Chapter’ instead of TPLF ‘Ganta’. The Chapter ed-Chartered Armed Forces, who are led by top professionals & educated Ethiopians destroying TPLF with video entertained.

    Ring in & Redress Illusion!
    Together Forward with Chaptered- Armed – Forces of Diaspora brain born Freedom fighters !

    Miss it Not !

  10. me says:

    If Meles was a dictator, Ethiopia needs more of it!

  11. Gezaee Hailemichael says:

    Woyane is prevailing; this is fascinationg. All woyane need to do is allow Ethiopia to use its own ports and then we will join woyane all of us. I am serious. I just wanted woyane to change its policy of landlocking Ethiopia. That is my main problem with woyane. The second year drop out Tigreans, Meles Zenawi has made history already. We cannot do anything about it even if we do not like it. It is a fact. Still woyanes big problem is the ports of Ethiopia. Please advise them to allow Ethiopia to use its ports and then you can use the moeny you pay for rent to train the girls you send to Arab countries to be raped.

    1. Woyane, stop or ban the trafficking of Ethiopian women
    2. Allow Ethiopia to use its ports
    3. Stop giving land to Arabs by removing our people from our land
    Then we will join you immediately.

    Many good news coming out of Ethiopia these says except the problem of Ethiopians hanging themselves in Arab countries.

  12. Mahlet Asefa says:

    MELES is in the History books of GREATEST MEN OF THE WORLD. That’s how great he is!!!

  13. Sierra Gulf says:

    This is a fact telling article. In my opinion the writer did very good assessment about the Meles and post-Meles era. Here we need to understand that the writer objective is neither to oppose nor to support the regime; it is an independent view of the writer based on second-hand data they collected. To be honest it is more or less true.

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