“Tigrai online”; another version of toxic diaspora


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34 Responses

  1. dubale says:

    It is pity tigraionline compared Dawit Kebede with Abraha Belai. Abraha Belai is more than idiot. He is hypocrite and pretender.He a lost identity.
    I read the article he removed. he has removed many articles if he got warnings from his masters(especially ECDAF). He has scarified his life to serve the Dergist(toxic diaspora elites.

    Dawit…you must know that if you serve the people, you face challenges from two sides extremists(extreme supporters and extreme haters). So you should feel proud rather.
    But tigraionline is right when it comes to ABraha Belai. He is even more that. I could have describe him better than that.

  2. ABC says:

    No matter how loud the dog barks, the camel should march its long journey. So, keep up on your independent work. No “tifozo” here as you have a lot of cool minded secular readers. Thanks!

  3. ET says:

    Dawit I advise you to focus on the Ethiopia and the people, pls don’t engage in one to one atekara with the diaspora toxic so cold journalist. Most of them are in it for the money, believe it or not more and more people are being aware of this every day. The more lie you tell the dipper u dig the hole. When they fall the will fall hard.

    Most of them have willingly raised their right hand, swear in the name of GOD and
    gave away their Ethiopian nationality(the biggest SHAME in the world I think) and they are telling us that they love, fight and in some case ready to die for the country that they don’t even want to be citizen of.

    If I am not mistaken it is allowed and possible to live in US without changing your Citizenship

    watch for real patriot Ethiopian how is after 45years in US still is Ethiopian
    (fast forward to 46.05 watch and listen)


    Can TAMAGNE, ABEBE and the likes say


    Thanks Dawit Awramba times for the balanced and unbiased info

  4. chala says:

    90% of ethiopian in Diasporas are a free mind neutral people or you can call them a silent majority.

    How ever there is no single media that targets this people instead all are working on the 10% extremist or laud people in both side.

    You only given to choose b/n ESAT or ETV and Aiga forum or Ethiopian review. Both are the same if G7 comes to the gov. ESAT will be ETV and ETV will be ESAT so no change both are dictators and think any one who have different idea is enemy.

    So forget them and concentrate on the 90% of Ethiopian and try to provide fair and balance news and make the reader judge the rest.

    ESAT and ETV are telling us they will choose what people read and see as they know better that the people.

    Again i say forget the extremist of both side and carry on the good start.

    • Alem says:

      Chala I always read what you post and I read your mind… you are Empty do you know the proberb” AF Sikefet Tchinklat Yitayal ” that is what is happening to you. This is the fact now since you have been trying hard to level ESAT as extremisim and ETV as fair and balanced that didnt work and now you are trying since both are the same and hence lets chose what is already in power kind of argument. Maferia please read and see what is going on your contry all the international humantarian organizations also will tell you. how much the woyanies and Dawit is paying you for posting such none sense coments?

      • Alula says:

        Hey guys ESAT is indirectly an Egyptian television! ESAT has nothing to do with Ethiopia at all! All the lies, hate against Tigrian…! ESAT isn’t a media at all, but a hate media!

  5. Tefery says:

    @Chala, why you repeatedly attack ESAT? ESAT doesn’t repeat the ugliest mistakes of your ETV. ESAT is a free media. where did you get the 90% Vs. 10% figure? We will show you what free ETV mean when we get the power.

    • chala says:


      I just said “IF” G7 comes to power for the sake of argument. that is a dream only happen in the five star hotel meeting.

      Your ESAT journalist with a big borch comes every sunday and feed you analysis not based on true story but based on what the money com like you want to hear and telling you life in ethiopia will be over the next day or week bla bla ..

      As ETV saying Ethiopia become heaven and ESAT saying Hell we need a media that shows both part of the life.

  6. Wedi Wolwalo says:

    I Know the editor of Tigrai online. As he didn’t go to school, he is unable to analyze things properly. First of all what is the importance of posting an old story after two months? Imagine the feud b/n Dawit and Abraha was on December 26,2013. Dawit is neither supporter nor opponent of EPRDF. I appreciate his way of reporting and pattern. Do you expect him to applaud while your regime tirelessly imprison his colleagues like Woubshet? Please wake up

  7. Amanuel says:

    Well! When I first see this article on Tigrai online, I shared my feeling on the comment section. But the editor of Tigrai online has trashed my comment.

    Here it is:-
    If Dawit is really Birhanu Nega’s right hand man, why did he confront Ginbot 7 on Civility room publicly? Do you think that it was a drama? Dawit is here in a safe heaven, if he believes to support G7, no one will arrest him. However the draconian and undemocratic nature of ginbot 7 leaders is clear. They are simply PhD holder animals. So as an independent journalist, Dawit should fight them back. And he did so. This illustration doesn’t represent Dawit at all. This is another version of political idiocy.

  8. Anonymous says:

    To begin with, why visit Tigrai online and give them traffic?
    Awramba Times, please never forget that the mass majority of Ethiopians are on your side, and consider this attack as a badge of honor. These kinds of attacks is expected to come from the TPLF regime that have been abusing their power for the last 22 years in every way possible. How can any of us expect any less from a regime that have robbed the country, massacred countless number of Ethiopians and continue to sell our precious fertile land to foreigners, while millions of Ethiopia struggle to get their daily meal and tens of millions of Ethiopians expected to die of starvation. Be strong and keep the fight till our motherland is free from these senseless and heartless parasites!

  9. alemu says:

    Dear Dawit,
    You are disappointed as you are labeled as G7 supporter while you didnt feel bad for such sentences below that was written by the writer:

    “Dawit Kebede, believed to be of Tigraian extraction was blissfully working (Hadar ‘newspaper’) with those that were terrorising Tigrayans residing in Addis Ababa during the 2005 general elections.”

    “According to Dawit Kebede (Civility Pal talk interview), Abraha Belai claimed in an interview he gave that he feels more of an Ahmara than a Tigrayan. Would Dawit be any different from Abraha Belai with regard to his feelings and attachments to Tigray?”

    I think you are too much obsessed by g7 as you are failed to comment on the most ridiculous sentences rather being act like a rabid dog, i wish i could see the days of you coming back to your sense….best of luck

  10. awraris says:

    @Alemu you are immature. Even he shouldn’t have to respond to Tigraionline.

  11. Tamagn Lemagn says:

    Alemu, le hulum neger mels yisetal ende? kelay yaskemetkachew netboch ye tsehafiwn dinkurna new yemiyagaltut silezih lendezih aynetu yewerede asteyayet hulu Dawit mels mestet yelebetm.

  12. Mahlet Asefa says:

    I have great respect for Tigray Online articles, straight forward and not a single lie. There is no reason in sugar coding this TOXIC Diasporas. They should be called what they are (hate spreading TOXIC beings). And their backbones (Awramba times and his sister website Ethiomedia)have finally come to a FUED, because of all the LIES they have been writing. I guess it was too much for a website to take. I hope all this ‘Journalist Activists’ would get a life and leave us alone.

    • Alula Lemlem says:

      Are you serious? I have seen a toxic websites before. But none can match the toxic nature of tigraionline. I don’t think this site is run by an Ethiopian. Please show me an article from tigraionline that will help Ethiopia or tigrians.

  13. wayiwaya says:

    Dawit Kebede eyebera new woyns eyetefa. Yihe yenem tiyake new.

    Lemin asfelegeh endi aynetun garbage blogh lay lemeletef ?

    Man gid alew tigrai online yefelegewun bisf ? tigrai online malet wushch online malet new. Slezi who cares.

    I know you are looking for attention, but what you missed to understand is while you are in search of attention and fame you become toxic and polirizing figure in the Ethiopian Politics.

    Dawit kebede eyeberah sayhon chilt bleh eyetefah new

  14. በለው ! says:

    በዚህ አጋጣሚ አቶ ዳዊት ከበደን አሠግናለሁ። በግራና በቀኝ ለተነሱበት አክራሪዎች ከእነጉድፈታቸው አንብቦ በራሱ ብሎግ ላይ ለታዛቢ ማቅረቡ በጣም ይገርማል!!የመንፈስ ትንከሬ እንዳለውም ያሳያል መቼም “ማንነትህን እንዳውቅ ከፈለግህ ጓደኛህን አሳየኝ አለ” አሁንም የእኛን የሞቱ ጠ/ሚኒስትር ማንነት ለመወቅ ሞተውም ደጋፊዎቻቸውን ማየት ሁልጊዜም የግለሰቡን ዘረኛና የባንዳ ዘር መሆናቸውን እውነትም ሀገርና ህዝብ ለማባላት ቆርጠው የተነሱ የቀድሞ አሸባሪ አሁኑ የአሽባሪ የቀጠናው ተወካይ የነጭ አሽከር እነንደነበሩ…ተከታዮቻቸው ሁሉ በዘርና ነገድ ላይ የተመሠረተ ጋጠ-ወጥ ዘገባቸውን ያወጣሉ።ድሮስ”የዓሳ ግማቱ ከጭንቅላቱ” አደለምን?። ግን የትግራይ ምድር ስንቱን ባለጌ ሽፍና እንደኖረች በአቶ ስብሃትና በመለስ አፍ ውስጥ አየን ተማርን!አብዛኛዎቹም መልካም ሥነምግባራቸው ያልተለያቸው ታጋይና ሀገር ወዳዶችም እንዳሉ ታዘብን!ሆድ የማይለውጠው ሞትን እንደሆን አረጋገጥን!የውሸት ኪራይ ሰብሳቢዎችም በትግራይ ሕዝብ እንዴት እንደሚከብሩ አየን!በነፃ አውጭውና በነፃ ወጪው መካከልም ያለውን የአስብቶ አረድነት ባሕሪ አጠናን!እውነተኛው ታጋይ ሥጋው ለአሞራ፣ ደሙ በዐለት በአፈር የፈሠሠው፣አጥንቱ ለአራዊት የሆነው ብቻ ነበር ማለት እንደሆነ አመንን፤ ሌላው አውርቶ አደር፤ሥግብግብ፣ለሆድና፣ለዕቃ ጓጉቶ ኢትዮጵያዊነትን ሊበትን፣ሊሸጥ፣ሃይማኖትና ባሕል ለመበከል እንደተነሳ አምነናል። አሁን ዘመኑ ከመከላከል ወደ ማጥራት መሆን አለበት በለው!!በቸር ይግጠመን

  15. Stekle says:

    I just wonder how Dawit think change is possible in ethiopia, if you genuinely believe change is needed,when such militarised ethnic junta, not interested in democratisation keeps jailing and torturing any one who voices opposition. so what is the alternative? You criticise those who have decided to fight for their right as extremist. Be it Ginbot 7 or any other group opposing the junta in Ethiopia has done nothing close to being called extremist in the real meaning of the word. It has become a fashion to call those who speak the truth and confront brutality and injustice extremist while the murderers and torturer are respected states men not to be spoken to. If the only alternative left to fight injustice, blatant discrimination and oppression is the gun , it is legitimate and not extremism. Zenawi and his gangs went to the bush to fight apparently injustice and oppression way less than what they are committing against the people of Ethiopia today. We all know what the problem is, it is the ethnic military junta in Addis Ababa, not some phantom extremist group. A journalist is one who tells the truth, exposes injustice and discrimination, I don’t see Dawit doing that at all except parroting what the state media pumps out.

  16. Gezaee Haielichael says:

    Dawit Kebede,

    I used to be a regular contributor to tigraionline before and very much. But he tried to control my mind by cyber wire and I abandoned his website. Almost none of them like what I say including Ethiomedia,Ethiopian Review.

    The insult I get at the website of Ethiopian Review from fanatic amhara and at Tigraionline from fanatic Tigrens is shocking to be honest.

    The description two extreme extremists is the best description:
    1. One side blind amhara chauvinists like Abebe Gelaw, Almariam, Elias kifle, ECADFORUM and on the other a reciprocal
    2. Tigreans extremist tigraionline, Tigraionline is a good medicine for people like Abebe Gelaw, Elias Kifle, Ethiomedia, fire by fire. To be honest, there are no many Tigrean hate mongers like Abebe Gelaw, Tamagne Beyene, Elias Kifle, except Abraha Belai. Let Tigraionline be there to make a balance to Abebe Gelaw and his likes.

    You, Dawit Kebede, I have advised you many times now. You need no garbage fans.It is better not to have fans instead of having garbage fans.
    As such you are on the right track now. We are advocating for you to come out as an independent news outlet. You are young and need to reform also at personal level and focus on journalism instead of politics. you will serve your country and people bettr if you stand only for truth, fairness, justice, equality, and transparency. Even if it means helping Tigreans, it will only be helpful if you become a very independent and brave journalist. No need diaspora politics. Diaspora politics is dead 100% because it is driven by hatred not by ideology. Anything driven by hatred cannot get anywhere. As I said do in depth reporting from inside home exposing corruption in Ethiopia. That will be a great contribution if you stick to journalism. You can do more than you can imagine. Keep up the good job so and never give up or get discouraged. Doing good is not easy; Doing good is more challenging. Do not yield to narrow racists like Abebe Gelaw, Elias Kifle and thier likes who are hell bent against the people of Tigrai. We also need more like Tigraionline who can checkmate the racists like Abebe Gelaw, Tamagne, Almariam, Elias Kifle and their likes. They need to be told it is not only them who are Ethiopians otherwise they will not understand if Tigreans keep quiet.

  17. teshome says:

    I can’t take the article at face value but at same time I don’t won’t to deny that, there is some grain of truth in it.
    To Dawit
    I can’t put it in any kind of simplistic way but let explain to you this way
    መቃዎም ጥሩ ነው: መቃዎምን የባህሪ ያህል መላባስ ግን ተፈጥራዊ አይደለም
    Let’s be honest, the last many years you were acting as pseudo-journalist, at same time happy that you realize your problem and try to change this evil position.
    Still this needs a lot of hard work, you might be challenged right and left. Please stand firm for what you believe.

    I have no words to explain Abraha belay, he is a certified psychopath who was willing to ‘Amharainzed’ himself for the interest of few ill minded Diasporas and most importantly for an object called MONEY.

    • Yeraya Liji says:

      You guys, why don’t you leave Abreha Belau alone. Yes he is from Raya and he chose to be Amara, simple. I am from Alemata (Chercher), yet I believe that I am an Amara too, what is the problem. I can speak Tigrigna. But is that the criteria to be Tigre. The Americans speak English, yet they are not English; they are Americans. In Austria, people speak German, but they are Austrians. So, leave us. We were born at the border between Wollo and Tigray. So, we (me and Aberha) know and share many of the Amara cultures. So, we have the right to choose. Shame on Dawit, who aspires to be independent, yet cannot manage to go an inch in that direction. “Blood is thicker than water” and Dawit’s blood is becoming much thicker these days as he started attacking the opposition media one by one. Shame on him. Rayawu Ke Alemata.

  18. asnake says:

    to: Gezaee Haielichael
    to be honest i even do not be able to add anything to what you said. You reflected the absolute reality. But I always argue/believe haters/extremists never gain anything in the end. I think 21 year is enough time to prove it. we do not need other historic evidences. So let them shout…let them cry…who cares if they prefer to cry for lifetime. it is their absolute right.

  19. Thom says:

    At Gezaee,
    U forgot to mention Aigaforum! I agree Tigrai online and Ethiopianreview are extremists. The others are not, just because you hate them because they are Amhara! Al Mariam don’t even write much on Tigray, why u include him, is that because his analysis tear down Weyane? If you talk about middle ground, just you yourself come to the middle. Ethiopians at home are also divided along ethnic line thanks to your bosses. Only the one with machine gun speaks the others gossips! Time will show u every thing.

  20. teshome says:

    Gezaee Haielichael
    Thank you very much. You make your point and I congratulate you that you are a mind reader too.
    As you said Dawit, is becoming a real journalist. We don’t want him to support this or that political group.
    As a journalist you report, we decide..period


    I have a great hope, Dawit soon or later is gonna change the dynamics of the Diaspora politics. The diaspora media out let both pro and anti government were ill serving the Ethiopian diaspora for the last twenty plus years.
    90% of the Daispora are silent till now, but Dawit looks to open the door for them to speak. Thank you Dawit again for breaking the silence

    In doing so As Gezaee Haielichael said Dawit needs a REAL FANS NOT GARBAGE

  21. Gezaee Hailemichael says:

    Dear Thom,

    I do not hate anyone. Hate is not part of my personality. I do not even believe in ethnic or race or colo or religion or tribe. You are wrong you think I hate any group of people. But we must tell the truth to the face of the Charlatan few blind amhara chauvinists like Abebe Gelaw, Tamagne, Elias Kifli, and Almariam. Almariam is worse than all. He is the mentor of all the chauvinists. Have you ever read Almariam writing anything good? Abebe Gelaw = Tamagne = Almariam = Elias Kiflie the most ignorant few people who hail from amhara ethnic. They do not represent amhara even. But they think they are the only Ethiopians. Why is Abebe Gelaw harrasing Tigreans all over? the world? He thinks everything he does is right and he expects people to accept as blessing his outright racism?

    Ethnic or racism or slavery was imposed on the entire Ethiopian population by amhara rulers, not by woyane. Woyane was inspired by amhara rulers aparthied rulers. Woyane is the product of amhara elite aparthied rule of 100 years. you need to read your history.Woyane ethnic ideology was inspired by amhara rulers. Ethnic apartheid started long long ago in Ethiopia. We were not even allowed to use our language. I did not have to the opportunity to learn my language from childhood. I used to be forced to learn amharic instead. Our people not still able to use their language because of 100 years of amhara aparthied rule imposed on our people. Was it woyane that was calling other Ethiopians Baria, shankla? Amhara rulers even consisdered themselves whites and called other people baria, shankla and gala to Oromo, Kuli to Gurage and yefew quanka tenagari Tigrie? Ere tewn bakha. What you sow is what you harvest today. What they have sown yesterday is what we are harvesting today. The amhara rulers are those who shocked the entire humanity on our planet by subjecting our people to the slow death of famine that shocked the entire humanity. Three million Tigreans died and 2 million wolleye. Erebakh atanagren. Who created woyane? who created TPLF, EPLF, OLF, ONLF? is it woyane? or Tigrean?

    If we need to move forward then we must respect each other. We can not go back to the old system of aparthied that denied me even using my own language.Do not tell me woyane is this and that while history shows you had worse than woyane. Woyane has built 33 universities in mere 21 years. you only had one university in 100 years. There was even elementary school in Tigrai. There were only two high schools both them run by missionaries. We need to move on now and leave the past behind. Cursing woyane even for your own legacy is not fair. I believe in equality, justice, and impartiality and hard-work. I do not believe in degrading people and robbing people’s dignity like Abebe Gelaw is doing by posting the picture of people whom he does not like. If you want respect you gotta respect others. Otherwise if you do not respect do not expect people to respect you. It is tit for tat. No one is entitled to rob the dignity of people. Thom, if you are a good Ethiopian, then teach the narrow and blind amhara elites who call themselves activists who are attacking people because they do not like them. All Ethiopian, oromo, amhara, oromo, gurage, … they all need the same thing. No tribe is special in Ethiopia. One Ethiopia is not for one tribe only, it is forever tribe. Thom, teach those whom you are trying to defend to behave as civilized human. I live in Canada and since I have been here, no one ever discriminated either based on where I come from or what ethnic I belong or what faith I follow. I cannot afford to see Abebe Gelaw hunting Tigreans to satisfy his racism and ethnic hatred. What type of selfish human being he is he knows. Abebe can become angry and do whatever he wanted to people, but Abebe expect other people to accept his abuse his fellow citizens as a blessing from God. Please, if you are genuine Ethiopian who love Ethiopia and its people,please advise Abebe to respect people. Opposing is good based on reasons, but attacking people based on ethnic hatred is not acceptable in the 21 century. you need to respect all the tribes in Ethiopia if you believe in Ethiopia. If you love Ethiopia you need to love every Ethiopian including woyane. You cannot tell me you love Ethiopia but you abuse Ethiopians. You lover for Ethiopia must you love every single Ethiopians.

    • Alula says:

      Gezaee, we know you hate many people , you mentioned their names & again you are telling me you don’t hate anybody! What a moron! Do you want me to mention the names? Don’t lie in front of the people!

  22. Wondinet says:

    Dawit, it was good to respond who ever attack you which ever way they came; but it so far from the reality to respond to your enemies like Ethiomedia and others. You could of respond everyone in different geniun manor which would put you in a upperhand level.
    The more you are being closer to your enemy, the more you have ability to defend and attack them back.

  23. Mebratu says:

    Dawit, keep telling the truth and forget about these regime supporters. They are ingnorant fanatics…Just do your job..Be independent. That’s why I like Awramba times

  24. Demoz says:

    Why are you guys fighting ?

  25. Abiot says:

    Tigraionline is the best killer for the mafia group.ESAT or ather dump group just making fake drama from five star hotel…hahahah

  26. Gebremeskel says:

    Few of you have a record of serial denial like your masters did during their time.

  27. Lee Ma says:

    hey their are bunch of accroach celebrating the killer and the Nazi 6years Meles death anniversary. I can’t not believe everyone of you honoring a killer. Just you all remember, it is going to a nuneurberg style trial . everyone of you an d TPLF lover abetting, assisting woyane, you going to be in person for committing Gonside against wolkit and taking and benefiting wolkite resource for the past 27 years. Wolkit never Neal down.

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