The Ethio-American Muslim Community announces its plan to demonstrate in front of the White House


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23 Responses

  1. Wondinet says:

    Mr.Sadik. What about your bro and Alshabab leaders Tamgn (Lemagn) Beyene, Eskindir Nega, Alemayehu G/ Mariam, N Obang Metho, all of the neft who are opposing the Ethiopian government for the sake of their own ethnic supriority by telling us they are nationalist contirary they are the one who are divided Ethiopia for centuries. They have to join the American ALQAIDA protest infront of White house. FUNNY!

  2. Gezaee Hailemichael says:

    American or white house has no authority over Ethiopia. Ethiopia is an independent state. You need to respect your country and your culture and law. You need to move away from Arabs. White house cannot do anything. They do not have any right in any form. They will not change anything. You will be wasting time. You need to stop disturbing the public in addis ababa by turning your church or mosque into a political center and by staging an illegal protest every Fridday. We can only solve our problems ourselve, no american or btitish or anyone or un can solve our problem. It is pointless to cry at the gate of the white house. They do their business. You need to get rgiht your violent religion first. There is no demoratic country that muslim country on our planet. Firt ask the Arabs to set free our 53 Christans who are languishing in Saudi Arabia your hold place. You can kill, maim, burn, imprison people with different religion but you wanted to use American democracy to advance your selfish religion? well, denounce first the imprisonment of Ethiopians christains in your holy land. Your model and financier is the hell land called Saudi Arabia. or go to Saudi or Somalia or afganistan or Pakistan or Egypt or Iran to claim your rights. You have been given democracy which you have not ever gottten before. Now you are abusing it and you wanted to make my country an islamic state. No, go somewhere else to have your islamic state, not Ethiopia. Muslim and democracy does not make sense. You respect no rights of others and that is why you are violating the rights of 3 million addis ababians every Friday. You have a right to live in Ethiopia as equal citizens like everyone else, but you will never be allowed to have an islamic state in the land of Ethiopia. Our real muslims are own blood and they have no problem. But it is Arab mercenaries who are playing the democracy card to spread their evil version of islam.

  3. Mahlet Asefa says:

    When you include a sentence in your article saying “According to ESAT”, then everything you write next is bound to be 100% pure LIES.
    And I personally think that Ethiopias Haters are really now running out of topics and issues to shout about, so they come up with LAME reasons such as freedom of religion, human rights, Activist right bla bla bla…
    I think its time for everyone to stop for a minute and ask ourselves, “what is EPRDF doing right?” why is EPRDF very successful and all its opponents are TRASH? Why?

  4. teshome says:

    Hope the Egyptian Imam be up front in the rally.
    I believe genuine Islam might have a concern about the mishandling of the current Muslim grievances in Ethiopia. I also believe that such serious and delicate grievances should be addressed with Dialogue. The dialogue must start and end with Ethiopian government. Period.
    We don’t need to knock the door of Egyptian government for that matter any any unknown IMAMS from no where.
    The Ethiopian government the most responsible government we ever had in Ethiopian history in regard to addressing the grievances of religion affairs and Ethiopian Muslims cases must not be different.

    One of the ugliest thing in the Ethiopian current Muslim affairs was, they put too much politics into religion and when ESAT entered to the matter it got worsened

    ESAT and its associates are working day and night to change the Muslim genuine question (if all there was) into POLOTICOLOGY OF RELIGION
    I have a serious concern that the Muslim communities failed to notice in last one year.For some time ago, there had been a talk politics divided the Ethiopian Diaspora and this division largely entered into religion. Not in a too distant future the Muslim will divided on the ethnic , ESAT would be a good instrument in serving its evil purpose.


  5. w.yilma says:

    These the so called “Muslim Ethiopian” are not honest and do not deserve to speak on behalf of Ethiopian Muslims. These people are the mouth piece of Egyptian radical Muslim brotherhood. They are under Egyptian Muslim clerks who stands to promote the interest of Egypt. He openly claimed that the Ethiopian government is a Christian government, and he advised the naive Ethiopian Muslims to declare Jihad against their own country. These people who support jihad against their own country are the one who are going to demonstrate in front of the White House. The Ethiopian people, both Christian and the true Ethiopian Muslims will crash the conspiracy coming from any direction, including from Washington. Only Banda’s are betraying his/her country and worshiping foreigners. No power will defeat Ethiopia as long us we stand for truth! No matter who is behind these radical Muslims ( Egypt, any western countries, including USA, or any mass medias like ESAT, and VOA),Ethiopia determination will continue to bring lasting peace to our people. Don’t wake up the sleeping giant! No one is against Muslim people or their religion. We live together in peace for century. We never experiencing this kind of bad behavior from the other side. Respect the law of the land.

  6. Yoni says:

    The so called Exiled Synod should support this and While they are at it The should grant The Egyptian Imam board membership.

    ” According to ESAT (Eat Shit And Talk) more than 1000 Muslim students have been dismissed from government owned Bahirdar University because of their faith”

    That sounds like 1000 muslim Egyptian students wondering around River Nile n Lake Tana. Lol

    ESAT is doing a wonderful job reporting 🙂

  7. abraham Tsadik says:

    Wondinet, teshome, Mahlet Asefa and Gezaee Hailemichael what is wrong with you guys? I can feel that those four comments are from one person. Even if it is from four different persons i can feel that the way they think is almost as one. This is how the dictators create cadres/followers. One way, my way, no other way….
    Guys first try to understand the difference between arab and muslim. Second don’t say that the opposition media is full of lies.
    Third even if you are EPRDF supporters, you have to respect the core plan of the party, which is democracy.
    Fourth where did you get the evidence of those clean ethiopians who are in prison? did they plan to make ethiopia an islamic country? Then where are the evidences? ETV was making a movie and it was clearly editing fake stories.
    If mekkah is muslims holy land, do you think that place is Ethiopia? Ethiopian muslims have nothing to do with saudi arabian government.
    What i see in your words is IGNORANCE and FEAR. you say evil ESAT,opponents are TRASH, EPRDF very successful, get right your violent religion, Your model and financier is the hell land called Saudi Arabia, Muslim and democracy does not make sense….
    You guys need treatment and i will help you all. you need to go to school and learn anger management. stop hating peoples who oppose you.

    • seya says:

      in ma opinion those jerk cadres wana force the people with fake stories and lies. but we as a human being have to do our best to know the truth rather than lies. ….

  8. Gezaee Hailemichael says:

    I listen interesting clip at AIGA website. We know now the ESAT secret. ESAT is the mouth of piece of the deranged rebel leader called Dr. Birhanu, a loser who refused to become the mayor of addis ababa and who run to USA to continue his study and now a part time rebel who run ESAT with procudures and rules. We know Dr.Berhanu cannot even manage ESAT leave alone Addis ababa in particular and Ethiopia in general. Democracy is not in his blood. We know now the secret. Berhanu Nega is power thrist part time rebel who wanted by all means to get to Arat kilo? even if at the cost of all Ethiopian. His accomplice with Shabia, Egypt,OLF, ONLF,Wahabits, … is that his political ideology? sleeping in bed with anyone to get to Arat kilo? that is why I said diaspora politics is dead 100%. I am 100% sure there is no threat to EPRDF from Washington. Dr. Berhanu cannot even learn from Woyane’s history. Woyanes alliance with Shabia did not benefit Woyane. But he could not even learn from woyane. He is a loser part time rebel. Give him another 5 years and he will be old by then and will not have any energy to do anything. Apparently, with their ignorance and high level of stupidity, all diaspora are working in favour of EPRDF. EPRDF getting all its enemies shot by themselves and what EPRDF only to do is expose them. How is it possible to overthrow a well organized movement in this way? Berhanu Nega could not even administer ESAT with democracy? where is he then going to get democracy for Ethiopia? We will hear more news; to our surprise, EPRDF appears to win all along. Shame part time rebel that you cannot even treat your staffs at ESAT with dignity. Your ideology is hate and hate politics and you wanted to liberate Ethiopia by hate ideology? shame shame

  9. Yederg Lij says:

    Egypt is the leader of the Ethiopin muslims demonstration! They used Christian leaders to put Ethiopia into abject poverty ,when christian know now they are using ,muslim to drag Ethiopia once again!

    anyways, Esat andajun yifejal ,like the red terror in Ethiopia!

  10. teshome says:

    abraham Tsadik
    I advised you to reread my comments between the lines. I didn’t deny that there was grievances among the Ethiopian communities? Did I?
    But this is only the problem of Ethiopians Muslims and It should be solved as such. No intruders, No Egyptians, no Saudi Arabians and No NO and big No for Foreign interference.

    Secondly I didn’t say this or that on the recent Muslim documentary film on ETV? Did I?
    But I would like to oppose the role of ESAT, a non credible and partisan media who would to exploit the opportunity for political reasons.
    When the Muslim communities abroad bring their grievances into the mix of ESAT interset like what Tamagne (lemagne Beyene ) was doing in the last few days, we are inviting unintended consequences the Ethiopian Muslim can’t afford.
    I won’t go anywhere to explain this, take for instances what had happened to the Ethiopian orthodox followers home and abroad, politics divided the religion and eventually the religion was weakened. Followers talk about politics in Church and about church in political forums, this is simply a pretext of politics in the name of religion.
    If the Muslim Diasporas are not staying away from ESAT and its associates, serious danger waits them ahead.
    The involvement of ESAT and lemagne Beyene in religion affair may have been appeared as a simple matter, BUT it spoke the volumes about the serious of the problem

  11. Yederg Lij says:

    Mr Tosheme,as a matte of fact, I share your opinion!

    Now Egypt has the extremist politicians diaspora & Ethiopian muslims who don’t know what they are doing on it’s side!
    Let’s follow the developments patiently!

    Esat andajun yifejal!

  12. Gezaee Hailemichael says:

    abraham Tsadik

    I said muslim and democracy doe not make sense. I am 100% sure muslim and democracy does not make sense. Isam and democracy are like oil and water. They do not go together. If that was the case, you would not burn cut, stone, burn none muslims and muslims to death in the name of your religion. Prove me wrong? which islamic state is democractic? Saudi Arabia? Pakistan? Iran? Egypt? Afganistan? Somalia? Sudan? Iraq? which islamic state is democratic? prove me wrong.

    It is not the muslims the problem. Islam is the problem. Islam is a religion anchored on hate of other non-muslims. Islam covers women hair? why? if God did not want women to have hair? why he gave them hair? You can have 10 wives? but your woman cannot have 10 husbands? that is islam? As I speak now, 53 Ethiopian Christians are languishing in prison in Suadi ARABIA. Their only crime is they were found praying in their houses. You see, other religions are not allowed in islam. Islam does not or cannot exist with otherr faiths. Islam believes it is only me and if not me, kill them, burn them and stone them. If Islam was good, I would be the first to join it. But I do not see the difference between islam and Satanism. Even those who believe in Satanism do not kill anyone except they do whatever give them pleasure. Do you know there is a faith called Satanism? There is Satanism religion in the democratic countries but those people never kill any human or never burn any human or stone any human. This shows you Islam cannot be even compared with Satanism. Do not blame, blame the teaching of your religion that is scaring people.

    Yes, not only me, the entire world is terrified by your religion. Who would not fear people who burn you alive ? You burn people alive. you cut penis of men and you stone women for having sex to death. You burn churches. Is there anything your religion does not do? Our fear is based on real life experience and our fear is well-founded fear based on the barbaric nature of islam. The whole world is terrified by your religion. It is jus they do not tell you like me. You have a problem with the teaching of your religion but you denies the existing problem and you tell us you are peaceful while yoiu arae not .

    If you think you better civilized than me, or elightened than me, please welcome to teache me. I am willing to learn from you. I love all people regardless religion, race or colur or tribe. At the same time I hate hypocracy and lies. I hate it. you are not differen from Arab.I know everything you do in Ethiopia is directed from Ssudi Arabia. I know ask permission and funding from there for everything you do from there. We know islam works under the darkness in the mosque during the night and at Medesas. You do not respect law and you do not respect other human being. You believe only islam and muslims and this is the teaching of islam. Your religion is violen and antipeace, bloody from the day it is startd in Saudi Arabia but you claim your relgion is peaceful. You never admit wrong doings. When Osma BinLaden killed 3000 innocent Ameicans, muslims were celebrating all over the world in their houses. No muslim country or no muslims protested against it. I have hand on experience witnessing muslim celebrating the demise of 3000 people, innocent American citizens for no crime they did. Their only crime was they were American and hate by muslims. Your religion has a problem. But you are not willing to acknowledge and correct it. Christianity had a problem but it is reformed. Otherwise, if Christianty was no reformed? we would have been doing the same like your religion,Cutting penis, stone people to death, burning peole alive nad whipping women 50 times. That is what commanded in the old testament. Everthing you are doing is in the old testament. Apparently, Rasulula Prophet Mohammed copied the old testament and gave it to you to follow it. Please do not blame; blame your religion. I am not supporter of the government. I do not want my country to be run by the barbaric religion called islam. If you are our people, live the way we have been living together, if you want islamic state, just cross to Somalia across the border and live Mogadishou. We do not want islam in our government. Have it for yourself in your house. You can see you are using your mosque as political center and your do not respect law. The mosque is supposed to be a place of meeting God. But you are using it as political office now.

    • jabarti says:

      who said we want to form islamic goverment in are just violating our rights killing and arresting muslims all over the country but look ISLAM IS PEACE so we are keeping peaceful struggle.u said u reform the bible and christianity is not a religion from God? it is not from you or from me so how can you reform a religion from God?we muslims we lead our social political economical life by islam.islam is everything to us not only worshiping God but its to our whole entire life.thanks to muslim bussines men like al amoudi and others poor ethiopia is changing her story look almost all of the importers and exporters in ethiopia are muslims so u better treat us well

  13. teshome says:

    Gezaee Hailemichael

    You are a certified paranoia … You are equally a case study with the Toxic Diaspora. You don’t have an honest line of argument, based on one or two observations colored by your own biases, here you are to tell us larch tree produce milk.
    Islam isn’t about religion. It is about peace. If you are trying to talk about extremism, then it is fine. Extremism is mushrooming in all sectors of life, ethnic, political, religion or what have you. I can tell from your writings, you are a christian and it is completely high degree of hypocrisy to willfully ignore the christian extremists.
    There is a valid and a legitimate fear that Ethiopia had a clear and present danger of religious Extremism (Muslims and Christians). So far Religions in Ethiopia were living in tolerance and after the involvement of rubbish people like you and stubborn and uncompromising Diasporas that our beloved country and dedicated government started to unnecessarily strained from different directions.
    In the interest time and space, I won’t talk a lot, but I would like to remind you something, You have clear a mental health concern, it rightly deserves attention.
    If I were you, I would waste a single time to type my humble apology. This is what a sensible person can do.

  14. Gezaee Hailemichael says:

    Teshome, do you really want me to break your bones? I honestly reserve myself to respond in kind to you because I do believe you are asmesay. You are trying to equate islam and christianity? you must be joking. Did you ever see Christians burning mosques anywhere in the world? did you ever see Christians cutting people’s throats like they did in Jimma? across the globe? did you ever see Christians burning muslims alive like they did in Nigeria last year where 1000s of christians were torched and charred to death? You can not equate islam and Christianity. I am christian, but I do not believe every human has to be christian. I do not believe I have to burn muslims because they are not Christians. you comparing one violent religion with another peaceful religion that respect the sanctity of life. We do not call them infidels. They call infidels. This the truth where you like it or not. Islam does not recognize any religion. In islam there is only one God and one people, that is Allah and Muslims. How is that you compare a religion that does not recognize any other religion and a religion that cares about everyone. You are shameful. You tell me I am mental. Well, I would not go that far to respond to that. Because you do not agree with my comment you ended up telling me who I am? well, Teshome,I know you think you are smart; but you writing shows you are actually another sentimental and incogruent. Everyone who does not speak your mind is mental and ill? I am telling you the truth; But you are trying to whitewash it and you even trying to equate the killer religion with the peaceful religion. Islam has never been a peacful religion from the day it is created. read its entire history. Read how many tribes disappeared in Suadi Arabia when Mohammed was waging war imposing his believs on the arabs who did not accept his doctrines and who do not belong to his tribe. Mohammed himself wiped out many tribes from the face of the earth to be seen. There is no time islam has peaceful. Islam has been contained by others, but islam never been peaceful ints entire history. I know our muslims are genuine and were peaceful but islam is not. Grow up and learn instead of calling names. I am telling you the fact on the ground. Islam is not a peaceful religion. Everyone knows about it unless you pretend to potray it. It the most violent religion on our planet. You like this or not, it is upto you but I hve to tell you the truth. I am not against islam. I am against the action of islam. Diaspora, you sound like woyane. Woyane tries to appear secular by lumping christian together with islam. This is actually woyanes creation. Woyane has been promoting islam to collect money from Arabs and that is what you get from Arab. Teshome, get over it islam is not a peaceful religion. I even doubt Allah has anything to do with God now. Why would God create other humans and tell to muslims to kill those who are not muslims? Get over it Teshome

  15. habesha says:

    Gezaee H.
    You disappeared from anti-Islam web site nazret after Amharas blasted your government and now you are here and tigrai online.
    You used to say you are economist, secular who live in Canada. You never mentioned your ethnicity though vivid.
    Your intelect is infurior to that of 8 years old child. You compare and contrast orange and apple or mix oil and water. You are schizophrinic out of touch person.

    On tigrai online you mentioned that Islam is the best religion but you negated later for stupid reasons like 18,000 killings. If a couple Muslims (human beings not the religion) committ crimes you paint all Muslims including my children, my mom, etc as bad people.
    If my analytical thinking is like you I could have listed for you 100 folds more crime committed in your orthodox religion in a minute right now in your country, Serbia (200,000), Rwands (800,000), Mexico (55,000), etc They are very huge human genocides.
    In short there are evil peoples on this earth be it cave religion, Islam, etc followers committing the crime and not any religion. period.
    You worry for the 53 instigators in foregn country S.Arabia. Those people follow new religion now cause problem in Ethiopia. They prey on poor, children, the old, weak and not on educated people.
    Let me ask you this. If 53 Muslims go to Vatican and do what this people did would you support them. We don’t know wheter they preached or pray. Would you.
    I support freedom of religion but not on those two places. Leave them alone. God’s land is vast. Go somewhere else without causing problem. Religion is peace, love and not instigation, hate, and war.

    You try to teach us where our religion came from. This is just like handicap try to ambulate you on the street. idiot hater. You don’t know your own religion and yet you embark in the dark of others.

    Why would highly educated volunterily embrace the religion you try to teach us. You think you know more than them or they are stupid blind idiot like you. Congressman, former PM of British’s sister in law, respected Rabbi, priests, your monks, actors, actress, and so on. Tells us idiot stone age who was born in the cave and worship the cave god why those people converted to Islam.
    As you used to believe Islam still peaceful religion. This decade’s problem is not religion but politics but the media spent billions of dollars to defame Islam though failed terribly. You are the victim of the hate media and that’s why you hate my children, my mom, all Muslims. You are nothing for Muslims.

    Also your weak point here do not tell Oromos, Afars, Ogadens, Hararis, etc to leave their lands and go to stupid foreingn countries that the media taught you to hate them but they tell you get out of their land now, settler.
    Your likes settled in their lands and oppressed them now over a century. Go to the north and then you see peace. Look at Eritrea and South Sudan are free from Ethiopia and North Sudan respectively who were prosecuted them because of their beliefs.
    You want to continue your oppression by using the pretext “Islam is this and that”. Take that to your dark cave. Dark idiot man.
    “They shall overcome” “Free at last, free at last…”

  16. habesha says:

    Gezaee H.
    You are allowed to comment several times here. All the comments attack one religion mercelessly and also you act like the slave owner. Read your comments.

    Why don’t talk about solution to the existing problems in our country that rigid, fanatic, hard headed, biased, hater northern rulers (Amhara/Tigri) so far inflicted on the rest of so called Ethiopians. Can’t you see it, feel it or you know it when you become a victim. Look at Amharas now. They cry loud about human rights now that the violated for a century when they ruled.
    They called Ethiopian Muslims aliens, then second citizens, and now wahabi, salaf, bla..bla… When this blunder will go away on Ethiopian Muslims. Do u think when they stand up for their home land that was taken away in 1887. When this inhumane attack will stop.

    Even this very peaceful demonstration which has never been witness on earth for lack of violation despite of Woyane instigated multiple tactics like killings, torture, linning up buses to be smashed by the peaceful demonstrators so that they can kill them in mass to end it for once for all. Every thing foiled and Woyane turned it’s face to another thread. I doubted if Woyane ever will come out of this pandora box which Meles opened it at the end of his life.
    They can kill thousands but this will strength the movement for freedom and separation forever.

    This peaceful demonstration is not suffice to you that Islam is such a peaceful and loving religion. Even Mandela, and other civil movements did not go over a year this peacefully. They changed their struggle.

    My advise to you
    Board the airplane and be part of this peaceful demonstration. Tell the world this Ethiopian Muslims should not be responsible for the crime of terrorist in foreign Somalia, Serbia, etc. that the Woyane try to paste it on them. Repect their religious freedom and can practice it the way they see it and nobody’s business.

    Be humane. Be honest, kind and stand up for just, freedom and equality for humanitiy irrespective of religion, race, location, etc.
    Tamagn started to see that light though I don’t know his inner intentions. He openely condemn the past rulers for what they did to more than half population of Ethiopia happened to be Muslims. I know you believe in fake census. Muslim census always goes down may be they don’t give birth. Did you notice that. Mengistu’s census read 50% Muslims and now minimized to 35%. The next government from the north (God forbid again) will put them 10% and finally to zero. Then what will happen. They will make predication on neighbors census like Somalia, Djibuti. this is what my country is doing instead of development.
    Our mentality is inmature for that matter we are at the bottom of the world poorest country with abondance natural resources. Always focus on religion. Religion started to teach hate and oppression in Ethiopia.

    Change now. This is the decade for change. Lecture no hate or somebody else’s religion which is foreign to you. This way your life will be fruitfull.

  17. Yederg Lij says:

    Teshome, there has never been religious tolerances in Ethiopia! yihudis was the most oppressed ,then Islam was the second oppressed religion in Ethiopia,under christian! It used to be “Semay amd yelewm Islam Ager yelewm”! therefore, Islam had sustained themselves in Ethiopia ,because Ethiopia is the only country they have! & also I think the government is acting properly against these extremists in jail! look at the Egyptian sheikh interfering in Ethiopia’s affairs & imagine how many Ethiopia’s enemies are adding fuel to the fire with out notice! these in jail are saying they trained with extremists in Somalia,Kenya…! I don’t know how you blame the government!

    There was no religious tolerences in Ethiopia! on the contrary , muslims tolerate all kind of degrading…past! but some individuals are getting extreme at this moment when things are getting better! I don’t understand why now! I think Ethiopia is better now for muslims than ever! why politicizing now? why joining extremist politicians? this is openly anti Tigrian! A Tigrian king punished Egyptian military repeatedly in the 1800, Egyptian divided Tigrians in to two with the cooperation of European colonialists & emperor minilik,but still not to their advantage so far!

    I think we need to open our eyes & understand what’s going on!

  18. Gezaee Hailemichael says:

    Habesha, thanks for the comments also your comments are full of lies. kkk, I am against injustice. I am not against islam. If islam does wrong, I will not keep silent. If Christains do injustice I will not keep quiet to please anyone.

    That is why I am doing here. I cam condemning islam as faith for being barbaric. I am not against muslims. I am against the evil teaching of islam to kill, burn, cut, behead people I do not believe muslims have problem in Ethiopia this time. They do not have any problem. They wanted Ethiopia to be an islamic state that beheads people. That is their agenda. I am well informed about the Muslim grand project. You are building nation called islamic nation. you have people working in Africa, Asia, North America, Europe,… those Jamat who devoted themselves to Allah who are working hard day and night to make our world an islamic nation where the whole Europe, North Ameria, Africa, Asia do not know. So the Friday campaign in Ethiopia is part of islamizatiion of Ethiopia. This project of building an islamic nation is run underground and only muslims know. European do not know and anyone does not know. But muslims are sent on mission to every country underground to work day and night to make the world only muslims. There is no democracy in islam. There is no kindness islam. There is no justice in islam except injustice,murder, beheading, killing, burning. I know Ethiopian muslims were relatively peaceful but they were contained. Ethiopians Christains made sure islam is contained. It is because they understood its danger. You need to reform you islamic teaching. You telling me islam is peaceful does not make sense. Just google how many violence and killing, beheading, stoning or burning were done by islam in the past few years. 18 000 islamic violence across the globe have been recorded. You can google them from google.

    About Tamagne, aye, Tamagne is denkoro, foolish and you are trying to use him. By the way Tamagne is a derg remnants. He is trying to use you and you are trying to use him. Either you will cut his head at the end or he will shoot before you behead him. good luck with Tamagne and G7. The Ethiopian government has to hand life setences for the terrorists and the government must stop the Friday disturbance. Muslims are distrubing the addis public every Friday and they are violating the rights of our people. Addis ababa is not a city of muslims only. No one is interested to be distrubed every Friday by an illegal protest. The government has to put an end by taking serious ermja now.

  19. Gezaee Hailemichael says:

    I never said islam is the best. No ways Habesha. Of course, when I was in Ethiopia I grew up with muslims all my life and eating with them even on Eid, … trust me. I did not know then. I used to love islam than protestant because I did not know the evilness of inside islam. Do not get me wrong. I do not hate any muslims. You may not believe me but right now my girl friend is muslims. You may not believe me but I am telling you the truth. At this time, my girl friends is from Iran. Born muslim. If I were anti muslim, I would not love a muslim. But the suffering of my girl even make me feel more angry. Because she is not even able to still covered by Hijab. She does not like it but your religion inculturated into her. Do not get me wrong, I love all human regardless any race or colour or tribe or ethnic. You may hate me because I speak the truth. You must love honest people. I am honest. I can not keep quiet when injustice is being committed in the name of islam on my people and country. What I am hating is the teaching of islam only islam is the truth and right religion and Allah only knows muslims and the rests are infidels. I have to condemn this because this is wrong teaching. This the core islamic teaching that you can not deny. Reform this teaching if you want peace. I will never hurt or kill or do injustice to muslim because they are muslims. At the same time, I will never allow them to take my rights. Habesha, Gragn Mohammed get your religion right my brother Habesha. About all the names you said, I have stopped responding to people those ways. I do not insult people. If you do not like my comments or want to prove me wrong, then prove me wrong by reasons.Otherwise, you are this and that insult does not mean anything to me. I know who I am whether you talk rubbish or garbage about me, it does not mean anything to me.It only shows you weakness and inability to prove me wrong rationally and to win by reasons. IF I say islam is evil. Ask me why? instead of telling me no, it is peaceful. learn how to respect others and learn how to reason. No one is going to take your believes without reasoning.

  20. Rocco says:

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