Geldof urges more tolerance for Ethiopia civil society


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4 Responses

  1. Henok says:

    Gildof is waking from his ………after 21 years of sleepin over the truth!

  2. Tenager Ewnetu says:

    Mr. Geldof !

    Wellcome to the real world Ethiopians live in.

    However, I find your statment to be self contradictory.

    How could you belive ” Meles is INTELIGENT & UNDERSTANDS GOVERNMENT” while he has no grasp on the simple form of GOVERNMENT ? By THE People, For THE People, To THE People and use force divide and rule, lie, oversee the most corupt and opeque government in the 21st Century.

    You got one thing correct. At the end The People will overthrow him. That is inevitable. I am only worried after how much damage and how best to replace his antiqueted system.

    Thank You ! Keep evolving !

  3. oll says:

    Geldof has used a diplomatic language to describe meles, the cameleon. what actually Geldof is saying is that meles is a big liar who is well versed in the language of the west about democracy and knows how to please his funders. Meles might be a canny wolf who knows how to skin a cat. But that is all he is: a liar, hateful, and one full of resentment.

  4. Daamat ethiopia says:

    Well, who are you barking about the Gildof’s comment. The dergue roughage’s have not non-turning the stone to destabilize the nation but they could not never ever’!!

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