Abune Mathias Elected as the sixth Patriarch of Ethiopia


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30 Responses

  1. teshome says:

    Today is a Special day, Ethiopian Synodos back to its feet and Elected its 6th Patriarch democratically. For years the agonizing search to put ‘Aba Merkorios’ in the Patriarch position, now has go the right answer.
    The Daispora ‘Synods’ has now no chance but to establish a political party and I gave you a name called OLM ( Orthodox Liberation Movement). These punch of priests who are close intimate of politics, the innocent followers are telling to you bye bye we are not as dumb as you look

  2. Kasa says:

    Pray for Abuna Mathias, may he restore unity to our Church.

  3. abel says:

    What happen to the ESAT sources. Are those people talking by guess? I heard that they were saying TPLF is managing behind the seen. Sorry, they really do not have good sources. Bye ETSAT; no one will take your as legitimate sources.

    • kebe says:

      Please if you can double check before you talk. ESAT says what exactly happens now. Esat was saying for sure abune matios will win and thats what happened dude… Just for ur understaning

      • Ande Ethiopia says:

        Mr Kebe for your understanding esat told us that the election of Abune Samuel was certain beyond any doubt. They changed the story three days before the election. Like they told us the FBI arrested the person who tried to kill abebe gellaw. You know what esat should change its name to “the Inquirer”, group of crooks and liars who dont care on anything in this world but their own fame and power. Bad news for them forget about power you will never even make it to your homeland alive!!!!!!

  4. Gezaee Hailemichael says:

    To be honest, I am hating religion because of the the renegade self-exiled rebel patriarch General Merkorious of Mengistu Hailemariam and his diaspora fans and the wahabits. If religion is like this, then it is better to worship stones and trees independently without having stone houses churches in the name of God just for fighting. The self-exiled patriarch has untamed tongue and what he says painful and far from religion. I agree with the commentator who said Merkorios needs Othothodx liberation front now, OLF,KKK, it fits with OLF also I respect OLF than his OLF.

    It is good they elected someone and the rebel patriarch will now shut his mouth. If he did not leave Ethiopia I could give him all my support for what he claim. But he abandoned his 60 million faithfuls and left Ethiopia through moyale and he now tell us that he has carried the of the Sydos from Ethiopia to USA with him? I do not believe he is even in a good mental state. How can he say after 21 years abandoning his subejcts he is still their patriarch? I do not think he is normal. He even has no any respect for the Ethiopian people. Anyway, let him rest now. He has made his life himself horrible by exposing his folly to the entire world. Shame on him.

  5. Wes says:

    This is not politics. Think be for you write your sense less opinion.

  6. Meron says:

    @teshome: Orthodox Libration Movement is very funny. But, it would have been more descriptive if it was Orthodox Libration Movement by Gondere Popes (OLMGP)because almost all of the popes in the run-away synode are from Gonder.

    Anyway, lets hope Abune Matias will bring peace and reconciliation to the church.

  7. Diluqerbual says:

    Hey gezaee: don’t fool yourself buddy. Will you give your support to his holiness Abune Merqorios, had he not exiled??? Your are like one of the big liers of woyane masters. Who cares about your support buddy. His holines Abuna Merkirios has an everlasting support from the almighty God. Thrust me your fake so called partirarichs and their cronies like you will get a real punishment from the omnicent and omnipotent God. As your two relatives have got a punishment from God, thrust me this “cheber-chacha” will end in a tragedy. I know you and your masters are always regret for not spilling the blood of Abuna Merkirios as you spilled the innocent kids blood in addis in 1997 and many other cities. His holiness survival has become a ghost for idiots like you and will continue to be a ghost unless you hands off the church!!! Finally, todays appointment of Aba mathias proved that the apartheid character of your blood relatives. As you occupied all major posts in Ethiopia, today’s appointment is nothing other than your greediness. Anyways you will pay the price soon!!!

    • Gezaee H. says:

      Diluqerbual, thank you for you comment and for you insults and all sort of civilized comments of you. I refuse really to drag myself to your level. You are exposing yourself how civilized you are. God is not owned by General Merkoiris. If that was the case, he would not have left from Ethiopia.A believer would not run away. God is real and stands for the faithful. But your Merkoirious left his office by his own under the prext of illness and now after 20 years he wanted again to own the office? He betrayed his followers. Believers never betray 60 million people. If he was faithful and loved by the 60 million Ethiopians, God would have protected him. Mr. Merkorious has no faith, he is a materialist like me and you who left for American for comfort by abandoning his sheeps. He was a bad shepherd and I do not even know how he got to the Patriarccship? was he elected? I think he was handpicked by Mengistu Hailemariam? well, it is over now. Advise him to live a spiritual life than to run politics of religion and deprive peace in the God fearing Ethiopians in general. Power and greed corrupts. Take care and good luck with your black magics and Tinkola

  8. T.Goshu says:

    It is neither astonishing nor unexpected to see and here the “Berekete Mergem ” – ( a blessing within a Curse) as far as the very ugly marriage that was conducted two decades ago between the secualr and the religious palaces is concerned. I do not think those masterminds of the two palaces were and are expected to do what is right to either God Himself or to the innocent followers of the Church as that was and is not their agenda and objective at all. Well, what sounds a very grave mistake is that these politicians and politico-religious cadres are playing not only political prostition but religious gambling. I strongly argue that if the followers of the Church are geninely concerned about their Heavenly Destination , they have to be seriously worried not only about the terrible misdeed or senseless and endless mistakes they are making but also about the very foundation of the EOC itself. I am afraid unless the people intrevene and save their faith, the Church and its serevants (clergymen) could be losing their religious crdibility even much more worse than the dirty political game we are witnessing.I strongly believe that accepting and considering those politico-religious cadres as the representatives of the Heavenly Father is not only moral and ethical degradation but a direct insult to Himself .
    I do not think the Synod in exile is free from any blame at all. Yes, it has to be admitted that the Synod is not acting as a leading and influntial power for unity of purpose. We are listening and hearing statements after astements
    and declarations after declarations with no meaningfuflly significant role as the center of real togetherness . There is a need to get serious in this respect and lead the followers in the diaspora in practical terms ( showing by doing) ,not merely by telling or preaching every sundays and every occation of holidays. Do not tell the people just to be simply church goers and passive listners which I beilieve is another form of dehumanization .Yes, making people just passive gatherings is undrmining their human capacity to know and act accordingly.

    Another very ugly game is being played by the so-called nuetral believers . Well, these people may not like to side with that or this group . But they need to be couragous enough to tell both sides that there is a need to come together and get out of the religious mess we found ourselves in. I am sorry to say but I have to say that anything short of this couragous and legitimate engagement is nothing but just making business in the name of religion. I know this sounds harsh or out of “norm” to those who want to continue playing the senseless game in the name of God. But that is what it is! I hope this comment of mine has nothing to do with transgressing the very thread of our Church.

  9. tazabi says:

    Teshome do not worry this one will follow the departed aba diablos. He is hand picked by the criminals to do their dirty agenda not God’s work. Truth will prevail and this will come to end and the people of Ethiopia will see the light and rise against these evil dedebit bandas.

    • Ande Ethiopia says:

      Don’t worry people of Ethiopia are already seeing the light, people living in the dark are people like you who don’t care for anything but power. Bad news buddy you will never get that!

  10. hak says:

    God bless Abune Mathias you are the real pope for the post don’t worry the fake pops in exile will noise i guss you know them well what their nature is do what God orders to do. again god bless you your holiness.

  11. teshome says:

    Death is part of human being, and when I hear this bad mouthing for Pope Matias, it is a little difficult to comprehend but alarm your mental concern.
    Man, listen here carefully.. like the toxic and uncompromising Diaspora politics, the so called exile synods will end up putting its foot in its mouth. This synods was moving heaven earth to find a formula to discredit the legitimate Ethiopian Synods but that brought unintended consequences they can’t afford.
    Why in the world an Ethiopian religious leaders who named themselves as Synods prefer to live in faraway USA is a good question to ask? As vividly and concisely understood, these synods are influence by a short political leash with their SHORT GOD…TOXIC DIASPORAS.
    Let me give you an isolated example of ‘Aba Makarios’ who equated himself with Martin Luther king…what was he doing in Eritrean jangles with arm struggle rebels…is this the new religion called ‘Ginbodox'( Ginbote 7 + orthodox)
    But the good they are failed on both account, as a religious leaders and as a politicians.
    Good bye Diaspora

  12. mot le TPLF or EPLF says:

    Woyane Pop Moto Woyane POP agen sbehat nega azeze endimeret hulum tegre neew MOt Le EThiopia Tarikawi Telat TPLF Or EPLF . Ethiopia le Ethiopyawyan becha No Woyane POp No Shabia.

  13. Mikias says:

    Egzebher Agelgayun merete ,Sink sira Yale egzibhere Ayseram ,Begzibhere hulun hone Beka ,Amen Belu…

  14. alem says:

    the weyane evil and racist arrogant criminal group led by a stupid alcohol addicted … individual Sebhat Nega, installed another Tigrian ex-priest Matyas who was abandoned from church due to his mischief and bad character as a Patriarch, we ethiopians have been underminded for the last 21 years by weyane evil group however this time it’s better to die than seeing our religion is tear down by an arrogant animals like the stupid bone head weyane members as a result I am ready to die and fight the weyane group in order to restore my freedom…i am serious people wake up, do we carry less heart and courage than these few stupid weyane members, so we should be ready to die and remove the weyane evil members from ethiopia. enough is enough

    • Serawit says:

      Keep dreaming fool you’ll never get that power you will stay protesting in front of the white house with your leader tamagne and abebe for the rest of your life.

  15. aba tagay says:

    unbelievable! what a shame woyane!

  16. Mahlet Asefa says:

    Ethiopia just keeps on going forward in every sector. I’m Soooooo PROUD.
    I’m So HOPEFUL, So INSPIRED, So happy to be an Ethiopian right now. GOD please keep on blessing us and BLESS OUR LEADERS
    And BLESS all those who sacrificed their precious lives for this day to come.
    Yesssss 21st century shall be ours soon.
    Happy Happy day for Ethiopia!!!!

  17. je says:

    ኢትዮዽያዊ ማነው?
    +++ኢትዮዽያዊ ማነው? +++
    ስድስተኛው የኢትዮዽያ ኦርቶዶክስ ተዋህዶ ቤተክርስትያን ፓትርያርክ ሆነው የተመረጡት ብፁዕ አቡነ ማትያስ ገና ተመርጠው 24ሰዓት ሳይሞላቸው የጥላቻና የዘር ፖለቲካ ሰለባ ሆነዋል::ለዚህም ዋናው ምክንያት ትግራዋይነታቸው ሆኗል::ባስ ሲልም በተከታታይ ትግራዋይ ፓትርያርክ መሠየሙ የትግራይን ኢምፕየር መመስረት ከሚባለው የዲያስፖራ ፖለቲካዊ ቅዠት ጋር ያየያዙትም አልታጡም::
    እስቲ ቆም ብለን እናስተውል:: የሰውን ላንድ ቦታ (ለዚያውም ለሃይማኖታዊ መሪነት) መመጠን ወይም አለመመጠን የምንለካው በሰውየው ዘር እንዴት ሊሆን ይችላል?እኝህ አባት ገና በዓለ ሢመታቸው እንካን ሳይፈፀም መኮነን አግባብነት የለውም:: ትግራዋይነታቸውስ ቢሆን በምን መልኩ ነው ችግር የሚሆነው?ከ ነብስሄር አቡነ ዻውሎስ በፊት የነበሩት 4ፓትርያርኮች በሙሉ አማራዎች አልነበሩምን? ግን ይህ ሁኔታ አንድ ጊዜም ተነስቶ አያውቅም::ለምን አልተነሳም አልያም ለምን አማራ ሆኑ አይደለም የኔ ጥያቄ::ማንም ለቤተክርስትያን የሚበጅ ነገር እስከሰራ ድረስ የዘር ጥያቄ የለብኝም::ግን ይሄ ነገር የሚነሳው ትግራዋይ ላይ ብቻ የሚሆነው ለምንድነው? ትግራዋይ ኢትዮዽያዊ አይደለምን?ካልሆነስ ኢትዮዽያዊ ማነው? የኢትዮዽያዊነት መሥፈርትስ እንዴት ያለነው? ወንድምና እህቶቼ እኝን አባት ለመፈረጅ ጊዜው ገና ይመስለኛል:: በመንፈሳዊ ምግባራቸው አንጂ በሌላ የዓለም አሉባልታ ባንመዝናቸው መልካም ነው::በመጨረሻም ለቤተክርስቲያናችን የምህረትና የአንድነት ጊዜ ይሆን ዘንድ ተግተን እንፀልይ::

    • The Truth says:

      Fulish Je,

      You seem completely strange for everything or deliverately confusing things for your triabal racist Weyane junta group.

  18. Name (required) says:

    Guys pls pls respect our people insulting a religous leaders is immoral and unethical .do u know what i see from most of z comments deep rooted hate it is a shame for me to see an ethiopian specially z so called scholars from both side are actors of this deep rooted hate drama

  19. Name (required) says:

    Hello ayte gezaee:
    Had civility was your your real manner, I would accept your comment with pleasure. Unfortunately, you are not a kind of a civilized person. A civilized person can’t bluff on matters whom he don’t know. Above all you are pretending as if you are civilized that is even makes it worse than your idiocy. By the way I don’t have the patience for vulgulars and liars like you. Here are some of your inconsistent statements and lies regarding your opinion towards his holiness Abuna Merkorios. One he didn’t abdicate his patriarichship voluntarily. You can refer the wikilikes If you can browse but I doubt. By the way do you know how much your sentenced are self contradictory? You insisted that Abuna Merkorios should stay in Ethiopia no matter what their life is indanger.but when it comes to the new fake patriarch, I am not questioning his religious affairs but I just call him fake because he is appointed by his blood relatives in pseudo election, you just deliberately cover up his background or you are just arrogant. By the way for your knowledge the new fake patriarich spend most of his life in exile as Abuna Merkorios did. So why not you condemn the new fake patriarch too if your logic is based on a church leaders should not exile no matter how their life is indanger. But racists like you do not have the courage to argue on facts.rather you are guided by your racist feeling and that is proved in Abuna markorios. As derg make Aba mathiyas exiled, so did woyane too Abuna markorios. When Aba matias appointed as a patriarich by his blood relatives after derg collapsed, their will be a time Abuna markorios retain his place soon after the get rid of your wolf relatives. It is just a matter of time. By the what do you say about the citizen of the fake patriarich. Atleast Abuna markorios still is loyal to his motherland and still is Ethiopian whatever hardship he passes. If your fake religious leader is a us citzen, you moron definitely will be too. You cockroachs like to be called Ethiopian when you smell some advantage to suck the blood of Ethiopians. The new patriarch nor idiots like have no a moral to criticize his holiness Abuna markorios!!!bye !!!

  20. Gezaee H. says:

    Name, nameless, if you contend Gezaee as uncivilized, you were expected to be civilized and teach him about civilization? however, you did not vindicate yourself from savagery. How is I am a racist? how come? what did I do? Is it because I gave my opinion on Ababa Merkorious? well,I have full right to express my opinion and I am also open for correction if I proved wrong. However, insult of all kind will not do anything to me except to you. By way of insulting people you are exposing who you are. I do not insult people. I may rebuke people with strong opinion.

    Who is really racist? me or you? I did not talk about ethnicity at all. you do not find anything about ethnic in my writing. You do not realize it, but your the racist and ethnicist one. I know you do not realize it because it is built into you and you are cultured with it. You are trying to drag me into your ethnic hate discourse? well,I refuse to be dragged into your hate politics. I reject Merkorious because I believe he is a derg, ESEPA. My reasons: he never opposed derg or protested. It is even recorded wikipedia he was involved in the red terror in Gonder. I presume he is trying to bring back derg. I do not believe he is after religion. If the man was clean, and humble, he still had the opportunity to go back by voicing his grievances in spititual manner. However, he has immersed himself in un an holy hate politics and everything he has done so far has backfired on him. That is the reality. If you attack people for whatever reasons, it will be counter-productive and that is what exactly happened to him. He is not wise. If he could behaved as Aba,everyone us could have supported him and he could win our hearts, but he messed up from the time of departure until now. About the new Patriarch? well, I do not know him.I can say a single word about him. I read he lived in Jerusalem, but not in USA? Why Merkorious did not go Jerusalem? If the new Patriarch had the opportunity to seek asylum in Jerusalem? then Merkorious must have done the same. I read the new Patriarch lived 30 years in Jerusalem, but never heard he formed a different Synodus in Jerusalem. He left and he lived in peace. Because he run away from derg he did not claim he has to be the Patriarch from Jerusalem. You can hate the new Patriarch, but I do not hate anyone including Merkorious. I just condemn bad behavior only. I can express my opinion in whatever I want. You have no right to control me. I do not need wikileaki, I want to hear from him from himself why he left? He was the Patriarch of about 60 million people? You can not run away leaving 60 million people or sheeps whom you are supposed to lookafter like that. Is he better than the 60 million people? if the people loved him the people could have protected him. But I know Merkorious was a derg and he used to be called General in Addis Ababa. It is not woyane, Ethiopian used to call him General Merkorious in addis during derg. His problem lies his involvment with derg. I cannot respond to you the way you did. I believe we are galaxies apart. You are talking about ethnic and I am talking about reasons and ideas, neve mentioned anything ethnic. I suggest you find your buddies who love and enjoy ethnic hate politics.

  21. teshome says:

    Name (required)
    In the first place Why do hide your name?
    It tells us how much you don’t like to take responsibility on what you have to say.
    This the usual style of ‘Gonderospora’ (Gondere + Diaspora) who had always all the package of hate politics.
    Well you might dislike Abune Paulos for his misdeed but what kind of person are you to hate Patriarch Matias, who didn’t make 24 hours since he took the Holiness position.
    Remember the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Ethiopian Patriarch were Amharas root, so what is wrong if 5th and 6th are Tigrians
    It is bitterly disgusting
    አሁንስ የሰለቸኝ የአማራ ፉከራና ተረተረት ነው
    I knew three phases of Amhara:
    1. they believe in Amharas
    2. they don’t believe in Amharas
    2. they are Amharas
    It is really confusing.

    You keep talking የአለቃ ገብረሃና ተረተረት, But Ethiopia marching in grwoth and development

  22. tebeles negash says:

    yepolitica pary argut ende ayee yewoyane serat church west geba kkkk funny. Leave ethiopian orthdox church alone dont mix it with ur tribal junk tplf jokes stop it now before u end up like paulos the cadre priest who died 6 months ago as he was a dealer of the churches tabot and all historical items . stop it dont make our church a woyane party member stop it before u all end up like aboy zenawi dead dead dead .

    • Triabal heater says:

      A Group of Weyane cadres work full time to scramble every web site and response when they anything exposing their nature to dismantle ethiopia and ethiopianess and replace with Adwa style of robing the country for indefinite period as far as possible..

  23. Name (required) says:

    To mr. Gezaee:
    Well engidih endalew haile gebreselasie. Well, I don’t know where I can start. You raised alot of issues on my previous response. To begin with, you presented me as if I am growing and cultured in insult. To give you a short answer, I am not a kind of person as you said it. However, I don’t have the patient for someone who is rude. You may not like his holiness but what can I say you other than rude, or vagabond if you call an elder with un proper name. If you insult me, I can tolerate you but when you insult an elder with such a name , I don’t have the patient to tolerate you. Of course, as you said it we may have a big gap between you and me. As big as the gap between the earth and the moon. By the way, your statements have also a lot of lies. Forexample, as a cover for the name you gave for his holiness, you wrote that that name is given to him by the people of Ethiopia. Moreover, you tarnish his name as if he is participated in red terror. Both of them are big lies. As far as everybody knows, your beloved government has accomplished one thing that is : persecuting the former derg military and civil officials who participated actively in the red terror before the court. Even eprdf has said noting about red terror on his holiness. So, where did you get this big crime???do you think that eprdf will let him free? Do you think that the us government will give him an asylum??? So, please before you open your mouth, scrutinize your information. What amazes me most is when you want to acuse his holiness, you mentioned a false information on wikipidia??. However, when I respond you to refer wikiliks how his holiness is forced to live an exile life, you replied me that you don’t want to refer it. What I understand from your response is that either You are not interested to know the truth or you are deliberately distorting facts. Forinstance, you wrote that the new fake patriarch, just because he is a result of fake election, as he lived the last 30 years in Jerusalem. Even you advised his holiness to follow the same step as Abuna mathias did. You said that it was better if he lived in Jerusalem. Regarding this I don’t want to say he should live Jerusalem or USA. I think if it was his choice he two of them are not his choices. Always his number one choice is Ethiopia and Ethiopia. I think it is not up to us to decide on some one to live here or there. Let me remind you one of the engish proverbs” no one knows where the shoe pinches except the one who wears it” in amharic “Ke balebetu belay yaweqe Esu boda new’ endahonebin jerusalem or USA Yenuru belo besew guday meferedu tikikil aymeselegnim wondim. The other big mistake I read from your response is about Aba mathias’s life. Even Aba mathias did’t live the last 30 years in Jerusalem. He was here in USA too. If you don’t know. Let me highlight you some points here. He lived both in Jerusalem and USA . He was one of the coordinators of Ethiopian democratic party (EDU)in exile in a fight against derg. He is a us citizen. He just reclaim his Ethiopian nationality just after the death of Aba paulos and he was get ready for the post. By the if you have the habit to read before you write something roumer, you could read and see the interview of Aba mathias posted just in this page by Dawit. In his interview he said that when he felt that his safety was not secured, he moved to the united states from Jerusalem. So, please read first before you waste someone’s precious time by writing trivial and hearsay. But of all the points you raised I agreed on one thing you said about Aba markorios. His holiness though it was difficult to judge, he was expected criticized the brutality of the derg. Although both derg and woyane don’t give ear for such criticism, as a highly spiritual leader he had the moral obligation to do that. Finally, I want to remind you that I am not controlling you. I think you took my comment in the wrong way. I didn’t say you can’t express your opinion. What I said is just be reasonable and support your opinion with evidence and let’s argue on that. Otherwise, tarnishing someone’s name is an easy matter but we can’t get any lesson out of it. Stay peace brother!!!!

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