Emperor Menelik and the battle of Adwa (Beide-Mariam Ejigu Retta)


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33 Responses

  1. eden says:

    This man is taking too much credit on ‘Adwa’ battle. That is totally unfair.
    There were many untold stories and unsung heros of Ethiopians, why are we always capitalizing on Menilik.

    • Tsigereada says:

      Dear Friend: The history of Adwa is the history of Africans and their powers. You must take pride in yourself. Menilk has made history by uniting Ethiopia and by defeating a white power in the history of man kind in Africa. Take a close look at yourself in the mirror and walk your head of high because you are a descendant of a hero.

    • Teblets says:

      One country should have a wise and vision leader to organize and lead the people of that country to defeat the war against foreign aggressors. Atse Menelik and Princess Taitu Bitul play this role by organizing the people of Ethiopia for the Adwa war. There were also a chain of commands of sub-war lords under the emperor, such as Ras Mengesha of Tigray, Ras Gebeyehu of Gojam, and Ras Aregay of Shoa and others. Blatena Eden, Atse Menelik is not an ordinary man, he was the great Emperor recognized by all world superpowers. I know why you say that because the distorted and twisted ideology you perceive from your deceased leader Meles may confused you to accept the real phenomena of the Ethiopian history. I hope you may change your mind soon to the real thing

    • shibru says:

      Reason: Because of his qualified leadership and vision for the WHOLE Ethiopia (not just for an isolated patch of dry land). His vision was not based on ethnic preference or otherwise, just Ethiopians. For him, Axum was equally important for the Wolaita as Adwa was!

      Menilik needs even more praise in a country where an offspring of a traitor tried to mess up the country based on ethnicity. Menilik had not made his target to divide-and-rule Ethiopia by fabricating artificial animosity between and among fellow citizens (Eden, sure you must have been brainwashed to believe that Amharas are your enemy-number-one and that you are a Tigrean first, not an Ethiopian). Menilik was clean of all this!

      And this is why he is taking much (not too much, of course)creadit that he deserves!

  2. Gezaee H. says:

    Emperor Menelick, the man who engineered Mereb Melash and created Eritrea by selling half Tigreans to secure power for the rest of Ethiopia? And who sow the seed of never ending war between the one whom he sold and the rest, perpetual war of hate. The engineer of 100 year Amhara elite apartheid rule in Ethiopia. A man who sold our port Djibouti to France for 99 years the same way Woyane is selling Ethiopian land for Arabs, Indians for 99 years at the cost of 1 dollar perhectar per year. You can see how invididual mistakes of unsucroplous leaders can mess a country. All the conflicts we have been planted by Emperor Menelick. All the Amhara Aparthied of 100 years where all Ethiopians were subjected to assimilate to be one tribe in langauge and culture? Does the damage he has done weigh less than the good things he has done? Adwa victory belongs to the Ethiopian people not to a single leader, it was collective victory of all Ethiopians. It was half victory because it was not a complete victory because the Emperor sold out some of his people despite he and his followers pushed the enemy from Adwa, they did not complete the victory by liberating thier land and their people because they sold their own people. It was the same victory as that of woyane over Shabia in the 1998 -2000 war. Woyane drove out of Shabia from Badme but woyane did not dare to harvest the victory and dragged Ethiopia to Europe to sign a laugheable agreement and all the packes with the agreement. I have no doubt Ethiopians can win anyone.But Ethiopian leaders traitors to their country and people starting from Menelick and upto woyane. They never standard for the interest of the country except for power. Anyways, let him rest in peace also our people are still in perpetual conflict because of him. We can not do anything about it apart from trying to fix the mistakes they did. RIP emperor Menelick.

    • Mebratu says:

      Why are you mad because Menelik finally unnited the country by making us speak one language and adhere to the same dominant culture. That’s the history of the whole world my friend. It’s not just Ethiopia. Look at America. Why do you think English became the dominant language? It’s always the poweful who set the agenda and Ethiopia under Menelik is no exception. Plust You talk about giving up Eritrea to the Italians. My question to you is why didn’t the Eritreans fight against Italy as hard as they fought against us to free themselves? I believe the initiative wasn’t there in Eritrea anyways. By the time Menilik came to power the Eritreans were largely content under Italian rule, especially the lowelanders. Plus Menelik was fighting a moder organized intrenched Italian army with a medieval backward Ethiopian Army. Surely you don’t excpect him to drive all the way to Nakfa. He did what he could given what was available to him. Djibouti is not even a question. Ethiopia had lost Djibouti since before the “Zemene Mesafint” The last time Djibouti was under direct Ethiopian control was during the reign of the Zagwe dynasty. Ethiopians always thought We had Djibouti because of our folklore and “afe tarik”. Surely you don’t expect Menilik to recover something he never possessed in the first place. In addition Menelik never had the good fortune to go to a modern school. therefore he was a traditional christian highlander of 19th centurey Abyssina. So please have some perspective before you open your mouth

      • Mebratu says:

        Plus you people complain about the loss of the Eritrean ports due to Menilik’s mistakes, but You never appreciate the lush grean southern lowland he gained for us. Think about the riches of Gambela. Now on the other hand if he had let go of the southern parts of our country and instead went for the dry northen ports you guys would be complaining about the arid harsh environment Menilik’s poor judgment bestowed upon us…It’s always something negative with you people….

      • Gezaee H. says:

        Dear Mebrahtu, do not get pissed off. you are entitled to say whatever you think whether it is wrong or right.I have the same right as you do. You must not be offended for expressing my opinion. You are 100% to defend Atsie Menelick. I have no problem with that so because it is your right. Actually Djibouti under Ethiopian control unti Menelick time and if you dispute me wrong with a clear evidence. He gave it away to France. Afetaki is based on truth; There was Djibouti before the second world war which is during Atsie Menelick. You can read the history of Djibouti from when to when. You are saying why the Eritrean did not fight? well, Menelick was their king? they did not have rebel or special army different from Ethiopia. They were 100% Ethiopians. They were conquested earlier than other part of Ethiopia because they were close to the redsea. You cannot blame Eritreans on that. Why he sign them away by signing an agreement? you can not sign away your people and your land? I know he was fighting modern army. Modern army was not the reason he won. That means the modern army did not matter. He did a mistake to agree with them because he could have driven them away supported from the entire Ethiopia. Do not agrue defend some mistake that happened 120 years ago.You can defend by giving many reasons but that does not make it right. Eritreans fought hard with us because they colonized and brainwashed for 60 years and also developed hatred because Menelick sold them away. He did not care all his life on power. If I am your brother and if you sell me? do you think I will love you? I do not think so. Do you think Eritreans hate us for no reasons? they were made to hate us because they were abused for 60 years which is too long for slavery. About language, you cannot have one language of one tribe by destroying the langauge of others and cultures. It never worked anywhere and it did not work either in Ethiopia. It made us poor. Unity is not uniformity. You can unit without destroying other people langauge and culture. Unity is not based on language and culture. Who said united people or country only speaks one language and have only one culture. The British and the American did it does not mean it is right. The Bristish did it because they were colonizing people and controlling people and undermining people’s development to promote only their interest. Are you telling me Menelick was doing the same? The British did it by design to destroy communities, cutlures, languages of others? what about Menelick? Anyway, it did not work for us that way. No country is monoligual to be united. Anyway, we are just talking; but we cannot change anything except learn from past mistakes.

        • Mebratu says:

          Gezaee H,

          Again you are wrong about Djibouti. Here is the story. Djibouti was first part of the Axum empire but when that empire fell it fell operatically under the Zagwe. After than it was just a desolate desert controlled mainly by nomadic Afar and Somali herders. So it has realistically been out of Ethiopia control for centuries after the Zagwe. After this with the advent of colonialism the Ottoman empire and the Egyptians under British rule flirted with area. Finally is fell under Meneliks eyes only after the Fresh had taken hold. Isolated in his Shoan escarpment Menelik wanted to import weapons through Djbouti, which he did to fight rival crowns throughout the largely fragmented Abyssinian empire. So on this issue I beg to differ. On the question of Eritrea its plain to see. Eritrea was always sought after by many foreign invading armies. An emperor life menelik who was facing famine in his empire was hardly in a position to oust a modern entrenched Italian army that had camped out in Eritrea for year, and for decades in the case of Massawa. Not pushing forward was a smart military decision. You have to pick your battles right. If you knew that you would stop your ranting.

        • Mebratu says:

          Well, Sorry but Uniformity is being erroeded. That is what history shows us. Already the world has lost hundreds of languages and cultures. It’s just an unfortunate trend of modernization and capitalist expansion. Before the Europeans arrived there were hundreds of trips dialects and beliefs in North America. But you wouldn’t know it by looking America today. That’s just the way it is. Stop being idealistic. The only way TPLF feeds us this bullshit is to divide and rule. But it you go to Tigray today the first thing they teach in school is Amharic, because they have accepted reality unlike you. they know what it take to govern a country is a language to do it in.

  3. story tellers says:

    Toxic diaspora do only know how to talk history but don’t know how make history.

    While Emperor Menelik was fighting colonialism some bandits used to work for colonizers. Like colonial era ethio born bandits; some toxic diaspora’s are working for Arabs(become paid arab agents)

    As one of their hero said; they only want “Democracy, Power” but not Food, Development,… (they are anti ethiopia & its people).

    * working against any sort of development projects in ethiopia (anti dam, anti infrastructure, …), this is the history of toxic diasporas
    * agents for arabs, enemies of ethiopia

    Time & again talking, chewing the Ethiopia heroes history is nonsense as long as toxic diaspora working against ethiopia.

    Idiot !
    You enemy agents !

  4. Degu says:

    This man is a criminals. He kill Oromo people he divided Tigray and Eritrea. He sign the wichle agreement e.t.c…..
    No one tell the truth
    He the one the main problems for the country
    Pls pls tell the truth.
    Fore me this man a killer.
    Tell the truth

    • Sayint says:

      the fucked up weyane pretending to be an oromo or the loser olf hardliner-what do you make of the statement by the oromo opposition group ofdm leader when he say-i quote” Minilik is my hero”? You can google his interviews, and find out about that—

  5. AleQa Bru says:

    If only emperors Yohannes and Menelik were as clever as Ras Alula was to know the evil lan of the Italians, our history could have been quiet different.

    The 2 emperors had weaknesses that the Italians used to their advantage:

    Against emperor Yohannes, the Italians used his strong/conservative religious belief.

    Against king Menelik they used his
    ambition to topple emperor Yohannes and become emperor himself.

    But luckily we were victorious thanks to the many unsong, brave heros and heroines. Despite the weaknesses leadind upto the battle of Adwa, emperor Menelik (together with Taitu of course) fought courageously and wisely to defeat the fascist army.

  6. teshome says:

    I couldn’t agree more. You nailed it at the head. Menilik is a popular leader and at same time complicated. He had mixed legacy but We have been hearing only one side of his story for the last one century and more. Let’s hear and write what the oromos were telling us Meninilk who he was.
    Truly speaking, keeping that he was one of the Ethiopian Heros, the dark and treacherous forest holds the secret to an age-old tale the grievances he mad were locked away for many years.
    But for how long

  7. Kal says:

    Menelik and the victory of adwa or vice versa can not be separated, the smart decisive leadership and farsightedness of Menelik made the victory possible. Even the italians shouted viva menelik when they ousted their pm crispi before 100 yrs in Rome. Djbouti was never Ethiopian port. Those without brain say menelik sold eritrea. What they did not mention is eritrea was under italy before menelik. To be frank the cost of life for the adwa victory is so huge and most of the martyers travelled by foot from central ethiopia to the battle ground adwa more than 1000 km. So i dont blame menelik for not continuing into the sahel deserts of eritrea and let all his soldiers vanish. Eritrea was part of Ethiopia 20 yrs ago i dont remember menelik to be ethiopia’s leader when isayas took it away from Ethiopia.

    • Gezaee H. says:

      You are denying everything and defending Menelick 100% ? if that is the case? then we must also defend Meles only because he is from our tribe because that is what I am sensing. 20 years ago ? Eritreans fought for 30 years because of the mistakes of King Menelick and 20 years ago they got separated themselves by fighting us 30 years. What I am talking is the King was the cause of all these endless wars because Menelick we did not have Eritrean freedom fighters for 30 years. My interest is not to dwell on the past mistake of king, but interest is to root out the cause of the endless conflict we among Ethiopians and now Eritreans. We need to solve this now than later. Eritrea is not a tribe but a name given by Italy because Menelick sold half Tigreans and abandoned them for 60 years. If walked 1000 KM upto adwa? Asmara is or Eritrea is 100 km only from Adwa. I do not see the logic saying they walked by foot 1000 km but they could not walk another 100 km in 60 years? how come? It is mistake brother. If Menelick did not sign the agreement and sit doing nothing all his life. If they could not drive Italy even in one year, they could have chased them in the intervening period of all that long time. He just sold them and sat doing nothing. He did not care about the people and even about the land. He gave away the people plus the land. That is why Eritreans hate Ethiopia and Ethiopian in general amhara in particular and Menelick specifically. That is not without reasons, it is based on the betrayal of the king to his own people. After signing away Eritrea he lived until he die with no war. He signed them away by by binding agreement forever. That is the reasons Eritreans pissed them off and say no more Ethiopia and Ethiopia. Put yourself in thier shoes and you will understand why they hate us.

      • Kal says:

        You like to use hate a lot. I dont think that’s healthy. I hate that, they hate us … So on. First of all you represent neither tigreans nor eritreans, this is 100% ur tought. Then, there have always been a plan to recapture eritrea on the ethiopian side even before adwa but never exucuted as you might know ethiopia is the only african country that was not colonized this put ethiopia as the only target by the colonial wolves (britain, italy, france, germany) meneliks brilliant diplomatic skill keep them separated lasts ethiopia’s freedom but not forever with his health deteriorating and finaly after his death (let him rest in peace by the way) the consecutive coups in the palace and wars (read history books) plus lack of modern armament that led to the 2nd fascist invasion of ethiopia and the five year war. (read about zerayderes, abrham deboch, moges asgedom) eritrea was finally united with ethiopia under emperor haile’s rule by pm aklilu’s diplomatic battle in the un. The sons finish what the fathers aspired to do. And mr Understand why we love them and They love us. Because we are one peoples. Our identity, fate, interest are interwined. The war between us was a huge mistake. (ofcourse without the attitude you and those like you have one day we will be one.)

        • Gezaee h. says:

          Kal, what is my attitude? Most Habesha never respect opinions of other people? what is your problem? did I say I hate anyone? why are you telling me your figmentation. What is in your mind is not in my mind. I do not hate anyone. Are you telling me Eritreans love Ethopia? I hate wushet; if the Eritreans were united by whomever? why then they wanted to be independent? what you are saying is not the reality but good wish only. If they were not united and if there was no hate why where they fighting 30 years. You are a lier one. Who does not like truth at all. What attitude do I have that keeps apart? you are narrow chauvinists who have no gut to listen to others than to feed your own lies which is not objective reality on the ground. If Eritreans wanted to join Ethiopia? why did they need UN? or Aklilus diplomacy ? You need to learn to accept the truth on the ground. Also I never said I represent Tigrean or Eritrean. I did not even say I belong to this or that. I hate ignorant people like you who are negative and negate everything what others say just to fit their own narrow thought of line.

          • Name (required) says:

            I can see U r upset. As you said mine was atleast a good wish. U have the evil wish and as wicked opinions of urs failed to convince me u turn into a scumbag that is full of foul words. For the last time mr gezaee pls take a lesson give Love and respect for EMPEROR MENELIK otherwise leave us and sing it among urselves the haters!!!!!

  8. Goytom says:

    I find the same bunch of people who always commenting and these bunch are really ill-wicked. Cause they always have a negative mind and I concluded that they are “diabilos”. It is him(diabilos) always does not like or hear good things and that is what I read from these people here. Very poor people in mind and spirit. I do not know how a human being acts more than a devil acts. I guess devil is better than these guys who always spitting their venom in this page. Whatever you write on based on negativity,you do not change the fact. Just talk. For eden, teshome, Degu,Gezaee H,and the likes.

  9. Gezaee H. says:

    Goytom, what is the negative I said? instead of insulting people, you better learn how to tell the wrongs wherever they are. Why is talking about a problem that caused me and others suffer a taboo? The Eritrean war is still affecting our lives and the lives of our family and I am personally affected by it. It is /was not my fault. it was a mistake done by one king 120 years ago. What is wrong talking about it and clearing it. If we need to solve problem we need to know what the problems are and their causes because some people do not like us to say the truth, we cannot keep on. We need to talk about the problems and solve them. I do not get it what negative I talked about unless you show me where is my negativity? Thank you

  10. Mario says:

    All mankind has pluses & minuses in their life! Therefore, if we are talking about Atse minilik, why are people trying to hide the selling of Tigrian & Tigrian land to Italy ? Tigrian have paid so much because of what Atse minilik did just to consolidate his power! Had Atse Minilik alive today, he would have admitted for the mistake he has done!

    Therefore guys, be truthful just for the sake of your natural being, otherwise, you are acting like a monkey by denying the facts that everybody knows!

  11. Mario says:

    Goutom, you showed us that you are poorer mentally than anybody here ! Why don’t you be a man & comment like a man!

    • Name (required) says:

      Do you think Tigrai and tigrains believe what you are talking? why dont you guys say it straight and stick to yourself. Why you want to hide under the umbrella of tigrai.

      • Mario says:

        Name(required), we are Tigrian therefore it is natural to shade under the umbrella of Tigrai! That’s why we defeated all Tigrian enemies! The remnants are crying from all over the west!

        Remember : minilik sold Tigrian & it’s land to Italy just to weaken Tigrian! When Tigrian rebels refused to accept Haileselassie because he abundoned Ethiopia for the fascist Italy , then Haileselassie borrowed British Air Force in Yemen & bombed to death over 100 thousand Tigrian…! That’s why we like kilil , now if anything happens against Tigrian we won’t blame anybody but ourselves!

        Man take it easy! All we are doing here is : writting our opinion! Don’t just cry here!

  12. visitor says:

    I understand how Goytom saw all the above individuals; they are Monday morning quarterbacks. I wish they tell us about themselves and what they do right now for Ethiopia/eritrea. They have nothing to show except this “wore sileka”.

  13. Mario says:

    I think we are talking about Imperor minilik, not what we can show …! We know there some who gets irritated when they hear the hidden agenda of Imperor Minilik that put Tigrian in the worst poverty ever!

    Though bitter we all must take the reality in our history that was voided by Ethiopian writers !

    Time to face the reality!

  14. visitor says:

    Mario, Emperor Menelik II gained the nickname “emye” for his magnanimous leadership of his people and astute diplomacy against those vultures (colonizers )that surrounded him. Do you know what the proverbial monkey said? First my butt and the rest is history. His name is written in stone all over the world. I am proud of him. You need to be proud of him and build Ethiopia on his legacy. Period!

  15. Mario says:

    Visitor , the problem here is : emperor minilik has no good legacy in Tigrai! Emperor minilik sold half Tigrian to fascist Italy for military equipment! Do you understand visitor ! Shola bedifn hono Malef yelebetm! The truth must be told !

  16. Name (required) says:

    @mario pls try to understand the truth menelik had not a potential to fight beyond adawa .we got the adawa victory because it was a one day war .if it was continues for days i am deadly sure history would changed. mario english lay gobez ayidelehum .menelik adawa lay yashenefew italians bemerejam sletechibereberu ena yadawa melkamdr slagezewum chimr new .keza behuala lela tornet bimokr noro yaletrtr eskemehal hager italians yigebu neber.yashenefn yachir ken wugiya slehonena italians slegna yeneberachew ewuket anestegna slehonem new enji yegna hizb jegna s lehone bcha ayidelem.slezih menelik eritrean yetewat kakmu belay mehonuan sletereda new yihen mokro bihon noro ahun yeminaworalet yenetsanet tarik yabekalet neber

  17. Mario says:


    How about minilik agreeing with fascist Italy to stay neutral while Yohannes was fighting to protect Ethiopia ? There is nothing to gain by hiding the truth! Minilik sold half Tigrians to fascist Italy just to weaken Tigrian so he can control all powers under him!

    All we can do is: accept the truth & go forward leaving the past behind!

    Name Required, keminilik ena Haileselassie Italian bigezan tru neber! What did Ethiopia gain from minilik & Haileselassie ? Nothing! We are biting each other now , because they didn’t leave us a good & stable Ethiopia !

    The truth is: minilik sold part of Tigrai to Italy for military equipments, Haileselassie bombed & killed 100s of thousands using British Air Force stationed in Yemen ! Haileselassie could have died like the courageous Tedros , instead of rescuing his entire family to safety , & leaving the Ethiopian people for fascist Italy !
    Your excuse of “minilik had no potential to fight beyond Adwa” is simply to hide yourself from the truth! My grand father Grazmach Zeweldemariam was killied courageously fighting the Italians ….!
    Lets not stuck ourselves by trying to run away from the truth!

  18. Mario says:

    Had Tedros survived somehow, Ethiopia could have been in a better position! The workd’s technology was in its infancy during Tedros & Tedros’ intention was to develop Ethiopia & put Ethiopia in a better position of our world! But Ethiopia wasn’t lucky & lost him! History tells us that the west started its technology development during Tedros,the British being the soul power at that time , new that Tedros was a threat for them ….& stop him short of his plans! The British knows that Ethiopia was Christian before them & there was no reason to send Christian mercenaries to Ethiopia ! What British sent was spies …!

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