Open Letter to Prince Kahlid Bin Sultan, Deputy Defense Minister of Saudi Arabia


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36 Responses

  1. Name (required) says:

    Dear mr Gorfu:
    It is not bad to give a lesson for a rude Arab who interfere in matters which does not concern him or his country. However, the bottom line is no one lived in history. All the evidences that you mentioned are the great achievements of our forefathers they did in those good days. I think is being unwise to expect respect from a foreign body while Ethiopians disrespected and treated as second class citizens by a few mafia Tigre gujiles. I think if you are sincerely care for Ethiopia first you have to take part a role indemocratising Ethiopia. Contribute your part for urging the wild mafias at arat killo to give freedom for their fellow Ethiopians. Unless you correct your home first, thrust me Ethiopia and Ethiopians will continue to be treated as this ugly saudi bluffed. By the way mr. Gorfu let me ask you one simple question? How do you expect from a Saudi official while you your government is exporting 50,000 kids as housemaids to Saudi Arabia. I didn’t say Your government is not exporting 50,000 tons of coffee each month to Saudi Arabia but 50,000 young kids to Saudi Arabia!!!! Do you get my point??? Moreover, your government wide open to arabs its fertile lands by evicting poor peasants. So, if Saudis didn’t disrespect Ethiopia and Ethiopians, whoelse could do. Therefore, if you want see Ethiopia and Ethiopians be respected by others, the first thing is that Ethiopians shall be respected by their own government. Then others will respect us too. Otherwise, your cry will remain invain like Ende kuraw chuhet becha Huno yeqeral semi sayagegn maletie new. Therfore, you shall join the struggle against the apartheid system in Ethiopia.
    Stay peace!!!!

    • yigermal says:

      Mr. No Name; it seems your daays and nights a are confused . Why do you oppose the writer? Don’t you see he is voicing on behalf of our country and our people, which I believe admirable.
      We all know that the current regime has done a lot of damage to Ethiopia in the past and it countines in the present, but this has nothing to do with what Mr. Gorfu tried to address. We cannot be kept silent while our country interest is in jeopardy.
      Mr “without name” I wish I could call you Mr. 00; you need to medicate yourself or seek some sort of professional help. Why do you oppose everything? We all have a moral responsibility to defend our motherland and that is what Mr. Goshu tried to do here.
      G.E. Gorfu: thank you for speaking on behalf of Ethiopia. Thank you for speaking on behalf of 90 million Ethiopians. This was what I was expecting to be done by the Government of Ethiopia; however since they did not represent Ethiopian Interest, they prefered to keep silient and mute.
      Mr.” No name” shame on you. Shame on you, because you opposed something that is not opposible .
      God bless you Mr Gorfu

      • Name (required) says:

        Mr moron(yegermal):
        Ethiopian national interest is jeopardized since the time when woyane came to power. And it will continue in the same way so long as woyane is stay in power!!! By the way, which Ethiopia are you asking me to defend? In today’s ethiopia theoretically all Ethiopians are equal but practice some Ethiopians are more equal than others.’ so you moron what I am saying is first let’s me Ethiopia all of us equally. Besides, what I am saying is don’t expect a Saudi official to respect you while you are keep sending 50,000 innocent kids as housemaids to Saudi Arabia each month as an export items. Do you see where Saudis low attitude to your country comes from??? They treat your sisters as wild animals and your government has given them that plat form so how do you expect to respect you unless you are arrogant!!! Ofcourse, your government is sending your sisters to Saudi to luxury of you and idiots like you. So practically we Ethiopians are disrespected long ago even the Saudi bull said it. So, you chocrouchs don’t ask us to stand with you while we Ethiopians are living a misery life thanks to the Tigre gujile!!! If you have a gut you will criticize the will actions of Saudis did on your sisters. If you have consince, you will stand with Alem dechasa when she was dragged in the streets of behirut than shouting on the empty words of the Saudi bullshit!!! Do you see our differences???? I care for humans but you care for empty pride!!! What a poor you are!! Therfore, who do you think need medical attention now? You or me??? I think amanuel hospital megbat yalebeh yemeselegnal or hulet sebat tsebel or duwa !! If you are living abroad consult a psychiatrist. Yegermal aluh? Ewnetem tegermaleh!! Yelele pride setetebeq. Qilo if you have kulalit, our target should be on the source of all these misery: the woyane apartheid rule.

        • yigermal says:

          You must be crazy our of your mind (EBD). It is meaningless to answer for your nonsense, becasue this will become a back and forth word battle. All I can say is you have to and you need to see a doctor before it become too late. This is a brotherly advice; please see a doctor as you need a help very badly.

          • Name (required) says:

            Hi mr yegermal:
            Really you are an amazing guy!!! Ewnetem tegermaleh. I know truth has betterness. Although it is better, I can’t say you anything else but just swallow!!! Ewnet yemeral aweqalehu gin watew!!! Stay calm buddy

        • Mario says:

          Name (required), you are a hateful & sick individual! What G E Gorfu wrote has nothing to do with the good leaders of the EPRDFites! Mr loser, all you can do is: let’s see if you are good for your own kilil, if you have anything to proof then your own kilil will elect ! You know you don’t represent Ethiopia !

          Mr , this shows that you are sided with Ethiopia’s enemies! I don’t think you are an Ethiopian ! I’m suspicious about you though!

          Ethiopia is building the Renaissance Dam, there is nothing that you can do!

          God bless Ethiopia !
          God bless the EPRDFites!

          • YIGERMAL says:

            Just for clarification :

            Dear Mr. Mario:

            I am not EPRDFite. I oppose the EPRDF regime and firmly believe that that EPRDF is a mercenary gruop constituted by a bunch of morons and criminals with the sole objective of distroying Ethiopia.
            I came here to support the idea of this brave ethiopian named Mr. Gorfu who took his time to voice the concern of 90 million Ethiopians. What Mr. Gorfu tried to address has nothing to do with the EPRDF agenda. This is not about EPRDF, THIS IS ABOUT ETHIOPIA. Stop your sick manipulation. Nobody spoke about EPRDF and nobody care about the criminal gangsters of arat kilo

            Whusha bekededew Jib yigebal endilu. Be ante bet arada mehonh new.


    • Sera says:

      what a pitty that you can not enjoy the way how Mr. Gorfu treid to make clear how things are that the saudi general kicked treg ,maybe it was not his day.
      but you are ofcourse the one who sincerely care for Ethiopia first and you have even an authorization to insult the whole tribe so that you fell great.
      where the hell were you in the derg era?
      or are you only 17 years old.
      take it easy body your beloved country is in the right direction and moving with the speed of light to dam poverty.
      try to be part of it.
      try not to miss the train.

    • Yigeremu says:

      በ አማርና ብትሞክር ምን ነበር ?

    • shibru says:

      Mr. Confused “No Name” Diaspora:

      “What is love got to do with it?”; remember this song. What has the water topic has to do with “human right” issues in Ethiopia?

      You might be right here and there; but, do you mean we don’t need to respond to any threat until we clean our house? Sure, “President” Girm W/ Ghiorgis promised Arabs some 50,000 domestic workers for export to Arab nations; this is disrespect to ones own people. Sure the government has allowed foreign embassies in Ethiopia to disrespect its people by making them line up in front of Embassy gates for hours in rain and scorching sun for visa applications. Sure there are hundreds and thousands of reason why we should blame our government. But, I still sincerely believe that it is people like you who might eventually play a role played by Meles’ grandfather — Banda!

  2. sam says:

    thanks you express it with short,precise and polite manner

  3. Murad says:

    Excellent article. Please someone send it to Arab news or some of their media outlets.

  4. Sera says:

    This is 1. classe
    This is a Lecture !
    This is a Wisdom full of facts and with proper portion of demeanor and respect !
    This is HABESHA!!!
    I am very pleased that somebody is around with the name of G.E. Gorfu !
    Thank you Sir.

    • Wendimeneh says:

      Thank you so much brother Gorfu!

      But what about the other daporra like Birhanu Negas and Tamagns who used to cry Ethiopia? It is time to show their wisdom, if they have any, to protest against this provocative statement of the mad Saudi man.
      But I can only tell him that we Ethiopian do not talk, we are people of action. We will do what we see it just and if any state interferes, we jus act. So he better act not talk. He is jus Mejnun!!

  5. Selamawit Solomon says:

    Hero G. E. Gorfu

    God Bless You !

    However some ethio born arab agents, idiots, fools did this:

    Media sources like ESAT & Ethiopian Review reported that the Saudi Arabian Deputy Defence Ministers arabic speech was mis-translated/mis-inter prated by sudan tribune while reporting in English.
    ” Ethiopia is keen on harming Arab nations”
    Re-translated by ESAT & Ethiopia Review alike:
    ” TPLF is keen on harming Arab Nations”
    (He want to say TPLF but not Ethiopia)

    • Belew! says:

      You know who is paying ESAT and Ethiopian Review? Arab money is keeping them going. That is why they defend and try to explain

  6. fareon says:

    His Excellency Prince Kahlid Bin Sultan is talking with heartfull the nile siver should be neutral and the agreement 1929 should be respected.
    the Ethiopian people should emmigrate to arab land for work but the nile river should flow as always for the sake of our brothers Egiptians
    alah is great

  7. sam says:

    saudi arabia own Ethiopia we better be quite.

  8. Infidel Prince says:

    Prince Kahlid Bin Sultan, is one of the arab infidels. He don’t adhere to the teachings of the Koran.

    Infidel arabs don’t know what prophet Mohammad said regarding Ethiopia. Infidel Prince Kahlid Bin Sultan knows & told us that Ethiopians “do not forsake an opportunity to harm Arabs…”

    Q# Is it Ethiopia who divided Islam & regrouped muslims of arabic countries based on their islamic religious view ?

    Q# One arabic country sect of Islam killing/burning/bombing/destroying the life & property of the other arabic country Islam ?

    Q# Who used the ‘Arab Spring’ opportunity, helping one arabic country by supporting the revolution & the other arab country against the revolution ?

    The Infidel Prince Kahlid Bin Sultan might talk about Arabs, Arabic country but not talk about their unity, justice, democracy, human rights respect. By the way Nile basin issue is not like sending military help against ” arab revolution inside Bahrain” & support opposing groups, elements, radicals of ” the arab revolution inside Syria” by military funding, arming, training,…

    Leave Ethiopia Alone !

  9. korat says:

    This is to the person with no name, Mr Ge Gorfu is a real ethiopian who cares about Ethiopia, where do you get your facts, or are you paid by the enemies of ethiopia, esat amd ethiopian review are nothing but tugs who also sold their soul they are the enemies of ethiopia, Mr or mrs or whoever you are before you resort
    to insult and slanders try to read history like mr gorfu, he is stating facts and what the hell is your problem, indeed whatever you are drinking or smoking is getting to your loser head go to rehab take the advice of the good people here. in the first place a person with no name is nothing short of a cowerd

  10. Belw Gojam says:

    G. E. Gorfu for defence minister of Ethopia and Presidnt. That Girma old man is ready to die. Put Gorfu there. He is the best

  11. Abebe says:

    Mr. G. E.Gorfu,
    With all do respect, where is your open letter to TPLF? Unless you are a member of TPLF that denies the facts, without the shadow of a doubt, the home grown terrorists Esayas, Meles and the rest of TPLF have committed despicable crimes on Ethiopia/ns than the arrogant money worshiper Saudis…?

  12. Mario says:


    You can say whatever , but TPLF sourced the greatest heroes & heroines that saved Ethiopia ! Tigrai paid over 60,000 heroes & heroines to reach Ethiopia where is now! The good thing is: you can’t change history !from now on, Ethiopia doesn’t need Hyenas in a sheep skin! You can keep talking though! You put Shabiya & TPLF in one coin! Kkkkkkkkkkkk…!

    • Abebe says:

      How laughable for you to say that TPLF have saved Ethiopia! It’s not a surprise to me and 87 million Ethiopians a type of reply to come from staunch supporters of TPLF that have been trained to hate Ethiopia and Ethiopians. Let’s see the few improvements TPLF have done to Ethiopia and Ethiopians in the last two decades alone:
      -Dividing, Muzzling and Ruling 89 million Ethiopian with iron-fist is what TPLF call DEMOCRACY …
      -Giving hundreds of thousands fertile land to Sudan free and clear…
      -Throwing Ethiopians out in the cold and killing Ethiopians to sell their land to foreigners to grow flowers and food to be shipped and be sold outside of Ethiopia…
      -Stripping Freedom of speech, Freedom of the press, Freedom of religion, Freedom to organize…
      -Incarcerating hundreds of thousands of law-abiding Ethiopians…
      -Massacring countless number of Ethiopians…
      -Selling hundreds of young Ethiopians to be enslaved in Arab countries…
      -Using young innocent Ethiopians babies as commodities…
      -Making up false documentaries on our Muslim brothers and sisters to divide and rule Ethiopia…
      -Disrespecting our historical religious sites and kicking out dedicated monks and nuns from their churches just to sell their land to foreigners…the TPLF crimes is endless, even the other bloodsucker Mengestu is much better thousands of times than the current heartless, godless, money-worshipers TPLF criminals…
      The only people who are denying the very fact and the horrible condition of Ethiopians are the ones that are benefiting from the blood and sweat of the powerless and the muzzled 89 million Ethiopians. Shame on you all! May the loving God/Allah teach you people a lesson or two!

  13. Axamed says:

    Excellent reply by excellent writer.i don’t say thank you mr.writer b/c it is your obligation to protect our country’s interest .what i say to you is keep it up.the saudis,they have many problems inside their country and i don’t think that they have crossed their frontier by solving their country’s enduring conclude,it is not the african issue that they should invest time and mind but theirs.

  14. Dawit says:

    Whenever someone casts his/her views why do we have to curse each other? Everyone is entitling to his/her opinion. The saddest part is those who talks about democracy do or acting like the one they oppose to, TPLF/EPRDF
    Anyone is entitled to support his/her choice of political party all we should do is addressing the issue, no need to call names or cursing one because of his/her opinion, that is God given right. The freedom fighters should know what they fighting for and should have characterized him/her self with concept of democracy before preaching other. Wise up people!

  15. Mario says:

    Abebe, I can’t say; nobody died, we still have problems….! You list shows your hate against the Tigrian struggle! I can list so much to show how TPLF saved Ethiopia , but blinded in hate politics , I don’t think you can understand anything but yourself!
    Hate politicians don’t deserve any kind of freedom…/ we know you guys tried to grab power through colored revolution, spring ,Jesmine revolutions…failed because have no idea what you were doing…! No unity except power hunger…! Lie after lie & working with chronic Ethiopia’s enemies is the worst Bandaism in the entire Ethiopian history ! No land has been sold whatsoever , it was a fiction created by the power hungry bunch…therefore , it didn’t held any water! It was like ” yecheneqew erguz yagebal” type of frustrating empty politician!

    Millions of Ethiopian lives have been improved, you can’t see this coz you are blinded with hate! All you can see us: fictions produced by the useless hate politicians!

    Abebe, I think you have better to use your natural senses that God has given you properly so you can see real things!

    No power will be gained in the cover of our Muslim brothers! You are watching it failing once again! Our Muslim brothers problem has been solved, the rest will be solved slowly but surely! We were not the ones who used to say “Islam ager yelewm semay amd yelewm”, I don’t like to be two face/ Hyena in a sheep skin/! Kegna wediya fuchit aff mamotmet sibal alsemahm? Yenante neger endya new!

    1) there is no room for individual Hyenas in a sheep skin!
    2)Ethiopia belongs to the Nations, Nationalities & peoples of Ethiopia! Ethiopia won’t be an employment opportunity land of elites,their families, in laws & their stooges!
    3)No one can stop the changing process in all aspects!
    4)when one plays politics , one must start from where one is known physically & his integrity !

    In Ethiopia , millions used to die of hunger, but EPRDF/TPLF changed Ethiopia through 21 years of miracleous hard works! Remember how many people died of hunger in 1964,74,85 European calendar? From now on there might be a shortage of food, but not famine…!

    Your list above was the Holiwood type drama made by the zero sum politicians in hopes of satisfying their power hunger….but it ended up to be a wasting of resources !

    Finally , the topic is about the stupid general of Saudi , but you are diverting … Which is the nature of haters!

    • Abebe says:

      Thanks for proving my point, as I said above, you’re indeed a laughable and clueless TPLF and a staunch supporter of the late inhumane dictator that was ever created on the face of the earth. You’re totally wrong for thinking that I hate Tigreans. I’m greatful to God/Allah that he has created me with love, compassion and good conscience. Unlike you I happen to love my patriotic Ethiopians from Tigrea. Unlike you, they are ashamed by the cruelty nature and selfishness of that brutal dictator Meles and his followers. It’s obvious that your short mindedness is evident that you measure the life of Ethiopians by the few TPLF who are enjoying life to the fullest at the backs of over 89 million Ethiopians. In less than two decades, the late brutal tyrant dictator, his wife and his close criminal friends have looted the country and become multimillionaires and billionaires, running one of the poorest country in the entire world. The mass majority of Ethiopians struggle to make ends meet and find their daily food to feed themselves and family and go to bed hungry every night on top of living with fear and being ruled with iron-fist by TPLF that have been brainwashed and trained by the two evil cousins, Esyass and Meles for decades. Once in a while, try to leave your comfort zone and try talking with informed and sensible non TPLF Ethiopians, and ask yourself, why is it the TPLF ruling party locking up innocent Ethiopians that happen to be intellectuals and patriotic Ethiopians?
      Mario, no matter how much you and the likes of you try to deny the reality, the crimes of TPLF are recorded in the history books by historians, by Human Rights Watch, by Amnesty International. The horrendous crimes and the shames of TPLF will never be forgotten for generation to come. May the loving God/Allah give comfort and strength to Ethiopians who have lost their freedom and dignity…, their homes and land…,to the parents who have lost one or more children…, to the children who have lost their parents…, etc.
      Mario, I hope one day God opens your conscience to sense, recognize and understand THE CRUELTY OF THE LATE TYRANT AND THE REST OF TPLF ON ETHIOPIA AND ETHIOPIANS.

  16. jart says:



  17. Mario says:

    Abebe? You have a history recorded by the most crooked modern colonialists of our world too! Call it amnesty, international rivers….many NGOs are the enemies of this world who are preparing to put the world in their hands! This isn’t laughable though! You can say whatever about the courageous late prime minister , it is your brain…The late prime minister has done a great job for Ethiopia , you can’t see what the late prime did coz you are blinded with a hate, you can only see yourself.! May God forgive you! But in the eyes of millions of Ethiopia , the Tegadeltis in general are like an angel who dropped suddenly from the heavens! Go & check Ethiopian farmers! Their life is getting better & their produces are tripling…! Eternal glory to our martyrs who defeated individual elites who had sacked Ethiopia for generations & put it in the worst poverty ever!

    Abebe , may be your father hated Tigrian too! Individual elites started hating Tigrians about 100 some years ago! Minilik soldiers looted Tigrai after the defeat of Italy & before they go back to shewa! Haileselassie with all his family abandoned Ethiopia for the fascist Italy leaving Ethiopia in the dark! When he came back from exile, The people of Tigrai, Gonder , Gojjam wollo Oromo … Rebelled & refused entree , but Haileslassie borrowed British Air Force bombers stationed in Yemen & bombed & 100s of thousands of Tigrian died in a day light during the first Woyane in 1941 European .! Anyways Who cares whether you hate me or not kkkkkkkkkk! We already sustained 100 years of hate , & hence not new !

    The reason for the kilil is to protect Hyenas in a sheep skin like you from using the people! You don’t represent Ethiopian though! If you play politics, start where you grew up & known as a person!

    Glory to Tegadeltis who freed Ethiopia from individual Hyenas in a sheep skin!

    Abebe , take it easy! Ethiopia is changed! You can’t stop it except irritating yourself!
    God bless Ethiopia !

  18. Mario says:

    Abebe, remember what Derg did to Ethiopian ! That was the time when the people said enough is enough ! You may have been Derg official or son!

    My country fellow man , the only choice you have is: get out of you hate & enjoy your life in the west! Don’t irritate yourself for you have nothing to offer to the people !

  19. legorifu says:

    Mr. Gorfu and Mr. Girma Kassa
    What you do not understand is some of us do not accept you as Ethiopians. You only interest is to keep the current ethnic dictators in power for ever. Girma’s shallow analysis and appology for the EPRDF is laughable. He already admits the TPLF will cheat in the elections as it did in the past elections. So he suggests we give the Tigrian mafia more money with the hope of them changing.
    The Tigrian elite is very much aware of what it is doing. This is not a crime of ommission but commission. They are on the record that they want to create an aparthied system where Tigrians will control all political, economic power a la Israel or South Africa.
    So Girma and Gorfu why do you need us? Do not be a parasite. I for one will be on the side of the Saudi General before I support the Tigrian Mafia.

    • Ethiopiawi says:

      @legorfu, you don’t have to give money for TPLF. No one asked you to do so. If you are an Ethiopian support the Nile dam. If you are not just leave it.

    • korat says:

      ok the cowerd with no name you stated that mr Ge Gorfu is not accepted as an ethiopia have you read his writings you moron hate monger he is more ethiopians
      than all of you haters put together, you
      do not even come close to intelectualize,
      who paid you are you esat ethiopian review or ertrea, to spread this, I know you are not an ethiopian to side with the enemy. you are the mafia. you should be ashamed of yourself jerk

      • H says:

        I thank God that You all are not political leaders with the big responsibility of nation building and peace building. You all are polarized , live the past and frame all issues as “We” and “them” and forgot the importance of national interest. I was reading all this, I wanted to write an OPED on this issue for a class and I didn’t get any constructive points.Please lets promise to give a better Ethiopia for the next generation and It is a responsibility of all!!!

  20. Azeb says:

    Gorfu is an embarrassament. I know he is trying to defend the honor of his ethnic party. The fact is that he ended up revealing the ruling minority has no honor. You don’t address a foreign dignitary as “sir.”

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