Could there be a change on Ethiopia’s anti-terrorism law after a visit by Ms. Karen Hanrahan?


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25 Responses

  1. teshome says:

    Why in the world you think of that?
    Ms. Karen Hanrahan for that matter President Obama can visit Ethiopia and discuss about the new anti terrorism proclamations in Ethiopia. There is no problem with that. But to think the law will be improved, changed or enriched by the influence of the Americans is something unhealthy thought. In the first place Ethiopia brought this law because it had a legitimate security concern and Ethiopia as a sovereign country should not be dictated by Americans or someone else from Europe how to govern its people. This is completely a question of principle, As Americans don’t let others to interference in the political affairs of themselves. We, Ethiopians, no matter the degree of our poorness and the magnitude of any problem you may set in, Ethiopians also have every right to say no for any foreign interference in internal political affairs.
    This is actually a prejudice that affected Ethiopian opposition not to stand by themselves and spent a good deal of their time in coming and going to American Embassies all over the world.
    Finally, So I would like to one say thing to the Admn. who posted this article. It is obvious, Ethiopia as a country receives a huge overseas developmental aid and of course many Ethiopians are benefiting from it but this by no means should be mistaken that Ethiopia will entertain neocolonialism influence that compromise its interest.

    • solomon says:

      perfect I agree with Teshome.for the interest of Tamagn Beyene’s and Genbot7 We don’t need to change the anti terrorism act. We Ethiopian knew you that in the last couple of days who you are when you support Wahhabists and Salafiyyasts in front of TV camera for your political interest.I am not anti Islam but I am anti Wahhabi the young brother of alqaeda.

  2. bendo says:

    I don’t think there is any problem in with the law in Ethiopia.

    If there is a problem it is on implementing it.

    We have it all but never used it.

  3. SHACKLIOS says:

    TESHOME you are talking like the hero Eritrean president Iseyas afwerky, the only man in Africa who does not give a damn about the greedy animals.

  4. Saif says:

    Is it only the anti-terrorism law that makes Ethiopia a failed, tyrant, an opposition party/free media crackdown,anti-arab, anti 1929 nile water treaty, human rights abuser, anti islam state/country,….

    If you doubt about US’s influence on Ethiopia to change the so-called anti-terrorism law; what is the purpose of those demonstrations held in front of UN, US, Western Countries presidents, embassies, diplomats by Opposition Parties, Activists, Religious People,……….

    Having doubt of western countries/UN/Organisations influence/power towards ethiopia & its policy on one hand & the lack of advanced technology, means to mobilize the people against the government by using your remote control on the other hand put you on jeopardy, confusion, conflict,……….

    Idiot Awakening !

  5. Tamirat says:

    Very common mode of psychological attacks on foreign observers and diplomats who have different views: neocolonialism. Ethiopia is not another African country where the population might have some trauma of colonization. But in Ethiopia, that doesn’t hold. No trauma and no drama of colonization. Just only to defend yourself from losing power, even from sharing power with country men and women.

    I do hope that many of them are well aware of that mode of attack. Second: are Ethiopians really free and can express their view freely under the anti-terror law?

    Hi Dawit,
    I came to appreciate that your are demonstrating the best independent journalism. It is healthy to see different versions and views even if we may not like some of the views and opinions. Keep it up.

    • Gezaee h. says:

      Mr. Tamarat, we are human being. We can lead and government ourselves. We do not need anyone be it Arab or Asian or European or American. Of course we need them as human being, short of that and business. Apart from that, we do not need Americans to tell us what to do. It is not their right. They have no right. We are not Americans. We are Ethiopians. You may not know but it is European AAND American government who blocked AID to Ethiopia in 1984. You may not know. You can talk to Bob Geldof; Bob and his live AID collected money but UK and USA Government refused tried to block the money. Bob has to get the money using own way to the dying people. We know the world my friend. Let the Americans help their own and they are in debt of trillions of money from China. They are the most unequal and morally corrupt nation on our planet where people go with guns and shoot children in broad-day light and that is called democracy. We Ethiopians do naturally love the Americans by default. But we must allow them to interfere in our affaires. They are not better than us and America is not as gleamer as they show it on TV. Let them fix their own problem first. Let them fix the inequality and injustice, racism in their country and then if they are good? they do not need even need to tell us to do what to do. We will see and follow them. But they are not good example. It is Americans who invite Africans leaders and poison them to death. Let them stay away from our country. We need neither Arab or Americans.We are capable of doing even better than them. They had their own dark ages much longer than ours were people dying of famine, diseases. If they are humanitarian, let them go to Somalia and help them and than trying to arm twist a well functioning government in Ethiopia. I do hate Americans ignorance and stupidity of only our way. Let Ms. Karin mind her business, not Ethiopian business. We love them but they must stay away from our affaires.

      • Tamirat says:

        The wisest thing on earth is to understand the situation and find out an exist as early as possible. I am 1000% sure that you understood what I meant. Let me tell you one thing more: we cannot master our destiny and worst would be when there are millions of unhappy men and women. It is the wisest thing to do to find out an exist strategy before it is too late. It would be a good thing for all stakeholders. Believe me, may be you would stay where you are for some time. But think of that time after? think of you kids or whoever after that time? Do see millions in exile without their prior choice? How about if that would be your turn? your family turn? Probably you think you would live a happy life else where outside Ethiopia when that unwanted time (for you) arrive. But, I can assure you that money with foreign life doesn’t give as much happiness as saying “hello” and living a peaceful life with your country men and women within Ethiopia.

        As to foreign diplomats, I would agree with you on one thing. They have been useless for Ethiopians. They kept closed eyes when all human rights breached and the population kept under severe repression with aka anti-terror low and for other very sorry acts of the authorities. This woman might have made some tours else where in Ethiopian and probably talked to about the issue you have been to defend at the cost of human lives and sufferings. But that won’t bring any positive that can help get out of the mess created as a result of the likes of anti-terror low and many other.

        As a simple analogue to conclude: think you a person in bus who always try to close every bits and bites of hols and air passages due to fear of catching cold. With that habit, it would be this same guy get sick and probably die the day the air wave passes by his chest or whatever. Not the others who took the habit of taking fresh air without any fear of having cold. I do hope you and the people like you would understand what I mean by that.

  6. Mario says:

    Cooperation is good , but what Ms Karen needs to know is Ethiopia is going to take its own time to reach where the US is now! Ethiopia is improving every time! Ethiopia is changing in every aspects!

    Ms Karen thanks for visiting our lovely country!

  7. selamta says:

    I just do not understand some of you so called journalists who want change to come from the ferenjies, is just baffling. THE article should have the headline of do we want others to dictate to us what we need to do? The entire ETHIOPIAN population has one thing in mind and that s to fight poverty so please stop acting like the advocate of the west,we have gone through a lot and no wester power ever came to help ,so get a life be humble and think twice and act once

  8. Gezaee H. says:

    If woyane changes policies of Americans, then, we have there is no government in Ethiopia but Banana republic. What does USA has to do with democracy? no ways, USA the least democratic countries even than Europe, Canada and yet Canada never imposes itself on countries about democracy whatever. Who cares whether Obama or his aid visit Ethiopia. I am sure she had a nice trip to Ethiopia but she has no any right even talk about Ethiopia at all. We do not talk about America becaused it is not our business but it is the business of American citizens only. Americans must stay away from the affaires of Ethiopia. We need only friendship based on mutual interest. We do not need their neoliberalism or Washington consuses that has destroyed many country. They must not even about justice or anything. They must clean their house from racism. It is unfair a a country that has problem of racism in its own backyard cares about Ethiopia. Let America first help 60 million Americans have access to primary health care and education as Canada does and Europe does. They are the least equal and the least just but they potray themselves as if they are better than any country. justice and bla bla.

  9. Biniam says:

    Mr Admin? Why would the Ethiopian government change its domestic policy following a visit by a junior state department official or any state department official. The CSO and anti-terrorism laws are there to stay dude

  10. Tees a says:

    Awrambatimes becomes a different version of aigaforum. Dawit ke bede replaced by Dawit Kelele. Good luck mr. Dawit for your endevour for serving your ethnic, mother tigray instead of your country, ethiopia.

    • Meron says:

      You expected (and of course pushed hard) Dawit Kebede to be an instrument of the extremists in the diaspora, and when he rejected that and chose to be himself, you are accusing of serving Tigrai…funny. When are you guys going to buy heart? When are you going to think normal? Oh God, give your mercy to them

    • solomon says:

      ዘረኛ አመለካከትህን ጣለው ላንተም አይጠቅምህም ዳዊት ትግሬ ስለሆነና የተለየ አቋም ስለአለው ወያኔ ነው የምትል ከሆነ ታመኝ በየነና አበበ በለው ጎንደሬ ስለሆኑ ጎንደሬ ሁሉ ግንቦት ሰባት ሊሆን እይችልም ዳዊት ከፋም ለማም የተሻለ የጋዜጠኝነት ስነ ምግባር የሚታይበት ስው ይመስለኛል ሰለዚህ ዝምብለህ ሰውን ያለልኩ ቀደህ አታልብስ

  11. Meron says:

    Ethiopia donesn’t have to change her politices and strategies because one American diplomat visited our country. We are people who have our own values, and it is we who know what is good for us. Poverity is the worst enemy we Ethiopians have for hundreds of years, and we need to focus on that. Any country which is not free from poverty cannot talk about American-like democracy. It took hard work, dedication and a lot of other things from Americans to reach where they are today. We are on the right track to be in their position in some years. Now, tell the Americans to leave our country’s affairs for us to decide. That is all!

  12. Ali yimer says:

    I surely have been staunch supporter of you Dawit and your Awramba times in those old good days where you used to be a selfless great voice to the opressed trannsending your ethnic lines. I was even thanking God for you represent as one of those very rare Tigreans who stand by the people and outspoke truth and condemn ethno-aparthide tyrany even if they belong to that very same ethnicity just by birth. what happened to you realy. Has the world gone mad? Is it only enough a reason to be what you become because you are pushed and cornered by those who you call now ‘extrimist toxic diaspora’? you say you are now a balanced reporter standing by the truth? Does this mean you were not before, does this mean to be a devils advocate, does this mean to be a voice to the Tigrean ethno-aparthide megalomaniac? I leave it to your consience if you have one now.

  13. teshome says:

    What is your point? You may hate Woyane bitterly, but why in the first place you let others to do the heavy lift to bring change in Ethiopia. This prejudice in the opposition camp, is like a genetic disease that has no cure.
    Well, truly speaking there is nothing in the world Americans can’t influence but here we are talking principle. You missed the concept called sovereignty, citizens are religious about.
    It is because Americans did it don’t make it automatically right. But if you are looking the proof in the pudding then that is your unfamiliar territory, you missed the big point.
    Wake up man, if you are visualized Ethiopian political change as such that is up to no good.
    By the way I like the comment you forward for Dawit Kebede. Wonderful man. Keep it up.
    We have seen web site from Aiga forum to Ethiopian review and through ECADF and Ethiomedia, all are unhealthy. One word described them chauvinism.
    If I were to have my own world, I would prefer to live where they don’t exist

    • Tamirat says:


      I am speaking about the danger and repressions being exercised in Ethiopia. I am in a level to say that I haven’t heard of that level of expression else where outside Ethiopia. I have never had personal hate. I happen to help someone who happen to have the same view as you have when he was mocked and mistreated by some foreigners in a metro station just because of his color. I didn’t take the pleasure out of what he was experiencing but rather I had to help the way I can and the way I spoke to those who was mistreating.

      Sovereignty, neocolonialism, what else?
      I am not a specialist but what do you mean by sovereignty if you think giving a part of its own territory to another country means nothing? And what id the moral authority to do any thing and everything on humans as objects under the pretext of sovereignty? Sovereign people and country means when the people and the state meet and fit one and just one face against any external interference against THEIR (people + state) will. What we see now is not the case.

      Let me repeat what I said above about a simple analogue: think of you a person in bus who always try to close every bits and bites of hols and air passages due to fear of catching cold. With that habit, it would be this same guy get sick and probably die the day the air wave passes by his chest or whatever. Not the others who took the habit of taking fresh air without any fear of having cold.

  14. Tesema says:

    Dear sister Meron,

    For some people who were sympathetic to Dawit’s seemingly honest journalist appeal in the past, he is still an enigma because he posts sometimes critic against TPLF and another time he posts things that he thinks would legitimize TPLF. These days he becomes totally insensitive to his readers. A Case in point is Abune Mathias. Dawit tried hard to legitimize this cadre of TPLF as a legal Patriarch.
    Well, here is what I come to conclude. There is a delusional thought in some Tigray born or has a lineage from that region. It doesn’t matter how low their level education or experience. They think that they become smart by virtue of being Tiray.
    This delusional thought, I think, emanated from controlling the whole Ethiopia by TPLF. Well, the fact is TPLF came to power merely with the barrel of gun and shedding innocent blood not by swaying the nation with its ideology. If it is not for gun, TPLF has no brain to stay in power for one second. Meles Zenawi, the Ayatollah of TPLF, was a scoundrel. He never had been known for his great ideals or swaying ideologies, but for insults, insensitivity and hypocrisy.

    • Ambalagie says:

      Where is your ideology that is better than woyane? you had 100 years on your belt where you held Ethiopia and Ethiopian hostage for 100 years? You built 1 university in 100 years? Meles the one whom you hate built 33 Universities in only 20 years? Meles started harness Nile? you can screw yourself but we can not allow you again to destroy us. Enough misery because of you. Whether you like it or not, we love each other and we love Ethiopia. Chauvinist

      • Tesema says:

        Wondem Ambalagie,

        You are overwhelmed by anger and anger is counter-productive. Anger is fire on the outside, but it turned to be depression inside. So watch out your depression if you often flare up with anger. Well, by the way, your “Ayatollah” died short because of anger and hate that turned into overpowering depression.
        The 30 universities you are taking about are the laughingstocks of the academic world. You better say buildings not “universities.” I hope you will understand what “university” means. I am assuming you not rock solid stupid not to understand this. These universities are producing.
        You said, “You built 1 university in 100 years “well; I don’t but his majesty Haileselassie built the University, and it was well-known in the world, and it produced scientists like Kitaw Ejigu, etc., and your ‘Ayatollah” was also coming from there. It was the first in that country history and the best.
        About the Nile dam…..would you please at least wait until the project is finished to brag? By the way, I was asked to contribute money, but I refused. However, now you are telling me that it is done, and it is history. Listen, don’t stress yourself much. Nile dame could be a liability for Mele’s history instead of being his credit. We will see that in time …
        You and I are Ethiopian brothers… no more no less…we have the same right in that country. You said I am a “Chauvinist.” I do not have hard feeling towards you. We have been insulted thousand times for the last 21 years with the same word by your “Ayatollah” Meles zenawi. You got this word from him. So, I am not accusing you for your ignorance but for indifference and losing love for your country men and women.

  15. koster says:

    Woyane ethnic fascists are the best to sell Ethiopia and why should the USA or others decide for another one whom they do not know whether he/she is selling his country and terrorize his/her people.

  16. Yegeremew says:

    Every body is entitled to her/his opinion, and that is healthy. But as an Ethiopian to let the 1929 treaty prevail as Saif put it is something we should fight against and stand up in unison. If we really care about the Ethiopia we all say love and proud of, irrespective of our political view Abay is for all. Therefore let us unite and help build the Abay dam.

    Selam’ na tena Lehulachin YIhun!!!

    • Tesema says:

      Brother Tazabi,
      I think you misunderstood my point. I do not have any objection for building dam on Nile what so ever. I know that Nile is ours. It is born in Ethiopian’s womb and grows tall horizontally on her plains. But, let us just be more objective than emotional. If Egypt they declare war, how Ethiopia could resist them having the following problem.
      1. The country wealth is controlled by a selected few
      2. The majority of the people are too poor and without exaggeration physically weaken because of years of starvation
      3. The government officials are immersed deep into the sea of corruption and self-indulgent behavior
      4. The national army per se is not national. The top 90% of military officers are from one tribe
      5. The nationalist feeling and bond has declined instead tribalism has been cultivated and flourished
      6. There is no either democratically elected or like the old time monarchically accepted leader in the country. There is an aura of uncertainty and frustration in the air
      7. There is a discontent with government interference of religions and such reprehensible act has never been happened in the past.
      So, before we clean up our internal mess, trying to build a dam on Nile is a damn adventure. We don’t have to loos limbs before we understand this very fact. If Ethiopian could solve her own squabbles first, dying for Nile would be an honor. And history is a witness we are a good fighters. But this time is not right. Case closed.

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