Hugo Chavez, influential leader with mixed record, dies at 58


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15 Responses

  1. eden says:

    May you rest in peace.
    I don’t care whether he was a dictator, a democrat, liberal, vegiterian, you name it, he had already died.
    Like every body else, he had a mixed legacy

    • chala says:

      In this world if you are not stand for the rich you life will be short. b/c you will be against the almighty billioners in america and they work hard day and night with usa gov. for you to be killed.

  2. sahle says:

    Again, the world has lost a person who cares for the poor, for the country…Rest In Peace Mr. Chavez…

  3. teshome says:

    According to ESAT credible source, Hugo Chavez died some two months ago but Venezuela government and its officials kept the information undisclosed.
    Finally ESAT and its editorial board are happy that the truth came to light for the world.
    This shows how any information won’t escape from ESAT and ESAT is now becoming the ears and voice of the world.
    PLEASE HELP ESAT. ESAT is now ready to open 1001 branch on the moon.
    ጭስ የለለው እሳት አትበሉን…..አይባልም ወንድሞች

    • YIGERMAL says:


      What do you do for living? How old are u? Are you ok, I mean do you have any health issue? Because it is not normal, that someone err all the time. I have never seen in my life such irrational creature like you. I just want to know what you would have in your brain. It is not normal that you keep writing nonsense all the time. There must be some sort of brain disorder or some anormality with you, it is not a normal pattern.
      May God assist you teshome; That al I can say

  4. alemu says:

    Unlike to devil Meles Zenawi who was one of the most hated and murderer individual, Hugo was the most loved person who was democratically elected twice to serve his nation. RIP

  5. YIGERMAL says:

    Chavez took from the rich to give to the poor. In contrast, criminal evil Meles Zenawi took from the poor to give to the rich.
    Chavez defended the idea of Venezuela for Venezuelans; in contras Criminal Evil Meles Zenawi declared Ethiopia for Arabs, Indians, and Western countries.
    These are two diametrically opposite people. Chavez was a father of the poor’s. He loved his country and worked for his nation; whereas criminal Meles fought tirelessly to erase Ethiopia from the map.
    Mr. Meles Zenawi Rest in fire
    Mr. President Hugo Chavez may God bless your soul. You will be remembered as hero for your firm stand on anti-imperialism principles. You will be remembered for what you have done for the poorer Venezuelans. RIP

  6. selam says:

    @ Teshome
    pls have some rational thought!… R.I.P. Hugo Chavez!…

  7. teshome says:

    I did touch your Achilles heel, right. I am sorry I didn’t know that it hurts that much bad.
    ESAT for me is two faces of a coin, the heads goes for MONEY, and tail goes for MONEY.
    By the way did you notice the natural course of ESAT. It started as TV AND RADIO. After a while became Internate TV and radio. Now, ESAT claims to be You tube ((ESATube) news and radio. Did I lie?
    God knows what is next!!!!!!!

    • Et says:

      A must listen discussion

      The truth, the good deed and all the hard work of ESAT. Those who donated their money should be proud of ESAT, Those who are not happy with ESAT should… well listen and judge

      follow the link

      Scrawl down to the end of the page

  8. solomon says:

    The way you know ESAT is doing excellent job is by reading through the comments of woyanes. Day and night, for no relevant reason, they jump on brutalizing ESAT, and then they end up saying RIP Hugo Chavez.

    If you can help yourselves, woyanes, restrain your emotion and think about what ESAT is doing. Its not imprisoning, killing, torturing, abusing, harassing innocent ppl like the leaders of current Ethiopia.


    • Et says:

      Solomon ya you are very very right, here is a real evidence for ESAT good deed you shuld listen and tell other to listen too am sure you will be more than happy and all woyanes and anti-ESAT people shuld be ashamed,

      After liesting make sure to share it with other ESAT supporter and keep donating to ESAT

      A must listen discussion to all ETHIOPIANS

      The truth, the good deed and all the hard work of ESAT. Those who donated their money should be proud of ESAT, Those who are not happy with ESAT should… well listen and judge

      follow the link

      Scrawl down to the end of the page

      • YIGERMAL says:

        Ethio forum for Civility is held by a collection of morons and paid TPLF agensts like aba mela and co
        Ethio Forum for civility give sense only for people who have extremely low intelligence quota IQ like Birhanu Damte, and the arat kilo gangsters.
        It is a matter of time all this criminals will fall one by one with the fall of ARAT KILO BETE MENGST MAFIAS.

        I know who you are. You are the same TESHOME changing your nick to EI. As far as I am concerned weather you come as Teshome or as EI it does not make any difference. You are serving the evil group of TPLF.

        • ET says:

          Hey man with high IQ you sound like you are on ur period, it doesn’t matter who the forum belongs to, just focus on the content.
          I can’t figure out why you are upset, what you have listened is the truth. Use your intelligent u know ur three digit IQ and try to put one and two together

          Ethiopians gave their money in a good will for a good cause as expected the beloved ESAT patriots are managing the $$$$$$ that they have raised very well in good faith.

          Keep up the good job ESAT
          Long live ESAT
          hope u are happy now YIGERMAL

          • YIGERMAL says:

            My sinciere apology to you EI

            I am really sorry. It seems there is a misunderstanding on my part. I sincerely apologize for a precipitated comment I have made against your writing. Sorry for the misunderstanding. It was my fault.

            The struggle will continue untill we all are free.

            Selam lante yihun wendme.
            Melkam ken

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