Task-Force: Panel Discussion on Religious Freedom to be held in Washington DC


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23 Responses

  1. teshome says:

    የጅብ እርሽ ነገር ሳያድግ በቡቃያ

    The constitution of Ethiopia specifically names freedom of religion as a protected right. Religion is one of the many activities that deserves protection but other interests are equally important in the eyes of the law. So people would be able to practice their religion as long as it did not disturb the security, discipline or order of a society. On this regard the few Ethiopian orthodox and Muslim followers understanding is really out of the context. Yes, government require to refrain from limiting religious freedom but if there is societal compelling reasons for doing so, the government won’t delay any interference in the religious matters. Until now the Ethiopian government should take all the blames for not settling the few Muslim protesters who create havoc every Friday the the peace of the the majority Muslims and secular society members who lived near by Grand Anwar mosque. he interference was too little too late and I can say it was totally a failure on the government side.
    Secondly, Religion and politics has to do with two sphere of activities in the life of individuals. It is important to remember, they are not the same.
    But what we are wittiness in the Ethiopian diaspora communities is different, religious groups are also a leader of a political party and the converse is true. This dual association generates complication.
    To put it differently, the diaspora politics is now dead and the last card left to play is meddling in the religious affairs and the political hybrid system created is to invade all valuable institution of Ethiopian communities in the of name of religious freedom and “democracy”
    Good bye Daisporas, I have one good advice for you:
    If you fail to prepare
    then prepare to fail

    ….By the way Of all the people in Diaspora How could all the Panelist be from Amhara.
    Abune Philipose…Gondere
    Ato Fekade Shewakena….Gojame
    Dr Aklog Birara…Gondere
    Tamagn Beyene……Gondere

  2. chala says:

    Well here we go again the extremist diaspora are falling for every game the gov. brings.
    This is funny the gov. wants the opposition to concentrate on useless things and they are doing it every time.
    As i said it before this is not a muslim question muslims in Ethiopia are around 30 million the last 1 year we sow a few thousands who are been teaching extremism from saudi are complaining.
    If this was a muslim movement or question no power wouldn’t have stopped it for a day let alone for year.
    So wake up people.
    I know for some people who never work for leaving in there entire life in America any thing is good as far as they collect money so they see as a new business to collect money from the muslims in diaspora.

  3. Mario says:

    First of all these are all haters,… & not activists , civic blah blah blah! Secondly, there is no religious problems in Ethiopia ! The problem that they are talking about doesn’t exist at all! There full fledged freedom in Ethiopia ! These individuals used to live on the shoulder of the Ethiopian people,therefore, they are just there because of their hate of the people of Tigrai’s struggle !

    The doors are being closed against these individuals in all aspects! They have been holding Ethiopian communities in the diaspora, now the people know & they are asking themselves that why these politicians in the diaspora couldn’t make their own living like everybody else ? Why do we have to be “lame bora “?

    This is another trial to live on the shoulder of the innocent diaspora using the motto of “kaferku aymelsegn”

  4. Getachew says:

    Last I checked, the Vice Prime Minster, Defence Minster, Chief of Staff Finance Minster, and the Vice Federal Police Commissinoer – to name a few – were all muslims. So, you are telling me there is no religion freedom in Ethiopia? Get life!

  5. Tazabi says:

    Let us try to see the facts on the ground in Ethiopia just the reverse way like this.
    Abune Philipose…ketegray
    Ato Fekade Shewakena….keteray
    Dr Aklog Birara…ketegray
    Tamagn Beyene……ketegry

  6. Elias says:

    Teshome the tplf, you are always barking on every topic on every Ethio related website. Many think Teshome is Bereket Simon or his parrot Shimelis Kemal. And I’m sure you are either of the two.

  7. Kiros Girmay says:


    You are barking as your masters. In Ethiopia yes there is a constitution, but the mafia government doesn’t abide by it. When it wants to punish any Ethiopia the government uses it otherwise. There is no rule of law in Ethiopia be it for religious, ethnic, individual, etc. TPLF/EPRDF rules the people of Ethiopia by the barrel of a gun, not by the constitution.

  8. seweyew says:

    very interesting the gonderes are Ethiopian nationalists or Ethiopian patriots. you can’t help it mr. teshome.

  9. Assefa says:

    tegadalay Teshome

    why u don’t want to see non amhara’s like

    Efrehm Madebo -Wolayita
    Sadik – Adere
    other non Amhara Speakers

    This are the main speakers on the meeting

  10. Fekadu says:

    Please be honest. Obviously, you are not telling the truth. Can you honestly say there is a religion or any freedom in Ethiopia? If you are human enough or have a brain to think, stop, think and try to comment the right thing. I don’t expect you not to be woyane , but at least do the human thing. Don’t be BUCHELA to the gangster in power.

  11. Surgo says:

    It is a very depressing job to be TPLF cadre/supporter these days. I feel sorry for Teshome and his comrades, for they are trying to defend the un-defendable. They blame diaspora politician, Ahmara, and now Muslim Ethiopian for any and every fault of their boss (TPLF). They extremely dislike anyone question/oppose/criticised TPLF and label them as Tegray hater and want them dead and buried. Isn’t it sad and miserable?

  12. ET says:

    There we go Tamagne again, what does he know except begging for money????

  13. Mario says:

    Guys , there is a freedom of everything in Ethiopia , but not for haters ! Individual Amharas are soaked in a hate politics & they don’t know what they are doing & don’t know what to do!

    38 years of defeat on the hands of the freedom fighters who freed Ethiopia !

    A trail of 38 years failure! Colored revolution, a lot of prayers for Arab spring revolution in hopes of easy way to the 4kilo, now hoping for the Muslim brothers problem as a way to the 4kilo…!

    Remember , there used to be “Islam ager yelewm semay amd yelewm”, but in the last 21 years , Muslims right to a Muslim is being respected slowly but surely! Therefore , dreaming Muslims problems to be as a ladder to power is becoming an empty dream!

    For these Muslims who are a messengers of Egypt to create a bloodshed in Ethiopia , you better stop being a stooge of Egypt & other Ethiopia’s enemies!

  14. teshome says:

    The Diaspora politicians all talks no trousers.
    For the last two decayed the toxic diaspora wouldn’t bring a thing to influence the Ethiopian government. But they were telling us with no break that the ruling party life is numbered.
    It is so funny, many toxic Diaspora were preaching us not to use Ethiopian air line, eventually their coffin is transported Addis Ababa by Ethiopian air line every day. The good thing many of them are at death’s door and they are gonna be a a fantastic income for Ethiopian air line.

    Let me share you one thing which I wittensed in Frankfurt for ESAT fundraising. This is really a serious matter, the Ethiopian flag was painted with crescent sign and posted clearly at the front of the auditorium. I was completely shocked. Every body can watch that, it was on the ESAT you tube unless deliberately Photoshoped
    This is something we can not have any sort of tolerance. This is truly a serious concern and what do you ascribe this for?. Rather than an early action for demanding a Muslim government.
    I would repeat the wise Amharic proverb
    የጅብ እርሽ ነገር ሳያድግ በቡቃያ

  15. kulfo says:

    I have two points:

    1. Outlining names of Non Woyane officials (starting from Hailemariam Dessalegn)doesn’t make woyane a democrat or participatory. Non woyane individuals are used to mask the true nature of Woyane. That is obvious, and thanks to Tamagn and G7 we count them one by one.

    2. What about the opposition camp in the diaspora? Who is the hard core and bitterly angry? It is the group of individuals like Tamagn, Fekade Shewakena, Aklog, Elias, Abebe Belew/Gelaw, MEssay Kebede, Al Mariam, the Expat Synod….. Who are needed to insulate(cover up) these individuals? Obang, Sisay Agena, Ephrem Madebo, etc (just a handful). While Tamagn is spending days and nights to count officials from Tigray, he never dared to mention about the gangesters in Exiled synod or in opposition camp – what a true Hippocrat!

    Be it woyane or hard core oppositions in the diaspora, the game and strategy are the same: window dressing. Behind the mask and smoke screen, the driving force is ethnic politics.

    May God keep Ethiopia from these two devils.

  16. Germame Neway says:

    “The worst kind of the harshest tyranny is that which acts under the protection of legality(constitution-mine)and the banner of justice” -Montesquieu
    If the TPLF/Woyane apologists and sycophants defense/argument is to uphold the so called “constitution” as basis to protect the sovereign rights/inalienable rights of citizens from state intervention TPLF/EPRDF has failed and never designed to empower the citizens of a country even its individual rank and file members for it is some variations of Stalinist constitution garnished by ethnocentric phrases and politicos to legitimize despotic rule. Religion is one of the casualties of these tyrannical regime if and when its faithfuls demand to worship not of the temporal but the eternal power of their faith.
    No political power ever survived for long by brute force alone. That is the nature of this woyane regime. It will fail like any of its predecessors however its fanatic avoid believing this reality. The day of reckoning is on the horizon. The millions of tears and blood never shall be in vain. Divine intervention withstanding the masses are marching and are agitated to rise up!!

  17. Mario says:

    What fits here is: the Dogs has been barking out of hate with nothing to prove , but the Camel has kept on its own way!

    Take it easy guys! Woyanes stood like a steel in their country, nobody dared to push them out of their country! I don’t understand all these crying from abroad !

    We are from you, part of you, therefore we know you very well that you have nothing for Ethiopia ! We know what you do all over the churches, community centers….! Eyetewaweqn ale yagere sew!

  18. addis says:

    This is what i dont understand,!!! how come the same ppl,Dominates for the last 20 years? a handfull of individuals steering the hateful diaspora to hell.there was no stone unturn to bering or remove Woyane from Power but nothing was happening .are we all not missing something?
    the last two decade we have seen so many issues nothing berings us the places we wanted to be , now here we go again Islamic issue. are they going to capitalize the islamic demand and bering any tangable results or as usual its a way of milking the gullible & hateful diaspora his /her earned money and show a mediastunt?
    Guys we all should wakeup and smell the coffie,we all need a new face and new ideas,that can bind us all togeather.those who started the struggel 20 years ago are still dancing and singing the same song, we should tell them that we need a new song and a new singer .

  19. Gondar liberation front says:

    As the issue of Muslims is getting very sensitive, this is a golden opportunity for Tamagne and his friends who are tirelessly organizing meetings just to collect 30$ cover fee from each innocent Muslim participant In Washington DC.
    So sad

  20. Gondar Liberation Front says:

    Fekadu Shewakena, you are a good person with modern thinking and excellent outlook. You don’t belong here.

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