Did Israeli Doctors Force Contraception on Ethiopian Immigrants? (TIME)


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8 Responses

  1. teshome says:

    My simple answer to your question is No and no.
    The issue was politicized too much. The only thing that doesn’t make sense was the Depo Provera was administered to Ethiopian immigrants without consent. That is a seriously immoral. But apart from that the contraceptive has no serious an toward effect. More over it is reversible and only stays in blood for only three months.
    I think it is by the will of the Israel government these people were given all the opportunity to come and live in Israel. So why should the Israel doctors in the first place sterile the Ethiopian immigrants. That doesn’t give sense to any human being on earth. If all such an assertion exists, it is completely a prejudice and on the top of a delusional disorder

    • Aboo says:

      If you believe injecting unsuspecting women with a long acting drug that violates their body is a simple issue that was only political fodder, you are totally wrong. It is not immoral but it is eugenics. Eugenics is the concept of racial control by scientific means that was propounded and practiced my many racist groups such as the Nazis on the Jews less than a century ago. Depo Provera is not a harmless drug as you happily point out. It has very serious side effects which yo can read from the drug label on the internet. You also believe that because the Israeli government gave them the opportunity to live in Israel, it is a small price to pay. Immigrating to is real is not a privilege for Jews, it is a right by the Israeli constitution and the tenets of Judaism. If there is anybody who is delusional about this issue it is your apologist and subservient diatribe above.

    • Kk says:

      You are such a dumb a…words are enough to say it. Why is okay something that is forbidden for western women to take should be given to ethiopian women? It is not an issue of contraception medicine, rather it is the type of contraceptive medicine that was given to them is wrong. Then again you your masters are on the mission to destroy Ethiopia and anything that is related to the country, you would not care to address the real issue. Mote lante/lanchi ayinetu hodam.

  2. Ash says:

    Every body take birth control Oboma wife First Lady take birth control.
    princess diana took birth control otherwise how come they have two kids… Everyone in isreal take birth control…. Even in Ethiopia we need birth control more then food…I don’t understand this yes the isreal are wrong for giving birth control without consent but when Ethiopian immigrant implied consent when they choice to come to isreal. Otherwise who is going to be responsabe if everyone start having ten kids…. This is no Ethiopia u can send a kid to school without shoe… It is child abuse…

    • Aboo says:

      Everybody takes birth control pill makes it appear that even men take if for reasons that are only apparent to you. Obamas wife the first lady of the US took birth control pills of her own free will and not injected without her permission.Birth control is an important strategy for family planning in Ethiopia, but Ethiopian women should be convinced and not forced be injected by the government as an economic strategy. It is a human right abuse.

      • Ash says:

        If u live in America they also force u to take birth control… U have no choice but to take birth control… Even if u r Man U use condom that is birth control… So in away man to take birth control..

        In America yes they will tell u u r free to have even million kids… But try to have even one they will ome after u like food fly so fast u will never have sex agin let alone having kids like fly… U didn’t follow me so let me tell u directly … The American government are just like china they have birth control system. The Chinese system is out right drict system but the American system is indirect policy where they force u to pay for next 18 years for one night stand…. Did u get it it called child support not birth control…

  3. Surgo says:

    The issue here is a women’s reproductive freedom.

    Women’s reproductive freedom generally means that women should be able to control when and if to have children. Most of the time Women’s reproductive freedom is equate with right to access to contraception and the ability to decide on the number and spacing of one’s children.
    The reported administering of Depo-Provera contraceptive shots to Ethiopian immigrant women without consent is in principle and in practice infringes their human right to determine the size of their family. According to a 1968 proclamation of the International Conference on Human Rights, “Parents have a basic human right to determine freely and responsibly the number and the spacing of their children.”

  4. Truth says:

    As Teshome said: “The issue was politicized too much. These people were given all the opportunity to come and live in Israel. So why the Israel should doctors in the first places sterile the Ethiopian immigrants. That doesn’t give sense”. I agree with Teshome. It doesn’t give sense at all.
    Instead of painting negative pictures on Ethiopians in Israel, which may ultimately alienate the community from the large Israeli society, we should highlight their achievements and glories history that make them feel equal, no different. They should be proud who they are and by no means are inferior from others. A community that feels inferior will not reach to its full potential for betterment of the community itself and society at large.

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