Intellectual Issues and Problems in Opposition Struggle (Tesfaye Demmellash, PhD)


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17 Responses

  1. Michael says:

    Not well-written, Dr. Tesfaye. You don’t have much point except to share your confusion with the rest of us. You raise one important concern though: why Ethiopian intellectuals are not coming together? Their reason is because the way you address the government; “ambagenen”, “zeregna”, “Choquagn” are hardly words the typical learned Ethiopian use to refer to the government. They don’t help you hide your hatred let alone transcend the implicit racial divide existing in any Ethiopian denomination.

    • adane says:

      Mr. Michael, EPRDF is certainly an authoritarian regime. If ‘ambagenen’ is not the appropriate word what else can we say then?

      • AD says:

        My friend!
        You can use the word “Revolutionary Democratic” or “Lmatawi Mengest” to describe EPRDF, “Ambagenen” or “Choquagn” for Derg and “Zeregnoch” for the

    • Amgagenenu says:

      “ambagenen”, “zeregna”, “Choquagn” are hardly words the typical learned Ethiopian use to refer to the government”፡ ፈገግ ብያለሁ ልጅ ሚካኤል፡፡ Of course they call it “ፀሐዩ መንግስት”፡- or if they happen to be in a less charitable mode, just “ልማታዊው መንግስት” Come, come! ኢህአዲግ አምባገነን እና ጭቋኝ ለመሆኑ መቼም አሌ አይባልም፡፡ ግን እኔም እንደእርሶ ኢህአዲግ ዘረኛ አይመስለኝም- ዘር እና ኃይማኖት ሳይለይ እንደጨቆነ እና እየጨቆነ እንዳለ ለማንም ግልፅ ነውና!

  2. yoni says:

    …begging support from the intellectuals?

  3. w.yilma says:

    The writer is not honest, and therefore does not clearly explained his idea. He is jumped from one point to another, due to lack of intellectual honesty.I think he is the student of hate monger, and dogma Al Mariam. Al Mariam could be good enough in his academic affairs, but hard to call him intellectual, due to lack of intellectual objectivity to look events with fair and honest manner. Because there are people like the writer and Al mariam who deceive people, the majority preferred to stay neutral rather than following blind and dogma “intellectual”. Fair minded intellectual does not spread hate or blindly condemned the party he/she oppose.How could people follow the so called insane intellectual oppose every developments projects executed by the present government? Why not intellectual give intellectual reasoning rather than blindly hatefully condemned the government? Al mariam is opposing even the construction of the hydro power on Nile river, and he is sympathizing with Egypt. are you calling him intellectual? To me he is moron!.

  4. AleQa Bru says:

    This guy has PhD? !

    Shame that he could not exress his ideas better than this !

    Perhaps the issue to discuss is ” Quality of Ethiopian Intellectuals” instead of “Why are they silent?”

  5. eden says:

    This writer and his likes are the first to complain the qualitiy of Ethiopian education is deteroriating. Claiming to have a PH.D, he is unable to express himself in his own language. Completely incoherent idea and full of holes
    What would we have seen if English langauge was used in his writings.
    It just reminded me what my friend always told me about the daispora politicians, many of them claim to have PH.D and they are right, that PH.D may be in stupid and stupidity

    • አመድ በዱቄት ይስቃል says:

      You can’t even spell “quality”, “language”, “diaspora” and “deteriorating” correctly, never mind your grammar! ያም ሆኖ በድፍረት ሰውን ስትሳደቢ ትንሽም እንኳም የሚሰቀጥጥሽ አይመስልም። በዘመናችን መንግስቱ እና መለስ፣ የተማረን ሲንቁና ሲያናንቁ አይተናል፡፡ የእነሱ እንኳን ይሁን “The knowledge of power” ስለነበራቸው ነው “The power of knowledge” ያልጣማቸው። የአንቺ ስድብ ግን እንደው በጨበጣ ነው።

      • muse says:

        Eden, put her perspective and I strongly share her view. She didn’t say she had PH.D, rather ask your colleagues who claim so

    • Azeb says:

      Eden, did you know Debretsion has an online PhD from Capella? And most Ethiopian leaders now have graduate degrees without ever having a baccalaureate?

  6. Mario says:

    To the writer:

    There is no racist government in Ethiopia ,but a government from the people to the people !

    The writer has no idea what the meaning of “zeregna”! This writing is just a garbage with no meaning at all! Anyways this writer isn’t honest! He just put his extreme hate as it is!

    The reason that Ethiopian intellectuals aren’t joining your hate politics is: you have no truth on whatever you say, but hate against Tigrian! We have seen your reaction when Haileselassie used British air forces to kill 100s of thousands of Tigrian , when Derg bombed Tigrian in Hawziyen in a day light killing thousands of Tigrian , we have seen your reaction when shabiya killed children in Ayder elementary school…!f

    Being administered in kilil is an insurance for the nations,nationalities & peoples if Ethiopia !

    People Adminitering themselves can’t make them “zeregna”! You Ethiopian Hyenas in a sheep skin will never have a chance to exploit the Ethiopian people once! Instead of Ethiopia falling into your hand , Ethiopia prefers to Balkanize itself! The people comes first ! The Sahara is vast , but nobody calls it a country, because nobody lives there! Extreme hate can only consume you inside out!

    Glory to these who freed Ethiopia from Hyenas in a sheep skin!

    • ambagenenu says:

      Mario, a government from the people to the people “with the occasional procilivity for massacring people, stealing people’s money, silencing people’s voice and forcing people our of their ancestral land”, you sould add. A government for the people my foot!!

  7. Mario says:


    you are telling me what you could have done had you have a chance to be a leader in Ethiopia!

    Whose money did they steal though….? Who do they massacre …?

    You can’t see the good job that the EPRDFites did/doing because you are blinded with a hate! Blinded with a hate you can only see yourself ! You may not like the EPRDFites, but they are millions who loves them!

  8. Mario says:


    Look at yourselves & think your political games since 2004? Therefore, is you can’t lead your political affairs properly & stay united , then you have nothing for the complex society of Ethiopia! Don’t you have any moral obligation to see yourself before you criticize others? We all remember that these kinijits who was bragging about our mama Ethiopia , finally failed & hence they don’t see eye to eye now, they couldn’t sit around one table to see what had happened! People are leaving your camp, coz you have no substance on whatever you guys say! People wish you have any substance so they could support you!

    Forget about Ethiopia that needs a lot more than we can…, you can’t even lead the diaspora who uses their own resources in their everyday life democratically ! You can’t even perform about 1/1000th of what the EPRDFites can do! Come on!

  9. Mario says:


    You know what I mean , nevertheless if that’s how you get my point be it brother ! If you use your natural senses properly to compare the so called opposition & the EPRDF , then you will find out that they are a copper & diamond respectively!

    This all shows we are all backward people who needs to learn a lot! Even these “PhD tebiyewoch” need to learn! Look at this Phd writer ? One sided nonsense analyses!

    anbagenenu, take it easy ! EPRDF is the choice for Ethiopia so far! I don’t expect an opposition who can’t lead their political party properly to be helpful! Therefore , you don’t have to lie to yourself!

    The EPRDF is from the people & working day in day out for the people! They are not alien! They grew up in Ethiopia like everybody else, the difference is: the EPRDFites chose to stay in their country with the people under any circumstances with out fearing any eventuality!

    Lets be better than this! We can’t learn by being biased, we can’t teach either!

    Anbagenenu , where is the money collected from the innocent diaspora since 2004? You talking about stealing? Who stole what? When? I can count the money collected in the west! I was there, but I was pushed out because I’m a Tigrian…!

    • Tekle Haileselassie says:

      Whoever paid for Dr.Tesfaye Demmellash’s “education”should get their money back. There is very little wisdom in any of his utterances to date-What a shame!

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