ENTC congratulates Uhuru Kenyatta, Kenya’s new President-elect


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8 Responses

  1. Alegnta says:

    “The Ethiopian National Transitional Council (ENTC), the largest Ethiopian Opposition Movement based in the United states, congratulated…” What a bunch of self-appointed lunatics! Instead of sending congratulatory messages, draft a detailed manifesto of what you stand for, if you want to deserve the title of an Opposition. Stop acting like “idiots” as the late PM and the world is getting to know you as! Toxic Diaspora, Al Mariam, Tamagn etc. are all a waste of space as they do not offer any meaningful, WELL WORKED OUT alternatives to the problems of our country.

  2. Mario says:

    ENTC, you are acting like Hyena proverb “jib bemayaqut ager hedo qoda antifulgn ale”! What are the journalists , activists…. Thrown into jail? Can you mention ? Ethiopia performed better in the last election, but once again, the donkey proverb”ene kelelehu serdom…”

    ENTC? a political party established by a failed investor! It is a shame to see failed individuals turned into politicians….!

  3. skeptic says:


    I don’t like the EPRDF because of its human rights records, but I am ofended by this self appointed group. Are they really serious or are they drinking some koolaid? Did we come to that where a bunch of kooks can slap a name on themselves and think any body will care about them. I am ashamed even to have wasted my time on this crap. The reporter who thought this was news should find a better job.

  4. freedom is mine says:

    Uhuru Kenyatta replied ENTC, Thank you ENTC!

    You will have a buffer zone for your Military & 3000 hectare land to build ENTC Kenya Chapter office. Provided that all your armed forces should carry their passport from western countries to show the world that Kenya isn’t harboring terrorists but freedom fighters. The same as that Ethiopia born US citizen Gambella’s Agnuwak freedom fighter who was killed by TPLF military having his US passport in his pocket. A freedom fighter who carries US or western countries passport don’t consider as a terrorist.

    By the way did you have any sort of contact with Raila Odinga? I heard rumors.

  5. Kulfo says:

    A couple of points:
    1. ENTC’s effort to congratulate Kenyatta before the Woyane does it. That is a good move, if it could disappoint woyane, or ….a simple addition one letter to the dozens of letter submitted to other countries.

    2. ENTC …”the largest Ethiopian Opposition Movement ..”?. Please give me a break. I strongly urge ENTC to convince us on the following facts:
    – How many members does ENTC has?
    – How many people did show up on the last month’s Town Hall meeting?
    – What is the financial status of ENTC?

    The information I have from the last month meeting was totally different.

    Please ENTC, prove me wrong! Or, stop lying (at least to fellow citizens)


  6. Joseph says:

    Just i don’t get it, Seleshy x – EPPF, which he used to charge £250 for a stamp to the Ethiopian disparate asylum seeker in England to say they are a member of EPPF and known that money would go to his pocket, I just don’t get it this kinds of people got this high post and what he would do if he get managing leading our nation. I am not sure Dr known his personalty.

  7. Girma says:

    ENTC, joke of the century.

  8. Mario says:

    ETNC, anti Tigrian hate political party established by failed investor!

    When crooked Ethiopian failed in what they plan, they blame Woyane for their failure & turn themselves into hate politicians who waste the public’s hard earned money their time

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