Journalism under Ethiopia’s anti-terrorism law (Listening Post – Al Jazeera)


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9 Responses

  1. chala says:

    Meles said it all. all this program is done b/c of the swidish journalist.
    The west is killing so many thousands in a missael using drone in packistan, somalia, yemen…. but those terrerist who enters a sovern country with out permission

    • chala says:

      how many ethioians are in prison in usa and europe just for entering ellegaliy.
      however those swidish came using gun and arrested in a war. if i was the gov. they would have been shote there. but the gov. bring them to justice gave them a trial and they are blamming him. funny.

  2. Gelane G says:

    Why Aljazeera is not covering the revolution inside Bahrain ?

    Is there any law which forbids Aljazeera news coverage inside Bahrain & that allows Press TV to cover ?

    Is there a kind of Suni News & Shiaa News media coverage law ?

  3. teshome says:

    Ethiopia living in a volatile horn of Africa has a legitimate security concern, so fighting terrorism is a survival to its nation. Like any law the new anti-terrorism proclamation has its own weakness and strength. period
    To blame squarely this law is a used as a weapon to stifle the voice of the opposition or freedom of speech, is not only a deception but also a prejudice residing in many western countries and their media out let. However Ethiopian government won’t entertain this baseless accusation.
    In the first place, the above documentary is only One sided report and doesn’t show the whole story. More over it gives all the privilege for foreign ‘journalists’ like the martin and his colleges to do the worst crime to violet the sovereignty of a country. I don’t understand why the Aljazeer takes this crime lightly. I believe such a crime happened in the westerns the story definitely would have been different. This is completely ridiculous
    Secondly, when I hear the issue of democracy and freedom from an international news out let like Al jazeer, it is completely hypocrisy. It is not Al jazeera who turned a blind eye for Arab world oppression and lack of democracy.
    Does Al jazeera report any time in its history the barbaric handling of Ethiopian destitute young girls in the Arab world?
    This a media I won’t ever trust it in my life. we don’t need any body to tell us and we knew very for what this media stands for.

  4. alem says:

    what a shame for weyanes,i dont know for how long they want to stay in power by abusing and humilating ethiopian people like this!!!!!

  5. ET says:

    Al Jazeera got it wrong most of this are Taxi drivers and comedians who are in it for the money, two or three are professional journalist. This pro journalist who are in Ethiopia have been funded and tricked to engage in unlawful act and used by the toxic diaspora wanna be pass-time journalist.

    Al Jazeera get your fact right

  6. Mario says:

    These Savage Arab news outlet should have cleaned their own savage treatment of citizens of the world instead of pointing their fingers at Ethiopia ! We know how they treat east Afticans when they enter their country!

    Historically , when Muslim extremists rise in the Middle East , it touches Ethiopia , we can remember the rise of Mohammad Gragn, Alqaeda, Alshabab…!

    Harish Anti terrorism laws is very important for Ethiopia more than any country in the world…! This is the work of children of alQureshi! The Axumite empire declined because it refused to hand over the first Muslim refugees to the Quresh messengers! At that time , Quresh & Jews used to control trades between Far East , east Africa , Asia Minor , Egypt , greece & the Roman Empire ….!

    Ethiopia is the biggest power in east Africa , therefore, Ethiopia has historical responsibility to make sure our region is in control & at peace!

  7. Name (required) says:

    Hey woyane dogs stop shouting at al-jezeera. This is not etv that echoed your dead tyrant trash ideas. Sentun teqawemachehu techelutalachehu???? Your evil leaders are against anything which is good. Your bosses are like a mad dog. they are bitting everyone. They are against oromos, Amharas, Somalis, Anuaks, Muslims, orthodox’s . This indicates your brutal regime is at the verg of its collapse and your cry is a symptom for its inevitable demise!! Miskin setasazenu!! Ayi ye deha neger !! Al jazeera Enkuan yenanten ye deha, yelemagn mengist, ya hosni mubarak mengistim telual. Aqmeshen eweqi, awramba times yemimeketelesh or aiga forum yemiyasetelesh endaymeselesh!!!!!

  8. Name (required) says:

    Gelane G:
    If not al-jazeera, where could you here the Bahrain revolution. From BBC, CNN, or the idiots aiga forum, etv, or Tigray online?? Thanks to al-jazeera, you could able to know about the Arab spring including the Bahrain revolution!! The problem is that any revolution is a nightmare for you wolfs.

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