Addis Ababa, both a political and beggar capital of Ethiopia (Teklu Abate, PhD)


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16 Responses

  1. teshome says:

    I wrote a very small article about Addis some months ago and here you have a the link
    It is up to the readers to perceive how their beautiful city looks.
    It completely unhealthy and gives a huge discomfort for readers to read such a biased article who claims to be an Ethiopian.
    Good luck cyber worriers

  2. Mario says:

    Really Good analyses! An analyses that we can see! This what we called an educated man’s unbiased analyses! With No attack on certain people as others do!

    Education helps people to see,think,comprehend … Better than these uneducated ones !

    Very good article

  3. AleQa Bru says:

    Awramba Times changed the title of the article from “Addis Ababa!” to “Addis Ababa, both a political and beggar capital of Ethiopia”

    This is in my opinion not correct for 2 reasons:

    1. The new title and the content of the article do not match. The writer details many faces of Addis Ababa as viewed by many groups of people. “Political & Beggar capital” is just one view out of the several mentioned in the article.

    2. Why would you change the title given by the writer?

    Because you changed the title I was not impressed by it and was not tempted to read it at first. This means by changing the title you degraded the value of the article.

  4. Gezaee H. says:

    Aite Teku Abate, aka PHD? What the merit of this article? Even if addis is a ghetto? who is to blamed for it? I hope it is not woyane again? Anyway,Ethiopians need to stop talking but start acting to solve the problems we have instead of blaming the past, the present and the future. Too much negativity, too much lamentation, too much cry, too much hatred, too much biase, too much prejudice, too much unfairness to each other. This is not away forward. You are a PHD holder. you better do than this. You must design and formulate and model a solution than crying crying crying, lamenting. I do not the merit of the article. We are tired of people who tell us only negativity and I see no one engaged solving problem. Crrying crying crying blaming blaming blaming blaming year in year out, what type of generation we are really? lost one?

  5. Martha says:

    Aleqa Biru, Dawit didin’t change the title of the article. The title is still on the PDF. What the editor did is just puting an intro (just his own perspective) for the general audience. This has nothing to do with degrading or upgrading the article.

  6. Gezaee H. says:

    Dear Dawit, did you consult or got permission to get the title changed ? I just realized now you did change the title. Do not be like Abraha Belay. If you changed the title without permission from the owner, I do not think it is right.

  7. ዘግባ says:

    ዶ/ር አባተ! ለፅሁፍዎ የመረጡት አርእስት አንድ ቦታ ላይ ያነበብኩት ስላቃዊ አባባል አስታወሰኝ። ስላቁ ይኼው-“ሚስትዎን እውቀት ይጎድልሻል ብለው አይሰደብዋት ምናልባት እርስዎን ያገባችው በርሱ ጉድለት ሊሆን ይችላልና።” ይላል። እርስዎ አገሪቱን ለማኝ ብለው ያውም በፈረንጅ ቋንቋ ሲሰድብዋት ያዬ “ተክሉ አባተን ወልዳ ታዲያ ለምን አትለምን?” እሚል አይታጣም ብዬ ነው።

    • Teklu Abate says:

      Dear Zegba and all the commenters,

      Many thanks for your contributions! I loved them in the true sense of the word.

      Want to say just a few words though:

      1) my paper is meant to outline the views various people hold about our magnificent capital, Addis. I got these views from media, in my conversations with foreigners, and friends. Of course, also based on my experience. So you must understand this.

      2) And the objective of the paper is clearly stated at the beginning: to understand and respect different views about Addis, and then to evaluate our views based on what is taking place in Addis. Evaluate the paper, and not the writer, based on your own experience of the city. You better take this too if you really care to understand the paper. Zegba, the title is a bit changed by the Editor but for a good reason. I do not think the Editor did wrong; he just wanted to leave a quick message about the paper. And the title was taken from the main body of the paper. So do not gash out your inappropriate, irrelevant, and dull saying. ያላግባብ ስለተጠቀምከው ሞኝ የተረተው ተረት መስሎብሃል I did not insult my beloved country Ethiopia. And insulting is not in my vocabulary at all. Understand well what is written first and come up with a sensible comment expected from a civilized man.

      3) We need not get disappointed if negative views are expressed about Addis/Ethiopia at all; what we need to worry a lot about is our contribution to change it. Yes, each one of us should take the responsibility.

      This is what I wanted to communicate to you my beloved readers. Do not bluff and get rough for that would lead you nowhere. And keep commenting!!!

      • Appolo says:

        Dear Teklu, The title of your article may not affect people that know the city, but it does pass a very negative image to the people that want to go back to their country,invest in the city, visit as a tourist, etc. And the title(ke fitfitu fitu endemibalew) preaches more about the backward and beggary side of the city. Whether you agree or not, you have to know that you are adding obstacles to the people that are working hard to their capabilities to change the face of the city for the better.

        It pains when your fellow county man uses such a word to describe his own people. leloch yemilun albeka belo (regardless of whatever truth you described in the body of the article)

        You have to also understand that your selfish editor changed your title for stupid political reasons. Most of them say that they represent Ethiopians, but there is no Ethiopianism in their heart.

        Bezihim beziam atfi yehone tiwuld yegetemat hager.

      • AleQa Bru says:

        If the title was not unnecessarily modified, you would not be here explaining the pupose of your article. Further more because of the unwarranted title modification, the discussion is no longer on the content of your article but on “why is the title modified?”

        You said ” I do not think the Editor did wrong; he just wanted to leave a quick message about the paper.” It is not clear to me exactly which message?

        If you mean the editor meant well, Ok I understand but modifying the title is still not a good idea.

  8. Lamrof says:

    Thanks for posting such an article. It help us to see more about loosers such as Teklu.

    Teklu Abate,
    Ha…Ha….Ha…I thought I killed you here (follow the link).

    Sorry, bro, I didn’t know that you have a PhD. Did you buy it? Anyways, I will tell “simfan” that you took some of his graphics works for your worthless article without his permission. Definetly we will kick you out from our site soon….

  9. Awramba Times says:

    We at Awramba Times would sincerely appreciate your comments and suggestions but personal attacks and insults do not help make a point.
    Thank you for your understanding

    Editor, Awramba Times

  10. ጉሊስ says:

    የከተማዋ ስም “አዲስ” ሳይሆን “አዲሳባ” ነው፣ እናሳጥረው ከተባለ።

  11. Getaneh says:

    What is the need to change the title? Taking offensive sentence which does not represent the main thesis of the article, do you think is ethical journalism? I have respect for you but don’t lose it. In any major city, there are poor that can not make it for themselves due to many reasons. In the rich countries like US their number is suppressed due to free medical, free food and shelter provided by the gov. Even in this country I see beggars in New York subway, or sleeping on the side walk etc… So for the writer have u compared Ethiopia to a similar underdevelped country. Do you also call Nirobi the beggar capital? Word have consequences. I still remember how to I felt during the 1984 famine. The utimate human misery eminating from my mother land. It took a long time to recover from that but I beg not to try to perpetuate the steriotype image …

  12. Mario says:

    Wowwwwwwwwww! People are wasting their time arguing on something that they shouldn’t ! What matters is the content of the writing ! I didn’t see anything wrong on mr Teklu’s writing! He wrote everything that we know,come on! He didn’t attack anybody …..! Changed the topic? So what? Unbelievable !

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