Daniel Kibret on current events and election of patriarch Abune Mathias (Interview)


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25 Responses

  1. teshome says:

    Daniel Kibret is very likable person. I had been following his article and interviews he is such an honest person.
    God bless you.
    But I missed from the interview a very important issue. Daniel knowingly or unknowingly prefer to be silent about…how the Diaspora politics is meddling with religious affairs.

    “…..እንዲያውም Abune Mathias, አቡነ መርቆሪዎስንና አቡነ ጳውሎስን ብቻቸውን የማገናኝት እቅድ ነበራቸው፡፡ ይህ ያልተሳካው አንድ አንድ አቡነ መርቆሪ ዎስን ይቀርቡ የነበሩ አባት እንዴት እኔ ሳልሰማ ይህ ይሆናል? በማለት አቡነ መርቆሪዎስ እንዳይ ሄዱ በማገታቸው ነው፡፡”
    I can guess who this guy is. At his death door, He is responsible for all the mess this religion trapped now.

  2. MMzeleke says:

    good job Daiel

  3. Selam says:

    Deacon Daniel,

    You are absorbingly wrong about Abune Paulos’s wealth, after he passed away about 40 million Ethiopian birr was found in one of the private bank in Addis, so are you denying that or are you seeking some position at the church and try to cover some reality, i would apprciate if you answer that. On the other hand the patriarch was in the real estate business as well so what you say about that.


    • christos says:

      @ selam you may be the suporter of the other side but try to write is you have the evidence. Does the patriarch has real estate bussiness and that much birr? Shame post the right evidence other wise its not fair posting what you heard.

  4. dubale says:

    Dawit Kebede
    I appreciate all your efferts to find out the truth. all your effrots to reflect the true picture of any event. I am tired of visiting polarized websites. They reflect thei own personal feeling, not the truth.
    From now on I donot waste my time visitng extrimist websites. I want to know the truth…and i found awrambatimes is the right blog/website

  5. Yisehaq says:

    አቡነ መርቆሪዎስንና አቡነ ጳውሎስን ብቻቸውን የማገናኝት እቅድ ነበራቸው፡፡ ይህ ያልተሳካው አንድ አንድ አቡነ መርቆሪ ዎስን ይቀርቡ የነበሩ አባት እንዴት እኔ ሳልሰማ ይህ ይሆናል? በማለት አቡነ መርቆሪዎስ እንዳይ ሄዱ በማገታቸው ነው፡፡”

    What does “maget” mean? If it is a physical blockade, does the “Abun” not have a cellphone with which to call the police? If it is institutional blockade, such as not allowing him to use church money for the travel, etc.., then what are we then talking about if this Abun does not have the authority to use church money etc? It is perplexing to say the least.

    The people in opposition to the new Patriarch have a lot of explaining to do rather than playing the victim!

  6. ABC says:

    Typical of Dn Daniel style. Provocative and yet persuasive. The church needs younger generation more than any time ever. God bless sons of EOTC and ethiopia. Many thanks Mr Dawit for showing us what journalism means.

  7. visitor says:

    Who is Daniel Kibret? A brief biography should have been introduced before posting his views. It helps the reader understand the individual as a person because he is addressing issues that concerns all Ethiopians.I do not understand why Ethiopian journalists are overlooking this matter.

  8. dubale says:

    Daniel Kibret is not Tigraway..kkkkk. Is that what you want to know all?. I am sure your answer is ‘yes’.
    @visitor..honestly you must think yourself. why it is important to know who he is? can’t u judge by yourself. Think independently. what is the biggest problem in Ethiopia is ‘mind corruption.’ don’t believe anything because ‘X’ said it, and don’t deny facts because ‘Y’ said it. Just think…think independently.

    • sol says:

      Dubale, why should you be so narrow-minded? This guy [visitor] is asking the theological background of Daniel Kibret. Someone’s argument has to be judged based on his/her literacy about the particular subject and access to/experience with the institutions. Pls give us a break from your rotten ethnocentric ideology at least when we talk about religious matters.

  9. Fikadu says:

    Daniel is someone that, Woyane uses as painkiller. He is an imposter who is everywhere, and who fall in love with a service name deacon.

  10. visitor says:

    Dubale, your are down right wrong when you jumped to assume what is in my mind. Clever in your attempt to divert attention but absolutely wrong. A brief introduction about ones upbringing and what school and where he/she went, and experiences and current position one holds will help the reader to get a picture of the person. This is an elementary etiquette for for some one addressing public issues. If you are a journalist, then, you have a big burden regarding this issue.

  11. insider says:

    daniel kibret yebahir dar lj new ,he is smart,independant and has a courage to tell the truth .

  12. brx says:

    Daniel shame on u. abezagnaw yesetehew enterview lesegah bemadelat keweyane gara memodamodehen yasayal. yante ager sewoch mechereshachew yehe new. Bezu aweke setebal wet eregetekena ewenetun mekad gemerek. lenegeru man endehonek kemegemeriaw kebele 9 bahirdar eyaleh yaderegekewen tawekaleh. bedebek weledeh ,kedeh kagereh kegojam weteteh bemayawekuh sewoch ager honek tewashaleh. Ethiopia yalat chiger endant aweken yemiluten abo abo yemiluten beyewahent mekebelachen new. lelaw weyanenn keferah lemin krkale meteyeku atekotbem kemezelabed. bezu malet yechal neber honom waga selelelew aferekubeh.

    • Bahirdar says:

      brx……..አሳፋሪ ነህ! ዉሸታም!! እኔ አብሮአደጉ ነኝ ሁሉም ያወራሃዉ ነጭ ዉሸት ነው። ዉሸትህ ሊያሳፍርህ ይገባል!!

  13. Name (required) says:

    We love you Dani!

  14. tesfa says:

    For me and for sure to many others it is very sad to hear this from Daniel Kibret whom we respected for his contribution to Ethiopian Orthodox Church. I hope you well notice how much the broad followers of the church are embarrassed by your contradicting position about the faith. I don’t think you can preach us anymore what you don’t believe in yourself.

  15. zeriakob says:

    @Awramba Times

    Thanks! I admire your courage and effort to give us the unbiased information.

    But, about the comments, do you read them before they are published? If not I will skip the comments. Because, I am tired of people like ‘brx’, who make things personal issue, when they cannot disapprove the person’s idea.

    • for tesfa says:

      tesfa it is not peresonal it is possible to say a lot hawever i mationed the truth. people hide their pasrt action and tried to mislead other. i know daniel more than u. Most peole who show up hear andther looks like a good preacher with a sound knowledge about something. They spoken softely and attract people. hawever the truth men ewenetegna maneneteh comes out later.

      Sewoch zenan sigegnu,abo abo sibalelachew kenesu belay yemiawek yelem eyetebale selehulum neger enesun bech a bemasaded hasbe endiakafelu sidereg kenesu belay awaki yale saymeselachewe yekofesalu. sew wechine malet anegagern webeten andebete reteuneten yemesaseluten bemayet wesane yesetal Egeziabeher Gin liben Yayal. Danealem endezih yemeselegnal. Bemegemereia ante kemetamogese esu mane new beleh manenetun meremer. yenen idea betetelaw enquan endegedeb lemadereg metareh yezemedochen ayenet sew mehoniken yasayalena tegedebe. yefelegekuten yemalet mebet alegn. egeziabeher yemesegen yalehut Federal police yemibale dedeboch terekem kemifenechebet bota sayehon yesew lij mebet keteregagetebet ager selhone aleferam. ayet neh. lelaw kelay yalewen asekefi hasbe segeletse balefew Dawit kebeden yemimeleket hasbe leke azegaju denay selalegn manenetun lemelekat beye enji felgot norogn aydelem. I promise to u and the like Awerambam hone daniel yalachew aquam men endehone enem honen bezuwoch wyaweken selehone weyane setefa yemwnayachew yehonal ena enjoy it

      • Name (required) says:

        Sorry ketach yalew melash le zeriakob lemibalew new ena wendeme tesefa betam kewegebe gonbese beye yekereta eteyekehalehu yetaype sehetet new . copy past sadereg tesaseche new yantem hasbe yene new wendeme. zeriakob semehin aselewet yeteru megebar megelecha yehonewen sim atagudef.

  16. Kulfo says:

    I’m amazed by Daniel’s unbiased analysis. He unraveled the true picture of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church at present. His account cleared up the confusion broadcast by some individuals and media outlets in the diaspora.

    Because he has stated the bitter reality, who makes some liars naked, I’m 100% sure that this guy would neither be invited for interview nor appreciated by most of the diaspora websites. He would not be credited by activists and journalists. Instead, he would be attacked from now on.

    May God keep Daniel from those liars, propagandist, chauvinists, and pseudo journalists.

  17. tesfa says:

    Apology accepted bro.

  18. YeDaniel Harekat says:

    This deacon is a lier. Let me start from the wealth of Tagaye Paulose. His family members have a lot of real estate in Eastern USA. The million dollar houses will be out soon.
    The deacon is shedding “Ye Azo Enba” for Waldiba. He is one of those cowards who did not come in defense of our holy monks. Shame on him.
    Tagaye Mathias will face huge protest like Tagaye Paulose in the 1990s in the diaspora. I pray for God to get rid of him this year !!!

    Daniel Kebret is synonym to Daniel Ziketet. I followed videos from past he prepared for dividing Ethiopian Muslims and Christians by bringing the past.

    The Ethiopian Tewahedo followers will ignore people like Daniel Ziktete and join hands with fellow Ethiopian Muslims struggle for religious freedom to choose their leaders.

    Tagaye Mathias is Woyane !!!!

  19. dj says:

    pls., pls… when do we stop blaming each other and work for a common goal. let see our selves.

  20. Name (required) says:

    Hule yeiwunet menged bekelalu lemeguaz atimechim!!!!!! silezih be zer, be biher, be gosa, beteleyaye mikiniat bitichekacheku ayidenkegnim!!!!!!

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