The life of Ethiopians in the United States: A travel memoir (Tsion Girma)


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5 Responses

  1. Wondinet says:

    Egzio maren! Kewurdet ena keqelet awutan, wogin ena siratin astemiren, are yiqir belen ebakih. Kezih ayinetu wurdet ebakihin metachinin asqedimlin, ebakihin yageren wotat lemelkam sirat engi lesodomawinet atdarig. Amen.
    Egziabiher wond fetroachihu endeset rasachihun ena agerachihun yemitawaridu, tewu yemitiserut sira wutetu zero new. Tewuu. Yehand gize eyangualele zefen tiz alegn. Are befeterachihu tewu.

  2. teshome says:

    Tsion Girma, Thank you so much.
    I can’t wait to read the next story.
    Awramba times Thank you so much too.
    We have taken enough dose of politics, please bring more such ‘entertain’ stories. This might be a good remedy to tone down hate politics. We, Ethiopians don’t know to handle politics. Politics is completely our unfamiliar territory

  3. merdasa says:

    So what is a big deal. If You are disapproving it, do not go to such places. I have never been to one but I watched it on TV. This is free world. You are entitled to do whatever you like as long as it doesn’t violate anyone elses right. Yes, our culture may not accept such behaviours or practices, but we are condemning Woyane for restricting people’s right and imposing their own will. Here we go again you are trying to do the same.

  4. EthioZena says:

    This is old news. U said it yourself; there are a few places even in Ethiopian doing pretty much the same thing. But U sounds like U R shocked by what U watched in US? That doesn’t make sense. What U need to do is, U need to come up with another article to tell those who R in Ethiopian to open a different line of business instead of a strip club. That would make sense. The other thing is, U pretty much advertising it. We don’t want to hear stupid story like this. We have a lot to report about but “Awramba Times” is run out of news and people’s concerns and start publishing a story about some trash Ethiopians?

  5. Selam says:

    What a nonsense! People party more in Addis than in DC. What is the point of writing this article?

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