Leaked Minutes from the PM Office; Growing Muslim Activism and National Security


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37 Responses

  1. Alem says:

    Headless opposition are like sheep. Here is one other ploy to distract them. And they are good at getting off-track [rather never knew which track to tread].

    • bendo says:

      Wow G7 is using a spy technology to get information about gov.

      This is a new war can be done from America.

      Or may be as always the gov. is playing those childish opposition by giving them some thing to talk about.

      you will see the next week ESAT Tube analysis will be all about this paper.

      I think the gov. is 10 times a head of the game.

  2. not real says:

    Its a “deliberate leak” from no one but the same tplf agents who want to sway and spin things.

  3. Yonas says:

    This document has nothing in it for naysayers except proving citizens that they indeed have a responsible government in place. Meles Zenawi used to work well after mid night even when he was very sick will be the thesis of this document. RIP Boss! Rest assured ….

  4. me says:

    Brhanu Nega and his foals (baby donkey) might think that Tigrians are the Security and Intelligence officers of the Ethiopian government, but the same claim goes with him too. Dawit is G7’s intelligence officer and he is Tigrian by blood. kikiki

    Dear Dawit! go and delete this comment as you always do and tomorrow, I hope you will preach us about freedom of speech.

  5. K.Engida says:

    ‘Purported leaked document’ would be better than saying ‘leaked documents’ until some sort of verification is at hand. Disinformation is not solely owned by one side. Having said that it’s still an interesting read.

  6. habib says:

    I happen to read the document few weeks back, I consider it a bogus document intentionally released to extract public opinion and earn some sympathy. In my opinion, it is intended to show…
    A) The late PM was a rational person, who used to emerge as a problem solver amid nationwide crisis.
    -To show some among TPLF are creating problem but some are good.
    B) The Muslim ministers have a compassion or support to Ethiopian Muslims demand.
    -To isolate Muslim officials, as they are not loyal for TPLF. Perhaps, to elevate Muslim officials, to show that they are supporting the Muslim cause.
    C) The Federal Affairs Minster, Dr. Shiferraw, is responsible for this continuous mess.
    – Since Dr. Shiferaw is from different church, to create religious division. To divert attention from TPLF to Dr. Shiferaw’s church.
    The document may contain some facts along with contaminated political calculations. We might get more documents in the future due to an imminent political-fracture within the regime, what we need to do is, keep up the pressure by all peaceful means and avoid TPLF’s misleading information-drip. I hope Awranba times will search and investigate before posting such kind of cheap TPLF game.

  7. mastewal says:

    senedn betilket anebebkut. kefitegna mistir new.hunetawun keager wuch hogne silemiketatelew woktawi ginizabeye wusin lihon bichilim negeru sigemer ager wust sileneberkuna kezon dehininetina kemuslim hibretesebim hone yeuniversity temariwoch gar kiririb sileneberegne betilket akewalew. senedu yeyazachew meregawoch mulu bemulu tikikil nachew. wusanewum 100% tikikil neber. gin behulet mikiniyatoch tefesami alhonem. 1. gudayun bebelebetinet yemimerut shiferaw teklemariam (matekaleyaw lay indeminebebew) akuamachew tikit akrariwoch inji hizbe muslimu adelem yemil silehone afesasemun kemeselochachew gar honew melkun keyirewal.(bergit ke EPRDF bahiri tenesiche yihinin wusane yitegebirewal biye mamen bikebdegnim) 2. yesimiminetun tegbarawinet miketatelut tamami dinew alememelesachewuna bemehalum wusanew tekarani behone menged telewuto tewosinual biye amnalew. iski chemirubet

  8. Yonas says:

    No comment TV. Don’t back off Dave. Keep on entertaining every idea. That is what the real democrates should do.

  9. abebe says:

    How you know it is real minute. I believe what Meles said in the parliament. It is contrary to this minute. Weyane plays all sorts of games. This minute may be one of the games.

    • Tazabi says:

      The document is all fake. To convince us that it was leaked from the PM office, they printed the footer which says
      C://My Document/PM office/Moslem/004. This was intended to convince us this document was released from Prime Minister’s office. However, the motive of this document is different. They believed that people will be cheated the moment they see the footer. We know there is no computer called “PM office” and such information will never been kept there whatever in anyway as it may be prone to security attack. Hence, the document is hilarious.Think of the people who can potentially release the document. They know they will be hanged in daylight if they do this. I believe that the the document was released to distract us from the controversies of tplf meeting and its division recently. Folks Wake up!

  10. Azeb says:

    Why Meles’ picture? I thought he was dead long time ago.

    • Mahlet Asefa says:

      MELES is not dead you dumb Bitch!!

      He will always be a beautiful site to his lovers and a painful reminder to his haters.
      Don’t worry he will always always FOREVER be in the media, and you will see his pictures his work his writtings, HIS AMAZING LEGACY where ever you go WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT.

      • alem says:

        @mahelet ,u are right mellese will be always rembered for his genocide and killing of innocent ethiopians,how could we for get that?he will not rest in peace at all!!!!

        • Mahlet Asefa says:

          As I said before the GREAT MELSES ZENAWI will be in every page of every ETHIOPIAN history.
          You will see him, hear of him and you will think of MELES ZENAWI every day and every night for the rest of your life. He will rule your central nervous system. And you’ll surrender to his GINIUS.
          Ethiopias greatest gift from GOD MELES ZENAWI was put by the hands of GOD himself to restore ETHIOPIANISM and change the course of history for the better. its BIBLICAL!!!!!

  11. Elsa says:

    This’s the best political fiction. The team of this letter is clear. YOU ETHIOPIAN muslim extremists, Continue your riot. Even last time the ethiopian government was about to give in to your demand. This’s a fiction either from DENBAR 7 or shaebya. Dave, ur readers are grown up.
    It’s just out of curiosity. Do u have any guidelines which to post or not to post? or just u simply published what ever letter u get on ur email box. If u are posting what ever you receive thinking u r doing fair and balance coverage?
    Last time u posted a letter about TPLF’s infighting and u promised us to provide more detail. we are still waiting for the detail, if u have any. u still muted about that.
    Still I’v not lost hope on you.

  12. T.Goshu says:

    Doesn’t it look like a fictious essay written for some sort of foolish purpose – of EPRDF ? wE HAVE TO WAITE AND SEE .

  13. Workamaw says:

    Whatever is the intention of the release of this document, which is undoubtedly fake, the whole attempt is rubbish. Reason: TPLF has no parallel in lying. Who would trust this bunch of cursed mercenaries, whose blood, flesh and bones are made of substances called LIE and BETRAYAL.

  14. Mario says:

    Meles is one of the greatest leaders Ethiopia ever had!
    Meles is a kind of leaders who emerges once every 100 years or so!
    It is so sad that Meles died when he reached to his highest potential to serve Ethiopia ! It is unfortunate for Ethiopia to lose Meles at this moment!

    The good trends that Meles left us is: a changed Ethiopia that no one can stop!

    God bless Ethiopia !
    Eternal glory to our martyrs!

  15. Al says:

    To Azeb – why Meles picture? Good obseravation and huge implication – proffessionalismo!!!

  16. Mario says:

    Some here lost in their own world are predicting their own wish with out knowing who the EPRDFites are!

    They judge things not according its contents but on their own illusion !

    T.Goshu, you can’t change anything whether you see or not!
    If you play politics, then you must start where you are known as a person & your integrity !

    Ethiopia will never be the employment opportunity land of elites,their families , inlaws ,friends , stooges….!

    Ethiopia had enough!
    You can’t understand anything!
    Not even the arrogant Al Mariam !

  17. Mario says:


    Every time infight emerges in TPLF , they emerge stronger than ever! They might hide their infighting from the public , but not to themselves! That’s why they emerge victorious & stronger every time! That’s why they defeated all adversaries! Berhanu Nega was one of these who ran away to Sudan with his legs touching his ears as a young EPRP fighter!

    TPLF came from the people & they will be there as long as the people are there & as long as there are anti Tigrian elements!

    Glory to our martyrs!

  18. Teshale says:

    It was the same feeling we had with Dergue. After more than a decade long lies and deceptions we could no more trust any of Dergue’s stories. Now after more than two decades of lies and deceptions of Woyane, it is hardly possible to trust any of its stories. The only way to trust Woyane is only after it relinquishes power to the people of Ethiopia with peace or force, which Woyane seems to choose the latter.

  19. Futile says:

    This fake minute is a futile attempt to depict the late dictator different from who he really was.
    Ethiopians memory of his devilish deeds are still fresh. This is an insult to the intelegence of your readers.

  20. AleQa Bru says:

    The last time Meles[R.I.P] was publicly seen was on 20th of June 2012.
    Now if this meeting minute is authentic, it means that he was working on the 22nd / 23rd of June 2012.

    15/10/2004 ethio cal = 22/06/2012 euro cal.
    Meeting ended after midnight on 23/06/2012.

    One little piece of information to uncover his mysterious death….

  21. Gezaee H. says:

    This is not a real document; this is just made up by someone. The muslim issue must not be a big deal for the government because the government applies the law if they ever break the law. Finish, no talk nor deal with anything external. I do not think Meles bothered about muslims. For that matter, I do not think woyane cares about muslim protest because they will start using their mosque for prayer to God than for protesting when they get tired. What Woyane need to do is tightened immigration and cash from into Ethiopia from foreign agents.

  22. Wey Dave says:

    Why don’t you try some plausible drama? Why do you put yourself in this good-for-nothing position. Come on Dawit, more years of EPRDF in power doesn’t mean the Ethiopian people is nothing but naive who doesn’t differentiate fake from truth.

    1.C://My Document/PM office/Moslem/004 … funny!!!

    2.How on earth did you forget the Abebe Gelaw tornado? …eh …that …the May 20 one!! Remember, he didn’t stay more than few weeks in the office to continue with his poisonous leadership before packing to his deathbed.

    3.How comes in this age of technology who ever it is dares to “leak” such document. It didn’t leak it rained!!! No one who has an access will dare to put him/herself in danger.

    At least they might learn how to deceive from their masters. Do you think we can buy this? Forget it! A good but unsuccessful try?

  23. Surgo says:

    This so called leaked minute is rubbish and belongs to a garbage bin.

    What a misuse of my time reading it.

  24. Mario says:

    Let it be known from the start that the message below is from the other/another Mario!!!

    It is amazing to see how far one or a bunch of individuals can go to lie on and fabricate issues and are gifted fiction writers at the same time.

    After reading this minute, I am 100% convinced that the meeting has never been held on the specified date/place and with the specified officials in the first place. It is a make-believe minute written lately when the going went tougher than ever.

    How/why on earth an ailing PM chairs a meeting for 4 hrs long? That is a big lie by itself and no one is convinced here all the the issue was discussed in 4 hrs and a 10 page minute was produced at the end. What a contradiction!

    Why are TPLF/woyanes now in deep trouble? This is because of their own making and no one else’s. Everything they did intentionally backfired and blew in their faces.

    Posting this fake minute as a leaked document without knowing how much damaging it is is a blessing in disguise for all freedom loving Ethiopians.

    This reminds me what Napoleon Bonaparte once said, “Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake”.

    I am greatly gratified by the number of responses of most readers on this site. TPLF/woyane is losing fast its cyber support it used to enjoy. Here after, mother nature will certainly take its own course. Any TPLF/woyane attempt to stop the quest for freedom will be absolutely futile.

    The other Mario

  25. Mario says:

    As the trends show , EPRDF to stay in power for decades to come! For EPRDF to transfer power to another viable party, there must me a party that can lead its own properly . Not just for the purpose of to satisfy power hunger!

    The problem of our empty opposition is , they don’t judge things on their contents, but they judge things according to their dream! the EPRDF is still strong! Simply empty dream , hate politics … can’t be any solution for our country in anyway !
    They used to underestimate TPLF saying as if they can be counted in their fingers, but won over them walking all the way from Dedebit ! During Kinijit , they predicted that the EPRDF would never stand in front of them…but we had seen what had happened! The so called Kinijit couldn’t even sat together & discuss what had happened !

    Now Denial of this leaked document ! We all know that the EPRDFites are on discussion 24/7, why deny? What is the purpose of denial ? How about if the EPRDF. Released a video that supports this document ? I know you don’t know any shame!

    Colored revolution, Arab spring….? We are ashamed of you! No one hates better for his country! But we have proved that you have nothing for Ethiopia ! All you guys do is: waste a resources !

    You cry about democracy, freedom blah blah blah but you have non of it in you! If you don’t have you can’t give !

    Please be better for the sake of you!
    Denial will never do anything for you!
    Ethiopia’s enemies are laughing at you!

  26. abish says:

    kemekabir alem yemiyastedader meri – weyanewoch hulu imro slelelachew yemriyachewn tizaz kemeret new yemitebkut

    habab chinklat hulu

  27. Mario says:

    Sidb bicha new ! Meweyayet aychalm?

  28. dawit says:


    Do you actually believe this is a legit document? You should add a disclaimer to the news.

  29. Mebratu says:

    Classic EPRDF move is to divide the protest movement from inside by inserting its own agents into the movement. This is what they are doing to the Muslims now. In some cases they would even insert agents into the protest and push for violence, which allows the government to bring the hammer down and label these people a terrorist. This is Revolutionary Democracy my friends. It’s a systematic tyranny.

  30. Mebratu says:

    This document if probably leaked by TPLF on purpose to create confusion and allow some sympathy for certain secretive factions within the Front. No doubt Sebhat Nega is probably involved in this ploy. It is part of an on going release to internal information. Remember the video that was leaked showing the purging of Siye and Gebru…This one could be along those lines.

  31. Mario says:

    Always denial! Denial of the facts can only keep you at bay! People who tied up in a nonsense politics produce nothing, they just irritate themselves & waste their valuable time!

    Instead of trying to emerge as a better choice , they tie themselves up in hate politics & live in denial of the facts on the ground! It’s been so long since we knew what these fruitless individuals are doing & transforming themselves from one failure to another! Why they fail everytime though? Coz empty ego is blocking their head from thinking better! Very sad!

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