Ethiopia to file defamation lawsuits against media organizations in Saudi Arabia


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3 Responses

  1. says:

    why u must post this as if it is something new?
    DO you know this is a matter of 22 years when Ethiopian government ignored all the suffering of ethiopians living abroad especiallly in the arab world?
    This tricking is happening now for begging and securing more than 3 Mill. Dollars from the donors by the name of these poor people.What a pity.

  2. jos says: Just to let u know in case u do not understand the aim awramba times is: it is a news sources for Ethiopians, that is way it been post….are u dictating our source what to put in the article…grow up

  3. kiflom hagos says:

    i dont belive you are doing this for ethiopians, ur doing this for your own benefit miss/mr jos

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