Ethiopia arrests 43 anti-Graziani statute protesters in Addis Ababa


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35 Responses

  1. alem says:

    Dear dawit,
    Why dont verify the news as they may be arrested because they may be haters of tigrians.

    • Tests says:

      Just to tell u one thing

      U can not escape from crime and every movement send shock wave to UR scary ass.

      PPL of Ethiopia will not forget what TPLF did and any u tigers are running from UR crime and u know UR days are around the corner and even to have dinner in hotels need UR permission these days.

      You are low and doing UR last dance
      It might be tomorrow might be next year or 10 yrs but before u blink then u will nevertheless set foot in Ethiopia

    • chala says:

      If Minilik have a statue in Addis Why not graziani have same in italy. I know he did bad to ethiopians and i don’t like him. but that is his country he did it for the sake of italians.
      Menilik killed so many oromos and treated as slave as bbc reported he even used to sell oromos for money.

      So we don’t need to be biased here and looks we love ethiopia with out there people. if we care about the people we have to talk about menilik bad things as well.

  2. Gizie tirusew says:

    Butcher of Fezzan in libya and addis in ethiopia in february 1937 is Honored in Italy and in today’s Ethiopia. Shame on you ethiopian politicians, you have no even an idea, how you could be treated in italy as a black man walking around.The majority of “normal” italians were against this memorial statue, but not the ethiopian “leaders”.Just simply imagine The Germans praise Joseph Goebels and build for him mausoleum and Memorial Park in Monchenladbach, his native town and see how the israelis reaction would be.Graziani is in the same raw of Hiler, Mussoloni, Göring and all criminals, who commited crime against human kind………………..

    • agew says:


      • Yimeku Tamirat says:

        Agew, please don’t forget that there is such a thing as the Constitution which guarantees; in Section 30, sub section 1 all citizens’ right to ‘peacefully gather and/or demonstrate’. I therefore, think you are fundamentally wrong to want to label this as an “AN ILLEGAL DEMONSTARATION” and therefore in your apparent biased judgement “IN THIS CASE THEY HAVE TO BE ARRESTED.” I do hope you can MEND YOUR CHILDISH WAYS AND SOON.

  3. me says:

    One sided report! totally unacceptable….
    ኣቤት ገለልተኛ ጋዜጠኛ ማለት!!!!

  4. A. says:

    Once again the paranoid weyane regime is being scared to see people gather for any reason. Apparently terrified that the demo might escalate into a protest against the regime and the weyanes are currently in a state where they no longer trust even their own shadows. A classic sign of a crumbling regime!

  5. Gezaee H. says:

    Dear Dawit, thank you man. I am laughing. They have to ask permission for their protest from the government before calling people to protest. This shows either they are using this for other hidden agenda or something else.
    Who is the government in Ethiopia? blue party? it seems like that. They are ordering and give instruction to the government. It is good they put under arrest because they were organizing illegal protest without the getting permission. you do not go out and start protesting like that by giving hard instruction. Shame on them. The protest must be legal and with permission from the government for the venue, time, and the things they will do. It does not really matter whether Italians admire their general. This is history. The Italians consider him as hero. you can not control people. They have a right to do whatever they want. You can oppose diplomatically but violence and bad mouthing about it is not necessary now. I hope they will throw away Yacob into prison. He spent his entire life serving other countries and now he is busy running illegal activities in Ethiopia. If he knows laws and rules why he did not follow the law of the country and do his protest legally than giving instruction and order to the government?

  6. Demisse says:

    This shows to what extent the government goes to find any reason to harass other political parties.The ET government is known for cracking down on all political parties that are not EPRDF.hhmm I donot know why we always get surprised when the government uses force against it’s own citizens. In 2005 the military killed numerous Kinijit party supporters that were celebrating the victory Kinijit got over EPRDF during the election . All we did was trying to let the Meles government know the sooner the transfer power happens the happier we were just for that we got killed for it.

  7. Mario says:

    Awramba Times

    They can’t just be arrested because they are anti Graziani statute ! Why don’t you right the while picture , did they just go with spades , hammer,,, to diminish it? Did they protest & disturb the public somehow? Make it clear as you do to attack the TOLFites!

    You can’t just say anti Graziani groups are arrested!

  8. Mario says:

    What TPLF/woyane bandits (bandas) did makes them a direct replica of fascist Graziani and his likes.

    It is very sad to see TPLF/Woyanes siding Italian fascists who legitimize the erection of a statue for the “Butcher of Addis Abeba”. This latest unashamed violation of the rights of justice seeking Ethiopians demonstrates how the bandits ruling Ethiopia are cold-hearted, inhumane, sadistic, anti-justice and cold-blooded they are.

    As far as I am concerned, twenty or more years have clearly demonstrated that Woyanes/TPLF abhor/detest what Ethiopians love/like and love/like what Ethiopians hate/dislike.

    What has happened to the protesters is hard to believe. As they say, “Aysemaw joro aywtew gurero yelem”.

    The other Mario.

  9. selamta says:

    DAWIT is this what journalism is about,pasting anything that will grab attention?I have no problem if you do your own research and come up with the other sides story,When are you and your buddies the so called journalists… going to know the base of any story has two sides nomatter how you accept the story or not,I will leave you with this,you are in the wester society and i know it is not easy but pleas try to learn from the society and shape your idea of journalism.

  10. Mahlet Asefa says:

    I wonder what this hopeless opposition wouldn’t do to get any kind of tiny attention.
    Because they can’t challenge EPRDF with strong ideas, they always find themselves in trouble with the society, with the government, with each other, as they always engage in useless YEMENDER WORE Ooooooooof opposition you are Soooo hopeless!!
    I have to give a lot of credit for EPRDF, for always dealing with patience with this useless hopeless hate spreading losers.

  11. dubale says:

    **ግራዝያኒ ሐውልት ይቁምለት የተባለው አዲስ አበባ ውስጥ ነው እንዴ?!***

    ለምኒልክ በሃገሩ ሀውልት ከቆመለት ለግራዝያኒ በሃገሩ ሃውልት ቢቆምለት ምን ችግር ኣለው? መፍረስ ካለበት የምኒልክ ሃውልት መጀመርያ ይፍረስ፡፡ ግራዝያኒ የሰራው ታሪካዊ ስህተት ያለምንም የታሪክ መዛባት ስለተፃፈ ብቻ በገዛ ሃገሩ ህዝቦች ላይ ብዝበዛና ጭፍጨፋ ላደረገ ንጉስ ነኝ ተብዬ ሃውልት ቆሞለት ሳለ ወዴት ወዴት ነው ነገሩ? ህዝብን ለከፋፈለና ዘረኝነትን ላቀጣጠለ የሃገር ውስጥ ባንዳ እንኳን ሃውልት ቆሞለታል፡፡ የኔ ሃሳብ ግራዝያኒ ሃውልት ይቁምለት ሳይሆን የሃገራችንን ኣንድነት የበታተነው ኣፄ ምኒልክ ሃውልት መጀመርያ ቢፈርስ መልካም ነው ባይ ነኝ፡፡

    • Yimeku Tamirat says:

      ዱባለ! አንተን እና አንተን የመሳሰሉትን ‘ልበ-ሥውራን’ በዚህ ጉዳይ ላይ እስከዚህ ያንጫጫችሁ ምን ይሆን? አንተማ ክልብህ መሠወር በላይ እኛ ባህታዊ ‘ልጆቼ..ዘመኑ እኮ ስለመጥፎነቱ ክብዙ ሺ ዓመታት በፊት ሲጻፍለት ድንጋይ በድንጋይ ላይ የሚነሳበት ዘመን ይመጣል’ ያሉትን አስታወስከኝ። እምዬ ምኒልክን ከአውሬው ግራዚያኒ ጋር ለማመሳሰል ስትሞክር ነገሩ እኮ አለቀ።

    • abc says:

      Is that all you think?!

    • Mahlet Asefa says:

      I totally agree with you man.
      Some of us dare to call so called Emye Minilik a hero. Well he aint. Here are some of his crimes
      -Gave away Eriteria to the Italians
      -Murdered thousands of Oromo people
      -Caused so much pain and suffering on people for their beliefs
      -Almost ignored Adwa until his brave wife warned him
      For me this is a record of a hero but a murdering conning very Questionable king.

  12. Name (required) says:

    Geezae, dubale and others the usual bunch of idiots. You are so stupid, aren’t you? Wow!

  13. Name (required) says:

    dubale You are so stupid. Let God make your life very short!

  14. Mario says:

    If people wants to protest, first & for most they need get a permission from the government. Secondly they can’t represent Ethiopia!

    When one can’t make a living “teqorqwari & shit”! This is not going to work either! This is another failure!

  15. Mario says:

    What these arrested individuals are doing is: doing everything they can to satisfy their power hunger! This is just a nonsense ! Instead of standing with the Ethiopian people against poverty, they are soaked in “ayt alefech dmet tedenaqefech” politics! First of all they don’t represent Ethiopian , Ethiopian have their own representative in their own kilil & in the parliament ! Secondly, they have nothing to offer to the Ethiopian people! These individuals had failed again & again in all their move!

    Who cares whether Italian erected a statutes in their country? It won’t affect us! It is just a kind of “sra yata menekuse qobun qedo yisefal” ! There is a lot to do in Ethiopia to help the people to win over poverty!

  16. Anti woyane says:

    Hey Dubale,
    You’re not a human being but a placenta. I assume that the real Dubale was aborted by his mother long time ago. Your brain doesn’t work properly to think because you lack the grey matter. Let me tell you Mr. Placenta, Emperor Menelik was the best leader in the history of Africa. On the other hand, Grazianni shed the blood of 30,000 innocent people. For woyane bandas and placentas like you, your stomach is your pride. As long as you get crumbs from your masters, you will continue to bark like rabid dogs.

  17. Mario says:

    Dubale is telling the truth! Half of Tigrians & their land was sold to the fascist Italy !

    Why are you people irritated when the truth is told?
    What Dubale did was, express his opinion ! We may not like his opinion ,but the only thing we can do is: write our opinion ! We hear you here crying about democracy & freedom! This is called :”baln wedesh timun teltesh”! If a woman needs a husband , he must be with his beard! Had Dubale was next to you , you would have attacked him!

    Read our history ! It doesn’t say Ethiopian elites used to sell other Ethiopian ! We have a biased history written in all our history books! Therefore please , be fair & democratic! instead of attacking individuals who expressed their opinion, explain we what you think is wrong!

  18. Rosa Abadir says:

    To Gezaee H.

    Apparently, your usual freaking idiot statement about opposition groups seems very laughable and shows how much you are undermining the people of Ethiopia and lie in front of us. Though, your usual mumbo-jumbo does not make any deference, but expose your callous and savage character and at the same time it strengthens the victims’ camp.

    Surely, the Tigrian TPLF ethno-apartheid rulers and their disciples do not like such kind of sensitive and exposing information, and they will make loud noise to devalue the information, however, regardless we should stand firm and expose those kinds of unscrupulous traitors. But you are failed to realize that a thousand lies cannot formulate one truth, and of course your relentless lie and fabrication news does not have any impact to those who have tormented and terrorized by the Tigrian ethno-apartheid rulers.

    Dedebit University should include some vital subjects in their course: Virtue, Ethics, freedom, justice, so that their students would acquire some awareness about the subjects and act like rational human being instead of acting like rabid dog.

    Regardless of your stupid echo, the naked truth is that today in Ethiopia non-TPLF Ethiopians are living with horror and daily brutalized by soulless and heartless barbaric and savage TPLF army. They are treated as a second citizen in their own country. Young people are persecuted, abused, and also our sisters are raped by tribal war lords. In general Ethiopians are living in hell; as a result there are a number of Ethiopians who prefer to die, and the dead one is better than them because they do not see such endless horror and brutality. Of course, Ethiopians are facing the same suffering as the European Jews in second world war and do you think Ethiopians will continue to in such kind of misery in our country and land? Get a life, Moron!

    Of course, the struggle continue and we will embrace our freedom and justice; and the same time send the TPLF tribal war lords to the grave and bury their hate driven politics with their filthy skeleton. Regardless of TPLF stupid tribally twisted rhetoric Ethiopians has shown their detestation toward the TPLF Tigrain Ethno-fascists and of course reject their tribally dogma unanimously; however, the narrow TPLF Tigrains survived with intimidation and terror, which would not continue forever.

    Surely, the time would come and of course the TPLF Tigrain tribal rulers would be hunted like the German Nazi, Gestapo and SS mercenaries and face judgment in front of the people they slaughtered. Of course, TPLF style of ruling by fear seems in the verge of collapsing, soon there would be so many courageous Ethiopians come forward to challenge the TPLF gangs. The blood of Ogaden , Gambela, Gondar, and Benshangul citizens are on the hand of Narrow TPLF members and their collaborators, and of course nothing heal such deep wound unless seen the perpetrators face justice and hung in public.

  19. Mario says:

    Rosa Abadir

    TPLF has the most truth than any other political parties since the Ethiopian revolution,that’s why TPLF survived & reached Ethiopia where it is now! I know there are so many defeated entries & I don’t count on you …!

    The only thing I can say is: TPLF is marching forward on its 11th …..! Therefore , alli can say is ” The dogs are barking,but the Camel has kept on its own way scoring consecutive successes !

  20. Rosa Abadir says:

    @ Mario, of course for idiot and racist and narrow minded person who can not do anything except echoing the stupid lies of Berket/Sebhat, thinks that tplf is a better party just because they rule thier country using brute force. Do you think tplf is better than other oppostions because tplf is using killing, harrasement, torture and abuse to rule ethipia, while other oppostions are trying to bring freedom and democracy? I understand telling a blatant stupid racist MORON like you is pouring water on the stone and expecting to get wet, regardless I tried to pock your stupid retarded narrow minded brain and shithead wake up every ethiopians are tired of tplf including the the majority of tigrians and yet everyone is waiting the final hours to join the struggle to put every single criminal members of tplf and thier arrogant stupid supporters in burning fire, yet it’s only a matter of time that the fate of tplf stupid criminal members will not be diffrent from the fate of Gadaffi and Mubarek…its only a matter of time…till then continue to celebrate empty bravado

  21. tekle says:

    I am sure the dead meles whose father famously was a loyal servant of Italy will be laughing in his grave as his followers prevent the defamation of Graziani the convicted war criminal and butcher of Ethiopia and Libya.
    Mario, the person who is writing relentlessly like a woyane cadre, sounds like he is of an Italian extraction or is an Italiophile.
    Bravo Mario Bella.

  22. Mario says:

    Rosa abadir

    First of all, I’m not going to foul languages against you , because I didn’t grew up that way! Look at your answer to my comment & be a judge on yourself !

    All you mentioned above isn’t true at any level! You just hate TPLF because of your power hunger! If you are interested in politics, therefore , go where people know you & try if they accept you!

    All I can tell you know is: take it easy & try to act like a human being!
    The people of Tigrai has paid so much to reach here scoring consecutive successes in the process!

    At this moment, power had been distributed to the public & as you see it in the EPRDFites congress , Ethiopian are electing younger generation to replace the revolutionary who freed Ethiopia from brutal Derg….! I can tell you too much more, but one way you talked about freedom , but look at you how you act against my free speech…!
    If you can’t see that the EPRDFites are better than the empty opposition, then you are lost. I think you need to find yourself , so you can see the truth !

    What is your proof that the empty opposition can do better than the EPRDFites though? As far as I know with a proof, the empty opposition has nothing for Ethiopia in the west let alone for the complex society of Ethiopia!
    Take it easy though! Let free speech start here!

  23. Birhanu Kebede says:

    Does really TPLF know what they have been doing for the last 2 decades? Innocent people have been harassed, abused, tortured and oppressed by TPLF security forces. People are tired of hearing the same song from TPLF since they took power. Do you guys think Dr. Yacob Hailemariam provokes anti-government protest? Ethiopians have been saying enough is enough but no a single person from TPLF members wants to listen to the people. We are really unfortunate. Let us keep going our peaceful protest. We shall win.

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