Ethiopia Has to Break Diplomatic Ties with Saudi Arabia (horrifying video)


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53 Responses

  1. Lee says:

    It’s time for Ethiopia to break ties with Saudi Arabia. All those billions of dollars in investments are not worth the torture and abuse of their citizens. Saudis are showing themselves for the monsters they are. I can’t say for sure why they’ve shown no respect for Ethiopians except for a few reasons. For one, Ethiopia has a rich Christian heritage. She also has lots of water and natural resources that Saudis can only dream of. The Saudis may be becoming uncomfortable knowing that a predominantly Christian country is feeding them. Also, Ethiopia has a legal right to use the Nile waters within Ethiopian borders no matter what Arabs in Sudan and Egypt say. Again the thought of being fed, in a sense by a predominately Christian country, one that is, might I add, black-African. The Saudis think the Arab Muslims are supposed to be the masters. So, a foreign minister from their country tries to imply that Ethiopians want to “harm Arabs”. This was a clear statement of racial animus and an attempt to provoke Arab aggression. Also, Saudis are angry that they haven’t been able to Islamize Ethiopia. I would recommend Ethiopians find more trustworthy investors and that no Ethiopian or any black person travel to Saudi Arabia anymore.

    • David says:

      Well, of course, Suadis always depend on Christians. United States, a christian nation, defendes their behind. All their infrastructure is built by westerners. All their flashy shit comes from the west. They fly private jets made by guess who? Oh yeah Christians. They even wipe their you know what with toilet papers from West. The Royal family drink whiskey made by Irish. Hello, let me know if you spot a muslim Irish. On ther hand, confusingly enough, they promote a religion called Wahabism that preaches the destrction of western civilization. My guess is that it helps them keep their subjects backward. If they are educated and modernized, say like the Egyptians, they will overthrow them. In any case, what I seen in this video is unacceptable. We are all the citizens of this planet. We need to treat each other with kindness, mercy, forgiveness and love. In most cultures, you do not hit a man down on the ground, just the same way we give priority to women, children, the elderly, the sick during certain events. If we lose those traits, we join the Animal Kingdom. What’s up with the Saudi Kingdom?

    • truth says:

      Guys let me just tell you the ethiopian government isn’t being run by ethiopians for now so the decisions being made by the ethiopian government is not being made by ethiopia but her enemies so ethiopia is going to have to strap up for a nasty ride because the government is trying to destroy ethiopian any way it can by selling land selling children and women and other things but this is just another challenge for ethiopia, ethiopia has been tested by god in many ways by god and has always been victorious over those tests so this is just another test for Ethiopia. LONG LIVE MOTHER ETHIOPIA!!

    • mimi says:

      you compare a broke poor nobody know country with SAudia, are you kidding because Saudi invest in poor ethiopia,
      kidding me, Saudi can buy 400 ethiopia ,

      excuse me, your response is hilarious,

      be logic, i know its not right waht is happening in Saudia with ethiops workers
      but dont say any BS, because its bunny and stupid, Saudia doent need ethiops but ethiops is starving and need to go to Saudia, so stay in ADdis ababa and be happy

  2. Umesh Wadhwa says:

    The entire country cannot be blamed for a few person’s action. There is possibility that a few ethiopians would have robbed some saudi’s for which they are removing their anger after being caught.

    • Haider says:

      Well, I am myself a Muslim but believe that Saudi Arabia like other arabian countries such as UAE, Qatar, Bahrain etc have no respect for humans. They treat them like animals.
      Poor workers always suffer in these countries while these local Arabs avoid confrontation with people from Europe and America. Shame on these illiterate Arabs.

    • truth says:

      it isn’t being judged by a few people the entire arab world hates ethiopia and israel
      those two are hated extremely by arabs and each arab wants to hurt ethiopians because every single ethiopian that goes to these arab countries is some way harshly assulted as you see above.

  3. John says:

    @Umesh Wadhw, I think you are a Saudi Citizen. Regardless of the actions by the Ethiopians, Saudi citizens shouldn’t take the law into their hands. Isn’t it a 21 century? Do you guys treat an American or a Briton like this?

  4. Hamza Raffa says:

    This executive order to hunting illegal Ethiopians is given by his excellency Prince Mohamed Bin Naïf Bin Abdelaziz, minister of Interior. We don’t give a damn about diplomatic reconsideration.

    • Ebtisam says:

      Hamza – you miss the point. This is not about diplomacy; it has got to do with how your run your country. The US & other Western countries probably have more ‘illegal’ immigrants than what your country or so called ‘prince’ claims about, but they don’t resort to the kind of babaric act that you do in your backward kingdom. There are two kinds of nations in the world: countries where the law is supreme & the rest where dictators (like your ‘kings’ & ‘prince) & mobs (like the ones you see in the video) dictate. But times are changing & we hope one day your country will be swept by a revolution as we saw elsewhere. And as a Muslim I pray that it remains non violent so that my fellow Muslim brothers & sister do not die in the process of removing your dictators.

    • Kk says:

      I think the Saudi’s are angry b/c we started the construction of the dam on blue nile river. Arabs have long plan of using the water from abay river. There is no way.
      The Saudi’s has to know that this is Barbaric. If any body commits a crime, he has to be taken to court not hit by barbaric people. What disappointed me most is that the police has also involved. There is no rule of law in this stupid country of Saudi.
      Ethiopia has to expel the Saudi ambassador from Ethiopia.

    • AD says:

      yes, you don’t give a damn about diplomatic becouse you are pig.

  5. D.J says:

    I don’t believe in revenge,as im Ethiopian,but if the government in in in saudi Arabia doesn’t respect Ethiopians.I’ll hunt down Saudi citizens in Ethiopian make them pay the price for what they do back in their country…just to give them a lesson..cause its to much ….

  6. Jiratu says:

    Awaramba Times seems to be out of touch. The Ethiopian government is treating Ethiopian citizens worse than this. In fact, if the Saudis were TPLF soldiers by now they they would have executed them. TPLF is our major problem that is the cause of all this. Our people are risking their lives to flee from their own countries…

    • Samuel says:

      @Jiratu, So you are saying it’s okay to treat Ethiopians in barbaric fashion because TPLF is worse? Are you sitting on your brain? Also, the article is about Mistreating Ethiopian refugees IN SAUDI.

  7. AD says:

    they are just pigs, what do you expect from them?

  8. Name (required) says:

    I just wonna say that this stupid arabs , execept the brave irianians, know neither HISTORY nor RELIGION.they simply eat cakes, sleep & live using their oil money in which ETHIOPIA ownes and is looking 4 it. After few years the dirty ARABS will eat the sand of their DESERT,on the other side time will came & call 4 the great & proud country ETHIOPIA. I ‘m desperate 2 see u arabs dying of food & water.

    • mimi says:

      Hey iam Morcocan , i never heard about ehiopia just few time in TV5 french tv,
      hey, we dont hate Ethipia, whats the reason? you guys dont have oil, you are poor country, so why we gonna hate you,
      iam african right iam from Maroc so iam african and arabic and i think the sheet happening in Saudia its not only a Saudia fault , you guys you need a government who protect his people not sell them for cheap
      be smart and you have to understand the real problem
      by the way my closest friends are ethiopians , i love them, i love the food,and there is a lot similarities between morroco and ethiopia,

  9. Shafi says:

    Saudis are backward. As a matter of fact they are the ones who tried to kill Prophet Mohammed. Therefore, I am not surprised to see them beat and torture helpless people. Suadis lack the basic decency of being a human as no man beats a man who is down on the ground. Sissy faggots. You ask a man to get up. You do not hit a man already down. That only showed me how backward they are. Just because they sell oil and buy flashy things does not make them civilized.
    They should have learned somethings from Iran. Oh, I forgot that Iran was not Arab. No wonder. I hope the Iranians kick out the dictators from that terrorist factory called Suadi Arabia and restore a civilized modern democratic shit. Btw, this video should be shown in Ethiopia on tv so that people know. Also please stop sending our sisters to work as slaves there. And cancel all the business lincenses of Saudi Citizens in Ethiopia. We will do fine without them.

  10. Alula Lemlem says:

    It’s becoming a norm to see/hear a horrifying image everyday.If we were united as one nobody would have dared to do that. Ehiopians are getting abused by foreigners and fellow Ethiopians displacing Amhara ethnics. BTW why is it the displaced Amhara’s is not reported on your website?

  11. Mario says:

    We know Arabs are naturally barbaric society who have no mercy for anybody ! Until recently, Arabs used to burry new born right after they are born! We must do something about this atrocities being committed by these barbaric Arabs!

  12. iueae says:

    Why on hell others will respect you if you don’t respect your own? Start with yourself, then Saudi will bow in front of you.

  13. Muzungi Zabarga says:

    The tyranical Arab elites have the same bad habits just like the tyraniccal Abesha elites of upholding the promitive system of “My Way or no Way” as well as saying, “What belongs me is mine, what belongs to you is also Mine”one sided or unequal medieval system of sick relationships. These elites need to be forced to change and get democratized as to be led by the young equality conscious generation. 🙂

  14. Abdulla says:

    Please consider reading this article entitled:Eyeballs on Ethiophobia and defaming in Saudi

  15. Alem says:

    Threat of severing ties is a face-saving tactic and not necessarily serious. Godfather Al Amoudi has tplf rulers in his pocket.

  16. Tittii says:

    Saudi oil and saudi bravado will soon dry completely in about 2030. That is when they taste as to what poverty and scarsity is all about and start worshiping African vibrat agricultural farmlands and abundant rivers together forming the Great Bread baskets of African and middle East. They should already start applying for immigrant visa before it is too late.

    The only current short come is that we lack strong and good reresentative government of the people, from the people for the people because we are imitating the already bankrupt and outmoded Saudi system of minority dynastic dictatorship.

  17. Bilal says:

    Unless & otherwise the holy lands of Mecca & Medina are under the control of the world Muslim & the wealth of the Arab peninsula used to help Muslims all over the world , there won’t be peace in the Middle East & East Africa!

    The few stupid families in Saudi Arabia are using the money blessed for the people for their personal use!
    Now, Muslims all over the world must rise a revolution to over through the king family in Saidi Arabia! Mohammad (PBUH) freed the Muslims from centuries of animalism! Everybody is equal in the world Muslim society of our world , Allah waakbar! No king is needed in our society!

    the Saudi king family , either give the holy land to the Muslim world or you will burn in fire like Saddam & Kaddaffi!

  18. Mario says:

    This is the tip of the iceberg. We ain’t seen nothing yet!!!

    It is time for Ethiopia to cut off diplomatic relation with Saudi Arabia. This should include expelling out the bushti and so-called Sheik, Al Amoudi. He openly wines and dines with traitor/banda woyanes, bribes local officials, business people and pretends to be a giving and benevolent person in front of millions of poor Ethiopians. He has practically corrupted every politically and economically potential person in the country. He pillages our country’s wealth worth billions and gives a few thousands to unsuspecting, poor and gullible Ethiopians.

    He is spaying for Saudi government and other enemy elements and also he is the one who did the ground work for land grab by Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries.

    One other main reason why the Saudis are emboldened against Ethiopians these days is because of Al Amoudi. No crimes committed by those immigrant Ethiopians. Thanks to woyanes, their only crime is being poor in the eyes of the Saudis.

    Al Amoudi is the enemy within. The earlier he is expelled out, the better.

    With our perseverance, Ethiopia will survive!!!

  19. Mebratu says:

    Ethiopia is not about break ties with an important alley because some stupid individuals abusing Ethiopian migrants in the Kingdom. I think Saudi Society needs a fundamental revolution in its outlook and views about women and minorities in general. This kind of behavior is not acceptable in the 21st century. They kind hide behind oil wealth forever.

    • Abe Hailu says:

      The question is how do we stop our brothers and sisters not to go there and become victim to those stupid, brainless, human waste and ANIMAL people?
      (please she said)

  20. Mebratu says:

    Saudi oil is what drives this kind of arrogance. When you have too much money you think you can do anything in the world.

  21. Name (required) says:

    Dear mr Dawit:

    What is new if a poor ethiopians are treated as animals than degnified humans by barbaric Saudis while ethiopians are treated as the same degree as by their own government. I think saudia Arabia is not our country other than get surprised by the inhuman, barbaric, wild and idiotness of the Saudis. But the bottom line is why Ethiopians were forced to go to the hell Saudi Arabia?? Was that ethiopians went their because they like to live in saudi arabia than loving their beloved country Ethiopia? If so, who forced them to go to Saudi? The answer is short and Clear. Your blood relatives that you stood for them,woyanes!!! Specially Yante ena meselocheh neger Mechem yeqer yemenelew aydelem. Minalbatim yehew ye ethiopiawiyan seqay asedesetoh yehonal post yaderekew.min yebalal yenanete yehona Le ethiopiawian hulu asabi teqorquali mengist yamtalachehu kemalet besteqer!! Le Dawit ena meseloch degmo Yehie tegabachu yamiberdebet zemen yametalen! Woldachehu atedesetu!! Lejim aywetalachehu zerachehum aybarek enji Lela minyebalal!!! Ye Ewnet amelak ferdun yasayen!!! So, mr Dawit please stop your lip service! Tegabek Lik yenurew!!! Chereseku!!!

  22. Akeldama says:

    @Name required, cheresk Aydel? Endih Ye libehen enditetenefis/shi rasu chance eyeseteh yalewm eko tigrew Dawit new. Tigil enji ergiman min yaregal bileh new? Watch the extraordinary documentary of Meles/ TPLF on Aiga forum. If you have the endurance, go to the jungle. Don’t cry here in Baltimor.

  23. Gezaee H. says:

    When it comes about Ethiopian citizens; neither EPRDF nor opposition care any. The only guy who really voices about Ethiopian plight in Saudi Arabia two: One is Nebiyu, second is Elias Kiflie. Elias is not my favourite person in many of his postings, but I give him credit on this. He is the one who always posts about Ethiopian abuse. Government does not care, opposition never care. we have to kick the primitives from our country.They are savage and do not deserve our land. We must stand together and force the government to cancel the land lease agreement with them. Imagine how will these treat our people if they stay in Ethiopia even 10 years. Even the muslim problem in Ethiopia because of them.

  24. Identity crisis says:

    @name required, G7’s all inclusive struggle min endehone ahun gena gebagn. Is ‘ergiman’ part of the so called all inclusive struggle? Idiots. Believe or not, Dawit doesn’t have an identity crisis like those G7 condoms (Eyerusalem Araya, Abraha Belay and Gebremedhin Araya)

  25. Kindomina says:

    Identity, g7’s strategy has nothing to do with all inclusive type of struggle rather it is a political prostitution of Gonderes + south

  26. Go to hell G7 says:

    Name require, when you comment, your points are always on individuals and groups. I have never seen such uncivilized person in my life. Do you have a personal problem with the admin of this website? Why don’t you put your assessments on the subject matter. Actually, those who are affiliated with G7 are like that.
    Dear Editor
    Comments containing hate speech and those directed at individuals and ethnic groups should be automatically deleted. We are tired of of such yemender tesadabiwoch. Dawit, don’t allow them to poison this website in the name of Freedom of speech.

  27. bini says:

    This barbaric akt are unhuman and unhealthy this arab uncivilzed peaple. so must break all relation with theme. I am an Eritrean.I feel very but to watch that video its make me ill we have to fight togeather against this dogs

  28. Assefa says:

    It might be the first for us to see such a footage which shows the horrific torture of our citizens in Saudi Arabia. But one can be 100% certain that this is not the first time Ethiopians being tortured in Saudi Arabia. There have been many more untold and undisclosed similar stories of torture that had been committed by cruel and uncivilized Arabs on our citizens. It is difficult to conclude that The Ethiopian Government doesn’t know about these horrific act.But here after the government of Ethiopia should take an immediate measure regarding its diplomatic ties with The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

  29. Tatek says:

    I see this as either a distractionary scheme by the TPLF to blame the Saudis, Sudanese and Egyptians for forcing them to stop the construction of the so called dam or the Arab nations and the Sudanese hatching some plot to force the TPLF to stop the project. The Saudis, the Egyptians and the Sudanese know the weakness of the TPLF as it is a regime whose life has been kept in intensive care by the TPLF security apparatus that can’t withstand any internal conflict. We all know, and more than anyone else, the TPLF understands any deal brokered by the Saudis to secure Sudanese territory for the TPLF opposition, which I think now is very close to a peak level means just a matter of weeks for the Hailemariam regime to fall. If that were the case, I am sensing that TPLF would abandon the construction of the project————-for at the end of the day, power is far more important for them than anything else.

  30. Gezaee H. says:

    Tatek, I think you are day dreaming. There is nothing about Dam in this article. I do not understand why some people immerse themselves in a dream world like this. If you are finishing woyane in the coming two weeks? well, muya belb new; Why you tell us here? All dreams not real?

  31. koster says:

    Woyane ethnic fascists will be more than glad if their enemies (the people in the occupied territory – Ethiopia other than Tigrai) are suffering in Saudi Arabia or elsewhere. Do you think woyane ethnic fascists care about the Ethiopian people. Say no to woyane ethnic fascists, ethnic cleansing and state terrorism in Ethiopia.

    • Abrham says:

      oh @koster stupid idea the problem is for all Ethiopians.All Ethiopians are treated equally by EPRDF.zeregna atihunibin.u can come and check what the Tigray peoples are benefiting more from the leading gov’t.think globally.Anyway god bless Ethiopia

  32. Tatek says:

    Gezaee, I am not day dreaming———may be you are. My point is this. The Saudis, the Suadanese and the Egyptians may be aware that TPLF support within the Ethiopian mass is just next to zero and if any military base could be secured inside Sudanese soil to delete your TPLF cousins from office, some politcal solution could be reached with a legitimate Ethiopian Government that is put in place by Ethiopians. And frankly speaking, I have no problem with that. I know that No one will dare to threaten Ethiopian sovereignity whatsoever, and we are always better off without TPLF.

  33. suleman says:

    those tortured ppl are illegal ppl (performing illegal activity in the country rule)saudi is the safe place for ethiopians for those respect the rules of the country

    • modern world says:

      Suleman, if your country has a law and your princes really believe in rule of law, why don’t you prosecute them in a court of law. If those victims have really involved on “illegal” activities, that should be the duty of any responsible government in the 21 century.

  34. YEKEFAW says:


  35. Christian/Jewsh(Eritrean says:

    I’am an Eritrean,Christian. This is war againest all christians and Jwesh from the extremist Islamist. I will defend the christian and the Jwesh. Eritrea,Israil and Ethiopia is the Holly land to Jesus/Christians.

  36. Agamino says:

    what do you expect from the coward EVIL ARABS?
    they are evil! they don’t hesitate to cut a human throat let alone to kick you on the head!


  37. mike says:

    Now I can understand the problem of the Israel people.

  38. hawa says:

    yarebi yalah beka belen yareb skay ybekanal

  39. guesh says:

    The Saudians are just like a wild animals, and also they are terrorists this is a crime against humanity
    Let’s show how are they acting to the innocent Ethiopians

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