Reporter Newspaper Launches Internet TV Channel On YouTube


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15 Responses

  1. chala says:

    Well what will happen to ESAT then?

    There 60% news are coming from Reporter and the rest is from the fiction writer journalist that sat underground and chew kchat and write lie.

    The best say from reporter until now is the one he called the extremist diaspora the “stone in the sea” who never get wet

    They leave in democrat countries and preach democracy with out experiencing it even for a day in there all there life.

    Talking about democracy is the easies thing in the world any one can say it doing it is the hard as you going to hear things that you don’t want.

    So those extremist journalist who count themselves as the best ethiopian with out doing nothing to ethiopia expect too much talk are never have a real democratic discussion b/n them.

    So reporter is the only newspaper who is saying wrong is wrong the the gov. and the opposition on the same way.

    • ETHIO says:


      I think you lost your mind.If you are tplf agent go to your websites, There are many people respect ESAT. we need more ESAT’s to balance the information. If you continue barking like this on every articles you will find your self on bed soon. because I don’t like ETV I don’t go there,you can do the same to ESAT. you are not welcome at ETHSAT.

  2. Solomon says:

    Good job reporter. Good luck.

  3. alemu says:

    Is this ETV-2, to try to cheat Ethiopians as if there is an independent TV? Stupid weyane just because they hold ak-47 and rule the country with brute force, they assume that ethiopians will buy thier stupid and nonsense childish propaganda

  4. teshome says:

    Amare Aregawi is the most responsible journalist Ethiopia ever seen. Amare was known for encouraging to nurturing the culture of political and religious tolerance in Ethiopia. He had a made huge blue print regarding free media in Ethiopia. He showed that Reporter news paper to be non-partisan and credible information source. That is why he was able to stay in the market. I salute Amare Aregawi for his heave contribution for democracy in Ethiopia. No one parallels in the free media the credit Amare Aregawi has.
    Politically I had a lot of difference with Amare and that is natural. But I wholeheartedly trust the information read on report than any media out let of Ethiopian government. He had been consistent and credible information source for the last many many years. I wish him to repeat his success in Reporter TV. I believe he will.
    I advice Dawit kebede to follow his footprint and show us your difference from those haters who had been through የፖለቲካ ፎርፊ and became a schizophrenic free media.
    Dawit, I hope you will proof yourself that you are not የፊስቡክ እና የቲውተር አረበኝ like most Diaspora haters media out let. You showed us good beginning and keep up the good work

  5. A. says:

    I am not a fun of this man because of his close tie with weyane regime, but i think starting his own tv is a brave thing to do. Whether he will be running it independently to serve the ethiopian people and not the regime remains to be seen.

  6. EthioZena says:

    Another ETV, what else is new? give us a FREE media but that won’t happen as long as woyane is in power.”mote le woyane”

  7. Gose says:

    Is the goal for diaspora cosemtion? I’m saing this because a couple of weeks b4 i was in addis,To wach 10-15 min ESAT
    News needed upto 60-70 birr online charge.
    My million £ question is who can afford to wach reports lie in Ethiopia with this high rate??? Ha ha ha
    May be Argawi him self.

  8. Ajire says:

    So at last, another propaganda medium for weyane.
    In the name of private tv, which was not allowed for anybody
    although the law allowed to establish private tv many years ago.
    Weyane allowed their propagandist Amare Aregawi to have tv Programm. Nothing new to expect from Amare.

  9. Mahlet Asefa says:

    AMARE AREGAWI should give journalism lessons to the HATE SPREADING DISEASES of ESAT.
    I like the way he has properly exploited the free media chances in Ethiopia. No one else used this golden opportunity to a good cause like this man.
    AMARE AREGAWI is the father of POSITIVE FREE MEDIA. From day one his works consisted of FREE and UNBIASED reporting that played a great role in bringing about understanding of expressing ideas with out hating others for their ideas.
    I have much respect for him!!
    Looking forward for your TV channel!!
    and CONGRADULATIONS************

  10. The Harekat says:

    Reporter the “private” press ? What a joke. Amare Aregawi is born Woyane and will die Woyane. His true color was out in 2005 when the Ethiopian people gave red card for Meles and his gangs.

    Reporter is a Woyane propagandist can not do better than ETV. Whether in printed version or in Video the content of Reporter will always be power for the very few tribalist and “freedom to print” for Amare and his likes born to eat and die. Rest in Peace Reporter !!!!

  11. tadamik says:

    Another Tigrian narrow nationalist geting a media outlet. No one will trust him since we all know he was a member of the CC of the TPLF. He raised arms to kill Amaras.

    My recommendation is for him to hire Girma Kassa and G.E. Gorfu another Narrow nationalist Tigrian working covertly for the Tigrian mafia

  12. Habtamu S says:

    Reporter Gazeta is a pioneer journal here in our country since we have started to see the spark of free press in Ethiopia. Some individual think that it is pro-EPRDF for its modern way of forwarding news and opinion and for its impartial approach. Yes of course this approach may disallow the journal to welcome the extremists and their unchanged hostile tone comes from their undigested wish to print on it. I would like to say to the team members of this media and to Amare Aregawi,Managing Director of Reporter Newspaper, that you did good job and I believe you will be on air to reach at each of us home soon.
    Thank you

  13. Mario says:

    Amare Aregawi is the best independent journalist Ethiopia ever have! He faced everything there ! He didn’t flee for fear of retribution ! We remember what he passed through ! We know the empty opposition don’t like when the truth is told!

    Good job Amare Aregawi!

    Good job Aregawi!

  14. Yarada lij says:

    Is Amare Aregawi, (and his “Reporter”) considered as “independent”? If that is the case, then we need to coin a new word for journalists and news organizations which are free, fair, and balanced. From experience, we know that most journalist, including Amare, don’t qualify to be categorized under this scenario. Most of them are like Pravda, a propaganda machine.

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