Seyoum Mesfin and Berhane Gebrekirstos Step Down from TPLF Central Committee


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22 Responses

  1. teshome says:

    Gradually but surely we are watching passing of political torch to the young vibrant generation. We are proud of you. This is undeniably good job.
    We need the old Guards to give them a close leadership advice and we need the youngsters to consider the old guards as their experience peers.
    By the way where is ESAT report about division among TPLF members. This is simply an illusion that resides among haters of Ethiopia. Good bye free media.
    One time ESAT told us Getachew Asefa, the prominent TPLF members was exiled because of the faction created among the TPLF members but still Getachew is in Ethiopia and now again elected as CC of TPLF and discharging his responsibilities. One must be seriously sick to create such untruthful story.
    This is a good example how the content and form of ESAT news told.

    • berhane says:

      Aya Teshome,
      You are entitled to your opinion, however, why should people who don’t like or even hate the TPLF leaders’ be considered as haters of Ethiopia? And, although I don’t buy their continuous anti Tigray people rhetoric, when did the ESAT folks reported the defection of the killer Getachew Asefa?

    • meaza says:

      How about your ETV? are they truthful?? Bunch of HODAMS’ elected another HODAM’, dosen’t make any difference! Yene Tenishu HODAM’ 😉

      • bendo says:

        What is the difference b/n ESAT and ETV? ETV working for EPRDF and think all is ok in ethiopia and ESAT working for G7 and thinks all is bad in ethiopia.
        given the chance ETV will be ESAT and ESAT will be ETV so no change.

        you don’t see different ideas in ESAT or ETV they all are a propaganda machin for there party. The ruling party use etv and G7 and there allies use ESAT.

      • abel says:


        Based on your comments, you looks like you are one of those who have low information personality. You cannot say HODAM and expect you will be respected. Assume that you have got a power, it is very clear what you can do. Please GROW! Please also use different way to express you position. But, please do not use STRONG word. It will not be definitely helped you.

  2. Solomon says:

    TPLF is the most principled, independent, visionary, creative, farsighted, honorable, gracious and successful party ever created in Ethiopia and the whole Africa. I do not have enough adjectives to explain this gallant and popular party. Meles’s soul is still leading us from heaven!

    • Dolce & Gabana says:

      Well gash Solomon,

      Indeed EPRDF is a visionary party, and probably one of the best in Africa. But maybe ANC and other African parties like Rwandan parties compete with it. I just don’t like making stupid comments like best in Africa when one doesn’t know all parties in Africa. And I also hate this Meles mania… Yes he was a hard working guy, yes he was really good for Ethiopia… But he is dead… Let’s continue the work… But evoking Meles as if he was a Saint is just memorial prostitution… He, the first, would have hated this whole Meles we will remember you movement… Nonsensical…

      • Solomon says:

        @Dolce & Gabana
        Have no problem with your good critics. OK,let us agree EPRDF is one of the best in Africa. As you put it neither Meles nor the other TPLF members, who just passed the torch and relinquished their power to new blood, would like to be worshiped. All they did and dedicated to do is sacrifice their life for the betterment of Ethiopia and its poor people. Nothing more and nothing less. But that can not stop me or others from paying tribute and remembering our REAL heroes all the time.

  3. Name (required) says:

    Ante ye woyane jelie. who is the young guys? Abay woldu? debretsion? hahahhahah. i think your mind is rusted and you don’t know the meaning of old and young. Anyways, there is no a such power transfer transfer from old gurads young as you dreamed off. the tranfer is just from old shits to old shits. hahahahah. by the way, mr. dawit enkuan des alek debequ woyanee!!!

  4. Mario says:

    Congratulations to the freedom fighters who freed Ethiopia from brutal Derg & abject poverty! Wow ! As they promised , they freed Ethiopia & they are retired from the central commitee of TPLF after 38 years of nonstop service for their country! Wow ! How many obstacles you have passed! When other flee leaving their country for abroad , the EPRDFites stood for what they believed firmly & they won! Congratulations once again !

    They are the heroes of Ethiopia!
    God bless the rest of your lives!
    God bless Ethiopia !

  5. T.Goshu says:

    I do not think refiling the already chronicaly-ill(infected) political nerve and blood system with carriers of same if not more badly contaminated ones make any sense. This kind of dirty game has been proved to be a terrible failure for the last qurater a century. Will it work for another decades ? I strongly argue it won’t !

    • Solomon says:


      TPLF has made countless and marvelous histories. To mention few:

      – Decimated the bloody derg

      – Lifted Ethiopia from being symbol of starvation and famine to one of the 10 fastest growing economies on the planet.

      – Reduced Shaibia into an ugly rat on the corner of the horn of Africa.

      – Is building the largest Hydropower project at the heart of the blue Nile and Egypt has nothing to do about it.

      Overall, TPLF together with its EPRDF sister parties has done 1000 times better things in only 20 years than what other Ethiopian leaders did in hundreds of years.

      Tell me what you and other diaspora internet heroes did???? Nothing but cheap talk after cheap talk after cheap talk, all your miserable life. I am really sorry for you and the likes of you. Good for nothing idiots!!!

  6. Teddy says:

    Gulcha bekeyayer woyane aytaftm::

  7. Mario says:

    Mr T.Goshu if you can’t believe something that you can see then you have a problem! It has been working, it is working & will continue to work until a better & respectful party takes over 2 or 3 decades later! You can’t believe 38 years of struggle! We believed it coz we paid for it dearly! I wish you have something better so can choose you! I understand what you mean though! Life is good in Ethiopia ! Especially when you know how to make,the tricks in the west…!

    Remember these used to be university student 38 years ago! Remember they left to the bushes with nothing , but hope to free Ethiopia ! How many had slept for ever in the valleys & mountains of northern Ethiopia with out proper burial ! Had they had a chance to abandoned their country like me & you, it would have been easy for them to brag for Emama Ethiopia ….! Had you brought the Ethiopian people in the diaspora into unity , you could have made a huge difference for our country for good! But you have nothing that can bring Ethiopian in the diaspora together with our political differences ! I wish I could write English properly so I can talk to you deeply !

    Finally , I think these TPLFites who just retired from the central have done that nobody could , therefore , they deserve a respect! Remember Kinijit ! They just melted away with a simple political game that the EPRDFites played & they never had the courage to sit & see what had happened , not even once! Many don’t even see eye to eye to this day! Mr T.Goshu I think you can be better than this!

  8. Balcha says:

    Tosheme,clearly you are not bright,
    1.TPLF is the loser!!!
    The Strong and smart leaders of TPLF or those who can lead TPLF have been expelled,lower to CC or out of the party such as Arekebe, Berhane, Ze’ray, Sebhat,Seyoum…also they are divided inside.
    2.OPDO is the loser!!!
    The strong leaders of OPDO or those who can lead OPDO are out of Executive Committee or lowered to CC such as Girma Biru, Kumma and Abadula…they are not united.
    3.SEPDM,even though they have PM Hailemariam.they are still weak and not in the level of ANDM.SEPDM has lost bright potential leaders and leader of the party such as Toshome Toga.
    4.ANDM(Bereket’s party)is a winner!!!
    Strong not divided inside!!Bereket even brought back addisu legesse and others for help.There is no as such”Metekakat” They should have called it “Meshewawed”.
    **a)Guess who is the real leader of EPRDF? dont be fooled NOT Azeb Mesfin its Bereket Simon!!
    **b)What is Bereket’s next move? He is going to reshuffle the military,cabinet and intelligence.
    Enough for today.

  9. Mekari says:

    Aya teshome, when I read your text above, I feel you works for ETV. Simply acusing others for unture news. And it is cheap that shows you are also cheap.
    We hate TPLF and that doesn’t implies by ANY means Tigray. You should make clear things and not mix this and that.

    TPLF is not Tigray and will never and was never been.

    When ever we say I don’t like or I don’t agree with TPLF, you try to confuse others by saying diaspora anti tplf people hate Ethiopia.It is you guys who hate Ehtiopia. Who sold the sea access and many of our boarders

    dingay ras neh, lela minlibelih

    • chala says:


      you must be sitting too much in paltalk and diaspora website to think that eprdf hate ethiopia and the true ethiopians are the one who run away for better life in the west and talk the whole day in paltalk saying the number one ethiopian for each other.

      Wake up man Ethiopian have millions who can talk for years but few who does work and EPRDF is one of and change ethiopia and ethiopian to work.

      So talking rubbish from comfortable sofa the last 21 years didn’t change ethiopia or the extremist Diaspora.

      So learn from those Eprdf leaders and few talk and try to do more work then you might call your self ethiopian.

  10. Alem says:

    Dawit, What do you mean by “enormous legacy?” What is “ordinary congress?” Or “our reliable sources?” [How are they different from other sources? Who is going to take Tsegaye Berhe’s place as National Security Adviser to the Prime Minister? What does the caption, Seyoum Mesfine steps down “in honor” supposed to mean? You need to do a better job than this reporting on corruption and money-laundering these individuals were involved in; Seyoum Mesfin’s dismal and embarrassing record during and after the border war with Eritrea; whether another TPLF will replace Tsgaye Berhe, etc. I am afraid you are becoming more and more like pro-government and some opposition groups.

  11. Samson says:


    You are more than right. That is why the tplf coming from some 6% ethnic base controls 99% of the military leadership of 95 mmillion Ethiopians. Many thanks for your valuable information! 🙂

  12. Mario says:

    We have never worried about who the military officers , the pope of the the church of Ethiopia & everything in Ethiopia ! But we see you power hungry Ethiopian & losers shabiya talking so much hate against the freedom fight who freed ethiopia from hundred years of savage administrations!This shows that your only concern is not Ethiopia , but power!

    Anyways, the Dogs are still barking , but the Camel has kept on it’s own way ,not flinching even for a second & scoring consecutive successes !

    We just witnessed that the EPRDFites congress made decisions to finalize the 5 year GTP plan!

    What I wonder is I don’t know how these who abandoned the country can do better that these who chose to stay with the people under any circumstances! It is so sad that political losers are using our country & people for the purpose of collecting money from Ethiopia’s enemies!

  13. Kenne'yifrde says:

    … when the day of judgment comes all will be held responsible …

  14. Mario says:

    … When the day of judgement comes ,some of the empty opposition who abandoned the struggle of the people & wasted so much resources will be liable & will be isolated from the Ethiopian public….

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