President Obama Meets with First-Ever Ethiopian Crowned Miss Israel


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12 Responses

  1. Tasew says:

    It is absolutely wrong to call the lady an Ethiopian when she is now an Israeli. They have lived for years believing that one day they will be back to their country which they did. Now you Ethiopian’s always want to be associated with when you see positive things. Stop this non sense they are not Ethiopian period.

  2. teshome says:

    አጃኢብ ነው ይላል ያገሪ ሰው
    Blacks were subjected for any kind of discrimination. Who in this universe had ever thought to see two blacks- As queen and king to meet in the holy land Jerusalem.
    It may have been a simple meeting and diner party but the situation deep inside spoke volumes about who the black people were and who are they now?
    Thanks to God who let me to see this happen on my own eye ball.

  3. me says:

    Well done to the Isrealis! They played it well to put the story in bed (Birth control contraceptive against the will of the Ethiopians ) by providing another new story.
    Congratulations for the model as well!

  4. AD says:

    “Hey Ethiopian Jews, look us, we are not racist, we choose black women as Miss Israel, we don’t hate you, so you should
    continue paying your life to protect
    this Great notion”. This is completely
    propaganda to cover up their ugly racism
    toward Ethiopian Jews and other communities. This will not help the majority of the community’s racism proplem. Obama himself is a cover too. lol
    Anyway she is one of the most beautiful Ethiopian women. Allah kef yargish!

  5. Mario says:

    Much love yitayish Ayenew! You are an Ethiopian Queen as well! Please don’t forget Ethiopian women & children on your every move!
    God bless you!

  6. Mesfin says:

    Ethiopian Jewish used to
    live in rural area with no proper education like most Ethiopian do , however;
    They are shinning with short period of time at the state of God, Israel, for
    sure they will lead the nation on day !

  7. Edelbu says:

    She was an Amara from Gonder, not a Tigre anyhow. That background helped her how to bautify herself and associate with other people, two criteria to be a beauty queen. Tigre ladies, please learn from this sweet girl.

    • Alegnta says:

      The epitomy of stupidity! Engage brain before blurting nonsense! All Ethiopian people are equal and cultured but in order to keep it that way we all need to respect eachother and think of the greater good.

  8. Alegnta says:

    Watch this beautiful and moving video!
    dedication to duty, confidence, belief in one self (as an Ethiopian) leads to success!

  9. Tolosa habtessa says:

    The writer intentionally put too much importance about Ethiopian Jews never seen a telephone before they are air lifted from their birth Holy land Ethiopia, from the start the writer is too biased towards Ethiopians for that matter to black people, he must hate to see a black women(an Ethiopian) won the coveted title.
    Mr. writer I am not angry at you because you do not deserve that, however I choose to teach you some valuable lesson if your inferior little brain can handle it .
    1-Ethiopia has its national and international telephone service before even the State of Israel exists. God bless Israel .
    2-Ethiopia where the Mr. Israel grandparents comes is so gods land, one does not need a Fridge to keep food safe, cause no need of that in the house of god in the Holy Land Of Ethiopia.
    This is free lesson by an Orthodox Tewahedo Christian to all misguided subjects like the one one who called himself a writer, but in fact he is desperate straggler and a too an inferior entity as seen by Ethiopians eye.

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