A Critical Appraisal of the Diaspora Organized Groups Opposed to the Regime


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16 Responses

  1. Yonatan Dinku says:

    In the tradition of academia, the title reflects the content. But this article does not in reality critically appraise the opposition group in the diaspora rather it is mainly a critique of the ruling party. Moreover, the author seems interested in modeling Ethiopia without Tigreans which would be thinking the unthinkable. I found the article politically motivated and unhealthy for the future of Ethiopia.

    • dange gena says:


      the author spent 3/4 of the paper examining the divide within the Diaspora using four varaibles (pooitcsm ethnicity, religion, and generational gap) to prove his point. You said that he spent the great deal of the discusson on critiqueing the ruling party—it makes no sense. Secondly, you claim that the author wishes to model Ethiopia without Tigreans, I don’t how you came to that conclusion. When I read the article, he stated that that diplomatic pressure should bring TPLF into negotiation with the political opposition. Does this eman to you modeling Ethiopia without Tigreans? I don’t understand how you reason out like this. It is apparent you are a Woyane agent who hastes seeing anything written about them negatively. Otherwise, I cannot see someone who can disort information as you just did in your comment.

      • Yonatan Dinku says:

        Dear Dange gena

        My point is what does ‘critical appraisal’ mean. Do you think division is the only explaining factor of the opposition groups? The author didn’t dare to even speak out the reason why they are divided. He just wrote the lines of division. Instead he implied that it is because of the Woyane’s design that they are divided.What about their destructive role that they have played over the past 20 or so years? By the way, I am not defending Woyane. They are doing it by themselves efficiently and effectively. The opposition should also do the same.But first they have to come to their mind and see the reality before they do so. Please read the article carefully as far as your capacity permits you to do so before jumping to insult people who freely express their ideas. Every problem that we have in Ethiopia is thought to be brought by Woyane.We have to be sincere if we are going to have a solution for our common problems. The author claims that he is against ethnicity. But in reality he bowed himself to the opposition and went on mentioning names now and then which you do not expect from an academician (since the author claims that he is a PhD holder). The problem is that you and people like the author listen to what you want to listen. You want people speak out what you want to do so. But this is impossible due to the human nature itself. You have to recognize this human nature.You don’t have the patience to accommodate other people’s ideas. If someone forwards any idea that does not fit your perspective, you label him/her as Woyane. You claim that you are better than Woyane but your behavior and actions does not tell what you claim to be. So dear friend, you have to first read seriously what ‘critical appraisal’ means and compare with what the author did. Hope that your engagements in such discussions that have national significance will be in a civilized manner.

        • dange gena says:

          Wondim Yonatan:

          I re-read the article for my own sanity. Please answer these questions for me, if you don’t mind?

          Didn’t the author state at the outset that his presentation was an opinion piece (essay, editorial), not an academcially researched paper? In your view,does it mean that academicians cannot write an opinion based on informed views like you and me? Do you think the concrete facts enumerated in the article, such as regime inrervention in religious affirs and single-ethnic domination of the econmy are not true? Is it not also true that the opposition is divided based on the four varialbes (ethnicity, political differences, regious isses and generational gap)that the author identified? You said that he did not explain the reasons of the division within the Diaspora, are these not reasons? Is an opinion,telling the divided opposition to unite so as to put more diplomatic pressure to force the Woyane regime to accept a negotaited solution to the crisis we have in Ethiopia today and make the regime to abandon ethnic minority supermacy in all spheres of of Ethiopian society mean to you ” politically motivated and unhealthy for the future of Ethiopia?” That is so funny to me.

          Have a blessed day.

  2. Ande Ethiopia says:

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  3. Mario says:

    Le’ayt misikirwa man ? dinbit alu! An opposition that have no unity ? An opposition that do not see each other as an equal partners? An opposition who fight for power even before they have the power for real ? An opposition who left Ethiopian in the darkness after they paid over 200 souls in hopes of better Ethiopia ? An opposition whom nobody knows where they took the money of the people contributed since 2004? What an analyses!

    Mr analyst, remember : TPLF was TPLF for the last 38 yeas & still TPLF passing through a lot of impossible obstacles! Opposition with no principle & discipline !

    I hope the so called opposition will come to their senses & be a choice or leave the stage for others to try their chance! This is the 21st century! You are letting us down every time!

  4. dassy says:

    lets get united under Amhara thats all about as i understand the article.

    • Abba Dulla says:


      I wonder if you actually understood the content of the article. Waht I see in some of you who is lack of understanding the meaning of the words or ideas advanced by the writer. I think there is a language problem here.Some of you may not have the English proficiency to understand the article’s theme and the entire context in whcich the arguments are presented. If you don’t understnad what has been written, please don’t make a fool of yourself by writing comments here. I honestly beleive that you got did not understand an iota of what has been presented in this article.Admit it guys!

  5. Dassy says:

    You right I really do not understand your slogan ETHIOPIWENAT Yeandenat hayloch?????
    HOWEVER we lived for 100 years under that cruel slogan of YEANDENAT HAYLOCH you can word it as you pleas we know your core value, intention, mentality, and wish. We will not going to dance in the same rhythm ever again this is a stand of millions. i will never ever have the ear or the mind to understand your fake slogan ETIOPIAWENAT YEANDENAT HILOCH. I will always live with my eyes wide open to protect what i have on hand know, you can only take it in my grave

  6. Abba Dulla says:


    Then, you desreve to be ruled by TPLF. That is what you seem to be wanting.

  7. Mario says:

    Now, who is going to stop the Oromos, Somalis,Tigrians ….from governing themselves…..! No one! Let me borrow a phrase; the kilils are there to protect “Hyenas in a ship skin”! You are not compared to the EPRDFat any level! You know that you don’t have nothing for Ethiopia ! If you were for then you could have kept your seats in the parliament during Kinijit ! …. Whenever you don’t know what to do, you get into opposing the Renaissance Dam…..! You are soaked in to a shame that have never seen in the entire human history! Every enemy & lover of Ethiopia ! Shame on you!

  8. Dassy says:

    I am not paranoid against any ethnic group and I am not under any ethnic ruler. I am free and ruled by constitution which allows me to use my own language ruled by people who speaks my own language in state label. I lived a life of in bearing suffering by the ruler of one ethnic group for 100 years they force me to be ruled by their language, on my own village they made me feel I am no body and my identity is the sign of backwardness. How can I explain it to u to see what went wrong, because you have all the answer you don’t have to study the source, you don’t have to stand in our shoes we are just a bunch of uncivilized people, shoud be civilized by the entitled and modern dominant ethnic. I really do not blemish you me and the majority of Ethiopians walked the untold suffering and discrimination that long (100 years) you have been conditioned to think the story of Ethiopians is red carpet for every body. Good for you continue to believe and wonder why we don’t get it.

    • samuel says:

      To Ajire Dassy
      you are really we-ya-ne cadre !
      if you do not like amhara or another ethnic group move out from that area go to Tigray – me-ke-le.

      • Dassy says:

        So who are u KINJET???? Deport every body who dosnt agree with your believe ” YANDENAT HAYLOECH” WHAT a democrat a force of unity are you guys???

  9. Mario says:

    Amanuel, if you think woyanes or their cadres will come here & waste their time , you need to think again & you don’t know who woyanes are! You have better to read to know who woyanes are instead of just guessing!

    This is what the problem in the diaspora opposition! They don’t know who Woyane is,they don’t know how Woyane works, they don’t know how dedicated woyanes are ! The only thing the opposition know is woyanes are from Tigrai, that’s it! These woyanes has been there . Most of these crying from out know who really woyanes are , but they just don’t want to expose their weakness so they won’t be thrown away!
    Woyanes don’t come here!

  10. Mario says:

    Sorry my above comment is actually for Samuel! My bet &

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