TPLF: The departure of the bigwigs


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7 Responses

  1. eden says:

    Old Veterans of TPLF, Thank you so so sooooooo much…..
    Meles and his comerades were popular politicians in the planet earth. They torched their life for the betterment of Ethiopia and Ethiopian people. When we said good bye meles in death and his associates in life, we didn’t have undue anxiety cos they had nurtured young vibrant and honest comerades with good leadership skills.
    For long time Poverty was a life style for Etrhiopians but With Meles leadership we won the battle of poverty but not the war. So we will finish the war with the young EPRDF leaders

  2. Yonas says:

    I didn’t know Terefu Kidanemariam was a spouse of Abay woldu. Surprise! This was not the type of change/succession that I was expecting from the TPLF. I was expecting to see new faces who has not been part of the 17 years struggle. But I still I would like to congratulate the senior members of EPRDF for their resignation. I don’t understand succession though. Is it the opposite meaning for people’s direct representation or democracy? Why not allow citizens elect their leaders no matter how long?

  3. Mario says:

    Thank you TPLF big wigs for your service! You always respected your words ! You promised to break the back bones of adversaries from Derg to Shabiya …you did! You promised to break the back bone of poverty , trends are showing us that Ethiopia is ready to burry poverty once & for all slowly but surely!

    God bless you our Tegadeli!

  4. Alem says:

    You must be hallucinating to think the “bigwigs” have departed. They will still be around or more precisely behind events. Much is at stake for them to go away this easy; they need to make sure laundered money is protected and stories of crimes kept under wrappers.

  5. teshome says:

    To All Old veterans, No match words but thank you so much. I believe, we Ethiopians need to pay in return for the good work you did for us. We need to develop the culture how to praise and honor people in life. I urge the government to arrange special occasions to recognize the good work of these people and if it were to my best wish, I would prefer to name some important places with the names of….Seyoum, Arkeb, Addisu, Tefera and the list goes on. This the least we can do for them

  6. Ebtisam says:

    Denkem alech ……

    Gluecha belewawet wet ayaatefitm…..It is so sad when one thinks of TPLF, specially the determination of its early members & the many who died for the good cause….it had the greatest opportunity of all regimes thanks to the political wave of change of the time abroad & one of the worest dictators at home, but TPLF failed to transform itself into a national force: it remained & still is a group of hate filled personalities & of narrow vision. Look no further; even after being on the helm of power for close to a quarter of a century theirs is still la liberation front. Liberation from who? Even EPLF had dropped its jungle name…….

  7. Mario says:

    We saw in your Congresses that you were born to liberate & develop Ethiopia !

    Look at how dedicated the EPRDFites are! They concluded their congress concentrating on the the GTP plan ! No hate or threat against anybody! No Aregoraw fukera or gura as the past elites used to do! …..but finally they are retiring!

    Remember: in the developed world, politicians continue their politics all their life, even though they are retiring they should stay around to share their experience to the new generations of the EPRDFites! Take for example , a senator from Alabama who served in the senate for over 60 years, until he can no longer walk! I think the retiring freedom fighters can be a good CEOs of Big government installations! Don’t you think so guys?

    The EPRDFites will be in power for decades to come like that of Japan,Singapore ….! One party reached Japan from from poverty to be the one of the greatest economy in our world!

    God bless the EPRDFites!
    God bless Ethiopia !

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