Ethiopia beat Botswana in 2014 World Cup qualifying matches


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5 Responses

  1. Mario says:

    Good job our team! Keep it up!
    God bless you !

  2. teshome says:

    I missed the game. Any ways I was so happy.
    It was so unique and very strategic to make the African Bill gate, Al Amudin the guest of Honor. That works well.
    It appears the future holds great hope for the Ethiopia football team. Every members of the team needs to sprite up and has to have a winning mentality. That’s all football by a very large demands.
    If it is his will, I kindly request his honor Sheikh Al Amudin to boom all the players with fantastic prize

  3. Fikir says:

    Teshome, please avoid this begging psychology. The players do play for the love of their country; not for the love of money. Let the job speak about the reward. And why dont u contribute something to reward them. Tiglun lela sew enditagel, shilmatun lela sew endiset, etc…what a fucken mentality is this?

  4. teshome says:

    Forget your trash talk and mind games.
    I knew many of your likes spent a valuable time of their life in tweeting, face booking and skyping hate politics. This is something overwhelming those who have mental deficiency and metal illness.
    My Friend, Humans by their very nature need recognition and reward for the work they did. GO and see any psychology book how positive reinforcement is important in humans psychology. I won’t think for a moment you would miss this point, but the fact that the reward is requested from the man who worked tirelessly for the good of the poor, his honor Shriek Al Amudine was really a headache for you.
    Let me tell you something, you are in emotional mess to turn a blind eye for the elephant in the room. Your Hero and ICON Tamagne Beyene “some prefer to call him Lemagne Beyene” had never worked any job in USA for the last twenty plus years, being in a usual state of health.
    If you like to speak from your heart, this is where you raise begging mentality to advice Tamagne Beyene.
    Cheere man

  5. Danny boy says:

    Its 2 to 1,…hw cud u miss zat!

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