Fingers Crossed for Kenya, our Second Home


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7 Responses

  1. Mario says:

    If you love Kenya thus far, why don’t you change your citizenship to be Kenyan ?

  2. Ebtisam says:

    I know Kenya too, but not as a refugee. There are things that the country is far ahead of Ethiopia, specially on freedom of the press & on free market agenda. Having said that I would not aspire Ethioipian politics to take the Kenyan route not the least the tribal aspect of politics that you alluded to. But the main problem is the absence of conviction & core values that must remain with us. Just take the US or your own adopted country (Canada): a Republican/Conservative would never change course & join the democrats or the vice versa. Only in countries where politics is seen as a short cut to prospeity do people change their allegiances in a matter of seconds. Othereise what will explain two ploitical foes in one election joining hands another. This is not flexibility; this is prostitution of the highest order that come only from the desire for self enrichment.

  3. seifeselassie says:

    Mario you need to grow up!

  4. Mario says:

    Seifeselassie, is it wrong to opine?

    • Ebtisam says:

      Super Mario – You know you don’t have to comment on every article, specially if all you have to write is about personal issues. Besides, one could also wonder why you should not join Graziani as you seem to like their name. In short, focus on issues.

  5. Mario says:

    Ebtisam, where is the personal issues in my comments though? Can you show me? Is writting against the writter a personal issue?

    All I can say is: let freedom of speech start here
    We call an individuals like you”sayterut abet saylkut wedet”

    Mr Ebtisam, take it easy broda ! We are just opining here nothing else! We won’t change anything, just speaking our mind!

    Let freedom ring in the Ethiopian cyber space in the diaspora!

  6. melashdesta says:

    Teclemichael wrote what he felt. It is entirely his view and wishes. He is positive to the treatments he received. It is only those refugees who underwent the life of being a refugee in an alien land, who can describe the their experiences. So, why should one be blamed? (like the sarcasm of Mario). If Mario has an issue with Teclemichael, it should not be reflected on this website which is shared by thousands.

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