Egypt, Ethiopia Headed For War Over Water (As-Safir, Lebanon)


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34 Responses

  1. chala says:

    This is another paid agent like Almariam who writes sheet who ever pay him.

    Egypt is paying every where to people write sheet about Ethiopia.

    I didn’t care about this arab who dosent’t have any clue about ethiopia. My concern is people like Almariam who been working for Isayas now change the payroll to Egypt and start attacking Ethiopia.

    Why did the extremist diaspora support any thing bad to ethiopia. they support the Alsheba against ethiopia then shabia then Egypt on the abay and now the muslim extrimist .

    They are supporting any one who give them hope to do there job changing the gov. and with out scarifying anything they want to be in 4kilo.


    • KEBE says:


  2. elias says:

    Haileslsee was singing..shabia…died
    Mengistu was singing shabi. fled zumbabwe…
    Meles was singing shabia….died
    now hailemariam and aboy sbhat singing shabia…..Hoples and ful fear
    why dont make peace with eritrea and defend to shit arabs…Im with ethiopian people,to defen thos arab,with sea and river nill access while ethiopians are dying of hunger…why you blam shabia…
    cheken head,leave badme lets work to gether to defend any arab prpoganda,
    but your the same as shit arab,eritrea country came not by the help of arab,but by sucrifice 2million people do you know this?weak up

  3. bendo says:

    Eritrean and Ethiopian Diaspora what did they have in common.

    1. Eritrean to show there love to there country by supporting any thing and every thing the gov. does. They even go out to demonstrate against sanction on Eritrean leader.

    2.They even paid 2% tax to the Eritrean gov. even most of them hate the gov. they want to help there country.

    Ethiopian extremist Diaspora

    1. They oppose any thing and every thing that the gov. does.

    2.There is no difference b/n country and gov. so they oppose any thing and support every one that work against Ethiopia’s interest. Eg. Abay Dam, Shabia, Somalia, Muslim extremist and they even demonstrate against world bank asking not to give Ethiopia food aid and money.

    3.they don’t even do any thing that help there country except the only thing that they specializes demonstration and candle night and pal talk talk.

  4. Eshetu says:

    Chala clearly describes how arab presses are involved in Nile’s issue by getting rewards from their master.I am really sad that the value of journalism is eroded by some scavengers.I don’t think so this article is written by a journalist from the mentioned Lebanon press. The press may rent the page and an egyptian diplomat or cheap politician from any corner wrote and put his idea on it. Because the article misses so many facts and truths to be written by independent journalis. For example the independent journalist couldn’t tell us that egypt has historic and legal rights in the nile water.Because the source of the so called egypt’s legal right is the
    the colonial time agreement egypt signed with her master not with other lower reparian countries. All colonial time
    agreements or rules including this agreement were annuled during the establishment of OAU and endorsed by UN.
    So the best thing will be not war. It is much better and possible to work for the benefit of the two people (Egyptian and Ethiopian)with the sense of solidarity, cooperation and mutual respect. To conclude war is not the new thing for ethiopians including with Egypt.I pleasingly invite to the editor atleast to refer some historical documments and manuscripts how ethiopians won wars with foreign agressors.

  5. Yonas says:

    What is the point of posting this trash in an Ethiopian news site? To scare us? People wrote about Ethiopia’s interest over the Nile waters but u never posted it. That is gonna be ur legacy Mr. Editor!

    • Martha Halefom says:

      @Yonas are you matured? Why you interprete things negatively? While Egyptians and Arabs try to conspire against our national interest, it is the duty of responsible medias such as Awramba Times to inform and aware our people. If you read the whole article, it has a poisonous agenda. Read the last paragraph, it is an advise for president Mohamed morsi to go to war against Ethiopia. So we Ethiopians have to know every step of the conspiracy. Thank you Awramba.

      • Yonas says:

        Hey Mrs. Matured,
        The best thing ur enemy can do to defeat u is create a doubt on ur mind. Lets discuss more about our interests is my point.
        If u think u need such a trash to understand the evil of Egypt, u gotta go to school and take history classes again. If u think u know all the politics behind the Nile then as an Ethiopian u will mostly need to read articles that will help u understand more about the ultimate rights of ur country to Abay. Most diaspora news sites think the GRD is only Weyanne’s matter. They never distinguished between party politics and national interests. Have u ever read any article on these sites about the GRD? They would rather advocate Egypts national interest by posting such articles. They are trying to create a doubt on this issue on ur mind.

        • Martha Halefom says:

          @Yonas, please don’t rush to conclusions on a subject mater you are not familiar with. Yes i have seen many articles that support the construction of the GRD at least on this site. If you have the courage to analyze things visit this link which is a good example for my point

          • Yonas says:

            The so called General and the author of this article are talking about the same shit, the scare tactic. The article u listed discusses the issue that I am talking about. National interest vs politics. What’s new here? Can we talk about buying bonds for the GRD here?

          • Wedi Enticho says:

            Yonas, Lemehonu ante rasih bond geztehal? If you are genuine Ethiopian. Kanget belay sayjon betegbar asayen.

    • Mitmita says:

      Yonas might have a wrong assumption on the visions and objectives of this news site. However as he is entitled to share his views freely, we don’t have to label him as a shabiya agent.

      • Yonas says:

        Hey fool,
        Tell me the last time these news sites posted a paragrah about how to build this dam or simply how to finance it instead of preaching u that a great destruction may happen because of this dam. This is not a do or don’t situation for us people. It is a do or die! Don’t freak out, this is how it used to be. It is called a National Interest not a politics! Only few distinguish between the two todays Ethiopian politics.

  6. mussie says:

    i fully agree with you chala. In the past egypt and other arab states always tried to weaken ethiopia. The results e.g. you see now in the northern ethiopia (so called Eritrea). But the time is over. Even in Eritrea the people now realise that they have been used for arab interests (30 years war for weaking ethiopia). But now they (egypt) should no try to stop the unstopable. Better they should now think about birth control. 1 shild solution like china did…

    • elias says:

      Musie,musie,weak up you are chewing chat,who gave eritrea to eritrea people?by demonstration in washington street or by destroying the bigest army in africa who was supported by ameria=ca and russia.why some of you still dreaming,where were you when more than 3million young ethiopians died in eritrea to serve mengistu and haileslase,you dont care? do you

      • ohplease says:

        Really are you telling us what they told you or what you know the west , north africa , and middle east was supporting shabia do not eco the propaganda your masters told you didnt destroy any thing; because of the end of the cold war and economic reasons and the price paid by tplf you guys suceeded both tplf and eplf drove with covered camions to Addis with out any resistance except ambo Egypt (jebha), libya, saudi arabi iraq ….were all helping you ideot

  7. Mario says:

    Political power has been distributed to the nations nationalities & peoples of Ethiopia ! No power has been gained through the dream of ….colored revolution , spring revolution , Ethiopian Muslim problems… & No political power will be gained by being Egypt’s stooge just for the simple reason of money & power hunger….! The renaissance will be built & poverty will be defeated once & for all! If Egypt touches Ethiopia , then Egypt will be changed forever!

    Power hungry bunches, you will never satisfy your power hunger through ill wishes for our country! We know that you using the proverb of donkey will never get you anywhere!

    Victory for Ethiopian who are working day in day out to develop Ethiopia & defeat poverty once & for all!

    God bless Ethiopia !

  8. Jara Abba Gadaa says:

    “Egypt’s historical and legal rights in the Nile waters”

    *** forgot to record & mention it as many times as possible on our religious books.

    “regional and international balance of powers, which in recent years has favoured Ethiopia.”

    *** Infidels do bias. Political, Military, Financial work with all anti Ethiopia States/Groups/People like Arabs/Eritrea, OLF/ONLF/G7/EPPF/ESAT, Professors like Al Mariam/Jawar Siraj, Activist Tamagne Beyene/Tedila Asfaw/Abebes, Muslim protesters etc…using in on the table & ongoing.

    “For any Egyptian government,
    Egypt’s water share & securing the Nile’s headwaters
    are the top national security
    priorities, irrespective of the
    Egyptian government’s
    ideology or domestic policies.”

    *** Food Security, Political Gain, Anti-Arab, Attention Diversion Issue for Ethiopia

    Ethiopia enemies both Ethiopia born & outsiders already started the work. Just join hand in hand & make it happen.

    Using various media propaganda & checking the status during diplomacy won’t help. That is it.

    • get says:

      I dont even now why every body bother about ethiopia and eritrea.both of as the people with the same culture,religon and tiribe. Past was past we dont have to be enemies, trust me guys my father died in ethio-eritrean war so do I have to hate eritrean people? Here is something my girl friend is eritrea, my mother say all alway are ganna marry ure fathers murder? But both love each other even she lost her oldest brother at war, these thing really making me sick always. I dont what too decided.

  9. Hadar says:

    I don’t believe there will be any war if countries trust evidence from scientific studies than emotional feelings and opinion. All studies show “No significant harm to downstream countries”. I remember during the past Israel-Lebanon war your ex-prime minster said “Are some human being more important than others”. Are Egyptians more important human beings than Ethiopians? Why doesn’t it concern you when Ethiopians die with hunger and darkness. Ethiopian are just people and never jeopardize the existence of other societies. In the same line, other societies must recognize the ability of Ethiopians to exist on the map. Hydro power never consumes water and never reduces the flow of water downstream. It is true that during the filling stage of the reservoir, limited reduction of flow may occur. Let’s assume Ethiopia in consultation with Egypt decides to fill the reservoir based on only 10% flow reduction per year, the reduction must be tolerable. I think this is where Egyptians have to work closely with Ethiopians so that reservoir filling takes place in a manner that doesn’t bring significant harm to them. it is their right to work closely with Ethiopians. Otherwise, one can’t argue from geopolitical point of view while more than 90 Million people in Ethiopia are also at risk of hunger and darkness.

  10. Kibrom says:

    Yonas, I think you are here to intentionally divert things to the other side. please we are tired of Shabiya agents. This site is not Ethiopian Review.

  11. Nebelbal says:

    Arab malet kizenam new. If they try it, Ethiopia will give them the right lesson. The battle of Gundet is a good reference for this. Besew lij ena be ensisa mekakel Yale fitret mindnew kalachu Arab new.

  12. Tatek says:

    Mr Chala, I don’t know why you are after every single person who rationally says NO to TPLF institutionalized marginalization, oppression, tyranny and repression. It is your right to belong to the TPLF political camp and adhere to their evil policies of repression, division, hatred and oppression but it is nonsense to attack people like Professor Alemayehu who are defending human rights and exposing the evil deeds of the TPLF to the whole world to see.If in your world it is a capital crime to dine with Shabiya (your own masters did once sleep with these same shabiya), Professor Alemayehu has nothing to do with being a shabiya agent.
    I am not sure the Grand Renaissance Dam was started in the first place to help elevate Ethiopia out of years of poverty and chronic dependence on food aid. It could be, as reported by many media, a plot to deceive Ethiopians that the TPLF were working towards the creation of a Developmental State, and avoid an Arab Spring style marching of people en masse to Meskel square to delete the TPLF out of power.
    In my view, the Egyptians understand that Ethiopia wouldn’t like to be provoked by any one from any quarter —but is the TPLF up to the task of rallying Ethiopians behind it, mainly if this has to take a shape of a civil war? If this is the case, I am not sure figure head Hailemariam or any one in the TPLF rank is up to the task of defending their power at Arat kilo, all that appears to matter to the TPLF.

    • Mario says:

      Tatek, if you have the right to say no against TPLF , don’t you think chala has the same right to say yes TPLF? We believe there is a freedom in Ethiopia that has never been seen in its entire history!
      There are kilils now! No more Hyenas in a sheep skin ! All kilils has to all their affairs on their own!

      Chala has the same right as you do! What wrong if chala talk to individuals, or to many…? It shouldn’t be your business!

  13. kk says:

    Ethiopia will definitely build the dam at what ever cost. The dam will have possitive impact mainly to all the people of Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt. The dam is mainly used for hydropower and hence no reduction of the volume of water. Definitely there will not be floods rather a constant flow through out the year.
    The generated power will solve the longstanding power shortage in ethiopia and the excess will be sold to neighbouring countries relatively in cheap price when compared to the cost of producing power from diesel.
    So if we see things positively, it is an advantage for all of us (Ethiopia, Sudan, Egypt, Djibouti, Somalia, Eriteria, South Sudan, Kenya, Uganda, Ruwanda, Burundi)

  14. HornofAfrica says:

    Egypt and other Arab countries are waging war of nerves against Ethiopia on the issue of the GRD. Controlling the Nile and making it an Arab river had been on their agenda since the down of their history. At present, they have mobilized fully their media and even a minister from the fourteenth century theocratic Saudi Arabia, and more is to come in the future.
    Ethiopians should not be intimidated by foreign powers and they should prepare themselves for a possible confrontation, if things come to that. Much more dangerous are Ethiopians who are ready to sell their country for the sake of power and other ulterior motives.
    Equally important is the position of Eritrea in any crisis between Ethiopia and Egypt. If she stands with the enemy forfeiting her national interest or forgetting the brutality of Egyptian Bedouins and Egyptian and Arab governments against Eritreans, that would start an Armagedon. On the other hand, if she stands with Ethiopia or at least she is neutral, then there is nothing to worry about. It is not an easy business to fight an enemy head on, when one has to watch ones back.
    In addition, there is a danger that the regime in Egypt that is walking on a hot charcoal due to the political crisis, would try to externalize its internal problems, so that Egyptians would look towards the phantom enemy (Ethiopia), away from the real enemy which is the sectarian regime, the Muslim brotherhood, that is trying to control dictatorially all the political grounds in Egypt. Thus, it would get a breathing space and it would try to direct the wrath of Egyptians away from itself.
    (please add to the end of the previous comment, thank you)

  15. Habtamu S says:

    Uhe, you have focused on ‘Egypt’s historical and legal rights’ [many times on your ‘paper’] on Abay and but you couldn’t say something about who’s history and which legal right. And you continue that “For any Egyptian government, Egypt’s water share and securing the Nile’s headwaters are the top national security priorities, irrespective of the Egyptian government’s ideology or domestic policies. But for Ethiopian it is top national security priorities not only for every government but for every individual of us. Still continue that “Egyptian rulers have always used any means to defend their country’s historic rights to the Nile waters’’ and I say to you that ask your ancestor or read some books about the wars that held between Ethiopia and Egypt and all finished by the conqueror of our Ethiopian patriots. When you try to judged the ‘weakens’ of Egyptians on Abay by saying ‘ …..their second eye had lost the ability to distinguish friend from foe, but I say to you on this matter that we never and will never have a problem to distinguish a friend from an enemy. Again You recommended sixth indicators that show geopolitical changes that favor Ethiopia, but I want to remind you what change that favor of Ethiopia is the awakening of our people towards development and suppuration of being poor.
    Thank you

  16. Ewunetu says:

    All of these shameful constant theatrical make believe war crys and TOO LOUD fake screamings by the frightened fat hedonist tiny corrupt elites are for the cover up and attention diversion from the dire and desperate situation in Ethiopia itself where the large majority of Ethiopians are completely dispossessed,dictated,robbed,wretched and exploited deep down to their bone marrows while their own abundant human and material resources like the virgin fertile farmlands are being distributed almost for free to the same countries these same hedonists claim to be waging wars soon and through such BIG LIAS double insult the intelligence of the Ethiopian people both online and offline. 🙂

  17. Lungo says:

    Attention diversion propaganda like always.

    “People never lie so much as after a hunt, during a war or before an election.” ~Otto von Bismarck

  18. Endegena Sahale Seged says:

    The argument goes, someone wrote an article and then two poor countries go to war..are you for real?
    Leaders of both countries are Lapdogs of Neo-colonialists and the so-called investors.
    The powers to be in both countries:
    -one is led by Hawks of the seventh century teachings of a religious cult that has no future.
    -The other is run by fanatics of tribal politics who are taking Ethiopia back to Stone age groupies.
    now, once that is clear, there is no war to be had for TPLF noise makers.
    Thank you Ewnetu and Tatek for all other askaries..Wusha bebelabet Yichohal! will be fit.

  19. BEZA says:

    Egyptians,Saudis, Yemnis and so on need to be remeinded who ethiopians are. The way they are treating us in their land they are asking for an A*s wiping . We the diaspora Ethiopians need to let them all know what is about to jump unless they somehow figure out to stop doing what they are doing to our people in their land. We will kick them not for the water but for the treatment they Ethiopians are geting in their land right now. WATER MIGHT BE THE COVER BUT THE GRUDGE WILL REALLY BE AMINATING FROM THE TREATMENT WE ARE RECIEVING IN THEIR LANDWe the so called Ethiopians are divided heavily once we step out of that country called Ethiopia it is a shame..I don’t know why we the Ethiopians in USA and elsewhere donot even let the Yemenis know how we feel about the way they mistreat our brothers and sisters in their country but care about this guys treatment in UK. The worse trweatment he can ever get in UK cannot even in start to compare with the treatment Ethiopins get in yemen on a daily basis.. Belive me even leting the yemeni diasporas know verbally about how we Ethiopian diaspoaras care about each other whether we are in US or Yemen would help the Ethiopians that are being mistreated . We act like the corner store owner is our brother and do not even say nothing to them about how Ethiopians are being treated in Yemen . That is so wrong.if we really care about our Ethuiopian brothers and sisters that are suffering in Yemen and now even in saudi and beyond we need to make noise every chance we get ,they will listen even they are in US , europe , Australia, Africa Yemnis and Saudis need to hear from diasporas that they need to stepup their treatment towards our guest orelse…Our expectations is not what we find out here that is a fact. Outside Ethiopia is different according to where in outside Ethiopia we are at.This terrorist probably got 100 times better treatment than than the peaceful Ethiopians that are unfortunately in Saudi or Yemen.Who would expect that ?Terrorist better treated than hard working . . The Ethiopians in Saudi and Yemen are being mistreated.Life is much for ordinary Ethiopian in Yemen or saudi than the life of this terrorist which some say he is being is being mistreated in UK. Fortunately for this terror suspect he got a better treatment in UK than ordinary Ethiopians in Saudi or Yemen. My point is diaspora Yemenis can make our feelings known to the Yemen people if we start complaining to them about how they mistreat Ethiopians in their country. In inner cities they own stores every corner, we as Ethiopians it is our duty to visit those stores and speak about how we feel about them wiping , torturing , killing , raping and isolating the Ethiopian immigrants in their country.This is very easy to figure out. We let the Yemenis treat Ethiopians like s**t. We the so called diaspora Ethiopians did not even lift a finger to let the diaspora Yemenis know we don’t like how Ethiopians are being treated in Yemen. We go to their businesses as normal and maybe still talk to them like they are our next door country brothers from a different mother. We don’t even consider to relay our message through them to the Yemen back home. These people basically own corner stores all over and we did not make noise. I personally would take it like this ,if my brothers are being mistreated wherever I have to make noise here wherever I am at starting with all these people that won’t hesitate to follow me to the dark alley if I picked a juice and walk out. I let them know how I feel in the dark alley about how I really feel about them mistreating my brothers and sisters in their land. If enough do that they will hear us loud and clear ,whether it is in Saudi or beyond. Yemenis started Mistreating us before anyone and we should start from them to do what need to be done..

  20. Ken says:

    Dear Mr Editor, Pass my message to the ‘Mr Writer’

    That he is a dickhead for he couldn’t see if “…..the Entebbe Agreement is not legally binding for Egypt and Sudan,…” equally so is the “…Agreements between Britain,Egypt and sudan…” legally nonbinding for Ethiopia. So he shouldn’t go on and ..on like a moron about “…Egypt’s historical and legal rights in the Nile waters…” There is no legal rights!
    -That he is again a dickhead for recommending ” Egypt’s soft powers …through the “.. the Coptic Othodox church….”. No clues how much Ethiopia has moved on?! I guess not! dickhead!!!!

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