Azeb Mesfin: Meles had neither an ID card nor a bank account


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45 Responses

  1. Tegady says:

    Very interesting
    Is she trying to full us.
    If I was setting next to her I would ask her about her income and her bank account. It doesn’t matter for MELE to have bank account as long as she has one…. Funny lady

    If melese is like that he dare other TPLF juntas become billionaire .

    any way….I don’t think she registered her asset

  2. teshome says:

    Meles performance spoke for itself. No recent African leader came parallel to what Meles had contribute to its nation.
    Meles was a gift of Ethiopia who was sent as a prophet to save Ethiopia from the chaos, ethnic conflict and fragile political situation, Ethiopia was in.
    He played a midwife role in establishing the New Ethiopia where Ethnic, nation and nationalities are respected and live with tolerance
    He was unique in that he was good for details of political arena. Had it not been for Melse Genius mentality, we wouldn’t knew Ethiopia in the present content and form
    He is also an African Towering leader and effective negotiator for Africans interest. He was unequivocally praised all over the world both in life and death.
    May be what Azeb spoke about Meles is the tip of the iceberg.
    I am proud of Meles, my religion is Meles and I strongly believe in ‘Meleslism’

    • ETHIO says:

      keep it down man.

      let us stack to the topic, the topic is whether what she said is true or false.

      I 100% sure that with your new religion, you will end up in hell.

    • Dawit( Down Under) says:


      I’m really impressed with your devotion to your religion.You even worship your god on Good Friday.It’s undeniable that your god was a very talented politician , good leader and out-smarted many but be careful, ” The fear of the God ( not god/s) is the the beginning of wisdom .” Psalm 111:10

    • yemaymesil says:

      Anten afhin be plaster ashigo egirna ejihen tefro bado bet wust maskemet neber.

    • Melat says:

      At Teshome; endet endet yaregehal ebakeh? If you love meles this much why did’t you follow him? ahunim arefedem teketelew. That Satan man is you belife! you must be satan your self. We don’t know his clever mid but we know his evil mind…just like devil. Go hell!! egnam alen elilililili…

    • tolosa says:


    • bendo says:

      I love meles but I didn’t trust at all what azeb saying. he might not be rich or live a lexury life as he spend all his life working but i suspect he put some money by his wife for retirment time.
      I believe he didn’t live as rich as he should be. every one accept that he devoted his life for work but what azeb do no one knows.
      his salary not only 6000 birr he is a prime minster and also have more than 10 other jobs that will pay him and free accomadation and food in the palace and his wife eart more than 25000 a month as a leader of EFERT.
      so azeb argument is nonsense

      • yemaymesil says:

        He devoted his life to destroy Ethiopia, and had it been possible erase from the map of the world. This garbage made Ethiopia landlocked, sold Ethiopian territories to Sudan, displaced Ethiopian farmers and pastoralists to sale their land for Arabs and Hindus. Is that what you call devoting his life for the country ? Leave the race issue for a fraction of second and think like a human.

  3. selam says:

    Teshome, First you are out of the topic and then you started bulshiting about Meles to the point that you make him a religion. All I can say is you and your jah will meet in hell. Adios

  4. solomon says:

    Meles did a great job of improving the economy not by increasing productivity, but utilizing aid money for infrastructure devt. Meles did a great job of balkanizing the country into ethnic factions and drawn power out of the tension. He did excellent job of killing the democratic process that he started really well. He hated the idea of galvanizing Ethiopians, as people, as Ethiopians, to come together and work for the country with vision. He fought and died entrenched in the narrow shell of ethnic identity. He was not great enough, selfless enough to embrace the idea of loving others, taking care of others, and carving Ethiopianness. He was very smart in being small and narrow. The mark of greatness is selflessness. Greatness is forgiving, and broad. He lacked those qualities, though i heard that at the end of his life he was more accommodating and inclusive of others. But he was just a human being. He did a lot in his own way. Lets fix a lot of his grave mistakes, and work on few of his strong endeavors.

  5. teshome says:

    solomon, selam, Dawit( Down Under), ETHIO and Tegady…..
    You have all the package of Anti-Meles.
    Let’s agree here, the Ethiopia we knew some twenty plus years and the current Ethiopia we know now are completely different. Meles is a founding father this new Ethiopia. This is an inconvenient and bitter truth you need to swallow. Nothing less is a chauvinistic Mentality that takes you no where. The funny thing for this sick politics you gave so many excuses.
    It is not you who were dis-informed and misinformed the public that ‘the Amharas’ are displaced and chased all over Ethiopia. It is hard to put in words this non sense and unfounded allegations. It is completely non yielding. To an Amhara is on thing but to gain and play unfair political game in Amharas name is different.
    The non credible and partisan internate TV ESAT made busy its self in such propaganda madness 24/7. The disinformation ESAT tells might be simple but it speaks the volume about what a wrong political Anatomy it stands for.
    We, Ethiopians can live together, if in case the need arises we should be wiser how to live apart. I think the constitutions allows us to do all the options. It is about to us to know which is good for us.
    In the mean time let’s avoid bullying and bullying shitting each other

    • Dawit ( Down Under ) says:


      I’ m neither anti nor pro Meles.I’ve just written based on your comment. I don’t get it why you are angry.You better discard or clean your untidy left extremist glasses; otherwise , you won’t be able to see the humour side of politics like the right extremist diaspora toxic media and politicians.

      Chill out and come to the centre ; Being extreme leftist or Right winger isn’t trendy anymore.

    • ETHIO says:

      I told you to keep it down, you are still out of the topic, and please please tell me that tplf is fair for Amhara people . I believe in God and I am waiting for his justice. for you to remember esat has to do nothing with you comment. just read what you wrote.I am sorry to tell you that you don’t know what you are talking about.

    • ea says:

      teshome i am wandering is she going to the Mayer of addis as ESAT said. i am telling you it is hard. she is going to be in a very hot sit pls put someone who knows what he/she is doing and talking about. by the way i fill ashamed of the etho parliament how many people like her sitting there. how is she going to defend the people who elect her to represent them. i heard she is part of 36 EPDRF member pls watch some countries parliament argument to pass the law and….. (but i will tell you honestly i am not a member any party at all i am just Ethiopian. so i do not care who is who my only wish is need to see wealth, full democratic with no boundaries and justices in ETHIOPIA!!!!!!!!!!!)

  6. Getachew says:

    “yeayeT meseker denbiT”
    What can we expect from his wife and comrade in arms?

  7. Surgo says:

    It is understandable that Azeb is trying to defend her dead husband, brutal dictator Meles Zenawe, legacy. However, her audacious lies were so ridiculous I couldn’t stop laughing out loud (LOL), because I thought:
    1 Why Meles need a bank account, as a matter-of-fact Meles used to deal with the National Bank of Ethiopia as if it was his piggybank. It is not a top secret that that Meles just have to make a phone call to transfer million dollars from the National Bank Ethiopia to Eritrea. The thought of Meles receiving every month, in a white envelop, a little over 4,000 Br as his take-home pay make me LOL.
    2 Azeb said, “Meles had neither an ID card nor a driving licence”, why he needs one? He was the dictator, i.e. he was the law, he used to do whatever he want and answers to nobody. The thought of someone asking Meles, “Sir, can I please see your ID card or driving licence?” make me LOL.
    There is one point, may I say, I am in agreement with Azeb, i.e. With regard to Eritrea.
    Azeb said “Meles had never negotiated on the national interests of Ethiopia. Not even for a second,” I say, yes to his beloved Eritrea he always giveaway Ethiopian national interest without negotiation, he was always, ever second of his life, fighting and negotiating for Eritrea national interest and against Ethiopian national interest.

  8. Teshale says:

    …mindinew mitaweraw???? No account?? … go fool yourself and your likes with your poor psychology….. even a kid doesn’t miss Meles didn’t need his own account to steal. He can use his wife’s or one of his servants.

  9. Asayegn says:

    In our culture widows are free to marry after the year anniversary of their spouse’s passing. Usually. I am single and owner of a very successful hedge fund. I own bachelor pads in Atlanta, Chicago(Trump’s Tower) and Houston. I have business interests in Hong Kong and Singapore. I want someone to hook me up with this former First Lady. She must be in her late 40’s or mid 50’s. That is how I like them. I am in my late 30’s. Can someone please push some digits of her my way? I am serious.

  10. Mario says:

    All in all, Meles is the greatest leader in our time! Meles has no match in the entire world at this moment! Therefore, Meles allowed himself to melt like a butter for Ethiopia ! Nobody can deny this! Meles has changed Ethiopia for good & his principle is followed by millions at this moment !

    God bless his soul!

  11. E/wi says:

    Grow up people.meles is the best and we all know that.Naming/labling is the mother of all ****ups.

  12. E/wi says:

    Grow up people.meles is the best and we all know that.Naming/labling is the mother of all ****ups.Extreme amaranism sentiment will do no good to no one.

  13. Meleszenawi says:

    Please dear AZEB just give us a respect which we deserve as human! Are you trying to fool us? It seems that you are showing clear crystal how to make white lie. You are really in need of medication before it gets too late!!!
    Aboy Sibehat and his mates are still working in clandestine manner to finish you off! I don’t think they will rest until you are done as they did for your husband!!! you are crossing many lines many times! it is a matter of time we wait and see!!!

  14. YEMAYMESIL says:

    Guys do not give a damn credit to Teshome. Just ignore him as if he does not exist in this world and his satanic soul is the one that is jumping here and there.
    Responding to this guy is giving him a respect. He is looking for attention. Let us not give him a damn attention. Do not respond to his nonsense. If he believes Meles is God, let it be and ignore him.
    GUYS DO NOT RESPOND TO TESHOMES COMMENT. JUST IGNORE HIM IGNORE THIS GUY. When we deny him the attention he is seeking he will stop his nonsense.
    Responding to this guy is just like responding to a man who has lost his faculty. !!! DO NOT RESPOND TO TESHOME !!!

  15. Mario says:

    Some of you guys here have no moral to criticize the courageous woman who fought like a man to free Ethiopia from the brutal Derg! Talking because you have a mouth will never get you anything!

    Azeb is one of these courageous Tegadelti who chose to fight for their country than fleeing just for the sake of filling their bellies!

    Azeb is one of these Tegadeltis who defeated the biggest Army in Africa!

    Whatever some of you here think, Azeb & Her husband have a special status in our country! They already led the struggle , won the war …..! Bad mouthing is the mentality of losers!

    One who disrespects people has no respect for himself(GTZ)!

  16. Alem says:

    Good job Dawit. Please also post statements by Sebhat Nega, Bereket, Seyoum, and the late-Meles. None of these have a shred of self-respect. They are a disgrace to Ethiopians. Meles once declared his monthly earnings were less than US$400. The fact that they do not think people are not fooled is evidence of a sick mind.

  17. EthioZena says:

    Azeb, the only thing that i can say to you is, you need to let Kibebew Geda know to find a different line of work because you just became the funniest people on earth. Azeb,When do you release your next funny video? 4,000 Br with NO bank account!Hilarious….kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  18. Mario says:

    It’s been 38 years since the empty opposition lived in an empty dream! No matter who dies , the struggle against zero sum elites , their families , in laws & stooges will continue !

    Your Aboy Sibhat, Azeb…ayit alefech dmet tedenaqefech … Will waste another 38 years!

    Remember : Meles’ legacy will lead Ethiopia for the next 3 decades!

    The Dogs are still barking , but the Camel had kept on its own way scoring consecutive successes !

    God bless the Ethiopia that the EPRDFites established!
    Dogs go on barking & the EPRDFites will continue building Ethiopia !

  19. alem says:

    thank you mr dawit for accepting my comment and posting this vidio.

  20. T.Goshu says:

    >Is she confessing that her late husband had been in control of evreything that mainly includes political power (all the three branches of government) ,economic sectors, military and intelligence services, external relations and even religious institutions and etc. for almost nothing or just for two huadred and plus dollars pay-check per month?

    >Is she really swearing that her late husband had committed serious politically motivated crimes on hundreds and thousands of innocent Ethiopians that terribly includes mass and arbitrary arrests,forced disappearances, torture, and sadly enough killings just to secure the said 6000(4000) Birr monthly salary?
    >Is she undermining the intelligence of the innocent people of Ethiopia to the extent of telling them thatthe mastermind of a horrible political agenda and practice for the last 21 years had to go hungry together with his family for the sake ofthe well-being and dignity of the people?

    >Is she telling the people that the multiple and big and highly profitable companies of her liberation front led by her late husband have nothing to do with his and his family’s lifves?

    >Is she trying to continue fooling the innocent people of Ethiopiathat her late husband was sinless where as the hard fact are crystal clear that the unprecedented magnitude of corruption had happened under his presidency and later primiership? Is she fooling herslef that this had nothing to do with a highly syinical political personality of late husband?

    >Is she underestimating the knowledge of the people who have witnessed how her husband’s conspiratorial behavior and practice from thier own day-to-day lives/ experiences ,not just from news or other witnesses ? She sounds extremely frustrated by all terrible things she , her husband and cronies have done for the last quarter of a centrury ? I do not think she is doing this at every talking show of her an evil-driven political group with her normal common sense.

    . Mrs. ex-first lady , you can confess again, and again , and again that your late husband’s salary was this or that amount . However, repeating or singing that song does not hold water . It is because that or this amount was nothing ,but it is an open secrett that this is a very a kind of cover up for what he and his conies have exploited the the people to their bones and the country’s resources ( especially its extremely valuablenatural resouce – land and minerals) in a very irresponsible manner. Well, the list of a very cynical and conspiratorial and extremely corrupt 20 years of your late husband ruling is enormous ,and history will be a true judgement of that. And I want to say that there is no doubt that all these kinds of senseless and outragous staging -managing politics will come to an end not latter but very soon!!

  21. solomon says:

    We all know that Azeb is the mother of corruption in Ethiopia. And the father of it is dead now. The question is what Azeb claims about her and her husband. She is saying and doing what she is supposed to do. The comments we hear from Woyane supporters is what they are suppposed to do. However, those of us who knew for long that this country is ruled with iron fist under a bunch of bullies from same town, this country is being embezzled to quench their corrupted carnal urge, what are we going to do to put a stop to this insanity. Are we going to keep complaining about what Azeb & Co. did or said, OR are we going to discuss about putting practical action and pressure this dictator regime. We can force them change course when we all start to resist.

  22. semeter hassan bish says:

    The jewsh people didn’t realize they killed the son of God jesus chriset until today, they had been trying to hide jesus’ identity for years until finally the truth took over the world. If you have personal reason to hate someone it will be hard to see the good image of him, people couldn’t see super conscious personality as jesus because they hate the fact that he was better in what they do. Meles is a super human, he devoted his young age fighting for others while he could be anything he want, he gave up his family to spend most of his time working for people, he had no money, even his cloth was govt owned, he died mystriusly so others could live, that was exactly what jesus did. This days some people in the country are turning to the idea of starting Melesizem as movement realizing who he was, they have enough truth and miracle to follow Melesism as a religion, people in every religion worship the same God, Melesizem is just the road to God as other religions.

  23. Mario says:

    No matter what, there is no power to gain through hate & greed! Power has been distributed to kilils , therefore if one plays politics one must start his politics where one is known for his service to the people & his integrity ! The people don’t need Hyenas in a sheep skin anymore! The Ethiopian had enough!

    The kinds of T.Goshu are always in denial of the fact! Ethiopia will never be an employment opportunity of individual elites, their family, friends , in laws & stooges! The old days are gone forever not to come back! This is the 21st century ! Power isn’t a source of privilege , but for responsible individuals who wish to work hard for the people!
    Take it easy guys! Nothing to spin here

  24. teshome says:

    T.Goshu and likes
    እናንት የፊስ ቡክ አርበኝች….
    You talk and write too much but we are gonna ask you a serious question where is the bile…..
    You simply talk the talk but you are unable to walk the talk for the last 20 plus years. Should we have to wait you another 20 years???
    I knew your answer as usual is mixed with spice of ፉከራ…to tell us our days are numbered. lol
    You guys you are not convinced that you don’t have the chemistry and you missed the principal ingredient of patriotism. Actually, that is is not something you get it from school but rather an inborn asset. You are unlucky to miss that chemistry
    You are good representatives of the toxic Ethiopian Diaspora who were born, grown up and died as cyber worriers…
    Good luck ፉከራ ብቻ

  25. teshome says:

    እንዲት ሰው ፉከራ አውርቶ: ፉከራ ሰምቶ: ፉከራ ፎክሮ ብቻ ይኖራል

    • yordanos says:

      Answer to Teshome, መውደቂያችሁ እየተቃረበ ነው ። የጊዜ ጉዳይ ነው ። ብዙ ጊዜ የፌስ ቡክ አርበኞች እያልክ ትጽፋለህ ፦ ለመሆኑ አንተ የወያኔ ጉጂሌ ደጋፊና ተባባሪ ከሆንክ እንዲሁም ለነሱ ጠበቃ ቆመሃል፦ ለምንድን ነው ታዲያ እውነተኛ ስምህን ትተህ በብእር ስም የምትጠቀመው? የፈጸምከው ወንጀል አለ ማለት ነው ስልጣንም ይዛችሁ ነጻነት የለህም ፦ ስትሞቱም እንደ ጡት አባታችሁ መቃብራችሁ ጠባቂ ከሌለ ነጻነት የላችሁም ።የሰቆቃ ኑሮ ነው የምትኖሩት ። ስለዚህ የእምዬን ወደ አብዬ አትላክክ ! ራስህን መርምር !

      • Michael says:

        Thank you my fellow Yordanos. I appreciate your sensitive reply to the Weyane hodam cadre. He is mindless as his legacy leader Meles. Meles was working relentlessly to destroy Ethiopia. thanks our God he already gone before accomplishing his evil job. Noe,his moeny monger wife, Azeb is trying to defend his evil actions made on Ethiopia and its people in general. We have never seen in the world that husband and wife like Meles and Azeb looting the wealth of a country using their corrupted power and giving nonesens reasons to unexpose to the public,but the public knows them very well that they are smart thieves in day light. Even, her deceased husband pardons himself for the 10,000 tons of stolen coffee by his wife shamefully. Azeb is still now the head of EFFORT that is the blood money of the Ethiopian people but is under covered by the name of the Tigray people. No one knows where the revenue of EFFORT is kept. It never audited. Before Azeb, it was controlled and managed by the Weyane oldy guard Sebhat Nega. She is now playing China like or liers politics.

  26. Mario says:

    T.Goshu, if you are talking about the Ethiopia in your utopian dream , you might be right. You can live in your dreams floating!

    The Ethiopian people just reelected Azeb Mesfin, what are you talking about! Ethiopian love Azeb! When I say Ethiopian , I don’t mean these of your Ethiopian who lives in your utopian dream, but these Ethiopian who are doing everything they can to transform Ethiopia into the next level! You can’t just say Ethiopian , you need to specify if you represent any people! Yecheneqew erguz yagebal Alu ! Be’ethiopia yeminegedbet sew yelem! Hulum neqe new!

    • samuel says:

      Ethiopian love Azeb ? haha…….ha..
      It is not human behavior our people exposed for famine but she spent1.2 millon euros oh my god do you thing azeb is thinking ?do you expect from one ethiopian ? how old is she?did she got her high school ?
      do you now the price of Azeb infinity car=$61,500….. at all she doesn’t knows how to manage money and how to help others.
      she can cheat only foolish people!

  27. T.Goshu says:

    To all those who try to make big and irrational noises on behalf of your dead brain and bread -father ( Ato Meles ) and your good for nothing mom (W/ro Azeb),

    I understand quite well your frustration that in its turn leads you to a very uncontrolable and self-damaging rage or deadly inflamable emotions. I have never argued and am not arguing that the late Ato Meles , his surviving wife and all other main players of the the senseless and deadly dirty political game are useless as persons or human beings . What I am saying is that their normal human reasoning and behavoir are seriously over dominated or messed up by a very evil-driven political and authoritative mentality and behavior . And I sincerely believe that dealing with this very deadly attitude and behavior in a rational, logical, and constructive manner is good for those who still sing a deadly song ( carrying out the legacy of the late very synically dictator ) . It is also good for the innocent people of Ethiopia who are victims of the on going gravely wicked and deadly political practice. It is a great thing if those ruthless ruling elites and their parasitic cronies or cadres come back to thier very common human senses and listen to the voices of the victims ( the Ethiopian peapole) that says ” The misery that is caused by mad-dogs of politics is ENOUGH!!.” That is as clear as that! The people are not saying ” The very survival of the current masterminds and promoters of deadly political game should come to an end.” Absolutely not!! What the people are unequivocally saying is the very idiotic political agenda,policy and practice should come to anend!!”

  28. Mario says:

    You can talk because if your God given mouth , but you can’t use your natural senses that God has given you! Azeb fought like a man for 17 years , therefore, she deserves even the latest personal Jet let alone infinity! Azeb & many women like her defeated the strongest army in Africa!
    Anyways Ethiopia is changed & it will never be an employment land of elites, their families, in laws & their stooges! As long as you guys stuck in a hate politics, you can only waste your time! We have seen you for so long! You are just wasting your time & the resources of the innocent diaspora !

  29. Axamed says:

    Action speaks more than what is said about someone.i mean the meles action,his contribution towards making ethiopia out of the poverty is something undeniable whether you are the opposition or those who are indifferent.we can not deny what is aknowledged by our guests from different part of the world.regarding his wealth,he was someone who had transfered the money given him as reward from danish to our country’s conclude,in your language there is a saying”kabalabetu yawaqe buda new”and azeb,knows more than what you guess.

  30. Ebtisam says:

    Meles did not to have a driving license because he was like a monarch & we know that neither the king nor the queen of England & the rest in other parts of the world have a driving license. Meles did not see the need to have an ID because he never considered himself Ethiopian. He also did not see a bank account in Ethiopia there was no account big enough to keep his money. So in short what the old lady said are true only that the reasons she gave were not.

  1. March 29, 2013

    […] her late husband as perhaps the only leader who had earned a little over 4,000 Br a month in net salary, but fought poverty with courage and resolve, while remaining […]

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