A case for the release of Eskinder and others (Girma Kassa)


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14 Responses

  1. eden says:

    ” wise men make proverbs and fools repeat it”
    Whether Martin Luther said this or Friderick said that, it doesn’t all matter. Esikinder Nega was a criminal and now he is paying a heave price.
    Particularly Esikinder nega was adviced repeatedly to work within the framework of the Ethiopian constitution but he would like to be above the law. More over the patriot tigrian people was a victim of his foul langauge. At one time he called us ‘cancers’ another time he wished the fate of ‘tutsis in Rawanda for Tigrians.’ What a pathological hate this is!!!!!
    We still carry the pain in our heart he inflicted on us……
    What ever political reform is happening in Ethiopia, there is no place for goodness and forgiveness to Esikinder nega. He has to say good bye this world in behind bars. period
    I don’t care about the other prisoners if they are released tomorrow or after. It is up to the government.
    But Esikinder’s case is different and his case is as delicate as Ethio-Eritrean boarder conflict. So if the government tried any step to release him, then it is crossing the red line. It proved us that politicians and diapers are the same, because they need to be changed fequently.
    ስለዚህ አቶ ግርማ ይሂን ጉንጭ ኣልፋ ክርክር ወዲያ በለው

    • tigry says:

      there is no where in the constitution writen calling tigrian a “cancer” is a crime, or don’t make it beyond a framework of the constitution. if you are worried about the Tutsis kind of situation not to be repeated in Ethiopia, you should support the free press, not advocating the 18 years of imprisonment of journalists who are not willing to bending over for the “heroic” people of tigry elites .

    • alem says:

      @ Eden, Eskender Nega is not crminal,he is real jornalist who love his country ,but u dedebit people do not want to see popoles like him to live in ethiopia ,u are more than cancer for this country,weyane is changing the country to an endless war like ruwanda and brundi,the poor and oppersed ethiopian people will rise to eliminate the tigray appartide soon!!!Eskender Nega is Hero !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. me says:

    Eskndir Nega! huuuu
    I am hating myself that Dawit Kebede is not in Kaliti right-now, forget about Eskndir!

  3. teshome says:

    I am happy you didn’t deny what Esikender had said. The Amharas elite like you have been the root cause of Ethiopian politics. You fathers and Grand grand fathers were very expert how to bullying and bullying shiting people of one tribe and ethnic groups. We knew what and what nake names were given to the Oromoas, wolayitas, Afar etc. Now you are justifying tha such bullying and bully shiting as your natural human right.
    You have little enlightenment about law and related issue. This is your unfamiliar territory. You know what being an Ethiopian is always a problem, we dare to comment on issues we don’t know.
    You simply exposed your ignorance and arrogance. By the way this is a very sensitive issue beyond the caliber of people like you. You better close your mouth and tie your hands not to type.
    We had been living with for years and years and we knew very well who sharks and snakes were and are. One of the worst shark is in our hand and he will pay the heave price.

    • Ted says:

      Don’t afraid Eskinder the shark as u are a child of Alula, though he is Tewedros’s. Just behave humanly and in the 21century. You can’t blame Merkel for Hitler’s atrocities as we cannot blame the Tigrians for the atrocities Yohannes iv made on Wollo Muslims.

  4. Elias says:

    Dear Dawit,

    I have some appreciations on ur stand, but when you involve in some wrong cases i became to reduce ur vaues, so Eskindir nega is the ever worest person and is ruminant of Mengistu, to be honest if he were free I personaly will hunt and revenge him, but the law is protecting him. So better to stop ur campaing on him.

  5. Mario says:

    Ethiopia had lived serving a few elites for over a century, but now everyone has to follow the rule of law! Eskinder is no different! Haters shouldn’t have any freedom whatsoever ! That’s why there are kilils, so haters could be limited to their kilil! If they hate they will hate themselves !

    Down to haters like Eskinder Nega!

  6. Biniam says:

    Eskinder Nega is a criminal thug, a student of Hitler by his own admission. Read a series of articles written on his “Asqual” newspaper under a column called ‘Wegid Yihuda’ and you will understand where that evil man comes from. You can find the articles at Daniel Berhane’s blog (google it!). I never thought Eskinder hated Ethiopians to that degree. Even Hitler himself would have been shocked by how hateful Eskinder Nega is, reading those articles. He is a disgrace to the human race.

  7. Mahlet Asefa says:

    Ethiopia should improve the justice system and shoot people like Eskendir SETAN as soon as they get to Kaliti!!!

  8. Endegena Sahale Seged says:

    same copy holds!
    It is not easy to debate with people who created their own parallel planet…for
    Eden, Teshome and Mario:
    you accuse everyone except TPLF! your government is found on terror and ethno-centrism. your god Meles & his disciples/tplf leaders announced 20 years ago their “Ideology” of the power of ethnic blood and language! “Tigray-Tigringe” & the greater tigray! that dream was born of hate & Ignorance.
    don’t blame others! Ethiopians were fighting for freedom it was a class fight, Your TPLF jungle boys/girls came with their stone age politics, division..etc.. watch..you are pushing 95% of Ethiopians to pickup Arms. you have suffocated the people in and out for 21 years…killed and murdered her children, stole all her resources. the practice of war crimes & Genocide won’t go for ever…think! remember Ruanda that will be nothing! your leaders are Nihilistic and you people are in absolute conformity & conformity is part nihilistic!

  9. Mario says:

    Endegena sahale seged

    First of all I’m not against all but Hyenas in a sheep skin! I can feel that you are part of these Hyenas in a sheep skin! Remember : there is no space for an individuals who look like an innocent sheep , but Hyenas from inside!

    Secondly , whatever you call TPLF, it already won the war ! The EPRDFites in general freed the nations, Nationalities & peoples of Ethiopia & all are working together to defeat poverty once & for all!

    Thirdly, since the opposition camp have nothing to be supported whatsoever I won’t waste my time to write even a word! Tell me if they have anything good about them except looting the hard earned money of the innocent diaspora ! Had they had anything to offer for Ethiopia , they could have bought as many GERD’s bonds as possible ! Government will go , but the grand renaissance Dam will be serving Ethiopia for over 7 decades to come!

    Now, if you play politics , you need to start where you are known as a person, no need for Hyenas in a sheep skin to be appointed to loot the nations nationalities & peoples of Ethiopia ! For your knowledge, I have an older brother who is part of the opposition in the diaspora, & he too is a Hyena in a sheep skin!

    Man, go & read what Eskinder Nega wrote against the people of Tigrai & let me know if you support his idea & I will talk to you!

    For your knowledge , TPLF is more sophisticated than you think ! You better know who the TPLFites are! That’s what happened to Derg,EPRP (which I was part), EDU, Jebha & finally shabiya!

    Don’t you remember what had happened to your Kinijit? Because of the sophisticated political game played by the EPRDF, your Kinijit never sat together as they promised, don’t look eye to eye to this day…!

    Take it easy! Looking the TPLFites down can only keep you at bay, good for TPLF & bad for the fruitless opposition!

  10. betty says:

    girma kassa mr illusion …..get a life… your unrealistic hope and dream to expect some humane from the evil weyane arrogant members is not different to chasing rainbows or seeking the pot of gold at the end of rainbows. Just bend over and see if you can see the truth about weyane and stop attacking G7 and ESAT ….

  11. Mario says:


    *Woyane freed Ethiopia from the brutal Derg!
    *woyane developed Ethiopia & the people are free to admister, to work & serve themselves !

    Now no more Hyenas in a ship skin will be appointed to the kilils!

    Now there are no divided people!
    Oromos used to be scattered all over ethiopia ,but now have their own kilil which they themselves administer & manage their affairs !

    Amaras used to be in 4 regions & used to call names against each other , now Amaras are in one region & don’t hate each other or call names!

    Betty, though the truth is bitter, sooner or later, you will quench the the truth!coz the truth always prevails!
    Take it easy! Whether you like it or not, Woyane is the savior of Ethiopia !

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