The Scramble for Ethiopia (Messay Kebede, PhD)


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21 Responses

  1. Selamawit Solomon says:

    Very nice article from highly rated professor.

    • Alem says:

      Selamawit, I can see you are not academe material nor one to understand how “rate my prof” and American education work. Please stick to the issue raised and get out of “consulate mentality.”

    • jemal says:

      Really,There is disaaray,disorganize,discontent and mess in the camp of TPLF after the death of Melese Zenawi, Yesterday I saw on Aiga form documenatry film posted on its page wall. The tittle of the Documentary film in Amharic “Yeshanafintachin mistir” or the mystery of our “Victory”. The other point, TPLF cadres posted the “Amazing progress on the Renaissance Dam on Ethio-Egypt politics. On the film largely discussing the late Melesse Zenawi colorfully bolding and worshiping him as god. What I learn that TPLF lost its hope in finding a charismatic person like Meles Zenawi who can threaten and rule ANDM(“self called representative of Amahra people” and OPDO(self-called representative of Oromo people”). I could say that the two organizations, they are totally independent of the remote control from TPLF. Now TPLF junta totally in mess and worried and it is desperately trying to control them by any means it can. But the sun is going to set for without the wish of the Juntas. The only left in TPLF junta hands is SNNDP(“self-called representative of south people”) This organization is made from different assembles of clans and tribes who speak different languages and composed of different cultures. They are made to be assembled as Amiche cars for the purpose of controlling and stealing the south resources by TPLF junta from south people. Why does TPLF lost hands on ANDM and OPDO? This due to the young members of ANDM and OPDO are not appeared as the older members like Addisu Legese and Abdula Gemeda. Most older members of ANDM and OPDO were the captive soldiers from the Derg. Most of them were systamtically chased out and killed because of opposing marginalization by the ideology of TPLF. The only left people are people like Addisu Legese and Abadula Gemeda who are 100% loyal to Meles and TPLF. Now TPLF is not a real TPLF as it had Melese Zenawi. ADdisu Legegese and and Abadula Gemada no more 100% loyal to TPLF. There is one saying in Amharic “sew siyarej betizita yinoral”. Totally the members of TPLF largely older, and some of them were injured by gun during fighting with Dreg. Largely some central members of TPLF have bullets in their heads or spinal cords. They couldn’t produce new ideas and innovative. The only options TPLF Junta can have
      1. Singing Melsism and slowly becoming sinking ship
      2. Make political reform and replaced by young generation whose head and spinal cord is free from bullet
      3. Free all political prisoners and making dialog with all political opponents. This could happen if number 2 option implemented.
      TPLF junta is finished his 90 minutes football game. The only time TPLF junat has injury time. So finally I called TPLF affiliates like “Teshome, Eden” , Aiga forum, and Tigra Online, please try to direct those older TPLF who were bullet buried head and spinal cord to the right direction to make political reform than singing Melsism

      • axumawe says:

        the way u thick well never bring any solution, remember melese have 10000000 of meleses, but no one well ever replace melese he is one in a millinime type of thing for our can bash tplf as mach as yoy like but (y ahia kula b hodu know )remember as long as you live.
        tplf means the people of tegray.

    • teshome says:

      Thank you for the link.
      Wow, very very poor rated professor.
      They are very disturbing comments and the most striking thing is, the comments are unanimous.
      One of the comments says, Heave accent and poor English. More over a confused professor. This was what I was trying to point out in my latter comment thread.
      Is this because why we don’t see many Ethiopians ‘intellectuals’ like Almariam, messay their likes on international media out let BBC, CNN, etc.
      This is really a very serious problem we need to discuss it openly. Is that what the say…Knowing the problem is half the solution

  2. Garo says:

    I agree they all became dictators, but that does not mean the issues they raised were phony. We also should keep in mind that the European colonizers were blaming the African elite as few trouble makers who were out to deny the African mass the “opportunity” to progress.The elite in every society plays a leading role and this case is no different.The good professor was doing the same thing when he was a good friend of the old power.

    The good professor thinks only certain kinds of people from certain part of the country with certain kind of language and religion are entitled to rule. Why else only the recent atrocities are mentioned repeatedly without giving much attention to the system that gave us these people.

    Do not blame the Western education of which you are the beneficiary that you are using to advance your own agenda.

    We know the past arrangements are not working and can not be repaired. what we need is to get rid of the old imperial system that is still in a place and replace it with brand new and true federal system where people can rule themselves.

    • sayint says:

      when i peel you, you are one of those southern oromo nationalists-how is the new org-odf working for you-the old faggots will die soon and your dream of oromia also will be buried with them.

      • Garo says:

        Don’t you worry about the Oromos. Go back and live with your CHILADAS in your Siemen mountains where you belong.

  3. teshome says:

    I am not sure how adequately you were able to convey your message. I have been following the article of yours and professor Alemayehu, for the last many years, but I found them to be non suitable for average readers like me. This is actually a very huge problem that resides in many of ‘so called intellectuals’ of Ethiopians. Most of the time, I don’t have any problem to grasp the concept of social political articles written in international magazines and newspaper, like new york times, the Guardian, the economist. When it comes to Dr. Messay and Alemayhu, articles the story is different.
    If you would like to convey your message, then You should be able to use simple English language, simple political and philosophical concepts that is suitable to average readers. Using big words and complicated politico philosophical concepts doesn’t make a Genius or more intellectual cos the message would be lost somewhere

    • Dawit ( Down Under ) says:


      Why don’t you try to read it after chewing the miraculous leaf ( Mira, Catha edulis ) your mates are exporting to London /US instead of generalising ?

      “When people undermine your dreams, predict your doom or criticise you,remember they are telling you their story, not yours.”

      Cynthia Occelli

      • eden says:

        Still you refuse to grow up.
        What did Teshome comment, nothing bad.
        Like your Angeles messay and Almariam, You are simply good for nothing

  4. Ayehu Yejju says:

    Gashe Messay, you should understand that despite the belief of so called educated fools who still consider their parroted knowledge and bankrupt experiences a panacea for Ethiopia’s ills, you are a hero for the millions of voiceless people whose cultures and destinies are suppressed by a system of imitated colonization that serves few. Your precious books are eye openers for many of us, and am sure many will thank you in the future. Your article here reminds me of one of Nuguigui’s book title : ‘Devil on the Cross’. The people believed the selfless savior was crucified for them, so they approached him bowing their head, confessing their sins only to discover that it was the Devil who was on the cross, not Jesus, and their worst ordeals were yet to come. Please continue to research on the solutions as well, for example how grass root cultures could flourish, under what conditions (practical or not) alternative ‘modernization’ could be imagined.

  5. Magu says:

    The likes of Al Mariam, and Messay are a liability to our country. They don’t have anything to contribute except coming up with a lot of articles now and then. Our country needs people who work to pull the people our of poverty. Poverty is our main enemy, not lack of free press or something like that!

  6. Mario says:

    It’s been a while now since we waited for our educated individuals to grow up & act like educated human being!

    In this case. Whereas:Wearing a ready made clothing is different than making your own clothing from scratch:
    Whereas sitting in a ready made country & bragging is different from staying with your own people with whatever eventualities!

    Education helps people to understand beyond the ordinary, but ours have become a containers of modern education! Even a barrel can contain anything,a Gold,a diamond,an ash, a bull crap….!

    It’s been a while since I have been expecting our educated individuals to come up with a well researched article that teaches every Ethiopian ,nevertheless , they always emerge with a biased & one sided judgements! Most of these who are crying from abroad , one way or the other are defeated individuals from the last 38 years, therefore, they are looking at things in hopes of taking a revenge against Woyane ! I was one of these defeated EPRAs, but ” kewedequ behuwala meferaget lemelalat” newna, I preferred to join my country than to be a tool for Ethiopia’s enemies !

    Individuals like Messay, almariam …. Don’t have any idea what they are talking about! They cry Ethiopia , while they don’t have any idea who Ethiopia is! Ethiopia belongs to so many different people who had suffered do much under savage rules of Minilik, Haileselassie & Mengistu!

    Anyways , there is no scramble for Ethiopia , but Ethiopian Hyenas in a sheep skin trying get their back garden back, so the rest of Ethiopian could watch them from the fence ! An educated individuals who can’t understand anything but their own echoes!

  7. Selamawit Solomon says:

    @Alem, Do you want to cover Prof Messay’s Scramble ?

    I shared a link rate my professor help us to now about Prof Messay Kebede. According to his students ratings, comments you can check it on the link, the title should be:

    “The Scramble of Ethiopian Diaspora Professors in American Education System”

    Prof Messay Kebede
    School: University of Dayton
    Location: Dayton, OH
    Department: Philosophy
    CLARITY: 2.0
    EASINESS: 2.6
    HOTNESS: 0

    1/15/13; ASI374

    Sounds like he’s on an oxygen tank, spoon feeds the readings, is vague about grading, & is a difficult grader. Took a quiz, received a B-, was disappointed, couldn’t read one of his comments, & when asked him what he wrote, he couldn’t read his own handwriting.

    12/1/11; PHL358

    He is awful. He has a very heavy accent and hard to understand. There is no structure to the class and its impossible to study for tests. Also when you get your test back his you can’t even understand his comments because his handwriting is so awful.

    7/26/11; phil110
    The most boring and a very uninterested prof ever. I wish he at least appear interested to teach, He seems someone is forcing him to live in America and teach.

    7/3/09; HIST101

    This Professor is very vague in
    his lecture, he speaks for
    himself has no contact with
    students. I wonder how he was
    teaching in his home country.
    A survey and review of his background as a teacher is important.

  8. Tesema says:

    Aye Mesay! Ende simih mesleh enji Honeh alayehuhim, ewnetim Mesay!

  9. Surgo says:

    Prof Messay asked,

    Why none of the movements (the Derg, the TPLF, and the EPLF) that succeeded to seize power in Ethiopia/Eritrea came anywhere near to fulfilling their promise but ended in abject dictatorial rules?


    a) They had initial good intention but failed to fulfil their promise because of accidental derailments
    b) They always have initial bad intention and hidden goal of self-promotion and exclusive control of power.

    Prof Messay say (b) is the right answer; I said Prof may be we need more choice.

    Question 2

    Why they have initial bad intention and vicious hidden goal?

    Prof Messay thinks it is because of bad education/upbringing and the culprit is the colonial understanding of modernity, that is, of modernity as an imposition from above and whose main purpose is to benefit the few.

    I said what about if we (humans) are genetically programmed to be dictators? May be we don’t need to learn from anyone to be corrupt. May be that is why we need to curtail political power and put a check and balance to it.

  10. axumawe says:

    hi dear messay
    i traied to understand from your point of vew,wich it seems baiest or one sided point of vew.if i traied to copmared it with world political vew steel some thing is missing or you may miss understud the political game around the worled practicaly.just you wish every theory of political scines cuold convert in to practic or preformed exactly the way political philosephers interpritend it.
    i blive we can vew american democracy,europian dem,or russian revolution,or chinas revolution,or in this matter lennin,markes,trotsky,or mao,gorge washington,or gandi,mandela or fredrik dagulass or any body eals.
    in our country in our generation haileselass,or mengestu,pro asrat,or brhanu nega or sey,or negaso or in this matter any one,any body well never understud the safering of the ordenary people of any nation,etnic or rigion.
    what ordinary people needs is honesty,love and commetment not redric.
    not speech,not baiest phd or doctor,or engner or any elite politcian.what they need is some one who lives fore them & dies for them. so don’t tray to phd me.

  11. Mario says:

    No matter how much Hyenas in a ship skin write or talk, they are always Hyenas, therefore they have nothing to offer! What Hyenas in a ship skin need to know is: Ethiopia is changed, therefore there is no Ethiopian that these Hyenas in a sheep skin can fool in anyway!

    Dergists, wearing a sheep skin kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  12. Hafiz says:

    A great read!

    I enjoyed reading it as I did reading Yosief G/Hiwot’s peices!

    Thank you Dr. Mesay.

  13. Ahadu says:

    Prof. Messay,

    Your article is very relevant and has hit a cord here. So, thank you.

    You have indicated that the political struggle has always been between elites, and what seems a revolution is really a change of the ruling class from a somewhat a foreign (alien) group to local elite.

    But, how else can any struggle be conducted if it is not engineered and led by an elite among the locals? I agree that the local elites often times view the mass as a perishable tool in their quest to cling to power.

    But, since they want to better their rival elites from across the river, they want to maintain and oil their machine(the local mass) better, sometimes at the expense of the masses at their rival’s fiefdom.

    This has been the case of Ethiopia for centuries, with the case of Menelik and the Tigrain elites the most recent memory! Thus, the masses know they are well taken care of when their local elite is in power, and as such they would be better served to support the latter.

    If you have followed my reasoning so far, and you can see my point, I fail to see why this is not a sensible approach as far as the masses are concerned.

    Don’t get me wrong! I am not saying this situation could not be handled better. In fact, there is a better way of handling such a situation – when the elites stick to a principled approaches of “living with you own means and you own means only”, and of mutual respect geared towards regional and global integration!

    I salute you for this provocative article, sir!

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