Public Meeting in Washington DC with MP Girma Seifu (UDJ)


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7 Responses

  1. dubale says:

    I would be happy to participate in this meeting. Girma Seifu is one of the few decent politicians who try to accommodate differences. He is not like the nonsense ‘we are one’ slogan rehotrists. what the hell do they want to mean when they say ‘we are one’ anyway? How come some sin preaches ‘we are one’ through out his life which is against human nature??

    • Ilula says:

      we are “one” shows the unity and people strength. Unfortunately, You are one of the creature who do not see it and never get it.

  2. Mario says:

    Mr Seifu has no experience of serving the people . Anyways , lets wait & see what he will say & his plan!

  3. Birhan says:

    Such kindes of meeting with Ethiopian mp like girma seifu is important.

  4. Dimtsachin Yisema says:

    “Sexual Jihad” Fatwa Call from Dimtsachin Yisema.

    Muslim Women in Ethiopia Be Ready to Carry Out Religious Fatwa “Sexual Jihad”

    Islamic religious leaders are calling all muslim women in the world to carry out religious fatwa “Sexual Jihad” and support the ongoing “Arab Spring” on different parts of the world by providing sexual services to muslim fighters. There for, all muslim women in Ethiopia be ready to carry out “Sexual Jihad” fatwa, like muslim women in Tunisia.

    A fatwa attributed to Sheikh M.A., in which he calls upon “Muslim women” to perform jihad through sex.

  5. Dave says:

    This guy will join the toxic diaspora politics after the election.

    He’s preparing for DC life.

    Long live EPRDF

  6. Habtamu S says:

    I heard this man’s interview given to Radio Fana and really failed to counter main questions forwarded by the journalist. From all what made me really surprised is his compare and contrast of the low of antiterrorism from England and Ethiopia by comparing it from nuclear armament hold by America and Iran. This show me like the journalist have seen that seeing ourselves inferiorly and should be corrected before he will control power. Thank you

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