Letter to Bereket Simon on the recent deportation of Amharas (Wosenseged Gebrekidan)


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26 Responses

  1. Teshale says:

    What is the point of talking to Bereket, an Eritrean, about displacing Amhara. After all who is the master mind of this barbaric displacement??

  2. Gezaee H. says:

    Ere beseab belu belwachew le EPRDFoch. EPRDF policy is getting ugly now. It sounds Ethiopia is meaningless if people can not live in it. Why are they removing people from wherever? Wisdom calls on public forum? Wisdom cries aloud in the streets? Erebackchu live in the 21 century. What you are doing is stone age of living conditions? Ere backchuhu Simun? Ere ere, this is wrong policy. I must able to live anywhere in my country.Shame Woyane leaders on this. it is good to recognize ethnics and tribes, but to the extent of dictating people to live in ethnic enclaves only is primitive and not acceptable in our age. Please listen and stop this nonsense of removing amahra. you are give away land to Arabs for 100 years, but you have no land for your own people? This does not make sense at all. Shame shame woyane leaders. We cannot accept this to any human, not just amhara. Two wrongs does not make right.

  3. Yemaymesil says:

    I would not write a letter for this garbage. Addressing to Bereket is just like praying for the evil; giving him a respect that he does not deserve.

  4. teshome says:

    There are no facts but interpretations…
    We heard similar story in ‘Gurda ferda’ but when we saw deep deeper the case, what was reported was baseless.
    If you are a Genuine journalists, which I believe so, Please Woseneseged, we need you to see the other side of the story. As a journalist even you didn’t do any preliminary investigation but repeat what ESAT reported. Well,Woseneseged if your objective is to spread the toxic political brew, I tell you might be successful for the time being.
    Where did you bring the stomach to take a position that the ‘Benishangul people’ stand against the Amhara people. But you are simple gambling a dangerous politics, which you may not be in difficult situation to handle it.

    • ea says:

      teshome you cannot change the truth it real happen deportation from gurafarda because meles was ansering for it before the eth parliament ” they where deported b/c the dismantle the forest” which the the ans from the dictators there is no such kind of justification unless he is not dictator. which is not real ans as my understanding. you can not deport a people b/c they commit a crime from their country. why they did not take them to court? the court have ans the people who commit a crime. did you get the ans tesh you can support any party but do not support such kind of action for the innocent people. what will you do if they …. mom , dad, sister,brother,son, ….. even you

  5. EthioZena says:

    Writing a letter to Bereket Simon, Eritrean, to concern about Amhara people? you are an IDIOT!He is the one who come up with this idea in the first place. He called a meeting with Eritreans while Amhara people has no where to go.He is killing Amhara people. and you send him a letter to care for Amhara?? Do us a favor and K*** your self.

  6. AD says:

    This is normal in Gambela, Ogaden and in some part of SNN. They work and live in Addis and other regions, but they don’t allow someone from other regions to live and work in their region. They need some help to get out of this backwardness.

  7. Mario says:

    I don’t think people will be deported just like that ! There must be a reason !

    Awrambatimes , instead of showing us one side story, as journalists , please show us the other side of the story! There is always a reaction to any action! Lets hear the other side if story before we get into an arguement !

    • Sierra Gulf says:

      Mario, are you Italian? Sorry your name sounds Italian.
      My friend, the other side or whatever side the story has, you can’t justify deportation in own country. That is apartheid.

  8. samuel says:

    ኢትዮጵያ ውስጥ በወያኔ እየተካሄደ ያለው የዘር ማጽዳትና ማጥፋት እጅግ በጣም የሚያሳዝን የሚያበሳጭና የሚያስለቅስ ነገር ነው ። ኤርትራዊያኖችን እንኳ ከዚህ ቀደም ሲያባርሩ ለንብረታቸው ዋስትና ተገብቶላቸው ነው የተባረ ሩት ። ለነዚህ ኢትዮጵያዊያኖች ግን በባዶ እጅና በዱላ ጭምር እየተደበደቡ ነው ያባረሩዋቸው እንዲሁም ለሞትእየዳረጉአቸው ነው ። ይሄ ግፍ ምንግዜም ሊረሳ አይችልም ! ይሄንን ያደረጉት ሰዎች አሁንኑ ለአለማቀፍፍርድ ቤት መቅረብ አለባቸው ። አውሮፓዊያኖችም ለዚህ ለወያኔ ጨካኝና ዘረኛ ቡድን እርዳታ ማቆም አለባቸው ።

  9. Birhan says:

    Berket should have response about Amhara Ethiopians !! Why ?? Ppl that they think like this must be foolish. Wake up man!!

  10. alem says:

    Tigrayans are now controling the businus in amara region,if amara are displaced from other part of ethiopia, tigrayans should also leave our region ,most tigrayans are now perefer to watch this evil action silently,the time will come for us to displace you from our region,it is matter of time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Truth says:

    It is better to be deported alive. The time bomb buried by TPLF/Shabia will explode and engulf Ethiopia any time in the future. The childish politics of Tigrain elites will consume many lives, especially Amhara and Tigrean lives.

    Well, Berket and Sibaht will run away one day like Mengistu did. But the mess what they will leave behind will be worse though.

  12. Mario says:


    You don’t know what you are talking about at all! Ethiopia can only get better! Anyways , dreaming is free, therefore, you can dream as much as you can! Ethiopia will prosper & will live in peace!

    Take it easy! You have better to dream a better dream!

    • Teblets says:

      Mario isn’t an Ethiopian name but it’s an Italian or Eritrean name. What are you doing in our Website?

  13. truth says:

    Mr mario,
    “Ethiopia will prosper & will live in peace! ”
    I doubt if you believe in what you stated. TPLF policy of ethnic fragmentation is in full fore with no return. TPLF’s rule not only created a misery , but also denies a dream of hope for its subjects.

    There is a dream for better future in police state of North Korea than in Mercenary ruled fragmented Ethiopia.

  14. ea says:

    do not ask bereket and other amahara leaders such a kind of equation b/c in my understanding they have to do something to keep there position. there bosses abay woldu, adisu, sebehatu nega and other force them to keep quite. these people have no moral they just know today not tomorrow. but i am wondering what the people are waiting to be.

  15. Mario says:


    You called it ethnic fragmentation , but called it self governance . I think ethnic groups have been divided into different administerational regions during Haileselassie & Mengistu! now there is less division….! There used to be 14 divisions , now there are only 9 states/kilils.

    I think TPLF saved Ethiopia from total disintegration ! Tigrian , Somslis, Oromos,,,, was left with out leader for the last 100 years & hence we have seen people dying of hunger, maladministrstion , total neglaction of everything ….!

    Mr Truth, you may not understand , but whatsoever you believe, if you play politics, you must start where you are known as a person & your integrity! That’s how it works in every democratic countries! You can’t just jump from Virginia to DC & run for political office! I used to see politicians appointed by Haileselassie, Derg , but they have never done anything for the people ! They just had a good life for themselves! Where do I know you to represent me politically? Where do I know Almariam, Berhanu Nega… !

    Mr truth, this isn’t the old Ethiopia ! Ethiopia is different now! There are no privileged people because of political power!

    I don’t know why you are creating a police state in your illusion though! Ethiopia has lived without the rule of law during Haileselassie & Mengistu, but Ethiopia has just started to live with in the rule of law ! Every Ethiopian is equal in front of the law of the land!

    We think Ethiopia belongs to all of us , you think Ethiopia is like your back yard garden, so you can do whatever you wish!

    Now, if you play politics, first you must be checked by the people who know you before you move to the higher political offices!

    What you are following now is: the motto of Donkey that says ” ene kelelehu serdom aybqel” that’s why you continued to wish destruction for Ethiopia ! The nations Nationalities & peoples of Ethiopia will never let their country down , that’s where they live in! That’s the only home they have!

    • Truth says:

      What TPLF’s biggest achievement in the last 37 yrs is not self rule for nations Nationalities but brain wash the majority of Tigreans to hate their own root and foundation. Funded and supported by Ethiopian enemies, it also achieved creating a physical boundaries along ethnic lines over night. It has been working hard for 20 yrs to brain wash other nationalities to look inward to themselves and see other Ethiopians as different. Once that successfully achieved, it doesn’t take two weeks to disintegrate Ethiopia into 9 stats exactly the way Yugoslavia and Soviet Union end up.
      TPLF elites think that they may rule for eternity as long as they have gun. They forget how previous regime collapsed. It was collapsed when the flow of gun from eastern bock clamped. This regime fate will be the same when military, economy and diplomatic support stop for ” ethnic cleansing or genocide”.
      Poor Amharas and Tigrans who scattered through out Ethiopia for better life will pay heavy price for ” Abyssinia misrule” of the past. It my no take long to witness this sad reality.

      Tigrean Elites action is like proverbial ” Ene Kemotk Serdo Aybkel…” philosophy.

  16. Mario says:

    What the nations, nationalities & peoples hate is: Ethiopian elites , families, in laws & their stooges who made Ethiopia an employment opportunity for themselves neglecting 99% of Ethiopian in every aspects! What made you think Ethiopia will Balkanize itself? Because that’s what you dream! That’s when we say ” ene kelelehu serdom…!!”

    These guns in Ethiopia are used only to protect “the Hyenas in a sheep skin”! But you see the people in general are doing better than ever!

    The problem here is; soaked in a hate politics, you can’t see what can be seen in God’s given necked eyed…. You couldn’t use your God given Natural senses properly!

    Now the majority Ethiopian are tripled their products…! Producing fruits & veggies …!

    Mr truth all you can do is ; open your eyes & brain & use them properly ! If you are not following the rule of law of the land, then the guns are there!

    Remember : there is no problem between the people, but between the people building Ethiopia & power hungry bunches!
    God bless Ethiopia

  17. Truth says:

    Mr Mario,

    “What made you think Ethiopia will Balkanize itself? Because that’s what you dream…”

    Why should i dream my country to be Balkanized?

    You are very short-sighted individual. You remind me one of amhara friend. He was supporter of Mengistu passionately. His blind support devoid him common sense and rational thinking. Under Mengistu, so many amharas were massacred labelled as Adhari, Mahl sefari etc. He was not able too see anything beyond Mengistu’s cadres rhetoric.

    You support blindly a regime that led by openly Ethiopian haters, Melese and Sibhat. While many Tigreans and other Ethiopians are massed to tense Ethio- Eritrea border and still in harm way to defend their country, your leader Sibhat was openly proclaimed he will come in support of Eritrea if attacked.

    Support of Melese/Sibaht as Ethiopian in my view is a historic proportion of betrayal and stupidity. Even, as a Tigrean you lend your support to mele/Sibhat as the expense of naive but patriotic Ethiopians, like Siye and Gebru. You became complicit to destroy these individulas once they showed nationalist tendency. Mengistu loyalist did the same thing to fellow generals when started challenging Mengistu’s failed leader ship.
    Mark my word…. your fate will be the same like derg cadres. Unfortunately; you will congratulation yourself from exile while Ethiopians kill each along ethnic lines. Derg cadres are doing exactly the same at present. ” look you were better off during our rule” ignoring the fact that Ethiopia’s current problem is the perpetuity of misery inflicted due to their misrule.

  18. Mario says:


    My ethiopianess is God given, therefore, it is beyond your power! You have better to talk about something with in your ability!

    Thanks God that no one can deny people the citizenship that you gave! You are The Lord who never change from the beginning to eternity!

  19. Name (required) says:

    This shoud be enough to revolt agaist tplf rule.

  20. Mario says:


    Revolution doesn’t happen because some greedy individuals dreamed , but it is the people who causes a revolution! Revolution don’t happen because of some people was move from a farming land that they build a home illegally! You can’t do this anywhere in the world ! Even in Tigrai people was evicted from their houses for not having proper ownership documents!

    Political & social revolution already had happened in 1966 Ethiopian calendar . As a result many freedom fighters arose, but most failed & left ethiopia for good! the TPLFites/ EPRDFites are the only one who continued the revolution ,took political power from the brutal Derg & they gave it to the people ! Yemayhon neger lemistH atnger ale yagere sew!

    What Ethiopia need is: industrial revolution that can create an opportunity to employ hundreds of thousands of Ethiopian!

    I wish the so called opposition were better so we can follow them ! They can’t even unite the Ethiopian diaspora! The Ethiopian diaspora represents all corners of Ethiopia! We all know evil individuals who had the prevailes during the past regimes who are crying foul! Now the power is on the peoples hand! Didn’t you watch the peaceful election process in Ethiopia ? That’s how it will work in Ethiopia from now on! Listen what the people saying & learn what the people need! They don’t have any power except ripping off the hard earned money of the innocent diaspora! They can’t even bring Ethiopian into one meeting hall! You know why? They don’t have anything for the people! We have seen them during Kinijit time! They divided themselves into pieces & they are wasting the peoples money from every corner!

    Therefore there is only one revolution for each cause…! Now Ethiopia is on agricultural revolution , then agricultural revolution will cause industrial revolution! This is what I think in my opinion!

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