Referendum and election – the real benchmarks for democracy in Ethiopia (Negasso Gidada, PhD)


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19 Responses

  1. Mekdi says:

    Gobena(Negasso) do have any moral to talk about Oromos organization? You know that you have never speak out the problem of our people. Always you are advocating the right of Abesha’s. Please don’t comment on Oromos issue any more

    • The Truth says:

      Dear Mekdi,

      Are you living in the 21st or 16th century? We have accumulated problem through out ethiopian history like the formation of other countries in the world. Every ruller come and make our problem more worse and leave like the triabalist Melas did. Every human being and ruller is not free from error. No ethnic people is free from blame in our history. Every ethnic people contribute to our current condition(the accumulated problem we are in today). It will be unwise to blame a specific people for ethiopian’s accumulated problem as Meles and his friends claim Amhara and Orthodox Cristians are responsible for.
      The Oromo people did a lot of bad things in our histroy as the Amaras and others did.
      The only solution will be to make things good for the future based on our past mistakes under one big country. Because to big is better than to be small.
      You can not solve problem by forming small countries. If there is human being there is always problem. The solution is to know how to manage the problem(s)properly in a democratic and all inclussive way.

    • Taye says:


      He is Oromo and who are you to deny him talking to about his people to his people. Just be part of the discussion or shutup for intellectual to do their job.

    • Elias says:

      Hi mekdi Dr Negaso is a real ethiopian. He always fighting for the right of the people oromo in one part and also for the people of Ethiopia. He is struggle in his country together with his people. If he think for his self or if he is not a true democract he will be one of the respect person in OPDO and EPDRF but his personality and his mind never accept his respect among OPDO members. But you don’t have any ground to slam Dr negaso’s

  2. teshome says:

    Neghasso Gidada ….You said “Article 3.1.5 of UDJ program respects the right of people’s to self-determination.”
    Seriously..This is actually very new for us. I think this by any other name is to support article 33 of Ethiopian constitution, isn’t it?
    You said… ” Supporting the right of people to self determination and supporting secessionists are two different things.” Yes I agree.
    But so long as secessionists are operating under democratic frame work there is also a common denominator for both and most importantly you should forget that the people’s right for self determination has to be represented by a a political party who can speak on be half of the people. So are you gonna call this political party secessionist. You seems to be confused and There is something you need to clarify

  3. Dawit says:

    All these parties exist strictly for one reason, POWER. If you believe otherwise you’re a fool.

  4. EthioZena says:

    This guy call himself a Dr. but it a useless, he want the newly formed organization to join the 33 useless parties but he forgot Medrek was a group of 8 and now down to 6 or may be less. These useless 33 parties will get down 3 sometime soon. They don’t know how to work together at all and they will NEVER will. What this guy needs to do is stay away from politics. Seye Abraha of Medrek told us one time in DC he will never leave the battle field.where is he now? Woyane is still in power because of these losers.

  5. Bekele says:

    As Oromo, I share many things with you. Self determination is the answer . and Avoid the coming civil war.

  6. Mario says:

    What Ethiopia have is an individuals who can’t solve anything , but simply to show their sophistication on words of politics! Democracy isn’t something that can be cooked just like that , but it is must be instituted in a process! Our opposition are somewhat sitting & waiting until they get to 4kilo; it like waiting for a bread to drop from the sky!

    The reason political parties are flourishing in the diaspora is: if one have anti Ethiopia group, they get a salary from Ethiopia’s enemies! Therefore , establishing anti Ethiopia political organization is a way of making easy living in the west in general!

    Had the opposition have anything for Ethiopia , they could have had a strong unity among themselves ! 33 political organization for the poorest country in the world ? This shows that there are many power hungry individuals who are not willing to serve Ethiopia under anybody!

    To summarize, so far there is no political organization that can serve Ethiopia better than the EPRDFites!
    1) the EPRDFites are well organized & been working with the people , for the people in the last 38 years!
    2) the EPRDFites are well experienced & know what the people needs!
    3)the EPRDFites never left their country for their personal purposes like I & others in the west!They are a freedom fighters who was in line to give their life for the country they love; many gave their life just to make their country better!
    The truth always prevails!

  7. Sexual Jihad says:

    Muslim Women in Ethiopia Be Ready to Carry Out Religious Fatwa “Sexual Jihad”

    Islamic religious leaders are calling all muslim women in the world to carry out religious fatwa “Sexual Jihad” and support the ongoing “Arab Spring” on different parts of the world by providing sexual services to muslim fighters. There for, all muslim women in Ethiopia be ready to carry out “Sexual Jihad” fatwa, like muslim women in Tunisia.

    Tunisian Girls Go to Syria for ‘Sexual Jihad’ in Support of Fighters
    “sexual jihad” fatwa on the Internet calling on young women to support opposition fighters in Syria by providing sexual services.
    According to media reports and mujahideen who returned to Tunisia after participating in jihad in Syria, 13 Tunisian girls headed to the battlefield in response to the “sexual jihad” fatwa.
    News websites and social networks in Tunisia circulated a fatwa attributed to Sheikh M.A., in which he calls upon “Muslim women” to perform jihad through sex.
    Militants can marry Syrian women: Wahhabi cleric in Saudi Arabia
    A hard-line Wahhabi cleric in Saudi Arabia has recently issued a special religious decree that permits the militants in Syria to engage in short-term marriages with Syrian women.
    Sheikh Mohammed al-Arifi said that the marriages between the foreign-backed militants and Syrian women will satisfy the militants’ sexual desires and boost their determination in killing Syrians. He added that the marriages, dubbed by him as “intercourse marriages,” can be with Syrian females as young as 14 years old.
    He also promised “paradise” for those who marry the militants.

  8. Mebratu says:

    Ato Negasso, thank u for the opinion. Thanks for reiterating that secession will not resolve our problems. Look what happened to Eritrea. It ended up being a pariah state. Like you said what we need is democracy, but I personally don’t think democracy will work in Ethio at this stage. Maybe in 30 years it will. I sat we follow the china model of a developmentalist state. I think we should have hefty penalties for capital flight and corruption as well. On the local level I believe there should be democracy on the decision making process. I also think EPRDF has the responsibiliy to “de-ethnisize” politics in the next 5-10 years, and transform itself into a national socialist front committed to a secular state that’s developmental in nature.

  9. Sami says:

    Very suspecious. I think negasso is having trouble convincing other UDJ about respecting oromos right to self determination

    That is the purpose of this article

    This shows negasso is still pro-OLF

  10. Teblets says:

    Nowadays, I have great doubt on UDJ’s program and its leader Negasso giddada. If UDJ allows secessionists such as OLF, ONLF, SIDAMA, and others what is the difference between article 39 of EPRDF? UDJ has said that it doesn’t support article 39 earlier, because its struggle is for Ethiopian unity. But here according to Dr. Negasso point of view, secessionism is supported by UDJ democrats but may opposed by other undemocrats. UDJ accepts both phenomenons for good. My second question is who are democrats as well as undemocrats. How can UDJ can talk about Ethiopian Unity where there exist two antagonistic ideas or classes in its program? This is a great confusion. At this time even in the future Ethiopia needs leaders who are more oriented in the unity of the country as a first agenda and thinking in ethnicity is a second idea. So, priority should be given to the unity of the people and the country. We have to take a great lesson from Weyane’s ethnic federalism where it divides the country into many ethnic groups which is a good weapon for divide and rule. This is what the Benshagul narrow authorities did on the Amhara Ethiopians. Because of the Weyane’s evil system of Ethnic Federalism or killel, our innocent Ethiopians (The Amhara people) fall on the brutal attack of the Benshagul killil. Tomorrow, we are not guaranteed Whether the Oromo or other ethnic fanatic groups may repeat it. Finally, accommodating and supporting the secessionist idea is the same as supporting EPRDF’s article “39”.

  11. Habtamu S says:

    Another political company in the name of Oromo people? I been followed up three organizations that could generate a great income in short time, Real state, founding a church and set up ethnical based political party. I have no problem with ethnical based political party but still I advocate a political party established on national level which people can join it by looking its program according to their value to choose coming from individual choice but the former is depend only on natural and accidental born which can’t gives any alternative to choose. I also respect the right of ODF members to get organized and express their program any were they likes. But a political party is an organization with a motive of taking political power since then it needs to set up its office and start its job on a country that wished to have or to share political power. Forming a political party at Washington DC and think to lead the targeted people on Ethiopia is really like a company that needs market to its production. Thank you.

  12. Mario says:


    The nations, nationalities & peoples of Ethiopia said that article 39 is their insurance! Ask Afars, Oromos, Somalis,Tigrians… & see for yourself.

    I think we need to respect each other first & follow what we all wants for our country!

    There are millions of Ethiopian who wish to cede from Ethiopia instead of living with elites & their followers who can’t comprehend anything! You can’t keep people by force if they hate to live with us!

    A few previleged individuals in the past governments are crying foul after they abandoned Ethiopia !

    Believe it or not, there is no hiding place behind the respected Amara people!

  13. zeritu says:

    1987 OLF caught foreigher then another party OPDO and divide each othe.

    Whey confusing each others and whey not build relation so we all live in peace.

    Which party could be known good or bad? I never expected Oromo be enmy to Oromo.

    Your great grand parent do not have PhD they ruled their counttry with respect eldery men and women and never divided.

    Stop talking carrying H.D stop saying Amahra and Amarha when you hate Oromo.

    Stop having sex with Amarha our children sake let us build one party and respect each other to pervent war live in peace.

    Z. B. D

  14. Zeritu says:

    I would like to ask Dr. Nagaso he and his brother in power many Amarha killed including my family whey?

    Dr. Nagaso attend confernce in USA Oromo Student said he feelt Nagaos coming to hunt him as he hunt his family.

    How man Oromo could give their voice for him? How much he confedent Oromo could vote for him?

    If ato Nagaso hold power will he allaw me to visit my birth palce?



  15. Taheya says:

    I feel as Dr. Neggaso get it wrong. He has no moral ground to speak about or for Oromo. He stand for the unity of Abyssinia and he need to do so. Dear Dr. plead Hand off Oromo and Oromia issue. You are real example of Opportunities. this is proven when you were with TPLF. You left because TPLF put you there for symbol. When ou woke up as you were used by Melese and TPLF, to cover up your humiliation, for the first time in your life and history, you talked to your master Melese. The Abyssinians’ picked on you to approach the Oromo. That is over. The Oromo already rejected you and your politics.
    The thing you and your bosses the Abyssinian’s need to know are, we the Oromos are not Abesha and we are not Ethiopian. We don’t want to be called Ethiopia or Abesha. To millions of Oromo to be called Ethiopia or Abesha is an insult, derogatory and mockery.
    We are Oromo and we want to be. we want Our country Oromia back. Even If the people of Oromo want to stay with the people of that empire, we want basic change, Change from RE-Naming that empire, from Ethiopia to Oromia-Abyssinia or Oromia-Ethopia or whatever the abesha people want to call their country, Abyssinia, to the development and rewriting of Constitution. to the best of my understanding that empire did not have constitution.

  16. Abishee says:

    Dear ALL,
    Remeber that Dr.Nagasso was the founding father of Oromo Student Union in Europe as de facto the OLF policy makers and hence if you consider Ato Sebihat Nega as the TPLF hardlines do not surprise for Nagasso true love towards OLF.What I hate is a misleading attempt,the so-called ODF is the most hardliners for the liberation of Oromiyaa but only for strategy.
    We must to speak out the truth as it is.Ethiopian empire is a very suffocated nation sitting on a time of bomb to explode in searching for justice and liberty.Ahmara regime collapsed by oppressed forces including TPLF, but now for 22 years we have a Tigray regime denying the aspiration of masses.Why is that?, what went wrong with us?.Short answer is it is the nature of the empire that never ever can be democratized. The late Yugoslavian is as best example. Or even in a very democratically developed society such as Scotland,Catalonia are demnding for their Identity. When Ahmara elities hopelessly dreaming Ethiopia as a one nation with one culture /ahmaranization/ other nation and nationalities are a very determined for their identity. Untill such a very fundamental rights got answered instabilty is unavoidable. We have to built a tolerance society governed by true self rule, otherwise another Yugoslavia unavoidable.

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