Local News from Reporter Television (Ethiopia)


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6 Responses

  1. Gezaee Hailemichael says:

    Dear Dawit, thank you man. you are in the right direction.

    The arrogant Almouldi has become now the prime minister of Ethiopia.

    I am happy the Dam going well. The naysayers will continue opposing

    The immorality is shocking so called massage, night club, strip club, …

  2. teshome says:

    I had a strong belief, Report Tv would be the first ever Ethiopia Credible and Non-partisan media out let. Amare Aragawi, good reputation speaks this.
    Good luck

  3. Mario says:

    Agerachin ke worie sra yasfelgat neber! Negeroch bemamtatat menor hatiyat new!

  4. alem says:

    what a garbage,ken eskealef yabateh baria yegezahe ale yagre sew….

  5. Meron says:

    We want an alternative Television like RTV (Reporter TV). We don’t like hate TV like ESAT. Thank you Dawit for sharing this!

  6. Mario says:

    Good job Aregawi! This is how a man should stand for what he beliefs under any circumstances!

    I hope reporter will tell the people the truth , but no hate politics! If reporter continued to feed the people a news that can be proven, it will transform itself into regular channel ! Keep it up reporter!

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