Officials invite deported Amharas to resettle in Benishangul Gumuz


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47 Responses

  1. tazabiw says:

    Is it not funny the president of Benishangul Fumes has number 11,on his eyes? I call him Goitom!

    • jemal says:

      It is true that displacing people it costs a lot. Now day life every were challenged and expensive. This large nation like Amhara,oromo and Tigrae people should stop swamping to other minority resources occupying land and made destruction the few remain of the forests of the country. The Minority should be given the mandate to administrate their own resources and land. If these people are allowed to given there one migrant call the other migrant and lease the land as its own property and then create burden on the natural resources of the minority. Why the respective regional government has not been creating job in their own region than looking to other lands. Largely northern part of Ethiopia has been heavily ploughed for 3000 years, but there is still hunger and starvation. The governement should build large scale irrigation to absorb 100,000 workers at a time. If we depend on the rain people from north could migrate to other forest lands and made destruction on the remaining forests. The other point the minority should be empowered and protected by the federal government. Since now Benshangul Region has the right to control swamp of illegal migrants so as to protect the remaining forests from destruction.The Saudi, India and Pakistani investors are also destroying the forest for nothing, the government should revise the legality of those fucken investors who destroying our country. There are also “Ethiopain investor” who take the land with thick forests and eventually they transport the product of forests to Addis, Makale and bahir Dar and keeping the minority land exposed to drought. When the land leased, the goverment should make sure that there is no forest on it. If we continue as it is , after 20 or 30 years, Ethiopia becomes barren land

    • Selam says:

      That is the first thing I noticed too. Now we know the source of all these conflict.
      I am also surprised to read the condemnation of Graziani’s memorial in Italy by Dr Tedros right next to that of the 21st century “Fasist” who is torturing thousands of Ethiopians. Dr T isn’t it easier to condemn first what is going on right under your eyes, do justice when you are in a position to do so instead of keeping yourself busy with press conferences?
      One more thing, “mistakenly deported”, can anyone clarify if it possible to deport citizens within their owm country?
      Let God be with these vulnerable people ………..

      • Ebtisam says:

        Selma – you are right how can a citizen be deported from his own country. Amazing! The correct term is ethnic cleansing. And there is no doubt that those describing this crime as deportation and those committing the crime itself will face justice! But the question is how can a human being wishes pain onto his fellow citizen only because s/he happens to speak a different language. What is the guarantee is that this will not happen to them.

    • Teddy says:

      That’s funny, isn’t it?

    • chala says:

      AS this was a mistake and retrieved i say good job.

      and argue the gov. to make sure not to happen again.

      ESAT journalist on sunday discussion was supporting the idea of deportation and his reason is by a lot of people suffering he might get a chance to be in 4 kilo palace.

      The funny thing in the diaspora politices is they pray day and night something bad to happen in ethiopia and that will give them to go out demonstration as there life is bouring and lonely they want to use it as get together.

      It is fun for them and they also think if a lot people die in hunger or war or anything else in ethiopian they dream they will have a chance to go addis as a hero.

      dream baby dream.

  2. Tigist says:

    it is good news. the victims must also get compensation for their material, psychological and any other loses from the regional state. Excuse alone is not serious enough. The responsible regional authorities (any one who is involved in this inhuman and illegal act) must take the responsibility.

  3. teshome says:

    Good to hear this news.
    But it should be underlined that any illegal and destructive settlement in any part of Ethiopia is not any more tolerated as it used to be. This is also true wherever in out planet. But trying to politicize the issue won’t help any one. It looks that the Toxic Diasporas have run of steam of sensible politics and that is why they are going heaven and earth to bring every time new domestic political Agenda.
    Who knows next time we might hear from ESAT that ‘Amharas are deported from America’ as we heard the death of 59 Amharas in Benishangul.
    It caught my attention ‘ESAT’ transformed to ‘ASAT'(Amhara satellite Tv). It is suffice to notice How ESAT is packed like Sardines with Amhara “journalists”
    It remained me the old Abyssinian saying……”ዘር ከልጝም የስባል”

    • Rayawu says:

      Improve your English Teshe, it is a good beginning and you are better than before, but work on your writing. Sometimes, even your Amharic texts need major edits for which I suggest you to see the displaced Amaras; they can teach you as they are forced to be idle these days by the government. Yes, blood is thicker than anything; we have learned this from Dawit. He said nothing on this story. Had the issue involved Tigres, especially those from Adwa, he would have been the first to bark.

    • ea says:

      Teshome if it is your job for living, i advise you you better find anther job. it is shame on you gays defending such kind of activity. it is immoral you should not only eat well for living but you must say some thing for such kind of injustice. stop blaming a media why you did not say some thing about those people who are let them suffer these innocent people for nothing. be human forget blaming any media who are just doing their job with evidence. finally support any party what you like but you must know what they are doing!!!!!!

    • ETHIO says:

      when I read your comment,I understand how racist you are. There will be a time you will suffer the consequence.I will never forget you previous comment’s.

  4. Abreha Belai says:

    Here we go. Dawit has finally accepted that this story is true, but only after it was reported by the reporter (his master). What a shame. This is what he calls being independent. Hating people at ESAT and some diasporas is one thing; raising concerns of the Amara farmers is a different thing. I hate Dwait and some Tigres because of their position, but I as an Ethiopian will cry again if something happens to the poor Tigre peasant. We didn’t expect this kind of thing from an award winning jounalist. It sucks to be this guy (Dawit). He better learn Chemistry.

    • Bira biro says:

      Abraha, don’t be idiot! From the beginning, Dawit has condemned the government’s action, at the same time he has exposed ESAT’s white lie about the fabricated tragedy of Car accident and 59 death. Don’t try to associate things. Politics malet korto meketel malet aydelem.Ahya!!!!!!

      • Rayawu says:

        Bira Biro,

        Abreha is right, show me the link with which Dawit condemned the action let alone his brothers (the government). From your insult, I am quite sure you are a very rude Tigre from Adwa. Don’t forget, donkey’s owed Weyanes a lot. Aberha Belai is a very courageous guy who stands up for truth. You may insult him but will not deter him from telling the truth. This has been his position throughout, and will earn him an award.´Dawit will never get an award again. Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.

        • Bira biro says:

          Rayaw, anten bilo Ye Raya lij. Abraha Belay was simply a poor servant of Amhara rulers since 1970s. What he needs is a few clicks for his website no more no less. He is the only ‘ye amara telalaki’ from southern Tigray. He was a loyal journalist for the former military junta. So his poor decision doen’t surprise anyone. What surprises me is when i see Gebremedhin Araya a man who is mentally ill witnessing about TPLF on ESAT (on a subject matter he knows nothing) Gebremedhnen yizachu wede siltan kemetachu enayalen eski. Tigringna tenagari eskehone dires Ye Aemro beshtegnam yigabezal be ESAT.

      • Meaza says:

        @ Bira biro…you yours are idiot…yehonk bira biro neger neh. Can you show us where he reported about the displacement of Amhara people and his condemnation and correct us. Demo idio yilal ende! idiots ante ena denkoro zemedocheh, ene Meles ena yachi ahiya mistu nachew! Agame

      • TESFA says:

        Did y said ahyia?
        Well, we know who is who and we don’t want u to tell us who u are

  5. Teshale says:

    Displacing Ethiopians from their land is not just a mistake by low ranking officials. Go talk this on ETV. This is a continuation of the dead tyrant legacy in order to free up more land for sale to foreigners.

  6. Abi says:

    Surprisingly enough, how could the decision of deporting around 5000 households come solely from lower level officials? Hopefully, the issue has been discussed by the regional government bodies including Mr. Ahmed Nasir before the deporting process gets started. Off course, it is not uncommon to hear such spewed propaganda and dozens of lies from the Ethiopian government and its fans.

  7. Yonas says:

    It seems for me very late for the ‘president’ to come out now and appogize about this shameful displacements. In my opinion this so called ‘president’ should resign for this thing not to happen again. You can’t blame low level officials once u r a president. So Mr. ‘President’ please resign today so that we can remember u as a man who takes a full responsibility of his wrong doings.

  8. Meron says:

    To be frank, they shouldn’t have committed such a mistake. The cadres in the low rank that have committed this mistake have to be punished. Now, the government should take care of the people even if they go back. The low level cadres are very bad.

  9. Gezaee Hailemichael says:

    This is apparent prima facie that the government is corrupt and rotten to this extent. People or citizen treated in their own country as refugees. No, no, our people did not fight for 17 years for this. No, no, this is completely bizzare and 100% out of the objective of our people. It appears the agenda of woyane is completely hijacked. Almoulid burn and remove people to do farm but citizens became landless and homeless. No, no, this is completely not for Ethiopia. Shame woyane and shame on you. We need change and we cannot afford to see this high level betrayal and primitivity. Woyane landlocked our country stupidly and then betrayed 100 000 souls and dragged Ethiopia to Europe to give badme. That is not enough, woyane now sell lands for 100 years to foreigners and make citizens homeless and landless? well, this is so so stupid and primitive agenda. No, the people of Tigrai did not die for this. Nothing piss of than things like this. EPRDF really needs now to pushed now out of politics. EPRDF’s ugly face has come out. Ugly and primitive policies.

    • Teshale says:

      I share your feeling even though I am not Tigre; and it hurts badly to see how all that sacrifice became useless. I used to live in Shiraro for a year working for some NGO. I had learned sadly that there was someone missing from almost every family in Shiraro due to the war with Derge. The worst case is a woman left alone losing her husband and all her children. By the time I was there (2005 GC), Shiraro had no electricity, no water system and no telephone. I wish woyane could make up such huge sacrifice with development activity. Unfortunately woyane is discrediting those lost lives as if they were in vain. Very very sad.

      • Gezaee Hailemichael says:

        Sheraro must have been the center of woyane. Woyane landed in addis and do not even remember Sheraro.They are busy selling land and collecting money and building villas in addis. It is a complete evilness you forget the people and end up chasing money only for ones own indulgence. Sherato was the most devastasted land because the woyanes were using it. The land scorched with war and all the people in Sheraro gave their childen. I remember of three of my uncles, they had 8, 5, 7 children. All their children taken by woyane. All of t them. It is not only even the fathers joined them. The entire three family disappeared. I do not know if a single person has lived. Now we are being told, to keep quiet and watch them while they desecrating and walking on the blood of our people. Human being,….? we are the most bizzare creature on this planet. What you are telling me could be more than true. I think their main objective was to get to power using the people and do what they are doing now. Shame on them, this is betrayal of high degrees. People who did not have anything to eat, people who were sleeping in an open air for 17 years become so so rotten by corruption like this. It is heart-breaking. Kehaditi Hzbi, this is betrayal of all the people. Derg was giving the land they are selling for 100 years to Tigreans and wolloyes. But these idiots they are removing people and selling the land. So wicked human being.

  10. Lalibela says:

    Ye Benshangul president Tigre neew endae leka? Aynu lay yetesheneshenew ye tigire milikit neew aydel?

    • TESFA says:

      If there is democracy in Ethiopia this guy should be the first ne to be deported to MEKELE .

      BUT he is the president of that region.

      PPL might say what is wrong with that look BEREKET Simon he is the leader of AMHARAS…

      WEY FEDERALISM!!!!!!

  11. Gezaee Hailemichael says:

    Lalilela, you are sick in your head. Can you live alone the Tigreans and focus on problem. What type of primitive are you? so what if he Tigrean? min aynet dedeb hzb new bakachu? do you think something different? Eree, racist.

  12. Gezaee Hailemichael says:

    Lalibela, you are sick in your head. Can you leave alone the Tigreans and focus on your problem. What type of primitive are you? so what if he is Tigrean? min aynet dedeb hzb new bakachu? do you think something different? Eree, racist.

    • Lalibela says: me any good reason for a tigrian to be a president of Benshangul while amahra farmer is not allowed even to live there?

      • Bira biro says:

        Lalibdla, don’t be fool. Scratch yalew Hulu Tigre aydelem. I used to work in Benishangul. As it is a Sudan border, the native people of the region have such scratch on both sides of their face for centuries. Yaw yenante chigir Ye Tigray tilacha kifu dewe sileyazachu enji it is cristal clear. Yet ager new 5 Mesmer milikit yalew Tigre yayehew. Ensisoch mingizeme yematlewetu ensisoch nachu. Fit lay Mesmer bayesh kuter Tigre Tigre Tigre bilesh litmochi new adame!!!!!
        Ahya hula

        • Lalibela says:

          Bira biro…thanks for the explanation and appreciated u counted the number of scratches on this guy,but its more than 5. So whats the number of scratches for Tigre just for later use…u r kinda so funny..i like that but u r equally balegae. Ye gid mesadeb yalebih yimeslihal?

  13. Michael says:

    What Weyane is doing is to cool the situation; this stupid governor of the benshagul promises to return them to their place. This is simply a lie. You can listen today’s (04/10/2013) VOA interview made with MEAD (All Ethiopian Unity Party secretary) by Tizita Belachew. Now, they are making another trick to sabotage the people of Ethiopia and foreign human right activists. This is the usual tragedy that Weyane is doing after attacking innocent Ethiopians (The Amaras). This is the legacy of the dead evil Ethiopian enemy, Meles, plan which hold under secrete that is formulated when Weyane was in Dedebit Bereha. The plan or agenda of Weyane is to disappear and humiliate the innocent ethnic Amaras from their lively hood by creating meaningless reasons and disintegrate the country in to different ethnic groups. Finally to form greater Tigray. At last the great country Ethiopia will wither away. Then, the long plan of Shaebia and Weyane will be accomplished. Why they focus their attack on the Amara people is obvious that they like their country and their Orthodox religion. We remember that the old and arrogant Nega Sebhat told us in his interview long before that if EPRDF’s constitution becomes under danger, no more Ethiopia will exist. All ethnic kellils will administer themselves and Tigray also will form its own Weyane Government. I don’t know what we all Ethiopians are waiting for? The danger is already started by the name or legacy of their evil leader Meles. Our God has done its share. What about us? Still we have to wait for our God or start doing our best? Let’s stand in unison and eradicate the remnants of Meles soon. There is nothing worse than the agony and displacement of our Amara people in their own country by the evil Weyane Bandas. All Tigreans you have to stand with your own people against Weyane. We know your children had paid great sacrifice, but was their sacrifice to displace, abuse, intimidate, hate the Amhara people and disintegrate the unity of Ethiopia? We will see the next tragedy of Weyane. Its inhuman and dictatorial burdens reach now climax. God has its own plan for Ethiopia. God bless Ethiopia.

  14. Surgo says:

    I don’t think it was a mistake.
    It was well established trend of TPLF atrocity against innocent people.
    It is another TPLF hate crime against the Amhara people.

  15. Mario says:

    It is good news! It is appropriate to return the people to their homes,but bad news to these who cry every time something happens! Now they have nothing to cry foul about!

  16. Habtamu S says:

    I think the ‘’ home work ‘’ given by Shabias for 100 years, if there are such things, to our brother in power is shown its parts in terms of this unaccepted displacement of people from their own mother land for their language only. It is really serious mistake of the government of Ethiopia that reasonable people shouldn’t/shouldn’t silent on such full of ignorance action comes from racism; and racism has only one psychological root: the racist’s sense of his own inferiority. 21c’s world needs not man’s ancestors or relatives or genes or body chemistry but only one human attribute; productive ability. There for if really it happened by lower level government officials, it should be corrected not only by punishing or removed them from their post but what most important is the government with its higher officials plus the parliament will take some motion on the issue and will pass strong message for the ‘’ lower level officials’’. One should not forget that this now and again displaced people have their own brothers and sisters for a time of being take no emotional reaction on the matter; but this doesn’t mean they always will keep silent. Thank you.

  17. Gezaee Hailemichael says:

    It is not the low level officials; that is only a scapegoat from the embarrassment of the episode. The problem is the policy on the ground. While ethnic right and recognition must be respected. The policy has given the regions unbounded authority as sovereign nations. What amazes me, this government is busy and active selling land for 100 years and removing people from their land and giving it to foreign companies is just the stupid of stupids. You can develop people taking away thier property. It is just annoying. Development is not only money, electricity and school. The people must own their land as it has been there. The land in Ethiopia must belong to all Ethiopians. No land must be called by ethnic. It is true people who have been attached to the respective land have legacy and stronger attachment. But that must not deny other Ethiopians to live , own and use the land. Imagine, you are selling land for 100 years to a foreigner but removing people from thier land. I cannot imagine how this people think honestly. Did the colonialists do much worse than this? no, they did not . This is not acceptable to be honest. When we want to change our heart and support the regime, the regime awalys comes with completely opposite and annoying policies all the time and all the years. What is wrong with these people. Something is wrong. They landlocked the country by force and they dragged the country to Europe to submit badme. And they received 10 000 dollar compensation from Shabia? can you imagine guys? Shabia caused the war, 100 000 souls perished, property destroyed, and woyane accepts 10,000 compensation from the European lawyers? Is it not shameful? Well, we are tired and when we tell them the truth, they call us name. We are getting tired of ignorance and arrogance. Why are always against public interest? what is wrong with them? Always against public feelings? oh my God

  18. Alula Lemlem says:

    Not so fast, Woyene is trying to fool you all. The AAPO guy got it right. Listen to voa report on this matter. I am very amazed why Ethiopians failed to comprehend woyanes maneuvering.

    • Hasan says:

      Present day Amhara never have the gut to fight back forget Tigrians even Benshangul gumuz people. We have the right to do whatever we want in our land. Thanks to tigrians who gave us this opportunity to do the right thing. So many Amharas have already been displaced and replaced by Tigrians in Humera and neighbouring places. Why they cry now? More than half a million Wolkite Amharas have left their land and as many believe, most of them have been systematically killed by the regime. We only demanded them to leave our state, and I think that is a legitimate action.

  19. koya says:

    Michaele Said

    “We remember that the old and arrogant Nega Sebhat told us in his interview long before that if EPRDF’s constitution becomes under danger, no more Ethiopia will exist. All ethnic kellils will administer themselves and Tigray also will form its own Weyane Government.”

    Dear Michael,What Sebhat Nega said is what 80% of ethiopians are saying. A minority of ethiopians like the Diaspora think that they can easily reverse the national federalism ( i dont like ethnic,because amhara,oromo,afar,somali beshangul ,sidama,are nations,not ethnic),it is impossible i think.But if it is reversed ethiopia will be history.

  20. Mebratu says:

    Ruling party is feeling the heat so they are back tracking…This is all thanks to the hundreds of thousands of people speaking up. Don’t be afraid to speak up and be organized that the message from the whole episode

  21. Miriam says:

    I wonder if EPRDF supporters are being moved forcefully. I don’t think so. This kind of stuff only happens to people considered outside of EPRDF. that’s like 73 million Ethiopians

  22. Mebratu says:

    One more thing it seems like every time one of these local presidents evicts poor Amhara they get promoted. Look at Hailemariam Desalegn, the so called wolayta with An Amhara name now he is PM. His partner Shigute also moved up the ladder after evicting Amharas….There is a trend of Evicting Amharas and Orthodox Christians out of southern and Western Ethiopia where they have settled for hundreds of years. I think It might be directed from Above somehow

    • Name (required) says:

      Are you using the mind of ESAT. How sure orthodox followers have ever been ousted from the areas mentioned

  23. Miriam says:

    Evicting Amhara’s form regions outside of Amraha is kind of like evicting whites from South Africa. They have been there for hundreds of years. It can never be justified, yet we see more and more of it. EPRDF and its puppets want to De-Amharize Ethiopia but unfortunately they have to do it while speaking Amharic because that’s still the only language spoken across ethnic lines.

  24. Tatek says:

    This is ethnic cleansing, period. There is no excuse for this and TPLF pawn, Hailemariam Desalegn and his senior officials should be held accountable. We in the diaspora should help in the collection of any piece of evidence that might help in successfully prosecuting senior TPLF officials who might be behind these and make sure they are punished to the fullest extent of the law. As Federalism in Ethiopia is just a lip service well played by the TPLF to fool the west and secure Western aid, I am not holding Benesahgul officials accountable for this. Federal officials, including Hailemariam Desalegn, Defense chief Samora Yunis, Federal Affairs (Resource Mobilization) Minister, Dr Shiferaw and Security war lord Dr Debretsion are the obvious guys behind this. We have seen this again and again and don’t need to be fooled. This was a calculated campaign being carried out by the TPLF as they have already done by putting countless Oromos behind military jails under the pretext that it was necessary to eliminate the OLF, WHICH CONSTITUTES War crimes under the norms of International Law.

  25. Mario says:

    ቢራ ቢሮ

    ኣብራሃ በላይ የኣማራ ህዝብ ኣገልጋይ ለመሆን ኣይበቃም። የት ሆኖ ነው በየተራራውና ሸንተረሩ ድህነትን ለማሸነፍ ሌት ተቀን እየሰራ ላለው ህዝብ የሚያገለግለው?
    ኣብራሃ በላይ ጥቂት የስልጣን ጥማተኞች ኣገልጋይ ነው።

    ህዝን ለማገልገል የሚበቃ ኮ የታደለና የተመረቀ ሰው ነው።

    ስለሆነም ህዝብ እንደ ህዝብ ክቡር ነው። ችግሩ የስጣን ጥመኛ የግለሰቦች ነው። ኣይመስልህም?

  26. Amhara says:

    Oh thank you very much Woyane. You guys have opened our( The Amhara’s)eyes.

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