Ethiopia calls for International Condemnation of the Graziani Memorial


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20 Responses

  1. teshome says:

    Dr.Tewodros Adhanom, I simply adore what you were saying

  2. Alem says:

    There goes one lazy foreign minister Tedros Adhanom. Just last month he and his colleagues were detaining Ethiopians for peacefully marching down Addis Ababa streets protesting against Fascist Graziani. Now he realizes he has been had by Ethiopians who love their country and belatedly goes into a face-saving action. There is a pattern: ex-Foreign Minister Seyoum Mesfin was also caught off-guard announcing Ethiopia had won the border dispute a decade ago when in fact the opposite was true. The late Meles Zenawi holds the record in this and other regards.

    • Alem says:

      Dawit, you cut out a paragraph from my comments. Please keep it in. You know enough of journalism to not censor comments so long as they are civil. Here is the way it should read. Thank you.

      There goes one lazy foreign minister Tedros Adhanom. Just last month he and his colleagues were detaining Ethiopians for peacefully marching down Addis Ababa streets protesting against Fascist Graziani. Now he realizes he has been had by Ethiopians who love their country and belatedly goes into a face-saving action. There is a pattern: ex-Foreign Minister Seyoum Mesfin was also caught off-guard announcing Ethiopia had won the border dispute a decade ago when in fact the opposite was true. The late Meles Zenawi holds the record in this and other regards. Someone commented following detention and later release of last month’s protesters that most of those in top power in Ethiopia are children born to parents who collaborated with Fascist Italy against Ethiopia. Foreign Minister Tedros is one of them.

    • Janet says:

      Haahahha. I’m not too bright today. Great post!

  3. Debesso says:

    Our Foreign Minister is Tedla Asfaw. We don’t want the homegrown fascist Weyanne FM.

    “Dismantle War Criminal Rodolfo Grazianni’s Mausoleum Now !”

    “Shutdown Fascist Grazianni’s Statue Now !”

    Foreign Minister Tedla Asfaw made it clear for the Secretary that until his government removes the Graziani Mausoleum he will be assembling every year in front of Italy Mission.

    My fellow people please be aware in case if the statue removed, it’s because of Tedila Asfaw’s order but not the home grown fascist weyannes’s diplomacy.

  4. Meron says:

    This is good news. The government of Ethiopia is doing a good job though it is late. Thank you dawit for sharing this information.

  5. Hibret says:

    Although highly belated, the Ethiopian Government’s call on the international community to condemn the Graziani monument has to be welcomed.

    However, the real test of the Ethiopian Government’s real commitment to the struggle for justice on behalf of the Ethiopian people will depend on the extent to which it will pursue the issue relentlessly until the objective of dismantling the Graziani monument is dismantled. Otherwise, it will confirm the partnership between the neo-Fascists and the current Ethiopian regime against the justice that is owed to the Ethiopian people.

    It would be shameful for the Ethiopian Government to stay on its policy of oppressing Ethiopians, especially those who wish to exercise their right to demonstrate against the Italian Government which has gone as far insulting the Ethiopian people by installing a monument to the criminal, Graziani.

  6. Mario says:

    Some of you here are acting as if you represent Ethiopian , but Ethiopian don’t know you whatsoever ! What Ethiopian know is the EPRDFites that they elected!

    Mr Tedros Adhanom, thank you for your action!

    Some of you here calling names , we know what you are saying isn’t because you are concerned about Ethiopia & Ethiopian, but as usual, you do everything that you think might lead you to the 4kilo!

    As how it works in all democratic countries , you must serve the people from the bottom up! No more Hyenas in a sheep skin!

    Thanks Mr foreign minister! The statue of that fascist killer must be stopped!

    God bless Ethiopia !

  7. redae says:

    It is really mere joke by woyane thugs condemning its role model, Fascist Graziani.To me it is one heck of woyane’s deceptive tactic to portray itself as anti-fascist to the rest of the world while torturing Ethiopians who went to the street in condemnation of the erection of the Graziani’s monument.What ever the case ,the rehoteric of the woyane Minister does by no mmeans change the woyane’s deep entrenched love for Graziani.

    • Mezgebu Dubale says:

      Dear Redae; eventhough you are an Eritrean you have the right to have your own stands on international issues. But to say smthing on Ethiopian govt you must be an Ethiopian. Just talk&comment on your”Singapore ” or your Italian bosses.

  8. Mario1 says:


    First of all, you know what we say in Ethiopia ” ye raswa arobat yesew tamaslalech”, your leader have became the first the world to abandon their previlege on their own will & led the innocent Eritrean people to where they are now! At this moment , your country is still with out constitution after 22 years! Therefore, while you have your own misery & having a country with no normal administration… Where people abandon their country in masse, you are here blabbing a nonsense ! If I were you , I will stay where I belong & respect my dignity instead of bragging about something that I have no idea!The worst fascism is in your country & hence you have better to stay where you belong!

    Look what Woyane did your empty leaders ! Woyane have put your empty leaders with our no choice but to eat each other & hold innocent people in the neck!

    What I can say is: sorry for the people who are suffering so much! You think you know, but you don’t have any idea what you are talking about! All you can be is, a tool of Ethiopia’s enemies!

    Take it easy!

  9. Gezaee H. says:

    You can force the Italian public not to erect whatever they want. You have no control. You must know Italians may not share your feelings and may be their hero. Their hero can not be your hero.

    You can condemn in a civilized manner. But threat, insult, intimidation, bad-mouthing will not serve that goal. You have one choices that is to be civil and address your displeasure in a civilized manner. However, hurling will not serve your interest. You have to consider the other society as well. You can successfully lobby against it by mutual understanding. But do not threaten the Italian government and people. You do not know how they feel about your enemy. Be sensitive to others. This does not mean erecting whatever they want to erect will be right, but it is different when you see from that society perspective. Respect the right of others and if you wanted your rights to be respected. You are ashamed about what that man did. But you are ashamed Ethiopians in your generation dying as refugees in Yemen, in the middle east, raped, thrown, beaten, burnt, downed. I would worry about the current Ethoipians problem than about something that has happened about 200 years ago. Leave alone, Italians, even our people never treated each other with love. It is the same.No matter who does it or be it white or black. Will you be happy if someone asked you to remove the monument of Emperor Menelick because she or he was not happy about him? I would focus on the current Ethiopians problems than on the past problems.

  10. Dawit says:

    We Ethiopian talk and bother about others without looking into our selves.Graziani is not worse than Minilik II ,who also killed/slaughtered many innocent Ethiopians.So, if we oppose Graziani’s memorial statue, we have to demolish blood sucker Menelek’s statue first in Addis!

  11. redea says:

    Mario1 !! dont tell me the stark truths prevailing in Eritrea .I think you have missed the main essence of the piece which in the main condeming the woyane for its undying love shown to the statue of graziani by harassing the Ethiopians who denounced the memorial statue. be that as it may, i see no marked difference between the two diabolics in their negative genius and anti-Ethiopian stance .Both are two sides of the coin .Both are fascists and brain childs of graziani .Both are enemies of the Ethiopian and Eritrean people. Both are born mentally deranged .Both have to be wiped out and have to be thrwn into the dust bin of history by the forces of the two peoples democratic forces.No more and no less.Mario 1 are we not sailing in the same boat?

  12. Mebratu says:

    This is what you call “double think” EPRDF style. First they crushed the protest that took place in Addis against Graziani’s statue. Then a few weeks later they condemn the construction of the statue.

  13. Miriam says:


    You are not allowed to demonstrate or gather in the street unless sanctioned by EPRDF. The feelings, whims, and desired of 90 million Ethiopians can only be transmitted through the EPRDF. That’s what Revolutionary Democracy is about. Those protesters in Addis took their actions outside of this channel, which basically makes them terrorists in the eyes of Woyane. By the Way revolutionary democracy I believe is the depths of slavery. George Orwell described it aptly as Ingsoc in his book Nineteen Eighty four. The weird part it this same ideology is the bible of Meles and company. What a shame.

  14. Mebratu says:

    Interestingly the fascist Italian administration of Mussolini instituted ethnic boundaries while it occupied Ethiopia. They essentially divided the country along the ethnic lines of Amhara, Afar, Tigray, Somalia ect…..They Italian occupiers did this so they can divide and repress Ethiopia and maker her like other African colonies. Fortunately they were defeated but now under Woyane that same colonial map is presented and implemented as a sign of progress and freedom. This is what I call another double think of the Woyane. They didn’t create equality of nations of nationalities or bring freedom. to say the least There was nothing original about the current ethnic boundries. All they did was bring back the colonial map of fascist Italy’s occupation. Now they telling us about how they are against fascist Italy. These guys are a bunch of Askari.

  15. Sami says:

    We ethiopians are ignorant
    For italians, Grazani is a hero. He is being honored not for killing ethiopians but for other military actions,

    If we oppose all criminals who killed people, then let us remove menelik statue (who killed arsi oromos and gojam amaras) let us remove haile selassie statue (who killed thousands of wollo folks) let us also remove all symbols built by meles and mengistu ( who massacred thousands everywhere!)

    This is nonsense!

    Why do you think america has hundred statue of george washongton and other presidents who killed thousands of native indianamericans??

    By the way, menelik cut the throat of thousands of italian war prisoners negligent of international POW regulations so should italy tell us remove menelik statue too??

  16. Mario says:


    Look at where Woyane put your estroyedleaders ! We remember you Bragged so much in the per war times until you get what you deserved! I know you hate Woyane , coz Woyane had broken the backbone of your empty leaders….!

    Redae, if I were you , I would have stayed away from others country affairs & do my business ! Nothing to gain here ! It’s been 13 years since the back bone of your empty leaders broken!

    You destroyed a country that was already better when it was in Ethiopia & you made it unpleasant place to live!

    Redae , don’t be like a dog now! Stay away from here ! This is for Ethiopian

  17. ESHETU DABA says:

    First thing is first, take down the statue of Minilik from Finfiney first and go to Graziani. The former was a traitor to Emperor Yohannes as a treacherous collaborator to Italy’s quest to colonize Eritrea. Not only that the genocide of Oromo’s to subjugate them as vassals to his chauvinist land grabbers.

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